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BuffaloSoldierlamanya tak masuk sini07:40
BuffaloSoldierhello hyperair KatieKitty SuMarDi sweemeng 07:40
sweemenglive long and prosper BuffaloSoldier 07:41
* sweemeng fall in love in star trek now07:41
BuffaloSoldierhow are you sweemeng ?07:41
sweemengbeen fun07:41
BuffaloSoldierthat's good :) 07:41
hyperairhello BuffaloSoldier 07:43
BuffaloSoldierwhat's up hyperair?07:43
* BuffaloSoldier just can't get used to unity... using xfce/xubuntu now07:44
hyperairBuffaloSoldier: prolog.07:44
hyperairprolog assignment07:45
hyperairhorrible piece of thing07:45
BuffaloSoldierprogramming logic?07:45
hyperairer well something like that?07:45
hyperairprolog the logic programming language07:45
BuffaloSoldiermust be fun eh :P07:45
hyperairhell no.07:45
hyperairjust when i thought i'd done everything, amzi! prolog stack overflows07:45
hyperairfor god's sake, why can't the lecturer just use a proper prolog compiler like swipl or gprolog?07:46
hyperairi had to reimplement a crapload of library functions like append/3, member/2, reverse/2, length/207:46
* hyperair grumbles07:46
BuffaloSoldierhyperair, because these days some lecturer don't know their subject matter good enough07:47
* hyperair shrugs07:47
hyperairi really wish i could say that statement wasn't true07:48
sweemengprolog real interesting stuff07:48
sweemengmany use amzi07:48
* sweemeng remember the rule engine that amzi wrote07:48
sweemengwrote on the tutorial07:48
sweemengman i kinda miss that little guy07:48
* BuffaloSoldier googling amzi07:49
* sweemeng apologize to everyone, I have soft spot for obscure programming language07:49
sweemengamzi is a prolog vendor07:49
hyperairsweemeng: amzi isn't optimizing my tail-recursions well enough. i need to add ugly cuts all over the place to get it to stop overflowing07:49
sweemengso it seems07:49
hyperairmiserable piece of shit07:50
hyperairneeds to die in a fire.07:50
hyperairand i can't figure out how to tell amzi! prolog to show me the choicepoints it's keeping so i can optimize my program properly07:50
sweemengit happens07:50
hyperairso here i am stabbing in the dark adding cuts here and there.07:50
* sweemeng remember that too07:51
* hyperair sighs07:52
sweemenghoping you guys can make something out of this data07:52
sweemengpart of a long list of stuff i am working on 07:53
sweemengon my free time07:53
sweemengit is open, and it is from your tax money(indirectly)07:53
BuffaloSoldiersweemeng, no need to apologise for that :P07:53
wisevoyagerSelamat sore bapak!!11:59
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