dholbachgood morning06:51
bkerensagood morning dholbach06:51
dholbachhi bkerensa06:52
czajkowskialoha 06:58
locodir-userI am new to Ubuntu os for linux,i m using lucid lynx 10.04 version of server edition for installing Evergreen Library server-side software int it.my command is as follows :-useradd -m - s /bin/bash opensrf,but ,its giving me an error of ,useradd :cannot lock /etc/passwd .try again later ,so what can i do now to resolve it 08:53
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locodir-useris ne1 der09:00
CrazyLemonthis is not an ubuntu support channel..you should join #ubuntu instead09:28
leoquantor #ubuntu-server09:31
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AlanBellour LoCo team will now only be going to wheelchair accessible pubs on our tour of the country http://twitter.com/#!/alanbell_libsol/status/12696750356077772812:06
YoBoYgreat initiative AlanBell :)12:11
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