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k1ldid i scare him? :)13:11
jussik1l: you are a scary guy13:11
k1lok, next time i will take down my jason mask first: http://www.amazon.com/Neca-Toys-Prop-Replica-Friday/dp/B001U8S8I2  :)13:13
ubot2In #ubuntu-beginners, bobweaver said: !ext4 is File systems are one of the things any newcomer to linux must become acquainted with. In the world of Microsoft you never really have to worry about it, the default being NTFS. Linux however, being built on a world of of open source and differing opinions, is not limited in this way and so the user should have an understanding of what a file system is, and how it affects the computer. Please see  19:50
PiciThats a lot of info.19:51
ubot2In #ubuntu-beginners, bobweaver said: !fdisk fdisk is a disk partition manipulation program, which allows you to create, destroy, resize, move and copy partitions on a hard drive using a menu-driven interface. It is useful for organising the disk space on a new drive, reorganising an old drive, creating space for new operating systems,  Please See http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/fdisk.8.html19:53
pangolin#really long factoid is The point of a factoid is so that you don't have to type all the info you are meaning to convey to the user by pointing them to wiki pages or a web site with all the info they may need. Please consider this when writing really long factoids that don't need to be really long.20:16
* genii-around twitches20:22
Unit193Heh, nice.... But wiki isn't updated anyway :P20:27

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