delcoyotehi de hi09:04
dumb1224Hi someone replied to me but how can I check my chat history on irssi?09:43
dumb1224morning /help09:46
dumb1224BenChapman: I can connect it and use it under XP09:47
BenChapmandumb1224: connect what?09:48
dumb1224oh sorry, I meant the hp m4345 printer on windows active directory,09:49
dumb1224I added and set it up but when I print it gave me NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED09:50
BenChapmanHmm, I have practically no experience with AD stuff :P sorry09:51
dumb1224thanks all the same, actually I just find out there's a webserver takes documents and send them to that printer, quite handy.09:55
BenChapmandumb1224: Heh, I found a company which had 20 printers open to the internet...10:03
BenChapmanthat was fun10:03
dumb1224hmmmm so why they do that?10:08
tdr112dumb1224: try page up key10:29
dumb1224tdr112: Thanks!11:02
infoturtlehello old room, it's been a while!12:48
BenChapmanhello infoturtle12:58
infoturtlehello BenChapman, how have things been around here? Haven't been on in nearly 3 months13:00
BenChapmaninfoturtle: Well the 11.10 launch party was last week13:05
BenChapmanbut otherwise, I'm guessing pretty much as you left13:05
slashtomand the Ubuntu Hour is on Sunday13:06
BenChapmanoh yeah, keep forgetting about that13:08
* slashtom will send an email in a few minutes13:08
BenChapmanslashtom: Not moving to pearse st :(13:08
BenChapmanlooking at more places this evening13:09
slashtomoh well13:09
slashtomhopefully you will find something good13:09
BenChapmanheh, this one is south william street.13:09
BenChapmannot expecting much13:10
infoturtleah Ubuntu hours, I do miss those. we held an 11.10 show case in UL, to show it to people and let them try it, also did an install fest of 11.10 and other linux's13:13
infoturtleit's was fun, got 3 new people to install ubuntu13:13
slashtomlist emailed.... hopefully this place will be more student friendly13:24

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