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ojwbgood for you21:32
chiltsibeardslee: any spare desks on L4 that I can hire? :)23:11
chilts(or indeed any level)23:12
chiltss/hire/rent/ or whatever is appropriate :)23:12
ibeardsleewe have a bunch of spares on L7 and once L2 is completed some there23:23
ibeardsleeex sysadmin AndrewT was working on L2 for himself for a while23:24
ibeardsleewe've managed to rope him back into working for us, although not as a sysadmin23:24
mwhudsonis that a risk working in your building?  go out for friday night drinks and wake up with a signed full time contract beside you?23:25
ibeardsleeonly the good ones23:27
chiltsI might talk to someone at some stage - I think 1yr 3mths is enough for the dust to settle :)23:32
* chilts is talking desks, not contracts23:33
chiltsjust in case there was any misunderstanding23:33
ibeardsleelike I said, only the good ones  ;)23:36
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