jcastrohey pleia200:28
pleia2hey jcastro00:29
jcastro(see how I did playa please?)00:29
jcastroanyway, you posted a cat on G+, want to talk about cats?00:30
pleia2anything but ocelots00:30
jcastro(hey amber, post that pic of pete with your new kitty)00:31
pleia2new kitty!00:31
jcastrohey so, we had to give our cat away since we moved00:31
* pleia2 nods00:31
jcastroand jill doesn't want a new cat00:31
jcastroshe could only love him or some made up stuff00:31
jcastrobut I am home alone all day and I miss having a hunter on the premises.00:31
pleia2yeah, they are good company for work from homers00:32
pleia2my egyptian mau loves heat (maine coons are lovey, giant, snugglecats, but a bit fluffy for florida)00:33
jcastrolooks awesome00:34
jcastrothat mau00:34
pleia2or I can put a webcam up in my condo so you can enjoy my cats (but mostly they sleep, not hunt, not even pretend to hunt)00:35
pleia2"hi, are you done with work? my food bowl has food in it but it's not fresh enough"00:35
jcastrobut that's a ploy00:35
jcastrothey can hunt00:35
jcastrothey're just waiting for you to put your guard down00:35
pleia2I don't know, my siamese makes some kind of chirping noise when she hunts bugs00:36
pleia2what kind of predator has a hunting *noise*?00:36
jcastroanyway jill is coming to UDS for the end00:36
jcastroI kind of need you to like, be all about cats00:36
jcastrobut not like, too strong, because she will know00:36
pleia2ok :)00:36
jcastroso we need a balance between00:38
jcastro"oh she understands, she has cats" vs. "omg I just met a crazy cat lady"00:38
jcastrobecause we adopted from a crazy cat lady00:38
jcastrowho had drawn on eyebrows00:39
pleia2haha, nice00:39
jcastroshe was basically a walking stereotype00:39
jcastrobut I don't dig this "I will only ever love one cat" business00:39
jcastroI mean, really ...00:39
Pendulumjcastro: would you like my help as well? I have lots of kitten pictures that I can show off at UDS00:39
jcastroah yes00:39
jcastroattack her from double fronts, awesome idea00:40
Pendulum(and this is the kitten I have now, 18 months after my "one cat" died)00:40
jcastrook so this time around, I think I want older kitten00:40
Pendulumso I can totally pull the "I wasn't sure I'd ever want a cat again after my first cat died" thing00:41
Pendulumolder kittens or adopting adult cats is good :)00:41
jcastroenough to imprint totally love, but not too young where he takes like, all day to take care of00:41
pleia2and destroys everything00:41
Pendulumincluding you00:41
Pendulum(love Scotia, but I do have puncture marks)00:42
pleia2yeah, there is sometimes blood with kittens :)00:42
jcastroone day he knocked over a pop on 2 of my laptops00:42
jcastrohe cost me like 2 grand00:42
jcastroI wanted to kill him00:42
pleia2fortunately my cats mostly went after paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues)00:43
jcastrohair ties00:43
pleia2rubber bands00:43
jcastrowhen we moved I loaded the couch onto a truck00:43
pleia2ok, I need to pack up for the Ubuntu Hour downstairs, then our release dinner :d00:43
pleia2and we got our CDs today \o/00:43
jcastrothere were, I am not lying, 32 of Jill's hair ties in a pile behind the couch00:43
jcastrook so before you go00:44
greg-gpleia2: see you soon!00:44
jcastrowe will "accidentally" talk about cats00:44
jcastrobut to too much00:44
jcastrowhen my wife is around00:44
pleia2greg-g: yay! see you soon :)00:44
jcastrogreg-g: ! what's up00:44
greg-gjcastro: yo yo man. just getting ready to go hang with pleia2, because, you know, I picked the cool state to move to00:45
jcastrowait, IRL?00:45
jcastroI'll be there in 3 weeks (CA)00:46
jcastrowe should link up00:46
jcastroyou all by the valley?00:46
greg-gI live in the city, work in MV00:46
bkerensaOh jeez :( Boinc is dead in 11.1000:47
bkerensawell in amd64 version atleast00:47
maco<Pendulum> including you  <----  yes, please WARN ME if the kitten im about to pick up has been neutered/spayed in the last 24 hours! *looks at scars*02:35
maco<jcastro> one day he knocked over a pop on 2 of my laptops <--- you say pop!02:35
akgranerjono it's nice to know members of the NC LoCo team listen to your Q&A sessions :-) had people ping me to tell me to go watch it...02:47
akgranerjcastro, you mean this one?  http://people.ubuntu.com/~akgraner/PeteandKitten.jpg02:50
mhall119Michael Hall03:48
mhall119ENC 110203:48
mhall119October 19, 201103:48
* mhall119 sometimes forgets that middle-click in irssi window means "paste" not "open link in new tab"03:49
nigelbjcastro: did you notice that uds website looks bad now?04:46
bkerensaAnyone else running 64bit 11.10 and wanna help me test a app that seems to be bugging?04:52
greg-gjcastro: mind renewing my membership in bugcontrol?05:31
bkerensagreg-g: ;) Wanna checkout my bug05:38
greg-gbkerensa: send me a link and I'll take a look05:42
bkerensagreg-g: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/boinc/+bug/87857105:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 878571 in boinc "boinc-client bad signature for URL" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:43
* bkerensa hopes it gets fixed soon so I can get back to work with boinc05:43
akgranerjcastro - I went ahead and wrote yesterdays summary of open week and cross posted to the fridge since I'll be afk for most of the morning05:43
akgranerI also added you as helper to today's sessions (just in case)...I think that's almost everything I can think of I needed to take care for later this morning05:45
jussiakgraner: you are a superstar.05:49
akgranerjussi, nah - just can't sleep - so might as well be productive :-) no sense wasting time - though I did play a game or two on g+ and did module 3 of learning python the hard way :-)05:50
greg-gbkerensa: you might need to report this bug against the upstream project: http://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/BoincIntro05:50
bkerensajussi: akgraner is the best05:50
jussiakgraner: doesnt change the fact05:50
greg-gbut, for now, I should sleep05:50
jussigoodnight greg-g05:51
akgranerThanks y'all /me is blushing05:51
greg-gg'night jussi :)05:51
akgranergreg-g, nite05:51
bkerensagreg-g: gnight and I will report upstream05:51
nigelbAlanBell: around?06:33
nigelbAlanBell: hey, do you remember what you did to get around to wget not working on wiki.ubuntu.com?06:35
nigelbI can't seem to be able to download mbox files either06:35
AlanBellspoofed user agent06:36
nigelbI tried --user-agent='Mozilla...' didn't work.06:36
dpmnigelb, that might help, it's a quick script I wrote a while ago to fetch translated pages from the wiki: https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/+junk/get-wiki-translations06:46
dpmI used curl rather than wget06:47
nigelbdpm: aha, thanks!06:49
AlanBellthere is an overall rate limit too which you might hit06:50
dholbachgood morning06:51
bkerensaWell Good Night Everyone (or Morning)!06:52
dpmmorning dholbach06:56
dholbachhola dpm06:57
czajkowskialoha all06:57
dpmhey czajkowski07:02
dpmmorning Gwaihir!07:02
dpmand morning to AlanBell, nigelb and bkerensa too! :-)07:02
nigelbMorning dpm :)07:03
dholbachhey Gwaihir07:09
Gwaihirmorning dpm!07:09
Gwaihirhey dholbach!07:09
dpmhappy belated birthday Gwaihir! :)07:14
Gwaihirthank you dpm :)07:14
=== ara is now known as Guest79243
* dholbach walks over to the office - brb07:40
dholbachdpm, yo!08:19
dpmdholbach, hey!08:20
huatshello dpm and dholbach08:58
dholbachsalut huats08:59
dpmmorning  huats09:02
dpmdholbach_, what's the best way to keep a package that is not in the archive (e.g. in a PPA) under revision control?10:28
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dholbachdpm, which package is it?10:29
dholbachwhat do you have already? is its source in revision control? tarball releases? already in LP?10:30
dholbachdaily builds for example are just great10:30
dpmdholbach, I'm testing a package to create a localized ISO with the tools pitti created this cycle. The tools work with a 'defaults' package as a basis to create the iso, and that's the package I've just created. I don't have it under revision control, but I'll upload it to a PPA in a minute. I'll experiment with it and make changes, so I was wondering how I can best keep it under revision control.10:32
dholbachdpm, where is the source for the package, like the upstream source?10:33
dpmdholbach, right now locally (I've just created it), but let me upload it to a junk branch...10:33
* dholbach nods10:34
dholbachif you maintain it, you could just put all the bits and pieces (code and packaging) into a branch10:34
dpmdholbach, https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/+junk/ubuntu-defaults-ca10:36
dpm(branch hasn't been scanned in LP yet...)10:36
dholbachyeah, put it all into an "official branch" and use https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds/Recipes10:38
dholbachdpm, oh, and if you seem to have no local diff right now, please run "debclean; bzr commit -m 'removed automatically generated files'" :-)10:40
dpmthanks dholbach!10:43
* popey hugs dholbach 10:43
dholbachde nada10:43
* dholbach hugs popey back :)10:43
akgranerGood morning :-)10:52
Pendulummorning akgraner10:57
akgranerhey Pendulum!11:00
jussinew phone new phone new phone....11:03
* jussi does the new phone dance11:03
akgranerwell - what kind?11:03
jussiakgraner: http://is.gd/5yF7p511:04
jussiyeah, its really nice11:06
akgranerI want a new phone - I think I suffer from gadget envy :-)11:06
akgranerbut I can't justify why I need a new one...(yet)11:06
jussinot quite as fast as I would have liked - no dual core, and I would like a bigger screen, but otherwise everything is there11:06
akgranercool :-)11:09
jussiakgraner: and the keyboard is just beautiful11:11
akgranerso it looks!  Pete and Becca have the G2's and they love having the option of the keyboard- easier to send longer emails from you phone with...11:12
* akgraner wishes she had gone that route - as there are times when it would come in handy11:13
jussiakgraner: you know for next time :D11:13
akgranerjussi yep11:14
dpmdholbach, I read the recipes guide, and uploaded the package to my PPA. I'm getting a "Source/binary (i.e. mixed) uploads are not allowed." error from LP. What's a mixed upload? Is this something I need to fix with my package, or something I should ask the #launchpad guys about? I don't want to steal too much of your time for this, though, so unless it's something obvious, I can leave it for some other time11:16
dholbachdpm, in your branch run: bzr bd -- -S -sa11:17
dholbachthen: cd ..; dput <ppa-info> <packagesomethingbla>_source.changes11:17
dholbachoh no11:18
dholbachhang on11:18
dholbachif you set up a recipe for the branch, you don't need to dput anything11:18
dpmdholbach, I haven't set up the recipe yet11:18
dholbachah ok11:19
dpmI'm just experimenting with it for now11:19
dholbachsomething like this should be good enough already:11:20
dholbach# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version {debupstream}-0~{revno}11:20
dpmhey dholbach, the guys from the web team have asked me if I could help them with this bug related to the CoC - do you happen to know which one of the 3 versions is the correct one? -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/86800912:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 868009 in ubuntu-website-content "Different versions of the Code of Conduct" [Undecided,New]12:44
dpmah, we've got ubot!12:44
dpmI'm guessing the ubuntu.com version should simply be updated to v1.1 (i.e. the one in LP)12:45
jussidpm: Im pretty sure you are correct there.12:48
dpmthanks jussi :) If anyone from the CC could give me an additional confirmation, that'd also be great. In any case, bbl, going for lunch now12:50
dholbachdpm, yes, the one in LP should be it12:56
jcastrohey james_w13:00
jcastrosomething about stephen doel's summit credentials13:01
james_wjcastro, hey13:03
james_wI think I fixed that for him13:03
james_wyou have to login on the front page before hitting the admin site13:04
dholbachjcastro, dpm: does that mean that we won't have the team meeting later on?13:21
jcastronot sure13:21
dpmdholbach, which team meeting?13:43
dholbachdpm, team hangout?13:44
dpmdholbach, that's wednesdays, isn't it? I don't have any in my calendar13:44
dholbachhaha, yes, you're right13:45
dpmdholbach, but yeah, I told jono it's still be good to have the hangouts. I think IRC is great for getting more transparency and people joining in, but I miss the face time. Maybe we could do a combination of both? Like 30min IRC/30 min G+?13:47
dholbachI agree13:47
dholbachnot too much about the exact timing, but generally, yes13:48
dholbachthere are loads of new followers on @ubuntudev on twitter - I have no idea what just happened13:48
dpmoh that will be the tweet I did on "dholbach will buy beers to everyone joining @ubuntudev"13:52
* dholbach hugs dpm13:53
* dpm hugs dholbach :)13:54
james_whttp://pastebin.ca/2091934 <- these sessions are currently not being scheduled for UDS14:30
nigelbjames_w: error or purposefully?14:37
james_wbecause they don't match any tracks14:37
nigelbah. right.14:37
jcastrohey dpm14:56
jcastroso for Nokia14:56
jcastrosame as last time? We can probably do QT Roadmap and then a few developer sessions?14:57
dpmjcastro, sounds good, but can we have a quick hangout about this?14:57
jcastrogive me 5 min to make sure this openweek session hands off14:58
dpmjcastro, sure, no rush. ping me when done14:58
james_wdpm, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-translations-en-au-1204 isn't getting autoscheduled currently as the name doesn't start with a track name, what track should translations stuff be in?15:02
nigelbcommunity I guess.15:02
jcastrodpm: I am ready15:07
dpmjames_w, I didn't know about that one, let me have a catch up with jcastro first and then look at it (it should probably be Community, I guess)15:08
james_wthanks dpm15:08
dpmjcastro, hangout sent15:09
dholbachwhat a difference having the right bios option checked can make15:12
nigelbdholbach: what happened? :)15:16
dholbachI didn't turn on the virt support :)15:16
dholbachand kvm was slow15:16
dholbachVERY SLOW15:16
nigelbah right!15:17
nigelbbeen there, done that :)15:18
jcastrodude check this out nigel15:18
nigelbjcastro: I saw that already. tumbleweed already asked me if wwwe could get it into summit15:20
nigelbI was planning on getting that on to action items :)15:20
jcastroI didn't realize how handy that would be15:20
nigelbIt is *so* helpful!15:21
popeydholbach: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/10/20/shuttleworth_ubuntu_12_04/15:22
popeyyou get a mention about sounder being shutdown15:22
popeyI DONT! \o/15:22
dholbachso unity and the demise of sounder are the same?15:24
popeythey link to a useless 3-post thread15:25
dholbachmaybe I need some crack myself - maybe that'll make me understand :)15:25
dpmit seems it will be a shorter cycle too, now that it's called 12.01 LTS :)15:26
dholbachdpm, it'll be ready for my birthday15:26
dholbachMark already said something about "your birthday present", I had no idea! <3 <3 <315:27
dpmhow nice of him!15:27
nigelbdholbach: They did an article on Mozilla and Firefox a few weeks back.15:29
nigelbThe corrections were longer than the article.15:29
dholbachnice :)15:31
dpmjames_w, I don't think https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-translations-en-au-1204 should be a UDS session, it looks to me as an internal blueprint for the en_AU team. How did it get approved and visible in the scheduler?15:57
james_wdpm, someone proposed it for uds, and someone (maybe the same person) approved it15:58
james_wsomeone from https://launchpad.net/~uds-organizers will definitely have been involved, but it's a large team, so hard to know who to ask15:58
james_wsomeone in that team can reject it again15:58
dpmjames_w, let me check with the en_AU guys and then I'll talk to someone in the uds-organizers team if it needs to be rejected15:59
dholbachalright my friends - have a great rest of your day - see you all tomorrow16:41
dpmhave a nice evening dholbach!16:51
dholbachyou too16:52
jonojcastro, around?20:23
jcastrojono: yep, que tal?20:23
jonojcastro, can we have a quick call?20:23
jonowill G+ you20:23
jonojcastro, invite sent20:25
AlanBelldpm is the localised iso chap right?20:41
jcastro<--- doing a server upgrade which will mess with my connection, if someone needs me I'll bbl20:43
m4n1shjcastro: need some help from you20:55
m4n1shif you are free20:55
bkerensaupstream for boinc is slow at responding to tickets =/21:08
doctormo-webjono: Can you review my blog post before I add it to the planet? http://doctormo.org/2011/10/20/ubuntus-adoption-curve-past-and-present/21:09
doctormo-webpleia2: Also you're pretty good at reading out any bias, could you have read?21:13
bkerensadoctormo-web: Nice post21:15
jonodoctormo-web, reading21:17
jonoso much for my day off21:17
jonoI have done nothing but work all day21:17
jonodoctormo-web, interesting post21:18
jonoI am not sure it tells us a huge amount21:18
jonoas wikipedia stats are not really a decent metric21:18
bkerensajono: Solution to that is turn off cell phone... Unplug internet and go to the beach or a forest21:18
jonobut other than that, good post, doctormo-web21:18
doctormo-webjono: OK, I'll put a further note in the warning that it's a limited data set.21:21
jonodoctormo-web, it might be useful to explain what the wikipedia data is21:21
jonoso people know where it offers value and where it doesn't21:22
doctormo-webbkerensa: May I recommend Vermont for the East Coast and the Red Wood forests for the west coast?21:22
jonoas a good example, I think lots of Ubuntu users will never go to Wikipedia21:22
jonoif the data came from Google, that *would* be interesting :-)21:22
jonodoctormo-web, thanks for offering to read the post21:22
doctormo-webjono: Let me know when you talk to google about that ;-)21:24
jonoI wish :-)21:24
bkerensajono: How does wikimedia even track to the distro level? All the browsers use a generic linux useragent21:25
doctormo-webbkerensa: nope21:25
doctormo-webever since jaunty I think they all have deb patches to show the distro.21:26
bkerensadoctormo-web: Hmm I thought Firefox was the only browser to ever show a Ubuntu footprint but Mozilla decided against it and removed it21:27
bkerensahmm oh21:27
doctormo-webit's really hard to type with baby on lap ;-)21:27
mhall119doctormo-web: \o/21:31
mhall119congrats dude!21:31
mhall119doctormo-web: you've got a lot of sleepless nights ahead, but it's totally worth it21:36
pleia2jono: yeah, that was an earthquake :)21:43
jonopleia2, I have never been in one before21:43
jonothat was weird21:43
pleia2woohoo, happy earthquake!21:43
greg-gjono: pleia2: us down in Mtn View didn't feel it :(21:49
pleia2the internet says it was a 4.2 in berkeley, so not surprising21:50
pleia2the ones in san jose tend to trickle up to us, but east bay down not so much21:50
akgranerjcastro - hope all went well today - I  haven't read the logs yet - how'd Rick's session go?22:24
akgranerok why is xchat not showing me as being "back" when I clearly marked myself as back - grrrrrr...22:25
bkerensaakgraner type /back23:22
akgranerI did23:22
akgranerseveral times :-)23:23
akgranerI'll need to log out and log back in  - :-/  it happens if I suspend with xchat open23:23
akgranerbut not all the time - I can't figure out how to reliably reproduce the condition everytime yet23:23
bkerensaakgraner: Odd... on 11.10 my wireless mouse freezes now and then and a number of other bugs :D23:25
akgranerI haven't had issues with the wireless mouse but I only use it now when I play games :-) For some reason (maybe a natural progression) I find it annoying when my hands have to leave the keyboard...(mhall119 and nigelb - yeah yeah I know don't say anything! :-P)23:27
akgranernigelb, so I am on lesson 3 for the learning python the hard way :-) and I've started reading emmajane's new book on Drupal :-)  yay!23:30
akgranerbrb restarting xchat...23:31
mhall119mixing php and python? that's not a good idea23:40

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