CarlFKdesrt: um... ok, it isn't doing it.  the only thing I changed was adding a = in time-format='24-hour'00:13
CarlFKwhich of course makes no sense.00:13
smspillazthe post release bug flood is just depressing01:09
desrt"YAY COOL FUN HACKING TIME" so rapidly becomes "crap... maintainership sucks."01:10
smspillazdesrt: computers suck!01:59
smspillazdesrt: its more a case of seeing all these really tricky bugs start creeping in again, and you are left scratching your head thinking "I thought I fixed that"02:00
desrtsmspillaz: i don't envy anyone who has to hack on compiz :)02:18
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desrtsmspillaz: speaking of which03:18
desrtdid you see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvPwWGeSrwI&feature=youtu.be ?03:18
desrtsome guy in #gtk+ was complaining about it earlier, but it seems much more likely to be a window management bug03:19
smspillazdesrt: compiz doesn't move override redirect windows03:19
desrti don't think our menu windows are override redirect?03:19
smspillazthat would be bad03:20
smspillazdesrt: I'm pretty sure they are, but then again, I've seen deluge do funkier things03:20
desrtsmspillaz: they're not03:21
smspillazuhhh ?03:21
smspillazfix that ?03:21
desrtwe have some 'grab transfer window' that is, apparently03:21
desrtbut it's located at -100x-10003:21
smspillazum, menus are supposed to be override redirect03:21
smspillazsince you place them yourself03:21
desrtattributes has an override_redirect field which is most notably not set here03:23
desrt(and GDK_WA_NOREDIR would have to be in the attributes mask, which it is not)03:23
smspillazdesrt: doesnt the override redirect flag always get set on GTK_POPUP windows ?03:23
desrtball is back in your court =)03:23
smspillazwell, no, because honestly, if gtk was not setting the override redirect flag on window that's a pretty huge bug in gtk03:24
smspillaz*on menus03:24
desrtthis isn't a gtk menu03:24
smspillazits something different ?03:24
desrter.  gtk window03:24
smspillazright, I meant menus03:24
desrtthis is creating a gdk window directly03:25
smspillaz(and if it didn't set the flag, that would possibly be more fail than the way Qt handles it :p)03:25
smspillazdesrt: deluge is ?03:25
desrtgtkmenu is03:25
desrtthe attributes for a gdkwindow are decided from the GdkWindowAttr struct03:26
desrtwhich you can see here...03:26
smspillazoh fun03:26
desrtthat turns almost directly into an X create window call03:26
smspillazperhaps it sets the override redirect bit a little after it is created ?03:26
smspillazI know that eg, Qt does that03:27
desrtsomething is not right here03:27
smspillazhm ?03:27
desrtthis is a child window03:27
smspillazyeah I saw03:27
smspillazglad you don't write window managers or toolkits ?03:29
desrti think the parent window will be NULL03:29
desrt(since this is a menu, after all)03:29
desrtand in that case, gdk_window_new creates it as a child of the root window03:29
smspillazbut still, menu, y u no override redirect03:30
desrt"it's worked for all this time"? :)03:30
smspillazit still doesn't seem right03:30
smspillazsince like, every window I've ever dealt with that was a gtk menu has been override redirect03:30
desrti might agree with you from the standpoint of "if i were to implement this for myself..."03:30
desrtbut the code is there and has presumably been working for years...03:31
smspillazdesrt: I'm guessing it does it somewhere later down the line03:31
desrtunless someone recently changed it03:31
smspillazor maybe gtkmenu inherents some other class which makes it override redirect03:31
desrtgtk doesn't work like that03:33
desrtthe _realize() signal is what turns GtkWidget into a real X window03:33
desrtso the code there speaks for itself03:33
desrtand GdkWindow doesn't really do subclassing03:33
smspillazI know03:34
desrtin any case, even if it's not override redirect, the bug could still be ours03:34
smspillaztry it on another window manager I guess03:34
desrtand due to the relative fail of using youtube as a bug reporting medium, it may be some time before we discover the truth :p03:34
smspillazthough, I'm pretty certain that we don't move override redirect windows or touch them at all really03:34
desrtit was just some random guy popping in to the channel earlier03:34
desrtand now he's gone03:34
smspillazexcept if some plugin explicitly asks to03:34
smspillazdesrt: can you reproduce it ?03:34
smspillazoh good03:35
desrti gotta run to the train station now for a pickup03:35
smspillazhave fun03:35
pittiGood morning05:40
pittiCarlFK: what do you want to prevent exactly? the dialog coming up? that should only happen once after a fresh install05:40
broderhey pitti. thanks for taking care of that Gtk-2 issue :) i'll be sure to help with testing once it hits proposed05:44
pittioh, still wasn't reviewed?05:44
pittiRAOF: ^ if you are still awake, would you mind reviewing my pygobject SRU upload?05:45
broderthere's no huge rush on my part05:45
broderi used it as an excuse for switching the script i was working on over to gtk3 :)05:45
pittibroder: hah; feature then!05:46
didrocksgood morning05:51
RAOFpitti: Sure.  It's a public holiday here, so I've been playing (bisect the mesa commit which breaks) Civ V :).  pygobject in oneiric?05:51
pittiRAOF: ah, sorry; I'll ask Colin then once he gets awake05:52
pittiRAOF: yes05:52
pittihey didrocks05:52
RAOFNo problem.  I'm here; I can do it.05:52
didrocksguten morgen pitti. How are you?05:52
pittibit tired, didn't sleep well; but that'll pass05:53
pittihow about you?05:53
didrockspitti: oh? caught a new flu?05:54
pittididrocks: no, just bad sleep; no idea why :)05:55
didrockspitti: I'm fine, getting cold outside and Julie is sick. Trying to fight to not get it as well :)05:55
didrocksah, try to stop early and relax then! :)05:55
pittididrocks: ah, good luck with that!05:55
didrocksheh, let's see how strong I am (or not :p)05:56
RAOFpitti: Looks good to me; accepted.05:56
pittiRAOF: thanks! enjoy playing Civ :)05:56
pittiRAOF: I played the original civ a looooot back then; is it still as good?05:56
RAOFI'm 4 commits away from finding the commit which makes the terrain textures all white :)05:56
pittigit bi-play05:57
RAOFpitti: I like it; it's a significantly different game now.  Particularly Civ V, which went hex-based, added ranged combat, and removed the ability to stack units.05:57
pittiRAOF: oh, even in cities?05:58
RAOFEven in cities.05:58
RAOFBut cities have a strong innate defense.05:58
pittiuh, that sounds tricky; so you don't get the fortify bonus any more, you have to place them around the cities?05:58
pittiah, so one unit in a city is enough usually?05:59
* pitti usually placed two Phalanxes, soldiers, or mech infantries in each05:59
RAOF0 units in a city is enough usually :)05:59
pittioh, nice05:59
pittiRAOF: in civ 1 I loved that I could extinct an entire opponent party with just my initial settler :)05:59
RAOFThings have changed slightly :)06:00
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desrtRAOF: did you see my questions about grabs?06:04
RAOFdesrt: A couple of days ago?  Yes.  Did you see my ?Sorry, I don't know enough to help? reply? :)06:05
RAOFPresumably the anwser there is a no :)06:07
desrtno :)06:09
desrtwho knows more about X than you?!06:09
rickspencer3good morning all06:10
RAOFAbout X input?  Good old Chase is one of the 3 people in the world who understands it  :)06:10
broderhmm...i don't actually think XInput adds any different functionality for grabs06:11
broderit just extends the idioms you already have to work per-device06:11
didrocksgood morning rickspencer306:12
pittihey rickspencer306:12
rickspencer3hey didrocks, pitti06:12
RAOFbroder: I don't mean the Xinput extension; I mean ?Input devices of all kinds and X?.  Grabs are part of the input semantics.06:13
RAOFAt least, that's what *I* claim :)06:13
broderah, sure06:13
broderi missed a space on my first reading06:13
RAOFpitti: Oooh, while I'm playing with Civ V - I sent a mail to the technical board some months ago about enabling floating point texture support in Mesa (which is required for, among other things, many wine games to render properly), but I haven't heard anything about that.06:15
pittiRAOF: hm, haven't seen that; do you see it in https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/?06:15
pittiRAOF: if not, perhaps it was accidentally deleted during moderation; you can send it again, and then I'll moderate it at once06:16
RAOFHm, no - there it is: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2011-July/000961.html06:18
RAOFpitti: I guess I can send it again if that'd be helpful.06:21
pittiRAOF: thanks, added to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TechnicalBoardAgenda06:21
RAOFTa muchly.06:23
pittiah, *phew* 52/62 proposed updates are kde-l10n06:23
pittiso yesterday morning I had 30 updates, today just ten06:23
pittijbicha: hey, how are you?06:24
pittijbicha: shall I accept the gnome-shell upload for -proposed which just adds the cups-pk dep, or do you want to upload a 3.2.1?06:24
jbichapitti: I'm testing the new gnome-shell/mutter now06:27
pittijbicha: ah, thanks06:27
pittijbicha: can you please fold http://launchpadlibrarian.net/83110709/gnome-shell_3.2.0-0ubuntu1_3.2.0-0ubuntu1.1.diff.gz into this?06:30
jbichapitti: yes06:32
pittijbicha: cheers06:32
jbichapitti: actually... if you look at the diff a little closer we already recommend cups-pk-helper06:33
pittioh, right06:33
jbichathanks lintian :)06:33
pittiso I wonder what didn't work there -- recommends are installed by default06:34
pittiI'll ask on the bug06:35
pittijbicha: so ignore that bit for now, please06:36
jbichapitti: I have attached mutter & gshell branches to bug 878762, I'm not sure about proposing for merge since the oneiric-proposed branches don't exist yet06:58
jbichabug 87867206:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 878672 in gnome-shell "Please upgrade gnome-shell and mutter to 3.2.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87867206:58
pittijbicha: yeah, that's a blind spot, too; probably easiest if you just attach the debian.tar.gz/.dsc for sponsoring06:59
pittijbicha: ah, I can build from the branch, too06:59
Sweetsharkgood morning, desktoppers!07:17
didrocksgood morning Sweetshark07:21
pittihey Sweetshark07:24
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tkamppeterpitti, hi07:25
tkamppeterpitti, I answered bug 877367.07:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 877367 in gnome-shell "[SRU Oneiric] gnome-shell users get GNOME3's new printer setup tool by default and this tool needs cups-pk-helper" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87736707:25
pittitkamppeter: ah, thanks; that explains how it happened07:26
tkamppeterpitti, it can be a developer-only scenario, but on the other side a Depends could make everything more reliable.07:27
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pittihey rodrigo_07:46
rodrigo_hi pitti07:46
rodrigo__hmm, gimpnet is down?08:01
rodrigo__hey seb12808:01
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seb128the GNOME irc works for me08:02
didrockssalut seb128, ça va ?08:02
rodrigo_hmm, not for me, it doesn't connect08:02
* rodrigo_ looks08:02
seb128lut didrocks, ca va ! et toi ?08:02
pittibonjour seb12808:02
didrocksseb128: a va :)08:02
seb128hey pitti08:02
seb128hey rodrigo_08:02
seb128how are you?08:02
rodrigo_seb128, ça va, et toi? :)08:02
seb128rodrigo_, ca va bien ;-)08:03
pittiseb128: still remember? http://www.piware.de/2011/10/happy-birthday-ubuntu/08:03
seb128pitti, oh yeah, remember it like if it was yesterday ;-)08:06
pittibah, one tiny bit of pango1.0 delta left, but it'll disappear as soon as we merge plymouth08:09
ajmitchpitti: your site doesn't seem to be holding up to the strain of planet ubuntu :)08:12
pittiajmitch: see #u-devel08:13
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone08:15
didrocksgood morning chrisccoulson08:17
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks, how are you?08:17
didrockschrisccoulson: I'm fine, thanks, you?08:18
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, good thanks08:18
seb128hey chrisccoulson08:19
chrisccoulsonhi seb12808:20
ricotzpitti, good morning08:22
ricotzpitti, i hope you noticed that the pango snapshot is more up2date than the released version08:23
pittihey ricotz08:24
pittiricotz: yeah, I had to add two fixes from git08:25
pittibut it's the actual version that's in jhbuild and which 3.2 runs against, etc.08:25
ricotzpitti, ok08:26
ricotzit is missing some g-i fixes08:26
pittioh, even more?08:27
ricotzpitti, i havent looked at it closely, but if it builds for you in the clean chroot it seems fine08:29
ricotzpitti, http://git.gnome.org/browse/pango/commit/?id=8de0841234c9e9b07ba5be19833ef4047610295208:32
ricotzpitti, seems fine, nvm08:33
chrisccoulsonhah - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-1537110209:10
maxbUbuntu has had "Warning, Caps Lock is on" for password boxes for a while. That made sense. But, *post*-Oneiric-release, mine's started showing that about Num Lock too. That seems weird/wrong09:11
chrisccoulsonmaxb, there's already a bug about that, and it's been doing it for ages09:23
maxbhuh, ok09:23
maxbSomehow I've only noticed it in the last 24 hours09:23
agateaumaxb: that is useful for laptops though09:35
maxbagateau: Pretty surprising and unhelpful for desktops, though, where numlock is often on at bootup09:36
agateaumaxb: I agree09:36
agateauwe would need a way to figure out whether the attached keyboard has a physical numpad, but I don't think it's possible09:37
tkamppeterpitti, so let us do the SRU of bug 877367 simply together with the other one.09:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 877367 in gnome-shell "[SRU Oneiric] gnome-shell users get GNOME3's new printer setup tool by default and this tool needs cups-pk-helper" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87736709:40
pittitkamppeter: right, jbicha will include that09:40
pittihe's got branches up for sponsoring09:40
tkamppeterpitti, OK, thanks.09:44
chrisccoulsonhmmm, a new firefox and thunderbird beta to do09:50
* didrocks takes the hammer for parametize its testsuite :/10:10
* ogra_ bangs his head against thunderbird ... why oh why are you so user unfriendly :(10:14
ogra_chrisccoulson, if i tell TB to only download the mails for the last 30 days, whyi is it downloading all headers for the folder ? is that intentional ?10:15
* ogra_ watcdhes it downloading header 222738 ... i surely didnt get these many mails this month :)10:16
ogra_is it possible to just make TB a remote IMAP frontend without storing all the crap on my disk ?10:19
pittibrb, server reboot10:23
didrockspitti: do you know why skipIf and skipUnless seems to ignore module unittest variables? (it still get it, if I make a typo for instance, it will tell me the variable isn't set)10:30
pittididrocks: hm, no real idea; perhaps they aren't visible because the test runner only imports the classes?10:32
hrwis there a way to make icons in unity alt-tab switcher smaller?10:32
didrockspitti: possibly, I guess it's intiated when the class is declared…10:32
didrockspitti: it's suprinsingly quite hard to have the same test suite set for 2 modes running (like direct call and dbus service call)10:33
pittididrocks: yeah, jockey's needs to jump through a few hoops to allow that10:35
seb128hrw, not that I know, ask DBO when he's around10:35
ogra_awesome, now TB just hangs hard eating one of my CPU cores10:35
seb128ogra_, the first run is no fun10:36
didrockspitti: I'll have a look at jockey then, I have a quite unpleasant approach then, but if there is no other solution…10:36
seb128until it downloaded everything10:36
seb128then it mostly work10:36
ogra_seb128, well, why doesnt it respect my settings =10:36
seb128ogra_, open a bug upstream?10:36
ogra_if it really downloads everything (over hlaf a million mails in my case) then i cant use it10:36
ogra_since my disk only has 8G :P10:36
* ogra_ considers going back to evo, that does at least what i tell it10:37
ogra_and it can thread my bugmail which TB apparently is incapable of10:37
seb128ok, I switched version to precise to see10:45
seb128didrocks, pitti, rodrigo_, others: ^10:45
seb128I don't think there is much point to keep tracking oneiric, there was too much outdated lines to be useful to spot srus10:46
didrocksseb128: agreed10:46
pittiseb128: nice, thanks10:46
seb128let's work with bugs and notes on the pad for what is worth a sru10:46
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, version of what, sorry?10:46
seb128rodrigo_, http://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/versions.html10:47
rodrigo_ah ok10:47
seb128sorry, "versions" is maybe a stupid name :p10:47
rodrigo_mvo, do you know much about apt_pkg python package?10:48
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mvorodrigo_: hello, I know stuff about it, yes, what do you want to know in parituclar?11:11
tkamppeterpitti, I have uploaded a CUPS SRU for bug 872483 and once doing that also included the SRU for bug 877967, to do two at a time.11:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 872483 in cups "laser printer only prints first job correct" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87248311:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 877967 in cups "avahi leaks dbus connections to the system bus, breaking other apps depending on them" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87796711:18
tkamppeterpitti, the new bug I have also fixed on the Debian BZR.11:19
pittitkamppeter: thanks11:22
seb128pitti, is there any reason to not pocket copy the proposed uploads once built on all arch to precise?11:29
seb128pitti, i.e if I want to do some copies can I, or should I restrain for a reason?11:29
seb128pitti, not really important but it would clean some of the versions noise (or we need to teach versions to check proposed as well but I'm reluctant to double the number of queries it does on launchpad, it's slow enough like that)11:30
pittiseb128: I usually do them when moving to -updates, as it avoids a separate step11:30
pittiseb128: but if you know that some particular update is good (no regressions, verified), please feel free to copy to precise11:30
seb128pitti, well, do we care if GNOME .1 regressed in precise?11:31
seb128it's part of usuable unstable work11:31
seb128we better go through and get those fixed than reverted11:31
rodrigo_pitti, I see several commits from you in ubuntu-system-service, so by any chance do you know about apt_pkg?11:59
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seb128rodrigo_, did you see that mvo replied asking you what you want to know?12:06
seb128rodrigo_, i.e don't ask to ask just ask, it might be easier12:06
seb128if somebody knows they will reply ;-)12:06
rodrigo_no, didn't see mvo reply, seems I've disconnected12:07
rodrigo_mvo, I want to know why setting the values via the API doesn't save them to the /etc/apt/* files12:07
rodrigo_mvo, and I don't see anything in the API to force a save12:08
mvorodrigo_: indeed, there is a apt_pkg.Configuration.dump() call, but nothing to actually save to a file12:10
mvorodrigo_: is the use case the system-service bug we talked about the other day12:10
rodrigo_mvo, yes12:10
rodrigo_ok, so what a useless API :(12:10
rodrigo_and now I see why ubuntu-s-s parses and saves the file manually12:11
rodrigo_mvo, does the C++ API allow it?12:12
rodrigo_mvo, no, doesn't seem to12:15
mvorodrigo_: it only supports the same dump method12:16
pittiah, seems mvo already answered12:16
mvorodrigo_: you sound a bit frustrated about this :/ is the other parser too fragile to use?12:16
pittirodrigo_: I always just used apt_pkg to read the config and locally change the variables, I never had to write it12:17
rodrigo_mvo, what other parser?12:17
mvorodrigo_: the one inside the ubuntu-system-service?12:18
mvorodrigo_: sorry, I haven't looked into that code in a good while12:19
rodrigo_mvo, no, it's ok, just that I was looking at the manual parsing/saving and I thought it could be replaced with just a few lines with apt_pkg API12:19
mvorodrigo_: I think it should actually be refactored and put into python-apt proper at some point (or ideally libapt itself)12:20
rodrigo_yeah, apt_pkg should have API to save, remove keys12:20
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seb128pitti, what's the status on bug #857707? you dropped the tag since it fixes some issues but some others are remaining, does that block the -> updates?12:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 857707 in gtksourceview3 "gedit crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_get_qdata()" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85770712:39
rodrigo_mvo, ok, I have both bugs fixed, doing some more testing after lunch and will submit  abranch for you to review12:43
rodrigo_so yeah, lunch, bbl12:43
* mvo hugs rodrigo_12:44
mvorodrigo_: thanks a *bunch*12:44
pittiseb128: so that's not a regression?12:50
pittiseb128: not sure what else it fixes, i. e. whether it's worth moving to -updates; it looked like we'd do another -proposed upload, and release it when it's good12:50
seb128mterry, hey12:51
mterryseb128, hello12:51
seb128mterry, is the current gtksourceview3 proposed version creating a regression or fixing bugs?12:51
seb128i.e is it better than oneiric and worth moving it updates even if not perfect yet?12:51
mterryseb128, fixing bugs12:51
seb128the log on the bug is a bit confusing12:51
seb128see what pitti just wrote12:52
mterryseb128, there are two bugs in that one bug report12:52
mterryseb128, this update fixes one of them12:52
seb128pitti, ^12:52
pittiok, thanks12:52
seb128ok, I would vote for moving it to updates to get the alt-space segfault fixed then12:52
seb128mterry, pitti: thanks12:52
pittireleaseing, and then reopening12:53
seb128pitti, thanks12:53
kenvandineyay!  evolution-alarm-notify didn't bring my box to it's knees this morning :)13:00
cyphermoxgood morning13:01
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
seb128mterry, could you check on bug #87637113:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 876371 in itstool "please sync itstool 1.1.1-1 from Debian sid main" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87637113:11
mterryseb128, k13:11
seb128mterry, seem you build it with python in Ubuntu but Debian doesn't ... is python adding features?13:12
seb128mterry, thanks13:12
seb128hey kenvandine, cyphermox13:12
mterryMy favorite thing in all of Ubuntu to do is to sync a package.  Feels like a little piece of win13:13
cyphermoxhey :)13:14
seb128mterry, ;-)13:14
pittimterry: and now that it's a self-service, even more so!13:16
mterrypitti, yeah, new syncpackage tool is great13:16
seb128pitti, did the new way ever got nailed and announced?13:16
pittiI thought it came up several times on the lists now13:17
seb128didrocks, kenvandine: do you have any objection to see dee from Debian and drop the ubuntu-desktop vcs?13:17
seb128pitti, yeah, I just didn't see a proper announce so I figured some bugs still needed to be nailed13:17
kenvandineseb128, not me13:17
didrocksseb128: I guess we will need to update most of the time in advance from Debian, isn't it?13:18
didrocksnot speaking about cherry-pick that we need to do and where bzr merge is handy13:18
didrocks(if someone is going to push it and maintain it in debian and ensure we don't wait for a new unity release, I'm fine)13:19
seb128didrocks, kenvandine: well, right now we can sync, the question is do we want to use udd for it or keep the ubuntu-desktop vcs (which is debian only)13:19
tjaderHello. gnome-terminal seems to be grabbing my mouse sometimes since I updated to 11.10. How should I proceed to try and find out what triggers that?13:19
didrocksseb128: I guess we will most of the time needing a new dee before debian does as it's tightly linked to unity13:20
GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin!13:20
GunnarHjMy initial fix of bug 868346 has been significantly improved IMNSHO. :) I hope the changes don't disqualify the branches from being SRUed...13:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 868346 in lightdm "Language selector broken in Ubuntu" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86834613:20
GunnarHjrobert_ancell seems to be busy with a lot of other lightdm stuff. While awaiting his participation, could the branches possibly be uploaded to bzr and oneiric-proposed?13:20
kenvandineseb128, didrocks has a good point... we will probably move ahead quickly13:20
seb128didrocks, I can keep the ubuntu-desktop vcs and commit the sync manually to it but I guess next autosync will not land there13:20
seb128well, I'm syncing anyway13:20
seb128check that the vcs is uptodate next time you work on it13:20
pittihey GunnarHj13:20
seb128if we get autosyncs on the way that's not handled13:21
kenvandinewe can always use the source package branch13:21
didrocksseb128: I don't care, if you handle the cherry-pick13:21
didrocksI guess kenvandine is now maintaining dee anyway, so it's choice13:21
seb128didrocks, well, it's easier ubuntu-desktop which might miss some autosync or udd13:21
seb128easier -> either13:21
chrisccoulsoni've not requested a sync in ages. i'm not even sure the correct way to do that now ;)13:21
chrisccoulsoni seem to live in my own little mozilla bubble13:22
seb128chrisccoulson, do them yourself using syncpackage13:22
chrisccoulsonah, ok13:22
chrisccoulsonseems easy ;)13:22
seb128chrisccoulson, launchpad win an api to do syncs if you have upload rights13:22
chrisccoulsonnot that any packages i work on are ever likely to be sync'd from debian ;)13:22
pittiGunnarHj: replied to https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/ubuntu/precise/accountsservice/sorted-option/+merge/7964913:23
pittiGunnarHj: aside from my question this is easy enough; but do we need the sorting for SRU?13:23
pittiGunnarHj: as for the lightdm one, I'd really like Robert's eyes on that first (and an upstream merge), as I'm not familiar with that code at all13:25
didrocksseb128: so the question wasn't if I had any objection about syncing it from debian as you decided to sync, but as long as you or pitti commit to push the changes in debian or handle cherry-picking, I'm fine :)13:26
seb128didrocks, well the question was rather about the "drop the vcs", is there any reason to not sync when we have no diff?13:27
pittidee is not in pkg-gnome, so I can't update it in debian13:27
didrocksseb128: seeing the number of uploads we are doing, we probably won't keep in sync for long13:27
seb128right, that's fine13:27
didrocksso I don't see the added value13:27
seb128we will have synced once13:27
seb128we do the same for GNOME13:27
seb128we sync once and then start on the unstable serie13:28
seb128just trying to clear the version and merge pages13:28
didrocksyeah, just that we can't use udd anymore from the usptream vcs13:28
seb128well the vcs is debian dir only13:28
* didrocks checks13:28
seb128not derived from upstream13:28
seb128that's why I asked13:28
didrockshum, not there, weird13:29
didrocksmaybe someone changed it, let me look13:29
GunnarHjpitti: Replied to the MP. I understand that you want Robert to look at it first. I'll nudge him.13:29
seb128my checkout is probably broken :-(13:29
didrocksseb128: let me bzr branch13:29
seb128didrocks, in fact I updated a local checkout13:29
seb128let me do it cleanly again13:29
didrocksseb128: ok, just tell me, I bzr branch here and I have full udd source13:30
seb128didrocks, ok, seems you are right, sorry about the confusion13:30
seb128I asked based on the fact it was debian only13:30
didrocksseb128: no worry. I understand better why you wanted to drop it now :)13:30
seb128which my old checkout was13:30
GunnarHjpitti: Re sorting necessary for SRU ... well, maybe not, but it's so simple... if we always sort I'd just need to add 5 characters (sort + a space) :)13:30
didrocksseb128: if we see that we have almost no cherry-pick, yeah, we can drop it13:30
didrocksseb128: but for now, I prefer having it here13:31
seb128didrocks, well for full source it makes sense to keep the vcs, for debian dir only for small packages it's less obvious and that's why I asked13:31
didrocksseb128: totally agree with that :) I get you now why you wanted to drop it :)13:31
seb128undoing the question, my mistake for having a broken debian only vcs ;-)13:31
pittiGunnarHj: FWIW, if you call perl, all bets wrt. startup time are off; some sorting won't make a difference13:31
seb128didrocks, moving on, thanks and sorry for the confusion13:32
didrocksseb128: no worry!13:32
didrocks(it's fun to see that debian kept your debian/changelog and our packaging for once, nice ;))13:32
smspillazdidrocks: should be fixed now13:33
didrockssmspillaz: same branch?13:33
didrockssmspillaz: thanks pulling and building13:34
GunnarHjpitti: For Precise that Perl script should be replaced by C code. As regards Oneiric, if you accept an SRU for sorting, I'll change the a-s branch to just always sort.13:37
pittiGunnarHj: seems fine to me13:37
pittieasier to review, and test13:37
pittitkamppeter: you didn't upload cups with -v to include the previous changelog, and the current -proposed version isn't verified yet, so I need to keep that in the queue for a while13:38
GunnarHjpitti: Ok, I'll let you know when it's done.13:38
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seb128cyphermox, thanks for the evo updates, could you check a bit the bug reports today? I've read several ones now from users who said that the update to Oneiric made them loose emails which is a bit concerning13:50
seb128cyphermox, don't worry it's not the sru updates13:50
seb128cyphermox, but still... ;-)13:50
cyphermoxseb128: saw them too13:52
cyphermoxafaik there were two options: one was that subscription settings may have changed, the other (more scary) would be that POP settings for retaining emails would have changed13:53
* cyphermox is off to *yet another* upgrade test :)13:55
seb128pedro_, stop spamming me!14:03
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rodrigo_mvo, https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/system-service/fix-aptconf-issues/+merge/7996314:04
* chrisccoulson adds tb filter to move pedro to /dev/null ;)14:05
mvorodrigo_: thanks a bunch!14:05
GunnarHjpitti: Ok, https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/ubuntu/precise/accountsservice/sorted-option/+merge/79649 updated as we said.14:06
pittiGunnarHj: looks nice :)14:07
pedro_seb128, If i stop spamming you that means i can  spam rodrigo_ ?14:08
seb128pedro_, yes, that's fine14:08
seb128pedro_, but joke aside your script seems buggy, what's the logic?14:08
pedro_m ok14:08
* rodrigo_ puts his baseball bat in the baggage for UDS travel14:09
pedro_seb128, ask for recheck in Oneiric for all the New bugs with Undecided importance without a comment in the last 3 months14:09
pedro_its skipping things with more than 1 task though, like an upstream one or a task in another project14:09
pedro_rodrigo_, lol14:10
seb128that seems a bit aggressive14:10
seb128pedro_, is that limited to some components or on the desktop set?14:10
pedro_seb128, to the components on desktop-bugs14:11
seb128pedro_, well asking is fine but putting to incomplete and low seems over the line14:11
pedro_also it's not looking at things tagged as oneiric14:11
seb128pedro_, I've seen the titles some bugs are clearly real bugs and still valid14:11
pedro_well they shouldn't be new/undecided then14:11
seb128it seems buggy to put them incomplete just because we don't cope with triaging14:11
GunnarHjpitti: Talking about converting the language-tools scripts to C code, I have started to think that a simple shared C library ('owned' by a-s) would be preferable. No point in adding methods to a-s for e.g. getting the available language options. Any thoughts on that?14:12
pedro_seb128, if the bug is still there someone reporter/subscriber/etc can set it back to Confirmed or just put a comment on the report14:12
pittiGunnarHj: (in a phone call)14:12
pedro_seb128, i've a list for incomplete with responses14:12
GunnarHjpitti: Ok14:13
pedro_http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-desktop/incomplete-with-response.html <- they should appear there14:13
seb128pedro_, right14:13
pedro_then we can review14:13
jbichaby the way, I'm on the desktop-bugs team but I don't get email for all the desktop bugs14:14
jbichaI mean I get plenty of email but sometimes I wish for more email to ignore... ;)14:15
rodrigo_jbicha, you like pain? :)14:16
CarlFKpitti or mvo: "incomplete language support" dialog  - what can I do (in a post install script) to prevent that from coming up?  either satisfy it's requirements or suppress it from coming up.14:34
pittiCarlFK: as for "satisfy its requirements": apt-get install `check-language-support`14:35
pittiI'm not sure how to easily prevent it, that's an update-notifier/mvo question14:35
mvoCarlFK: so the new update-manager in precise will honor  "echo "foo install"|dpkg --set-selections "14:35
pittiCarlFK: I think you can remove /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/*14:36
mvoCarlFK: so instead of creating that note, we could schedule using this meachnism to put it in later14:36
mvonote that this is super new and untested14:36
CarlFKmvo: "i rarely test, but when I do, I test in production"14:36
CarlFKthats closer to the truth than I should admit14:37
cyphermoxseb128: is the recommends for evolution-indicator worth sru?14:37
seb128cyphermox, worth putting in the next SRU but not worth an upload by itself14:38
cyphermoxno, of course14:38
seb128cyphermox, yeah, it's started to be an issue in Oneiric in fact since before we installed those by default14:38
pittigood night everyone!14:48
rodrigo_bye pitti14:49
tremolux'night pitti!14:49
rodrigo_so, I guess now's the best moment to upgrade to precise and start cherry picking updates, right?14:51
seb128'night pitti15:12
seb128rodrigo_, we usually tend to update after UDS, now is a bit early15:12
seb128rodrigo_, I do merges on debian on oneiric and upload to precise15:12
seb128rodrigo_, or said differently I tend to update desktop pieces when I need those15:12
seb128but don't touch libc, xorg, the kernel etc before end of UDS15:12
seb128so I often get a mixed box with updates desktop and things I work on and the other bits not updated15:13
rodrigo_yeah, just wanted to ask for the best time for doing the initial upgrade, and then do the cherry picking from then on15:14
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jbichaI think most devs wait a bit longer before updating to the dev release, but there's some users on P already15:16
cyphermoxjbicha: I'd already on P if there had been fewer SRUs to play with :)15:17
cyphermoxmaybe I'll upgrade before UDS, and bring a usb key with oneiric in case things go wrong15:17
jbichaI've usually upgraded by now too, I guess I blame part of that on 3.2.115:19
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didrockschrisccoulson: ctrl + R ?16:21
didrockschrisccoulson: for bash you mean?16:21
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah16:22
chrisccoulsoni never knew it existed before16:22
didrockschrisccoulson: really? how did you live without it? :)16:22
chrisccoulsondidrocks, i don't know!16:22
chrisccoulsoni was just using plain old autocomplete ;)16:22
chrisccoulsoni feel like my life is becoming complete now16:23
didrockschrisccoulson: ahah, feeling accomplished? :)16:23
chrisccoulsonindeed :)16:23
desrtchrisccoulson: hey16:23
desrtchrisccoulson: remember this thunderbird+GIO business?16:23
chrisccoulsonhi desrt, how are you?16:24
desrtapparently it didn't land in oneiric by default?16:24
chrisccoulsonhah, it's funny you should mention that16:24
chrisccoulsoni was just looking at that!16:24
desrtchrisccoulson: you're making me look bad in front of my friends!16:24
desrtwe gonna get an SRU?16:24
chrisccoulsondesrt, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=696030 fixes the build failure16:24
chrisccoulsonbut it's more complicated than that16:24
ubot2Mozilla bug 696030 in Networking "nsGIOProtocolHandler.cpp:241:3: error: ‘MonitorAutoEnter’ is not a member of ‘mozilla’ when building with --enable-extensions=gio" [Normal,New: ]16:24
chrisccoulsonthunderbird opens the file chooser in local mode16:25
chrisccoulsonwhich i can fix too ;)16:25
desrtis there a working PPA version somewhere, or...?16:25
chrisccoulsonbut then there is another issue i just thought of16:25
chrisccoulsonsay you want to open something over ftp, and you need to supply login credentials for that16:26
chrisccoulsonyou'd need to do it twice16:26
chrisccoulsonbecause when the file chooser returns a URI, thunderbird would then go ahead and open it using its own ftp handler16:26
chrisccoulson(as gio is only used as a catch-all fallback for protocols that aren't handled by the application)16:27
desrtdoesn't gio 'mount' the thing?16:27
desrti know it does that with ssh...16:27
chrisccoulsondesrt, it does16:27
chrisccoulsonbut thunderbird wouldn't use the mount, even after it was mounted by the file chooser16:27
chrisccoulsonas it already has its own native ftp handler, which would be picked first16:27
desrti guess your main concerns here are samba and ssh16:28
desrti doubt many people try to use gio to open shares of ftp16:28
desrtso i wouldn't let it block you...16:29
chrisccoulsondesrt, yeah, it would probably be ok for most cases16:29
chrisccoulsonand thunderbird doesn't have handlers for ssh or smb16:29
chrisccoulsonthat's where it picks a handler16:29
desrti wonder if you could do some internal trickery to call it gvfsftp:// or something16:30
desrtand add/remove the indirection at the barrier to GIO16:30
chrisccoulsonyeah, that might be a possibility16:30
desrtso if the file chooser opens an ftp, GIO will tell you ftp:// but the plugin tells thunderbird gvfsftp://16:30
desrtthen it'll get thrown back to the plugin to handle it again16:30
desrtand you can strip it off before putting it back into gio16:31
chrisccoulsonyeah, that would probably work ok16:31
chrisccoulsoni'll have a look at writing some code for that after dinner :)16:31
desrtno free beer for you until i see an SRU =)16:31
chrisccoulsonheh :)16:32
chrisccoulsoni'll definitely get this working. i've wanted to for ages16:32
desrtnot because i'm withholding the reward.. but because i suspect it may impact your performance in completion of the task... :)16:32
seb128chrisccoulson, <chrisccoulson> thunderbird opens the file chooser in local mode16:34
seb128chrisccoulson, firefox as well16:34
desrtgood afternoon, seb16:36
desrtbusy packaging 2.31.0 for oneiric?16:36
seb128desrt, hey, no16:36
desrtif you really cared about p being as stable as possible, you'd expose the code to as much testing as you can!16:37
seb128desrt, busy packaging GNOME 3.2.1 for SRU :p16:37
seb128desrt, yeah, but seems like ricotz is already packaging it in a ppa16:37
seb128desrt, but I will look at what ricotz did and bring it over the official ppa when I've a free slot16:37
desrtfrom a packaging standpoint it should be pretty boring, actually16:38
desrti was mostly just trolling for your reaction to the idea of SRUing it16:38
desrttroll fail.16:38
seb128desrt, oh, yeah, totally, I read the "oneiric" with ppa in mind and I'm fine having a crack ppa with glib 2.31 for oneiric :p16:41
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chrisccoulsonhmmmm, so, i can spend time trying to get chromium builds going again17:24
chrisccoulsonor i can hack on making gio work properly in thunderbird17:24
chrisccoulsonwhich one should i do?17:24
dobeymake contacts sync work in mutt.17:24
dobeyor just buy me beer17:24
chrisccoulsonisn't it your managers responsibility to buy beer?17:25
seb128jjardon, hey19:01
seb128jjardon, I saw that you commented on the deprecated lib19:02
seb128jjardon, we have quite some notes on what is still using gconf or gtk2 in the default install on: http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-desktop19:02
seb128jjardon, those still have quite a lot users, not likely we will drop them from the CD for the LTS19:02
jjardonseb128: yeah, I only put there the status of GNOME modules19:05
seb128jjardon, right, that was just for info ;-)19:06
jjardonmmm, I think firefox uses gio now (reading the pad)19:06
seb128jjardon, it does for the background, not for the proxy19:07
seb128chrisccoulson will fix it next cycle though19:07
jjardonseb128: and I think the libreoffice dependency on gconf is optional19:07
seb128jjardon, well it does for the background and the default application, they overlooked the proxy19:07
seb128jjardon, do you know if the libreoffice dependency on gnomevfs is optional as well? our -gnome still depends on it19:07
seb128jjardon, well the etherpad is public, feel free to add notes and comments on it, thanks ;-)19:08
jjardonseb128: sure ;)19:08
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sroeckerbug 87678720:42
hallynsay, does anyone here use the compiz grid placement in unity?  If so, can you tell me if ctrl-alt-keypad9 works for you?21:02
hallyncompiz settings manager says it's boudn to the right thing (place top right), but it seems to want to do same as ctrl-alt-KP821:03
chrisccoulsonseb128, did you recreate the problem with the indicator in tb yet?21:05
chrisccoulsoni'm blocking a SRU on this :)21:05
seb128chrisccoulson, no, works fine so far21:05
seb128I can't say if I'm lucky or if your update fixed it ;-)21:05
seb128but it has been working since yesterday without out of sync issue21:05
chrisccoulsoncool. i'll probably upload it in a bit then. i think hooking on to the removed signal is probably a good idea for now anyway21:06
chrisccoulsonalthough i'll probably do this differently in precise21:06
Laneythis touchpad stops working bug is annoying22:05
* RAOF wonders why it doesn't hit him.22:09
broderwhich bug is that?22:10
brodersounds familiar...22:10
RAOFSomething in the syndaemon / synclient / gnome-settings-daemon arena turns the touchpad off on typing and then forgets to turn it back on.22:10
Laneyi found https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/86840022:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 868400 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "Synaptics touchpad stops working" [High,Confirmed]22:10
broderi saw something a lot like that when i killed and restarted g-s-d22:11
hggdhfolks, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/873702 seems quite serious23:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 873702 in libreoffice "some function names in Calc appear in english others in local language (mixed up) " [High,Confirmed]23:09
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