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dholbachgood morning06:51
RhondaWhy does the software center have to be so strange … and has *no* icon now for wesnoth in oneiric?!07:26
RhondaWho can I bark at for getting that fixed, and potentially not run into the same issue for the wesnoth 1.10 release that might hit precise?07:27
RhondaI seem to remember that we had the same issue when we switched from 1.6 to 1.8 in the first place, but that puzzles me now. :/07:28
RhondaThat it seems to got disfunctional again, in between.07:28
geserRhonda: try talking to mvo07:30
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Rhondageser: thanks07:40
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udienzhi, when mass-sync from debian started?12:10
udienzmany 'new' packages from debian not sync in precise12:10
Rhondaudienz, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule does say it's not defined yet.12:12
cjwatsonudienz: I started it on Monday12:14
cjwatsonudienz: I've been processing new packages, but haven't worked my way through all of them yet12:15
cjwatsonudienz: If there are specific ones you care about, tell me12:15
cjwatson(it's awkward to automate because we have to be careful about ones that were previously removed from Ubuntu for some reason)12:15
cjwatsonI've been getting through, er, rough estimate maybe 50 a day12:17
* udienz chose to wating 'till monday12:19
cjwatsonudienz: huh?12:19
cjwatsonudienz: I started it Monday as in three days ago12:19
cjwatsonudienz: if there are specific new packages you care about, tell me12:19
udienzcjwatson, owh i think nexy monday12:22
udienzi;ll looking my packages first12:22
udienzcjwatson, bug 878809 glfw package12:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 878809 in glfw (Ubuntu) "Please sync glfw 2.7.2-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87880912:30
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cjwatsonudienz: you can just tell me the package names, I don't need bugs12:35
cjwatsoner, actually, maybe that's a bad precedent.  but I do not want to be told about the same thing by a bug *and* on IRC, in any case12:35
cjwatsonudienz: also, that isn't a new package!12:35
cjwatsonudienz: that's a new version of an existing package.  perhaps you're unaware that we're syncing from testing by default this cycle, unless explicitly requested otherwise12:36
cjwatsonudienz: once that bug has been acked by a sponsor, it will appear on the list of manual syncs we need to do12:37
cjwatsonwhich is a "run a tool once a day or so" kind of thing12:37
tumbleweedgrr, this bug bot is a pain16:33
c_kornis there a "yes" option for mk-build-deps so it does not ask whether I really want to install the dependencies17:12
cjwatsonc_korn: untested, but I think -t 'apt-get -y'17:14
c_kornok, I test it ;)17:15
cjwatsonor   MKBUILDDEPS_TOOL='apt-get -y'   in ~/.devscripts.conf17:15
cjwatsonsorry, ~/.devscripts17:15
c_kornI try the command line option first. I have mk-build-deps in a alias anyway17:16
c_kornhum, a pkgconfig file in an arch-indep library -dev package contains this line "Cflags: -I${includedir}/c++-gtk-utils-2-2.0 -pthread -I/usr/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/glib-2.0/include  " does this mean it has to be arch dependent now?19:34
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Laneygood evening21:19
bkerensaanyone wanna help me sort out the fact that boinc-client is broken?21:43
yofelbug 878571 for those that don't follow #ubuntu-bugs21:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 878571 in boinc (Ubuntu) "boinc-client bad signature for URL" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87857121:51
bkerensayofel: thanks :)21:52
james_wwhat was the name of that script that could tell you what ubuntu releases there were, which was the development release etc?22:01
Kiallanyone familiar with git-buildpackage? I'm having an issue where the orig.tar.gz is not being extracted from the git repo .. resulting in a "failed .. no orig.tar file found"22:36
arandKiall: is it finding the upstream branch ok?22:44
Kiallit seems to...22:44
Kiallwhen i `rm debian/source/format` (native package) it works ..22:45
Kiallbut with a 3.0 (quilt) package, it fails22:45
Kiallarand: I end up with this error: http://pastie.org/273240922:46
KiallIt doesnt seem to even try and extract the tar..22:47
Kiallany ideas what might be causing it? :)22:48
RAOFKiall: Do you have a pristine-tar branch?  Is the gbp.conf set up right to build from pristine-tar?22:50
KiallRAOF: yea branch is there .. and I think I have it setup right: http://pastie.org/273243222:51
RAOFKiall: Yeah, that looks right.  What's the full output of git-buildpackage?22:52
KiallFull output is here: http://pastie.org/273240922:52
Kiallno mention of pristine-tar in it though22:52
arandHmm, what happens if you omit the export dir?22:56
Kiallthe ../build-area option?22:56
Kiallsame thing, no mention of pristine-tar22:57
arandIf you just run it with --pristine-tar option?22:58
Kiallyou mean --git-pristine-tar ?22:58
arandAh, yeah22:58
KiallI'll try again, just in case!22:58
KiallOh .. dooh .. tried it in a copy without quilt ;022:59
KiallOh .. dooh .. tried it in a copy without quilt ;)22:59
Kiallsame thing again, no mention of pristine-tar23:00
KiallDo you know of a public repo that uses GPB and pristine-tar? Maybe I can test that23:00
KiallHumm .. Okay, testing with a repo I found and its working23:02
RAOFhttp://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-xorg/app/apitrace.git;a=summary does.23:02
RAOFHah, too slow.23:02
KiallThe only obvious difference is one has an pristine-tar and origin/pristine-tar, while my only has pristine-tar23:04
Kiallnope .. thats not it :(23:05
KiallMind taking a look? https://github.com/kiall/test/tree/pristine-tar23:05
KiallI've obv got something wrong with the repo23:06
Kiallhttps://github.com/kiall/test/blob/master/debian/changelog#L1 ..23:10
Kiallneeded to add a -1 to the end of the version23:10
RAOFOh.  To make it non-native.  Right.23:11
Kiallyea, makes sense (now)23:12
Kiallthanks RAOF / arand23:12
Kiallsince you guys would probably know, since the upstream package is also managed in git, is it possible for me to clone that repo, and use gpb + quilt without git-import-orig?23:19
RAOFKiall: Absolutely; the apitrace repository I linked to above does exactly that.23:22
Kiallah .. tried that first and didnt get it working :)23:22
Kiallhow does the pristine-tar branch get managed so?23:23
RAOFI just manage it manually - ?pristine-tar commit ../path-to-tarball upstream-branch?23:24
Kiallso you create actually create a .tar.gz based on the upstream branch?23:25
RAOFWell, that depends.  If there *is* no upstream tarball then you need to create one, but if you're packaging a release you start with their tarball.23:26
Kialland pristine-tar picks up on being inside a git repo and does the rest?23:27
RAOFYeah.  pristine-tar commits to the pristine-tar branch :)23:37
Kiallcool :) should be easy to switch over then23:40
arandRAOF: So when you import-orig you only touch the pristine branch, and the debian branch?23:41
RAOFarand: I don't import-orig.23:44
RAOFarand: I merge the upstream release tag the tarball is based on into the ?upstream? branch, merge ?upstream? into debian, and pristine-tar commit the tarball.23:45

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