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ubottuGirlyGirl called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()05:36
elkyGee I wonder what this was an attempt at: prixaplan (~regrunion@secure.nowires.com.au) has joined #ubuntu-offtopic     prixaplan (~bitter@secure.nowires.com.au) has joined #ubuntu-offtopic05:46
bazhangubottu, coc06:01
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct06:01
ubottuError: You are not identified06:01
szalunsolicited on-join query in #ubuntu -> [Thursday 20 October 2011] [10:09:11] <|IlIIIIl|> Does QQ http://www.imqq.com have spyware? I'm asking because Chinese anti-virus software says it is and it has a very contradictive EULA.08:16
szalthx & bye :)08:20
elkypossible incoming08:30
elkyhe's been doing this for hours. was flooding rants before08:33
Madpilotwho, the f-bomb user I just removed from -ot?08:34
elkyso if he comes here like i request, we may be able to talk sense into him, either that or i get some logs to send to the domain owner08:34
elkyhe's changed that ident at least twice now08:35
elkyhe was already quieted in -ot afaik08:35
Madpilothadn't noticed, but the join/part spammed the objectionable username even if he was quieted08:37
elkyyes. the username is a retaliation08:39
Madpilotah, fun08:42
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ubottuIn ubottu, ThinkT510 said: ubottu is a bot13:49
Dave2It is? I wish someone'd told me earlier :(.14:00
h00kDave2: Everything on the internet is true14:05
Picigenii-around: I know #kubuntu is more lax with offtopic stuff, but do you think this conversation should move elsewhere?18:21
genii-aroundPici: Generally yes. I wanted to find him a link or 2 in right direction and then point out it isn't a progrtamming channe;18:22
Picigenii-around: k18:22
genii-aroundPici: Just then my boss has to come down for an extended conversation :-/18:29
genii-aroundI find it amusing !uk but not !us exists19:12
funkyHatgenii-around: I think that's because ubuntu-uk is a loco, while there are several locos in the US19:13
oCeanubuntu R us19:13
genii-aroundfunkyHat: Yes, this is true they have all the #ubuntu-us-<state-designations>19:14
PiciRestore from your backup is one of my favorite answers.19:25
funkyHatYes ⢁)19:26
funkyHatClosely followed by "have you filed a bug?"19:26
LjLin ##club we follow those things with !laughtrack19:27
PiciGTRsdk tried to upgrade from lucid to precise...19:27
Picinewsflash: it didn't work.19:27
funkyHatI haven19:28
funkyHat't even seen an upgrade from Natty to Oneiric go without a hitch ;D19:28
funkyHat*eventually* I will get used to the ; and ' keys being slightly narrower than usual on this keyboard...19:30
Piciall of my upgrades went fint.19:32
Picifine too19:32
funkyHatMy brother's laptop spewed out some error he didn't understand at him, update-manager failed catastrophically on my PC, and my friend's laptop didn't manage to complete the update either. Fortunately I was there to sort that one out19:35
funkyHatAnd my brother's laptop seems to be OK except it's complaining about his windows partition on every boot now, despite chkdisk reporting no errors19:36
oCean* Googlebot (googlebot@ has joined #ubuntu19:46
genii-aroundI guess I had atypical results, both my boxes upgraded to 11.10 without major incident20:01
PiciMy server was upgraded through ssh, as per usual, with no isses.20:02
genii-aroundI think it helps a lot if you have decent hardware ( no weird wifi cards, etc )20:03
funkyHatPici: out of interest do you use do-release-upgrade or edit sources and upgrade?20:37
PicifunkyHat: do-release-upgrade... always.20:40
PiciEven on my non-server machines.20:40
funkyHatThe last several times I tried that on my PC (admittedly nearly always pre-release) it crapped out and I had to recover using aptitude20:42
MyrttiI still do fresh installs21:05

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