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thelinuxerEgyParadox: r u trying to create a black hole here or something ?13:27
EgyParadoxno I was checking which one is the factoid bot13:27
thelinuxerno sense or humor :S13:27
EgyParadoxI didnt get the joke :D13:27
thelinuxersaad_: wa3alikom el afternoon wara7mat Allah we barakato :D13:28
thelinuxerEgyParadox: 3ady i have a headache13:28
EgyParadoxomal ana 23mel eh13:28
EgyParadoxlaw ma3andeesh headache bardo13:28
saad_ento koloko bt3ano kda fi ubuntu eg?13:29
saad_ana bafkr ans7b :P13:29
thelinuxersaad_: bet3any leeh kafallah el shar ?13:30
thelinuxertansa7eb meen, dana me7adarrlak 7agat  :D13:30
thelinuxer7a7'aleek as3ad saad fel ard :D13:31
saad_ana ka sa3d13:32
saad_etbst xD13:32
seifhey guys13:44
thelinuxerhi seif13:44
seifi need some cheering up13:45
seifi wont make it to UDS (although i got sponsored)13:45
seifmy visa got rejected13:45
thelinuxerleeh keda ?13:45
ashamsit seems that we need filters for irc too :) lol14:19
ashamsthelinuxer: it worked14:30
ashamsbut with coalwater's msg14:30
thelinuxeryes i just saw it14:30
thelinuxerashams: can't understand y14:31
thelinuxernothing special about it14:31
ashamsthelinuxer: it didn't deliver it to the mailing list14:33
ashamsjust for -owner14:33
ashamscoalwater quoted the msg while replying14:33
ashamsthus mailman stopped it14:33
thelinuxerlets test ur theory14:34
thelinuxerashams: send again14:34
ashamsi'm ahmed's bro14:39
ashamshe isn't here now but he'll be back in 514:39
thelinuxerashams: ok np problem just tell him i removed him from -owner14:40
ashamsthelinuxer: I still can reach it :)14:43
thelinuxerreach what ?14:44
thelinuxerashams: reach what ? if u sent something now I guess mailman held it14:44
thelinuxercause i didn't receive anything from the mailing list14:45
ashamsah, I meant: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/admin/ubuntu-eg14:45
ashamsok will reply quoting it14:45
thelinuxeri guess u need logout walla 7aga14:45
ashamsNo, it lets me in with password :)14:46
ashamsI love mailman14:46
thelinuxerah ah ah14:47
thelinuxersorry keda sa714:47
thelinuxermesh dah ely ben testo delwa2ty :D14:47
thelinuxertry sending again14:47
ashamsoh I forgot about it :)14:47
ashamswill send again14:48
thelinuxerna3am! yabny engez 3ashan araga3ak tany el list14:48
ashamsreceived it14:51
thelinuxeryeah saw it14:52
thelinuxernow ur back to -owner14:52
ashamstyebm has it blocked it?14:52
thelinuxeri received it from the mailing list14:53
ashamsI'll fire a support request14:54
thelinuxerashams: and another one for IRC :D14:55
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EgyParadoxhowa dah eli 3andena howa dah bas keda :D15:02
thelinuxerEgyParadox: looooooool15:11
thelinuxeri will go now catch u later guys15:11
=== saad_ is now known as SaadTalaat
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ashamslovely, it works with loco bot too :)15:58

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