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=== superm1 changed the topic of #ubuntu-mythtv to: is: Mythbuntu 11.10 released :: Please visit www.mythbuntu.org for more information :: Paste logs @ http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com ** Please stick around for people to answer your question :: Upgrade issues for 11.10, please see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11358168&postcount=16
superm1figured might as well add that to the topic until it's fixed considering how frequently it's happening00:29
rhpot1991superm1: tgm4883 http://www.oilsprings.catan.com/rules/#.Tp-vXv3wdn005:19
xavieronassisHDPVR looks nice but I've got a spare computer or two and loved Mythbuntu's features. Can I not buy just a TV capture card that will record all channels from a satellite receiver?12:38
CyberKnetxavieronassis: no13:06
CyberKnetxavieronassis: well, maybe. depends what resolution you want to record in. if you want to record in HD, no. If you want to record downsampled to composite/svideo ... maybe if your satellite box will output on them.13:07
CyberKnetsuperm1: wow. I totally hit that lightdm issue three or four days ago. No idea how I fixed it, but it did end up fixed. I certainly didn't remove unity-greeter.13:08
rhpot1991xavieronassis: assuming you are in NA, if so then no you can't get anything that can tune all satellite channels, hd-pvr is your only bet if you want HD13:10
rhpot1991xavieronassis: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0018LX0DY/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=baablogicnet-20&linkCode=as2&camp=217145&creative=399369&creativeASIN=B0018LX0DY13:11
Zinn[www.amazon.com] N/A13:11
rhpot1991not a terrible price, but certainly not great13:11
rhpot1991I paid that much a year or two ago13:11
xavieronassisWhat about non -HD? I Don't really care that much about HD, I just want to have the ability to record for time shifting. And yes, I'm in NA. Price isn't a deal killer but I really do like Mythbuntu - at least I did a few versions back.13:30
rhpot1991xavieronassis: something like the old pvr-xxx series would work be able to record channel 3 off of coax or svideo13:35
rhpot1991they are no longer made though, so you will have to find a used one13:35
rhpot1991digital conversion and all13:36
xavieronassisI don't fully understand the encryption(?) that is used on some of the satellite channels - I have a few of the Hauppauge cards but they won't receive some of the channels - seems like The History channel was one of them.13:54
xavieronassisI'll have to fire up one of these machines and try it again - I have a PVR-350.13:56
xavieronassisDo you know what OS is used on the HD-PVR?13:56
xavieronassisCopying VCRs to disc is a plus too13:58
xavieronassiscrap! looks like Windows.13:59
xavieronassis...Arcsoft software...14:00
superm1CyberKnet, yeah it's possible to fix without removing unity-greeter too, but that's the easier way14:04
superm1rhpot1991, sounds like it's incompatible with other expansions14:09
superm1interesting concept, but with only playing to 12 and getting victory points for just not spending oil i fell like it would go quick14:09
TandyUKok with this unity issue14:14
TandyUKbearing in mind i am remote atm, how do i fix vnc viewer?14:14
TandyUKi think X is running14:14
TandyUKbut x11vnc doesnt want to start14:14
TandyUKits like X is runnign as root, but is using /home/myuser/.Xauthority14:14
TandyUKwere it should be running as myuser14:14
TandyUKor using /root/.Xauthority14:15
TandyUKand imho the beta test team needs sacking for letting that bug through14:16
TandyUK5 mythtv boxes i have upgraded now, all of them have hit exactly the same problem14:16
TandyUKluckily 3 of them are test vm's14:17
TandyUKbut i still have a pissed of friend with no tv atm14:17
TandyUKrecorrding is fine btw, just cant watch anything14:17
TandyUKdammit i was remote lol14:19
TandyUKvpn just went down :(14:19
rhpot1991superm1: hmmm did I send that to you in here?14:23
rhpot1991xavieronassis: you can use the hd-pvr with mythbuntu14:24
rhpot1991it doesn't have an OS on it, it is just a usb "tuner"14:24
rhpot1991I wonder if you are looking at something different14:24
rhpot1991and as far as satellite with a pvr-350 you would hook it up like so14:24
rhpot1991dish -> stb -> pvr35014:25
rhpot1991you can't hook directly in, need a stb in between14:25
xavieronassisGuess I didn't read closely enough.. I saw "recorder" and assumed it was a standalone unit like Tivo or something.15:15
superm1rhpot1991, yeah you did15:16
superm1TandyUK, problem is we need more testers15:17
superm1TandyUK, not enough people upgrade early to catch stuff like that15:17
superm1everyone wants a stable myth box :)15:17
sourchimpI just setup a mythtv-backend-master on my gateway computer, my ps3 on the LAN cannot find any media servers19:58
mattwj2002hi guys23:29
mattwj2002anyone here?23:29
mattwj2002I am having problems with mythexport23:29
mattwj2002could I get some help?23:29

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