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dokothere we go ... new boost packages in unstable :-/08:31
lamontfresh tarballs for everyone11:42
lamontwell, shortly11:42
lamontall freshened12:38
lamont(oneiric, precise)12:38
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* slangasek begs for NEW processing of gettext :)20:25
cjwatsonslangasek: done (amd64/armel/i386)21:20
slangasekta :)21:20
cjwatsonlamont: firefox/powerpc seems to have faceplanted again21:21
cjwatsonchrisccoulson: ^-21:21
lamontcjwatson: thedac is dealing with it21:21
lamontand scoring it through the floor21:21
chrisccoulsonwhat's up with firefox?21:22
cjwatson<no filename>:0:allocation size overflow21:22
cjwatsonover and over and over21:22
lamontchrisccoulson: when I looked in on it, the launchpad-buildd (twistd) process was chewing up a CPU.  that was all the machine was doing21:22
cjwatsonit's kind of getting in the way of powerpc catching up, which would be helpful21:23
lamontand that cputime was probably from capturing stdout21:23
lamontcjwatson: if you bump the priority on your sulfur ticket, you'll get a third lp-buildd sooner21:23
lamontOTOH, ppc...21:23
cjwatsonmight try that tomorrow21:24
chrisccoulsoncan we kill powerpc? ;)21:24
chrisccoulsonlamont, any idea what my powerpc build is doing? ie, what processes are running? is there a firefox process running on there?21:32
chrisccoulsonor xpcshell?21:33
lamontchrisccoulson: I don't, and didn't save any of it when I was smashing it earlier.21:34
lamontchrisccoulson: I would recommend a manual build in the precise schroot on davis21:34
chrisccoulsonthat's what i'm trying now. but it's quite late here, i'm not sure how far it will get before i go to bed21:35
dokochrisccoulson, rescored the firefox build to -1000021:41

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