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twbIn rsyslogd, "$RepeatedMsgReduction off" prevents lines like "Oct 20 11:09:45 plum last message repeated 2 times"00:16
twbWhat is the equivalent on hardy, in sysklogd?00:16
zulhallyn: the gettext.sh crud shouldnt pop up now00:40
scalability-junkis there a possibility of live migration of kvm vms running on lvm?00:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #878597 in rabbitmq-server (main) "rabbitmq-server fails to uninstall" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87859700:51
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twbnot with kvm; libvirt might be able to do something clever, but I wouldn't bet on it00:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #878600 in rabbitmq-server (main) "'service start rabbitmq-server' does not fully detach from parent" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87860001:02
Unityxhello gays01:11
Unityxm4v say me this is a gay channel01:11
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Unity_wowhi to all01:28
Unity_wowi have a trouble in ubuntu server, apache2 no work fine :S01:28
Unity_wowmaybe for the LOT of bug in ubuntu?01:29
Unity_wowi don't know01:29
Unity_wowbest choice, RHEL clon, CentOS, scientific linux =)01:29
twbUnity_wow: so use them01:29
Unity_wowUbuntu sucks in all banches01:29
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Unity_wowubuntu == shit01:30
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Unityxtwb: m4v say this channel is gay01:31
synflagm4v is a nickname01:31
synflag-NickServ- Information on m4v (account m4v):01:31
synflag-NickServ- Registered : Jul 16 14:04:39 2007 (4 years, 13 weeks, 5 days, 11:27:02 ago)01:31
synflag-NickServ- Last seen  : now01:31
Unityxm4v is op of #ubuntu-es01:32
twbI see.01:32
synflagis the @operator of ubuntu-es01:32
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drahstfor some reason, I can start libvirtd with the -d and the -l flag manually and it works fine, but I can't start it with libvirt-bin with the -l flag... I don't know why01:52
drahstanyone have any suggestions?01:52
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drahstanyone actually here?02:02
aviandroidquestion about ubuntu server 11.0402:31
aviandroidtried installing gui02:31
aviandroidbut after that i rebooted and tried to ssh back in and was unable to reconnect02:32
aviandroidwas hoping maybe you guys could help me figure out what i am doing wrong here exactly02:33
qman__installing a gui02:33
aviandroidi knew that was coming02:33
twbhear, hear02:33
twbaviandroid: do you have physical access?02:33
qman__but seriously, you probably installed network manager, which probably broke your networking configuration02:33
twbqman__: ah, good catch02:33
aviandroidno just remote access twb02:33
twbNM needs to be taken out back and shot02:33
aviandroidyou are probably right qman__02:34
luis_un canal en español para server please02:34
aviandroidis there something i should do beforehand02:34
aviandroidbefore installing the gui that is02:35
deteralguien habla español02:35
qman__if you must, use --no-install-recommends and only grab the stuff you need02:35
qman__but in all seirousness02:35
aviandroidi sshed in and did and update then proceeded to install gui probably not the best idea i am sure02:35
qman__if you only have remote access, why do it?02:35
deteralguien habla español02:35
luis_un canal de ubuntu-server en español02:36
twbSolo #ubuntu-es02:36
aviandroidoh okay i saw that command somewhere does it allow you to go down a list and select which packages you need02:36
qman__it simply does not install recommended packages, and only installs the dependencies to what you choose02:36
qman__you need to look at the list of what it's installing and skim for network manager02:37
luis_deter, busca en un canal de debian server puede que te ayuden02:37
aviandroidi guess qman__ because i am just not that savvy yet using the cli or terminal for everything02:37
qman__everything is done on the terminal anyway, there are no GUI tools to manage server functions02:37
qman__and you cannot get to the GUI without something like VNC, which is complicated to set up on a headless machine02:38
twbX0rfbserver isn't that complicated, it's just difficult for the kind of people inexperienced enough to WANT it02:38
qman__GUIs belong on client machines, you can open multiple SSH sessions and use your local web browser for looking up/testing things02:39
aviandroidqman__, iwas using remmina from ubuntu desktop to connect02:39
kermitcant you just ssh -X and run x apps to your local display?02:39
kermitor ssh -XC ideally02:39
qman__unless you're running something like LTSP, there really is no point in doing so02:40
qman__you have to run the same commands either way02:41
aviandroidqman__, maybe i can try using the stripped down version you mentioned earlier no-install-recommends02:42
aviandroidi could try and use it without a gui but i foresee a lot of banging of the head on the desk02:43
qman__as I said, the GUI does not change anything that you actually have to do02:44
qman__the difference is whether you're using a direct SSH or a gnome-terminal over VNC02:44
aviandroidwhat about using i saw mentioned called webmin perhaps02:44
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.02:44
qman__it depends on your goals and needs, but if you really intend to administer a server, you need to get your head around it sooner or later02:47
qman__better now than when things actually depend on it02:47
aviandroidyou are right i just was expecting to jump in head first02:48
aviandroidwas just trying to put a foot in the water i guess you could say and then ease on in02:48
qman__and you can, there's tons of step by step documentation02:48
qman__the command line interface is the standard, it's what everything uses02:49
aviandroidqman__, i hate to say it but i might be asking a lot of questions02:49
aviandroidqman__, should i at least update to 11.1002:55
qman__that depends02:55
qman__are you on a VPS or some other non-bare-metal system?02:56
qman__if so, avoid unless there's documentation from your provider on how02:57
qman__if you're on bare metal, you shouldn't have issues, but there's always the risk it won't come back online02:57
aviandroidit is a dedi02:58
aviandroidshould i begin by installing fluxbox or maybe openbox to help assist02:59
qman__that's getting into slightly more advanced configuration even for X servesr02:59
qman__if anything stick to mainstream ones, like xfce or lxde, but still, it's not needed at all03:00
qman__anything you'd do in a GUI should be done on the client end03:00
qman__web browsing and such03:00
aviandroidokay well what should i do starting out03:02
aviandroidthe box is clean right now03:02
qman__what are you planning to run03:02
qman__well, regardless, you'll have to get familiar with some basic commands and an editor03:04
aviandroidweb server vmware linux training transmission03:04
qman__nano does the job but I use vim, and lots of people use emacs03:04
aviandroidi have used vim and emacs before but very limited03:04
qman__both of the latter aren't exactly pick up and use, you have to do some reading03:04
aviandroidoh yes definitely03:05
qman__well, LAMP is pretty well covered in the server guide03:05
aviandroidyeah i noticed that as being pretty popular03:05
qman__vmware isn't supported here, KVM is the supported virtualization option03:05
aviandroidKVM that is right i knew that sorry03:06
qman__that's also covered in some detail, with the libvirt route, in the server guide03:07
qman__it doesn't cover everything, but it's a really good starting point03:07
aviandroidlibvirt what is that exactly03:09
qman__an interface to virtualization03:10
qman__meant to be generic but it's mostly used with KVM03:10
aviandroidoh okay i see03:11
aviandroidi see if you do an upgrade and lose ssh connection there is another daemon started as backup03:20
aviandroidqman__, i very much appreciate your help03:24
TohuwOkay, so I thought I knew, but clearly not: how do you set a user's primary group?03:30
qman__usermod -g03:31
aviandroidqman__, are there any good book publishers or videos you recommend reading watching03:34
aviandroidshould i use the ubuntuforums.org03:34
qman__can't say I do, oreilly is generally good but most publications are redhat centric03:34
qman__ubuntu forums are a good place for support03:35
aviandroidthank you sure do appreciate it03:35
twbaviandroid: the Ubuntu server guide; it's in /topic03:35
aviandroidtwb, thank you03:42
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Tohuwqman__: Thanks. aviandroid: read the ubuntu server guide and actually follow the steps (don't just read it and skim over). If you come to a part you don't completely understand, try using manpages, askubuntu.com, ubuntuforums.org and here to get answers. The best way to learn is to dive in, and make an effort to learn things completely as possible. Good luck!03:57
aviandroidTohuw, I appreciate your advice going down that path as we speak04:00
twbI have a new UPS.  It has both serial and USB; which should I use?04:03
Tohuwaviandroid: Excellent. :) Enjoy! Much of it is actually quite rewarding and  even intuitive as you start to learn it. Except for LDAP, because LDAP was invented by Satan to torture the living.04:03
twbTohuw: krb is worse04:03
twbA homogeneous openssl-backed openldap environment isn't too bad04:04
Tohuwtwb: The larger part of my job is managing active directory deployments of enterprise software, usually for law firms who hire beavis, butthead, ren or stimpy to set their infrastructure. I feel these pains.04:04
twbIf you bring AD or samba or FDS or domino into the mix, then <explode>04:04
aviandroidTohuw, linux has restored my love for computing that i just about lost04:05
twbaviandroid: you'll get over it04:05
TohuwAs an exercise, I created a secondary domain controller using samba and ldap. Then I decided: never again.04:05
aviandroidtwb, you are probably right but don't be a killjoy i am on a high right now04:06
Tohuwaviandroid: Good. Linux restored my love for computers as well. You will have your frustrating moments that stretch for days, but there's a silver lining: you are using a capable kernel and a configurable system.04:06
aviandroidTohuw, you are absolutely right04:07
aviandroidwell guys it has been a pleasure talking to you all but i better get going04:08
aviandroidlook forward to talk to you guys again soon04:08
aviandroidhave a good one04:09
TohuwPoor guy. He's all excited about his server, but he hasn't tried setting up virtual users in postfix yet.04:15
TohuwThere will be tears04:15
TohuwIn before correction: dovecot-postfix04:16
twbdovecot-postfix tried to rape me when I installed it04:16
twbSo I just set up the equivalent five lines of config myself04:16
TohuwYes, Your Honor, Mr. dovecot-postfix did try to touch me... I'll show you on the doll where.04:18
TohuwIncidentally, what are you using as your backend for virtual users in dovecot and postfix? LDAP? A database? Moon rocks?04:18
twbI don't have any virtual users at this time04:19
twbSome of my poor custoemrs are using ZCS because they have stupid calendar requirements04:19
Tohuwzcs? Zimbra?04:19
TohuwPoor souls.04:19
twbBeats scalix or sogo04:19
twbAt least zcs monkey-patches *postfix*04:20
TohuwIt would be tremendous if someone could create a cohesive, easy to deploy open-source mail server that can seriously compete with Exchange. But I'd also like a million dollars and an unending supply of Scotch, so we have to pick our battles.04:21
twbActually I'd prefer to use just apple calendarserver (which is python foss)04:23
twbAFAICT the rest of the job is already handled correctly by postfix and dovecot04:23
TohuwNot even close. Exchange has no real open competitor in Enterprise due to its integration capabilities, unified communications and deployment. It's unfortunate but true.04:26
TohuwFor small-scale mail and calendar usage, yes, there are options.04:26
atdprhshi, in /etc/hosts, WEBSITENAME localhost WEBSITENAME localhost  ?04:28
atdprhsWell, I have edited /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf and I don't remember what I changed exactly but it resulted me unable to localhost... :S :(04:33
atdprhsif anyone decided to help me in this, I'll be very appreciated :-)04:34
Tohuwatdprhs: post your hosts and resolv.conf to a pastebin.04:36
Tohuwatdprhs: and what do you mean "unable to localhost"? Pinging localhost returns nothing?04:36
atdprhsokayz, give me 5 minute please04:40
atdprhsTohuw, pastebin.com/YexQvKnB04:52
atdprhsTohuw, are you here?04:57
Tohuwatdprhs: That pastebin is empty.04:58
TohuwAlso, you didn't answer my question:04:58
Tohuwatdprhs: and what do you mean "unable to localhost"? Pinging localhost returns nothing?04:59
atdprhsI get replies04:59
atdprhsbut opening the webpage04:59
atdprhsis not working04:59
TohuwThat is not a DNS issue.04:59
TohuwIf you are pinging localhost and getting replies from localhost, the DNS is working, for all intents and purposes.04:59
twbTohuw: uh, localhost isn't (normally) resolved with DNS05:02
twbTohuw: it typically resolves via the files/compat nss method, because it's in /etc/hosts05:02
twbTohuw: re exchange integration -- do you mean integration with outlook o,r what?05:03
atdprhsI looked around Tohuw and still I don't know05:07
atdprhsit was working till I restarted the server few days ago05:08
atdprhsand it was the first restart to do after my last edit to the file05:08
atdprhsbut then suddenly, i can't open the localhost after05:08
atdprhsso that why I suggested it could be one of them05:08
atdprhshere is an error when I restart apache2 pastebin.com/3WLgN3Dc05:10
twbatdprhs: so fix apache config first05:11
Tohuwtwb: I was being lazy and using "DNS" to refer to name resolution in general. I'll admit that's confusing. And integration, I'm referring to AD integration and unified messaging integration and third party integration and all the other mountains open competitors would have to climb. I need sleep now. Guten Nacht. atdprhs, as twb said, fix Apache, that is your current problem.05:12
atdprhsfile /etc/apache2/conf.d/fqdn has nothing but egyptianprojects.com localhost05:14
twbatdprhs: apache seems to think otherwise05:15
twbatdprhs: try grep -r'ing over /etc/apache205:15
twbgrep -r05:16
atdprhsgrep -r /etc/apache205:16
atdprhsI'm sorry for my stupid question but everytime I come here, I learn a lot from all of you, to be honest, I'm very thankful for this channels to be existing :-)05:18
twbI'm not going to teach you to use basic unix tools; there are other people who can do that.05:19
atdprhsI know, twb, I walked around and did my own on the server, I configured it to be web server almost 1 year ago, and I didn't touch it for long except for one thing that really bothered me, but then I came and tried it and walked around a lot of websites till I lost hope then I left it the way it was and then I didn't do anything but till I had to restart once and then no localhost... I am new to Ubuntu-Server and I love it, I was using in the past05:21
atdprhswindows server, but when I seen ubuntu, I liked the way it is05:21
atdprhsso that's why I transferred my work to Ubuntu and started PHP applications, and leaving microsoft's products05:22
atdprhsI tried both grep -r /etc/apache2, and it pauses, then I tried grep -r /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, and it pauses...05:25
atdprhsI have to press ctrl+c to get out05:25
atdprhsbecause it does nothing05:25
atdprhswell, thank you twb05:28
atdprhstwb, do you know what this could be resulted from?05:45
atdprhsso i can research for it05:45
atdprhstwb it listens to 80 and 443 and 44305:47
_rubenatdprhs: you're missing a rather important parameter to grep: the string you want to grep for...05:49
atdprhsgrep -r listen /etc/apache205:51
_ruben`grep foo bar` search for `foo` in a file called `bar` ... doing `grep foo` will search for `foo` on stdin05:51
_rubenmight wanna add a -i as well for case insensitive searching05:51
atdprhsgrep -r a -i listen /etc/apache205:53
atdprhs_ruben, you know what problem I am having?05:53
_rubeni only read a small part of the backscroll, so no ;)05:54
atdprhswell, i remember i edited /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/hosts long time ago, but didn't restart, back later when I restarted, and tried opening localhost, it doesn't work05:55
atdprhswhen I restart my apache2, it gives me the following error05:55
atdprhsI am sure I didn't edit the configuration of apache205:57
atdprhsonly those two files I told you05:57
_rubenpastebin the output of cat /etc/apache2/conf.d/fqdn and grep -r fqdn /etc/apache2/05:58
atdprhshere is pastebin for the two files I edited: pastebin.com/bL3g2cN006:02
_rubeni'd just move the fqdn file to some place "safe" and see it restarting apache works .. i got no clue as to what that file is supposed to accomplish, sure aint valid apache2 config lines06:03
_rubeneww .. notworkmanager06:03
twb"It looks like you're trying to set up a bridge!  Would you like me to delete all interfaces?"06:04
atdprhsI configured at the very beginning the server to egyptianprojects.egyptianprojects.com06:04
atdprhstwb, are you talking to me?06:05
atdprhs_ruben, do I move or copy the file to somewhere safe?06:05
twbatdprhs: no06:05
_rubenatdprhs: move (or consider the pastebin your backup ;))06:06
atdprhsalright, done06:06
atdprhswarned namevirtualhost *: 80 has no virtualhosts06:07
_rubenwarnings aren't as critical as errors :)06:07
_rubentho it's a fairly common one tho06:07
atdprhswhat is it with fqn?06:09
atdprhslocalhost doesn't run even without it06:09
_rubendefine "doesn't run" .. can't connect? or what?06:10
atdprhsnot found06:10
_rubenusing a browser to test i guess?06:11
_rubenwhat does 'curl -v http://loclahost/' say ?06:12
twbspelt correctly06:13
_rubenthat'd help, yes ;)06:13
atdprhsi'm restarting the server06:14
atdprhsi'm instaling curl06:16
atdprhsconnection refused at 1....06:17
atdprhsand refused again at
atdprhsand refused again at
atdprhs(That server's ip is
iuytfrhello there06:18
iuytfranyone here ?06:18
_rubenatdprhs: when restarting apache2, you only get the virtualhosts warning? no errors?06:18
atdprhsonly warnings06:18
atdprhsI tried again [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts06:19
atdprhsI'm sure I edited the two files wrong, my worse mistake, I lost their back-up...06:20
_rubentry: sudo lsof -iTCP:80 -sTCP:LISTEN06:22
atdprhsno TCP state names in: TCP06:23
iuytfrhi atdprhs06:25
iuytfranyone know about this command ?06:25
iuytfrlshw |grep disk06:25
atdprhsI read the resolv.conf, the website is hosted locally on the server, and I'm pionting out the domain to my server, and the server local ip is
atdprhsin resolv.conf search websitename nameserver localhost ?06:27
iuytfrwhat it does exactly  ?06:27
_rubeniuytfr: it lists most of your hardware and then shows only the lines that have 'disk' in it06:27
atdprhsI'm sorry iuytfr, what I know about greb is that it searches..06:28
twbAnybody used nut with USB before?  The drivers are yelling at me: Can't claim USB device [ffff:0000]: could not detach kernel driver from interface 0: Operation not permitted06:28
rcsheetsiuytfr: man lshw06:28
twbHow do I tell who has a lock on the USB device?06:28
rcsheetsiuytfr: it lists hardware.06:28
iuytfrnow my question is06:28
_rubenatdprhs: do you run a nameserver (like dnsmasq/bind/etc) on that box?06:28
iuytfrby doing lshw |grep disk06:28
twbGoogle suggested hal was to blame, but hal isn't on my box06:28
iuytfri got this :     *-display06:29
iuytfr           *-disk:006:29
iuytfr           *-disk:106:29
iuytfr           *-disk:206:29
iuytfr           *-disk:306:29
iuytfr           *-disk:4 UNCLAIMED06:29
iuytfr           *-disk:5 UNCLAIMED06:29
iuytfrand my question is why i got 2 disk unclaimed ? *-disk:4 UNCLAIMED06:29
rcsheetsiuytfr: please don't paste into the channel. see the guidelines linked in the topic. there is a pastebin.06:30
_rubenatdprhs: also, /etc/resolv.conf shouldn't containt any website specific stuff or anything, it's server global config file to control how dns lookups are handled06:30
iuytfrdo you understand my question ?  what mean unclaimed for disk06:31
iuytfrdo you have something with your hardware ?06:31
twbiuytfr: I'm not talking about your problem06:31
atdprhsso I should only leave nameserver and let it take dns automatically?06:31
atdprhsor leave it blank?06:32
rcsheetsiuytfr: i'm not sure grepping is really the best strategy. try reading the output of lshw indented under each of those -disk lines.06:33
atdprhsor leave it blank?06:33
_rubenatdprhs: it should point to whatever the ip address of your nameserver is06:33
atdprhsalright, now curl replies with html and web06:34
atdprhsbut not found page06:34
iuytfri have the samething even w/o greping06:34
iuytfrunclaimed what exactly it means with disk  ?06:34
rcsheetsi don't know, and neither does the manpage.06:36
atdprhsokayz, hosts06:36
atdprhsLocalServerIP    websitename    localhost ?06:36
rcsheetsiuytfr: http://ezix.org/project/wiki/HardwareLiSter has some info06:36
atdprhslike is the ip for the server _ruben, that I already have the problem with and it is the same server that hosts the website06:37
_ruben" websitename" " localhost" .. on seperate lines .. or alternatively " localhost websitename"06:38
atdprhsalright, " websitename" " localhost"06:41
atdprhshow can I echo my server's name?06:42
atdprhsI did exactly as you said _ruben06:43
atdprhswhy putting fqdn makes it gives error06:44
atdprhswhen restarting06:45
atdprhswhy invalid command?06:45
_rubenbecause the contents of the fqdn file isn't valid apache config syntax06:45
atdprhsalways has been that way since I started the server06:45
twbProblem solved -- the driver setuid(nut)'s by default06:45
atdprhsin resolv.conf06:48
atdprhs"nameserver localhost" "nameserver"?06:48
atdprhsI have virtualhost already has the directory and everything set right06:51
atdprhswhy not found?06:51
bkerensaGood Night All06:52
stricklyhow do you get ftpmail installed?06:56
twbstrickly: since AFAICT it's not part of Ubuntu: you don't.06:57
stricklyah ok because I wasn't finding it anywhere06:58
stricklyand nothing came up thru google about it06:58
stricklyonly the man pages06:58
atdprhsare you here?07:03
iuytfrwell, # a node is marked as UNCLAIMED if no specific support for it has been loaded (or lshw has been unable to identify the driver)07:04
rcsheetsiuytfr: cool. that's what it means then.07:04
iuytfrwhat is the consequence on server ?07:04
atdprhscan i reinstall apache2 from scratch?07:05
rcsheetsi suppose that you can't use those disks, unless/until you load a driver for them?07:05
_rubenatdprhs: i am, sortof, trying to get some work done as well07:05
_rubenatdprhs: sudo apt-get remove --purge apache2 && sudo apt-get install apache207:06
iuytfrbut the problem is the server is in production w/o any problem rcsheets07:06
iuytfri can't understand why i got this error07:06
rcsheetsiuytfr: using all of the disks, including the ones that are "UNCLAIMED"?07:06
rcsheetswhat was the error? i think i missed that.07:06
iuytfr*-disk:4 UNCLAIMED07:07
iuytfr<iuytfr>*-disk:5 UNCLAIMED07:08
atdprhsthanks _ruben, I'm unstalling and installing now07:08
rcsheetswell, right, but... you just decided to run lshw one day and noticed that?07:08
rcsheetsor was there something that led to this?07:08
atdprhshopefully it works07:08
iuytfryes correct rcsheets07:08
rcsheetsiuytfr: perhaps there's actually no problem then.07:08
atdprhs_ruben, any suggested ideas?07:09
iuytfrwell i thing i understand07:10
iuytfr4 disk on server with raid 107:11
iuytfrthe kernel load only in case if there is a problem on disk07:11
iuytfram i right ?07:11
atdprhs_ruben, I enabled GUI, and I installed teamviewer, would you like to please take a look?07:17
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rcsheetsiuytfr: i don't know. i suppose it would depend on how you've got the raid set up.07:33
iuytfryes i m still confused07:34
iuytfrwhy it gives same for memory07:34
iuytfrin the same way i try to grep memory07:34
iuytfrsame error07:35
atdprhsI'm tired of this problem :(07:48
jamespagemorning all08:17
atdprhsI did it!!!08:35
atdprhsI DID IT!!08:35
atdprhsI reconfigured apache2 and the server from the beginning :D08:36
* josePhoenix gives atdprhs a high-five08:37
atdprhsthanks josePhoenix :D :D *High five back :D08:40
jarlathHow do I get Ubuntu (11.04) to start apache on boot? I have to run it manually every time. There are no errors in the log file.08:53
HarryPanda$ update-rc.d apache2 enable08:54
stricklyHarryPanda rocks08:56
* HarryPanda confused08:56
jarlaththanks HarryPanda, I'll do that now.08:57
lynxmanmorning o/09:07
jarlathHarryPanda: that worked, thanks a mil!09:11
koolhead17hi all!!09:36
lynxmanhey koolhead17 o/10:21
koolhead17hey lynxman howdy!! :)10:22
* koolhead17 bows to Daviey 10:22
koolhead17Daviey: someone looked at that bug and related it to another one!!1 keystone folks :)10:23
Davieykoolhead17: I'm not certain it's an upstream bug TBH10:26
koolhead17Daviey: yeah its not. cos from source keystone was running smoothly :P10:27
koolhead17Daviey: thanks for closing this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openstack-dashboard/+bug/854732 :D10:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 854732 in openstack-dashboard "Broken openstack-dashboard package on Oneiric due to unmet dependencies (python-django-openstack)" [Undecided,Fix released]10:37
* koolhead17 will get some more karma power now!! :D10:38
uvirtbotNew bug: #878780 in mysql-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.49-1ubuntu8 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87878011:27
trapmaxhow can i be sure that my file isn't corrupted during transfer? take eg. md5sum before and after transfer?11:27
Davieytrapmax: you could try checking the md5sum before and after transfer.11:27
RoyKreturn -E_BRAIN_FULL11:40
lynxmanRoyK: lol :)11:40
* RoyK is attending puppet master training11:41
HarryPandanothing to do with Jim Henson then?11:44
takamarouHi all.  I just ran some update on my ubuntu server, and my MySQL will no long restart.  I did some research around the net, and the advice seems to be to reinstall MySQL.  Is that going to completely wipe out all my data, or can I safely reinstall with data in tact?12:43
patdk-wkwhy believe random data on the internet?12:44
patdk-wkwhy not fix the problem?12:44
takamarouanswer from many ubuntu related forums12:45
takamaroubut if you would like to help me debug, I'd be more than happy12:45
takamaroubut this is a prod. server, so I'm in a bit of a rush...  Just need the fastest fix12:45
patdk-wkyou haven't even bothered to describe the issue yet12:46
patdk-wkand you want fast?12:46
patdk-wkand you should never use a FAST fix on a production machine12:46
patdk-wkcause the whole definition of fast, is it doesn't correctly solve the issue, and causes more issues later12:46
takamarouOK..  All I know is when I try to start eh Mysql service I get "start: Job failed to start"12:47
greppythere are three ways to do things, fast, right and cheap, pick two :)12:47
greppytakamarou: what do the logs say? any errors in /var/log?12:48
patdk-wkI've had issues with mysql not logging to the mysql log files12:48
takamarougreppy, all empty12:48
patdk-wknormally just starting mysqld manually shows the errors then12:49
takamarousuppose I should mention this, I just ran some system updates12:49
patdk-wktry running, /usr/sbin/mysqld12:49
patdk-wksounds like /var/lib/mysql is owned by the wrong user12:51
patdk-wkor you where not root when you ran that12:51
takamarousorry.  Just ran it with sudo, no output.  Logs are still empty12:52
takamarouuhh, just tried to make a directory in my home directory.. got:12:53
takamaroumkdir: cannot create directory `test': No space left on device12:53
patdk-wkyour disk is full?12:53
patdk-wkguess reinstall mysql isn't enough then, reinstall the os :)12:54
patdk-wkcome on, clean up your drive12:54
patdk-wkif you think you really do have disk space available, but it's not really free, you might have to reboot12:54
takamaroupatdk-wk, I have 200gb free12:54
patdk-wkit wouldn't say out of space, if there was space12:54
takamarouand, I just did a restart... then this problem began12:54
patdk-wkare you out of inodes?12:54
takamarounot sure.. what's that?12:55
patdk-wkout of files12:55
patdk-wkdf -hi12:55
patdk-wkwhere is the rest of the output?12:56
patdk-wkcat /proc/mount12:57
takamarouhold on.. tried another restart12:57
koolhead17hey zul12:59
zulkoolhead17: hi13:00
takamaroupatdk-wk, no such file or directory13:00
patdk-wkcat /proc/mounts13:00
takamarouand also, that was the entire output of df- hi13:00
takamaroudf -hi*13:00
patdk-wkif that was the entire output, where is your root fs?13:00
patdk-wkcause it only shows /boot13:01
koolhead17zul: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/keystone/+bug/87828213:02
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 878282 in keystone "keystone database connection error" [Undecided,New]13:02
zulkoolhead17: cool ill fix it13:03
patdk-wktakamarou, what is this rootfs stuff?13:03
patdk-wkoh, I see it now, webnet-root13:03
patdk-wkso where is the df -hi that includes /, webnet-root13:03
takamaroupatdk-wk, I'm really not sure.  I don't actually know what df -hi does13:04
patdk-wksame thing as df -h13:04
patdk-wkexcept shows how many more files you can have13:04
patdk-wkyou have missing filesystems from it, so something is seriously wrong, you your copy/paste was bad13:04
takamaroulet me rephrase, I don't know what df does13:05
takamaroupatdk-wk, that's the entire output http://pastebin.com/PWaZTzKa13:06
patdk-wkit is one of the most basic of commands ever, as much as ls, cp, mv, rm, ...13:06
patdk-wkthat is better13:06
patdk-wkcan you make directories now?13:06
takamarousame output13:06
patdk-wkwhat does /proc/mounts show now?13:07
patdk-wknot sure13:08
patdk-wkthat says you should be able to write13:08
patdk-wkand df says your not out of space/inodes13:09
patdk-wkbut it's failing13:09
takamarouehh, weird..13:09
patdk-wkmy only guess, at this point, cause I haven't seen this issue before13:09
takamarousudo mkdir works..  but I'm in my home directory, so I should have rights?13:09
patdk-wkwould be to reboot to a cd, and run a fsck -f on your root fs13:09
takamarouso that's weird, but I wouldn't think that's what is breaking my mysql13:10
patdk-wkit's not permissions, or it would of said that13:10
patdk-wkso I still dunno13:10
takamarouso fsck you think?13:10
patdk-wkmaybe some apparmor thing, or something13:10
patdk-wkbut I won't be able to help you really13:10
patdk-wkbut it's affecting more than mysql, so I seriously doubt reinstall mysql would fix it13:11
takamarouwhat are the chances fsck breaks my system?13:11
patdk-wkbut since sudo mkdir worked, I don't think fsck would fix it, it might13:12
patdk-wkI would give fsck a higher change than mysql reinstall13:12
patdk-wkbut still a low chance13:12
patdk-wkchance :)13:13
jdstrandif it was apparmor, there would be denials in the kern.log/audit.log13:13
patdk-wkya, I kind of doubt it's really apparmor13:14
patdk-wkbut only thing I can think of that could do something like that13:14
takamarouhold on... gonna switch to my laptop so I can sit in front of the actual server...13:15
takamarouso, if it's apparmor, what direction should I go with that?13:19
znowI need my user "deploy" to be able to write to /var/www/apps/advicecapital and the folders in there, how do I do?13:21
patdk-wktakamarou, easy, service apparmor stop13:21
takamaroupatdk-wk, That is easy :)13:21
patdk-wkatleast to test it13:21
takamarounot apparmor13:29
just-a-visitorznow: I am not a security expert, but I tend to think that it isn't a good practice for „normal users” to have write rights on web server folders. For development purposes: first I'd add a new group, assign the user to this group, change the group of the mentioned directory (and all of its subdirectories) and add write right for this group on these directories. And after the development finishes, remove the user from the group.13:44
takamaroupatdk-wk, any more advice?  fsck came back clean, and turning off apparmor does no good....?13:53
patdk-wktakamarou, nope, I'm just taking wild guesses, that might have an impact13:54
patdk-wkbut I really dunno, as I have never had that issue, ever, since I started using linux in '9213:54
takamarouthat's comforting :)13:55
just-a-visitorMaybe the group membership was „damaged”?13:56
hallynzul, the gettext.sh problem being the gnome-keyring WARNING?  or somethign else?14:07
zulhallyn: its the libvirt-guests init script14:08
hallyni thought you were just going to delete that before building the .deb?14:08
zulhallyn: its commented out in the debian/rules now14:09
hallynotherwise it conflicts with the pre-stop in libvirt-bin.conf14:09
uvirtbotbugzilla.redhat.com bug 717957 in libvirt "libvirt-guests script requires gettext but it wasn't installed" [Medium,New]14:09
zulhallyn: ill finish it off today14:10
hallynzul, ok, no hurry from me, thx :)  don't forget about the TtyAt path (in ubuntu16 in p)  :)14:12
zulyep yep14:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #878877 in tomcat6 (main) "package tomcat6-docs 6.0.24-2ubuntu1.7 failed to install/upgrade: error writing to '<standard output>': No such file or directory just after a fresh install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87887714:26
Ian_sorry guys, i'm new to ubuntu... i'm using ubuntu server 10.04 and am trying to set up the LDAP server, but in trying to set it up (see https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html, i'm at the backend.example.com.ldif step), i'm not sure how to create a file with that text through the commandline14:31
zoopsterIan_: just open vi and cut/paste the text or create it locally and scp it to the server and copy into place14:33
* koolhead17 is back14:33
koolhead17kim0: hey there14:33
koolhead17lynxman: i found glance doc awesome!! :)14:33
koolhead17i doubt much help is needed in that front :D14:33
lynxmankoolhead17: ooh very nice, I really like glance :)14:35
koolhead17lynxman: its like what i can do is add examples in that docs, they have nice detailed description already mentioned :D14:36
Ian_learn something new every day14:40
Ian_unfortunately, it's on a separate machine, so i guess i'm rewriting14:40
Ian_thanks for the help14:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #878898 in backuppc (main) "package backuppc 3.1.0-9ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87889814:56
znowwhen I try to do ssh git@github.com from my ubuntu server, it says permission denied publickey, but i have uploaded my public key?14:57
flatlinehi, trying to set up a vm host machine, I'm done setting up KVM and libvirt (assuming successful since virsh -c qemu:///system list returns the required table headers), but when I try to build a virtual machine with "sudo vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --suite maverick --flavour virtual --arch amd64 --libvirt qemu:///system --ip IP --hostname internal --part vmbuilder.partition --user user --name "name" --pass pass" I'm stuck with Calling hook: boots14:58
flatlinemy vmbuilder.partition has 3 lines in it "root 10000\n swap 2000\n ---"14:59
zuljdstrand: im going to be uploading a new libvirt later today do you want to have a look at the debdiff after i finish writing these specs?15:00
jdstrandzul: if it passes qrt and hallyn is ok with it, go for it15:05
zuljdstrand: k15:06
=== semiosis_ is now known as semiosis
RoyKtesting two one15:51
nebajoththanks kirkland, nice lesson16:00
kirklandnebajoth: thanks!16:01
lunitikCurious, is there a definitive statement on the separation of juju and orchestrator? Juju is a project to automate orchestration of ubuntu clouds, but currently they seem separated?16:04
lunitikUhh, orchestra16:05
lunitikJuju is awesome from my "tests" with it... I just don't really understand why orchestra is being discussed as a separate brand, and no one has really clarified the situation that I've seen16:08
scalability-junkhey I know this question isn16:14
scalability-junk't ubuntu related, but what would be the easiest way of providing failover or a static point for users.16:14
scalability-junkexample.org should be always acessible, even if one of my IPs(Servers) fails...16:15
scalability-junkusing DNS for failover seems wrong.16:15
patdk-wkthis is why they invented bgp/ospf/...16:15
scalability-junkbut the IPs are server bound (MAC) so I could't change it16:15
patdk-wkbut do you really mean ip, or server?16:15
patdk-wkthose are two totally different things16:15
patdk-wkyou can easily move ip's between servers16:16
patdk-wkhell, I do it hundreds of times per second16:16
patdk-wkI suppose you have never looked at failover stuff16:16
scalability-junkpatdk-wk I can't, my hoster isn't enabling it16:16
patdk-wklike, bgp, multipath, loadbalancers, ipvs, vrrp, ...16:16
patdk-wkif you don't host your own crap, dns is the only option16:16
scalability-junkdepends what you mean with host your own crap16:17
medberrylunitik, juju doesnt' require orchestra. They serve distinct purposes.16:17
scalability-junkI have a cluster of servers, but can't access the networking stuff16:17
patdk-wkscalability-junk, control of the network, your servers run on16:17
medberryjuju can work in a cloud environment. Orchestra is bare metal install/turn on.16:17
medberryJuju can work with Orchestra provisioned machines or EC2 provisioned etc.16:18
patdk-wkthe next best solution would be16:18
patdk-wktwo load balancers, in dns16:18
patdk-wkand the load balancers go to the real webservers16:18
patdk-wkbut your still going be stuck to dns, at some level16:18
scalability-junkpatdk-wk and if one load balancer fails, the other one would be used ?16:18
patdk-wkboth would be used all the time16:18
scalability-junkthought so :D16:18
patdk-wkif one fails, HOPEFULLY the other would be used16:19
patdk-wkcause browsers are suppost to be smart enough16:19
patdk-wkcause that depends on dns16:19
patdk-wkbut if a webserver goes down, no one will notice, cause of the loadbalancers16:19
scalability-junksupposed, so I could sort of work with dns, but not for sure :P16:19
patdk-wkto have better protection on the loadbalacners, you need control of the network, for vrrp at a min16:20
scalability-junkpatdk-wk yeah I just have problems to accept that the lbs are unfailable ;) so I wanted to make sure.16:20
patdk-wkwho said they are unfailable?16:20
patdk-wkbut it's a lot less likely they would fail, compared to the webservers themselfs16:20
patdk-wkand normally you should take webservers down for updates, much more often then loadbalancers need16:21
scalability-junkpatdk-wk: yeah, but the lot less likely part is most of the time unfailable for a lot of people...16:21
patdk-wkcause it wasn't setup correctly in the first place?16:21
patdk-wksetup server, install loadbalancer, it should be fine from then on, except if a disk fails16:22
HansHi, I would like to set up a Ubuntu server for my private e-mail and maybe some webspace. I will be installing that on a VM. Which smtp/imap server would you guys recommend. I would like to have some kind of webmail interface like nutsmail or something similar.16:22
HansI currently have a ISPConfig setup but I want to learn a bit more about all the different elements16:22
Hansso I figure setting it up myself would be a better way16:22
Hansispconfig uses courier and postfix but they seem a bit meh16:22
scalability-junkpatdk-wk: yeah if a disk fails or any other hardware problem ;) anyway you helped me a lot. any suggestion for a loadbalancer?16:22
lunitikmedberry: ahh, I always forget about public/hybrid cuz they aren't as fun to play with16:22
patdk-wkthere are craploads of options :)16:22
scalability-junkprobably with ssl endpoint and only incoming proxying o016:23
lunitikmedberry: makes sense though, thanks for your feedback!16:23
patdk-wkhaproxy would be a big one, but that is web only16:23
medberrynp, hth16:23
patdk-wkipvs does anything, but is much more complex, cause it's not just web16:23
HansI've thought about exim and cyrus as a combination, what do you think of that16:23
patdk-wkhans what ever your comfortable using16:24
patdk-wkI wouldn't touch those two myself16:24
patdk-wkbut I really hate cyrus, and don't like exim much, though it's much better than qmail16:24
HansWell, I would like to hear some suggestions, I'm currently not comfortable with anything :)16:24
patdk-wkdovecot is always a win :)16:25
HansI just want somewhat flexible setup with a nice webmail interface16:25
patdk-wkpostfix is good16:25
scalability-junkpatdk-wk any solution for loadbalancing income but not outgoing data? so user->lb->server->user route instead of outgoing traffic going through the lb again.16:25
Hansso you would say postfix for smtp and dovecot for imap ?16:25
patdk-wkthere shold be ubuntu guides on setting that up16:25
pmatulisfinally.  the 11.10 server guide is now online16:25
patdk-wkscalability-junk, how much traffic?16:26
Hansyeah, I can probably figure out setting it up if there some decent documentation. Just looking for some input for my intended use16:26
scalability-junkpatdk-wk not much I'm probably more curious about it, then it is needed right now.16:26
scalability-junka few TB per week16:27
patdk-wkscalability-junk, setting it up for direct user return is possible, but also makes your setup very very complex, and extreemly hard to fix issues16:27
patdk-wkand as a normal server these days can handle 10gbit of traffic easily16:27
patdk-wkit's normally not needed16:27
scalability-junkah ok I thought it would be better/easier16:27
patdk-wkI would look at probably haproxy first16:28
patdk-wkunless you need more than web load balancing16:28
scalability-junkso the easiest thing would be using 2 load balancers as proxy and ssl endpoint end redirect to the backend servers16:28
scalability-junkthought about nginx as an easy solution.16:28
patdk-wknginx would be a webserver16:28
scalability-junkyeah but could be used as lb and ssl endpoint.16:29
patdk-wkI wouldn't attempt to bastardize it into a load balancer16:29
patdk-wkthough I'm sure you could16:29
patdk-wkwhy not use something made from the ground up for that purpose?16:29
scalability-junkah ok, so HAproxy is more the way to go16:29
patdk-wkipvs would give you the direct return path16:29
patdk-wkbut I doubt your network can handle that16:30
scalability-junkok, till I'm not google I don't need it :D16:30
patdk-wkcause it does stuff kind of like vrrp does to move ip's16:30
scalability-junkjust to be curious. if 2 lbs as a records in the dns could be sort of failover, if the browser is smart enough, it could work for 2 webservers too right?16:31
* scalability-junk I love that kind of stuff :P16:31
patdk-wkthe difference is only16:31
patdk-wkif you need to take a webbrowser offline, everyone notices, with the lb's no one does16:32
patdk-wkonly if you have to take an lb offline will they, and that shouldn't happen often16:32
patdk-wknot nearly as often as the webservers16:32
scalability-junkok great16:32
scalability-junkstill not sure how to handle ssl. I'm the always ssl kind of guy.16:33
patdk-wkyou can even run the lb's on the webservers themselfs16:33
patdk-wkif you really want16:33
patdk-wkjust reboots then would get you16:33
scalability-junkbut using ssl endpoints and http after that isn't the best solution i reckon16:33
patdk-wkdepends on what your doing16:33
patdk-wkif you control the network, it's fine16:33
scalability-junkyeah that's the problem16:33
patdk-wkif your hacked, well, it doesn't matter if it's encrypted or not, they have the keys16:33
uvirtbotscalability-junk: Error: "^" is not a valid command.16:33
patdk-wkusing ipsec instead of ssl lowers the overall overhead16:34
patdk-wkcause instead of making a new ssl connection each time, it all goes over the same ipsec connection16:34
scalability-junksounds reasonable.16:35
scalability-junkbut if I would go for ssl I would need one lb for each domain to enable ssl loadbalancing for each domain directly to each webserver16:36
scalability-junkdamn that is more overhead than I would like...16:36
patdk-wkscalability-junk, no you don't16:40
patdk-wkread the damned manual :)16:40
scalability-junkI don't need one loadbalancer for each domain?16:42
scalability-junkif I have the ssl endpoint on the webserver. all loadbalanced traffic would be encrypted and so the loadbalanced wouldn't be able to decide which webserver to use. or am I totally wrong?16:43
scalability-junkpatd-wk thanks for your advice ;)16:43
RoyKscalability-junk: with separate IPs for the web servers allocated to the load balancer, you'll only need one lb16:44
patdk-wkyou load the ssl certs on the loadbalancer16:44
philsfI trying to tolerate logcheck in lucid, but it's rules seem overly inadequate for use with postfix-dovecot+amavis. Is anyone aware of a third party update to logcheck rules tailored for lucid?16:44
patdk-wkor the loadbalancers does it via ip16:44
RoyKphilsf: normally logcheck generates a rather large amount of output, something like fail2ban is bound to be better - block unfriendly hosts and read the logs if something goes bad16:45
RoyKjust my 2c16:45
philsfRoyK, that's the point: logcheck wasn't supposed to generate a rather ammount of output :/16:45
scalability-junkpatdk-wk yeah I could load the ssl certs into the lb, but then I would have the http traffic to the webservers (don't like that on a network I can't controll) and via ip sounds great, haven't heard of that :( probably have to look at HAproxy closer16:46
patdk-wkwhy would it be http traffic?16:46
RoyKphilsf: it generally does, and that's why I'd recommend using something a bit better, such as fail2ban. you'll see it quite clearly if something goes really bad and when it does, read the logs16:46
philsfthings like "mail delivered to local user johndoe" is exactly what logcheck should ignore16:46
philsfRoyK, fail2ban deals with a completely different thing, maybe you mean logwatch or other log analyzer?16:47
RoyKphilsf: it should also ignore stuff like "machine at x.x.x.x was trying to use me as a relay"16:47
scalability-junkpatdk-wk user->https->lb (ssl endpoint) ->http-> webservers ->http -> lb (ssl startpoint) -> https --> user16:48
patdk-wkuser -> https -> lb -> http -> webserver16:48
patdk-wkuser -> https -> lb -> https -> webserver16:48
RoyKphilsf: my philosophy is, when it comes to logs, don't read them unless something goes bad. use some tool to scan them for BAD stuff, but don't waste time reading about some minor incident that won't hurt the system after all16:49
patdk-wkthis is why logs have error levels :)16:49
scalability-junkso you decrypt the ssl and encrypt it (seems like a lot of resources for ssl handling, cause the de/encrypt part is done on the webserver again16:49
patdk-wkpay attention to alert, crit, error16:49
patdk-wkmaybe some attention to warning16:49
patdk-wkscalability-junk, I don't, but you would want to16:50
patdk-wkor setup ipsec :)16:50
patdk-wkencryption isn't that heavy really16:50
patdk-wknot anymore16:50
RoyKpatdk-wk: an SSL load balancer is quite handy on heavy sites16:50
philsfRoyK, that's exactly what logcheck is all about16:50
patdk-wknormally a good 1000mbit per cpu16:50
scalability-junkI'll take a look at it, thanks for your help.16:51
scalability-junkRoyK: how would you do it?16:51
* RoyK goes back to reading up on puppet16:51
scalability-junkRoyK: why not chef?16:51
RoyKno idea what that is16:51
scalability-junkRoyk: similar to puppet http://www.opscode.com/chef/16:55
RoyKscalability-junk: I'm attending puppet master training, and it looks very good indeed, so I really don't need another tool...16:56
BigBiff_hello all, anyone have to for a newb web hosting question?16:57
scalability-junkRoyK: It was more a question of why puppet ;)16:57
BigBiff_"anyone have" time, that is16:57
patdk-wkscalability-junk, that chef doesn't look well documented16:58
scalability-junkpatdk-wk I haven't started to look into one of them closer, so I'm curious about which someone could prefer ;)16:58
BigBiff_i need a recommended host for a site (wordpress) that will average 200 users, maybe a few thousand page clicks per day16:59
scalability-junkwordpress.com with a custom domain o016:59
RoyKwhat, something virtual?16:59
BigBiff_well, outside of wordpress.com16:59
patdk-wka few thousand page clicks per day seems really really small16:59
scalability-junkyeah I would go for shared hosting.17:00
BigBiff_ya, it's not huge17:00
scalability-junkshould be fine with the right caching tool17:00
BigBiff_any specific host you'd recommend over others?17:01
BigBiff_trying to stay away from godaddy :)17:01
scalability-junkdepends on what you know17:01
BigBiff_server-side? not much17:02
RoyKBigBiff_: will you be administering the server yourself, or do you just need somewhere to place a bunch of wordpress sites?17:02
scalability-junkhostgator is pretty easy (cpanel)17:02
BigBiff_i wont be administering myself17:02
BigBiff_i was looking at hostgator, bluehost17:03
BigBiff_i just wanted to ask people who were more knowledgeable than me ;)17:03
RoyKBigBiff_: I guess most people in here run their own servers :P17:04
BigBiff_that's why I'm asking here, heh17:04
patdk-wkalso why we can't answer, cause we don't use shared hosting :)17:05
* RoyK doesn't know much about such hosting services for that sole reason17:05
BigBiff_ahh, hehe17:05
scalability-junkI would go with hostgator I reckon, great support and easy to use17:05
BigBiff_cool, i'll give them a shot17:05
scalability-junkand remember caching ;)17:05
scalability-junkon shared hosting, that speeds up everything a lot17:06
BigBiff_google searches for "hosting reviews" are fairly biased, and seem to be setup by the hosts themselves17:06
BigBiff_good recommendation, sir17:06
BigBiff_thanks for your time, guys -happy hosting17:06
scalability-junksee ya17:06
RoyKscalability-junk: the real reason was just that I found a training session about it and wanted to learn something easily, getting paid on the way, and puppet really looks good17:16
scalability-junkah ok is juju something similar or totally different aproach?17:17
RoyKjuju seems very ubuntu centric17:21
RoyKpuppet can be used on most platforms17:21
scalability-junkthat's true, but ubuntu is the future... ;)17:21
zulhallyn: libvirt being uploaded17:22
RoyKnot really, it's the current for some, but it can't do everyhting17:22
scalability-junkRoyK: I know, ok so probably I go into puppet...17:22
RoyKscalability-junk: we have all sorts at work, mostly ubuntu, some redhat, some fedora, some solaris/openindiana, an old HPUX box, some old Vax stations, you name it17:23
RoyKI doubt I can (or want to) do much about those VAXes, nor the old HPux machine, but the rest would be nice to keep under central control17:24
scalability-junkRoyK: why so many different osses?17:24
RoyKmostly because of history17:25
RoyKexcept the openindiana machines, which do ZFS storage17:25
scalability-junkok so mirgating all to one os wouldn't be an option?17:25
RoyKwell, possibly, but it'll take years17:25
RoyKtons of custom software written for this or that17:26
scalability-junkah ok17:26
RoyKsome systems that were meant to last five years, including an old solaris 8 machine17:26
RoyKstill in service, no money for upgrades etc17:27
scalability-junkwow solaris 8 not bad17:27
RoyKeven some win98 workstations17:27
RoyKI think we got rid of the last winnt4 machine lately17:27
uvirtbotscalability-junk: Error: "^" is not a valid command.17:29
hallynzul, cool17:30
RoyKscalability-junk: those VAX machines are from the early or mid 1990s :P17:31
RoyKsuper-highspeed DEC Alpha CPUs17:32
RoyKclocked at an astonishing 400MHz or so17:32
scalability-junkwow sounds better than my quadcore i7 server ;)17:32
* RoyK thinks i7 in a server, unless it's a home server, is a bad idea17:33
RoyKi[357] doesn't support ECC memory, and in a server, you'd want that17:34
scalability-junkdepends what you do with the server I imagine.17:36
RoyKfor something in production, ECC is vital17:37
RoyKfor some home server, it doesn't matter much17:37
scalability-junkECC is great yeah, but for delivering content the price point counted, perhaps I will bite my self over it after some time, but right now it feels great17:37
patdk-wkheh? ecc memory is cheap17:42
scalability-junkwasn't cheaper for me17:43
patdk-wkwho said cheaper17:44
patdk-wkit has like 3 extra chips17:44
patdk-wkbut when the difference is like 10%17:44
scalability-junkfor me as a student the 10% had a huge point :D17:45
RoyKscalability-junk: I'm not using ECC for my home server either17:46
patdk-wkI have piles of extra ecc memory17:46
patdk-wkI should put it on ebay17:46
RoyKpatdk-wk: only problem with memory is that they change all the time, so whenever a new mobo arrives, you need new memory17:47
RoyKor perhaps you can use the old chips, but then degrade performance, add issues .......17:47
air_repeating myself from last night, hoping someone is still awake this time.17:48
patdk-wkyour still using 90's stuff, so maybe you will buy it :)17:48
RoyKpatdk-wk: lol17:48
RoyKpatdk-wk: those machines won't get upgrades, nor replacements if they die....17:49
air_I just upgraded my ubuntu-server, everything works nicely, except some dbd issues when using netatalk (yes, sharing to mac)17:49
patdk-wkIve done that, hate it, but well :)17:49
patdk-wkeasier to get a stick of ram, than scrap a server before it is ready17:49
RoyKair_: upgraded to onieric?17:49
air_trying to scan the drive using dbd -s throws a memory error.17:49
air_RoyK: yep.17:49
RoyKair_: tried that myself, reinstalled lucid after 10 minutes17:49
* patdk-wk knows nothing about netatalk/apple/i*17:49
air_I was afraid that netatalk would be something people try to forget. :D17:50
patdk-wkforget? never bothered to learn it :)17:50
RoyKair_: there seems to be a bug in netatalk on onieric, and I really have far more use for a server that works than waiting for a bug to be fixed in some package not very many uses17:50
air_RoyK: yeah, I noticed it's a beta tagged version. :/17:52
air_netatalk/oneiric uptodate 2.2~beta4-117:52
air_patdk-wk: that's what non-mac users tend to do :)17:53
RoyKair_: well, if you're looking for something stable, go with the LTS releases17:53
RoyKthey generally work far better17:53
air_I do that for production, this is just a home server.17:54
RoyKand for a server, do you really need the cutting (or bleeding) edge?17:54
patdk-wkI go with lts, then if I need something newer, I move it into my ppa17:54
patdk-wkthis goes for my business and personal servers17:54
RoyKair_: I did the same, and reinstalled once I found the bug :P17:54
* scalability-junk has oneiric in production... on one server :P17:54
air_(and yeah, I don't do AFP on anything else.)17:54
air_RoyK: :)17:54
patdk-wkyou could try it backwards17:54
RoyKair_: I didn't find time to report the bug - could you report it, please?17:55
patdk-wkupport an old version to 10.1017:55
air_RoyK: how far did yuo trace it? memory error on trying to scan drive in dbd?17:55
RoyKIIRC there was a segfault17:55
RoyKair_: start afpd manually with --debug et al17:55
RoyKIIRC it segfaults17:56
air_Oct 20 20:56:33.056083 [4708] {dbif.c:648} (E:CNID): Failed to associate name index: Cannot allocate memory17:56
RoyKthen run 'ulimit -c unlimited' and try again and17:56
RoyKthat's another issue than what I saw17:57
air_happens when running 'dbd -sv /mnt/'17:57
RoyKair_: report a bug17:57
air_My / drive works nicely in netatalk, the large raided drive fails.17:57
RoyKhm.. interesting17:57
RoyKI really didn't find time to look into it, as I said, I just reinstalled lucid to get something that worked17:58
air_RoyK: http://pastebin.com/6it0sfyP17:58
RoyKair_: can you please post a bug report on that one?17:58
RoyKair_: how much memory do you have in the box? is it 32 or 64bit?17:59
air_64b, it's only 2gig in this one.18:00
RoyKshould suffice18:00
air_It's not swapping at all, so I don't see the reason for the out of memory error?18:00
RoyKneither do I18:00
air_It's more likely something else failing, and it throws wrong error.18:00
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:01
air_(or, something else failing when trying to allocate memory)18:01
RoyKair_: I don't know the internals about this (nor much else in the ubuntu development), so please file a bug18:01
air_RoyK: sure, will do.18:01
air_gotta put one kid to sleep first. :D18:02
air_RoyK: filed it. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netatalk/+bug/87902018:51
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 879020 in netatalk "afpd's CNID DB fails after upgrade" [Undecided,New]18:51
Ryan_Laneare the UEC images missing support for ipvs on purpose?18:58
Ryan_Laneis there any easy way for me to add support for this without remaking them from scratch?18:58
utlemmingRyan_Lane: can you clarify what you mean by missing support for ipvs?19:00
SpamapSRyan_Lane: install linux-virtual-extras I think19:00
Ryan_Lanehmm. seems the kernel modules are there19:00
Ryan_Lanebut are broken19:00
Ryan_Lane[  714.343506] ip_vs: Unknown parameter `conn_tab_bits'19:00
SpamapSRyan_Lane: maybe ipvsadm is too old?19:00
Ryan_Lanethis is all lucid. it's working on normal installs, not with UEC image19:01
Ryan_LaneI guess I can try upgrading the kernel19:02
SpamapSRyan_Lane: you sure the module was loaded correctly?19:04
Ryan_Lanethe module wouldn't load19:04
Ryan_Lanebecause of the dmesg error I posted19:04
* RoAkSoAx off to lunch19:05
Ryan_Laneheh. I can't just upgrade the damn kernel either19:08
Ryan_LaneI have to upgrade the image, and rebuild the instance19:08
SpamapSRyan_Lane: #ubuntu-cloud might have some tips for you on upgrading kernels btw19:14
Ryan_Lanecool. thanks19:14
znowanyone worked with capistrano on a ubuntu vm? ive upload my .ssh key from my home dir, etc... and when I try cap deploy:cold it says permission denied (public key) ?19:18
adam_gRyan_Lane: ip_vs module loaded just fine for me on lucid ami-6b965902 2.6.32-318-ec219:25
Ryan_Lanethat's the kernel I'm using19:26
Ryan_LaneI'm upgrading the kernel right now, hopefully19:26
Ryan_Lanewe'll see :)19:26
adam_gmodinfo ip_vs19:27
Ryan_Lanesrcversion:     B215B2428B37B5E2A34F26B19:27
=== mconigliaro_ is now known as mconigliaro
znowI have deployed my app to my server on linode, setted up virtual hosts (I think I have done it correct). but I get 403 forbidden when I enter the domain I set up as virtual host, but I can see my favicon in the bar,?20:05
zulrobbiew:  ping for the monitoring spec for p i just re-used the oneiric one20:06
RoAkSoAxzul: what aboyut thje cobbler one20:06
zulRoAkSoAx: do you want to do it or want me to do it20:06
* cwillu_at_work stabs apt-get with a tarball20:08
cwillu_at_workfor some reason, apt-get is pretending that it doesn't understand how to install dependencies20:08
cwillu_at_workI have no idea why20:08
cwillu_at_work(this is in an image build script similar to rootstock)20:09
cwillu_at_work"cups : Depends: libavahi-client3 (>= 0.6.16) but it is not going to be installed"... so why don't you install it then?20:09
hallynstgraber, do you mind pushing http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc-fix-bindhome.debdiff as a fix for bug 879052 ?20:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 879052 in lxc "user dir binding breaks on nonexistent user" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87905220:10
koolhead17if someone has not noticed the openstack-dashboard is changed to horizon so new path is https://github.com/4P/horizon/20:11
hallynstgraber, uh oh, bad dep5 tag in there.  lemme fix real quick20:14
Flatline_znow, you sure it's not cached?20:14
znowFlatline_: dunno :)20:14
Flatline_znow, you can see if you have firebug or that chromium develoepr thingy under network tab20:15
Flatline_znow, or you might try clearing your cache20:15
Flatline_ctrl+shift+del is the shortcut for cleaning the cache20:15
* cwillu_at_work jots that down20:16
guntbertflatline: where is that?20:16
Flatline_guntbert, what?20:16
guntbertflatline:  "ctrl+shift+del is the shortcut for cleaning the cache"20:16
* cwillu_at_work continues stabbing apt-get20:17
Flatline_guntbert, on chrome/chromium I suppose it would work on firefox too20:17
Flatline_lemme check20:17
cwillu_at_workPerhaps this isn't a good day to start planning my migration from lucid20:17
znowFlatline_: its first time I entered that domain20:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #879052 in lxc (main) "user dir binding breaks on nonexistent user" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87905220:17
guntbertFlatline_: it was my impression that this  combination is captured by the OS to initiate a reboot20:18
Flatline_znow, umm can you paste your virtual host configuration? if you use an application server behind apache/nginx (apache as the proxy) you might need a <Location /x> tag I guess20:18
zulhallyn: i just noticed that debian has a new lxc20:18
znowFlatline_: yeah, where is it now I find that file?20:18
hallynzul, yeah, we should sync at some point20:19
Flatline_guntbert, ah, its ctrl+alt+del on windows20:19
znowits pretty complex with all those different 3 word directories in ubuntu :p20:19
zulhallyn: we should20:19
Flatline_znow, are you using apache?20:19
znowFlatline_: yup20:19
hallynzul, and then send remaining delta back to debian20:19
Flatline_znow, it should be something like /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf20:19
hallyni'm not gonna get to that today though20:19
Flatline_znow, just do a "sudo updatedb && locate httpd.conf"20:19
guntbertFlatline_: my bad - sorry, I read ctrl+alt+del  *blush*20:19
Flatline_updatedb might take a few seconds20:19
hallynzul, last i looked debian had changd its rules file (to something much nicer) too, but i couldn't get it to work easily20:20
Flatline_guntbert, :)20:20
znowFlatline_: yup, sec :)20:20
Flatline_quick question, just to be on the safe side, does vmbuilder generate a random mac address?20:20
znowFlatline_: sites_enabled yeah?20:20
znowFlatline_: https://gist.github.com/130223920:21
Flatline_znow, checking sec20:21
zulhallyn: agreed20:23
Flatline_znow, I'm not sure if this would work but can you try adding this: http://pastebin.com/R1wZYQbz between </Directory> and </VirtualHost>20:25
Flatline_znow, requires a httpd restart20:26
znowFlatline_: same 403 error :/ the file is named advicecapital.dk - but the domain is ac.danielg.dk - is there any probs with that?20:27
Flatline_znow, nope, I don't think so20:28
znowFlatline_: okay, hmm this is odd20:28
znowFlatline_: do I need to set anything up in hosts file or?20:28
Flatline_znow, umm, do you have a .htaccess file in your /var/www/apps/advicecapital/current/public folder?20:30
Flatline_znow, nah, that shouldn't be required20:30
znowFlatline_: im gonna check, sec20:30
Flatline_znow, can you also paste apache error and access logs , they should be somewhere under like /var/log/httpd20:31
znowFlatline_: no .htaccess - im gonna paste logs sec20:31
Flatline_znow, also can you check if you have a file like x.php seeing that file manually like http://domain.ext/x.php20:33
znowFlatline_: https://gist.github.com/130229220:33
znowFlatline_: its a rails app20:33
znowno php stuff in there :)20:33
Flatline_apperantly your webserver doesn't serve the index page right up20:34
Flatline_I've never worked with rails before but I guess setting the right extensions in httpd.conf would solve your problem20:34
Flatline_try putting up an index.html in your html folder, that should be served correctly20:35
Flatline_if you confirm that, your virtual host configuration is right, but you have to configure apache to serve your rails pages too20:35
znowFlatline_: sec20:37
znowFlatline_: I just tried to add the site in sites-available aswell, tried do "a2ensite www.advicecapital.dk" and "a2ensite ac.danielg.dk" but it says the sites doesnt exists20:46
Flatline_I never used ruby or never needed to set it up on apache, but your problem is that your apache doesn't execute/serve your ruby files (it might just be the index extensions problem) maybe you should ask on ruby channel, I'm sorry I can't help you further20:49
rcsheetsznow: the argument given to 'a2ensite' must be a file that exists in /etc/apache2/sites-available20:50
znowrcsheets:  ERROR: Site ac.danielg.dk not properly enabled: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ac.danielg.dk is a real file, not touching it20:50
znowit says that20:50
rcsheetsznow: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ should never contain any real files. it should only contain symlinks that are put there by a2ensite.20:51
znowah ok20:51
rcsheetsznow: since a2ensite sees a file there, it is not touching it.20:51
znowso I just delete the files in there?20:51
rcsheetsznow: i can't tell you whether you should delete those files, because i don't know what's in them.20:51
rcsheetsznow: you might want to back them up. but there should not be (regular) files in that directory.20:52
znowrcsheets: virtual hosts :)20:52
znowokay, a non regular appears now20:52
znowrcsheets: atleast it has "blue" color, of the name20:52
znowanyhow, I do need to add a line in the hosts file it appears?20:52
rcsheetsznow: normally a change in /etc/hosts would not be needed just because you reconfigured apache.20:52
znowrcsheets: hmm :/20:53
rcsheetsznow: why were you going to edit /etc/hosts?20:53
znowrcsheets: read on the internet it might would be necessary, but I wont then :) but I do still get an 403 error when accessing ac.danielg.dk20:53
=== shirgall is now known as Guest56801
znowrcsheets: I have read*20:56
znowrcsheets: you there?21:00
_jfbRoyK: ping.21:00
_jfbHey folks, did a fresh install of 11.10, sshfs is hanging now after inactivity. Is there a KeepAlive setting I need somewhere on the client?21:01
rcsheetsznow: on the phone.21:01
Patrickdkon the server, I normally set TCPKeepAlive yes21:01
_jfbcan I set that in home directory config file if I don't have root on the server I'm connecting to?21:02
Patrickdkin the server21:02
Patrickdkso sshd_config21:02
RoyK_jfb: pong21:02
Flatline__jfb, you should be able to keep your connection alive by sending null packages21:02
Flatline_I'm not sure how it's done on sshfs, but possible21:03
_jfbFlatline_: yes, I think that is what I want, where do I set that?21:03
Flatline_so, you don't need root perm on server21:03
Flatline__jfb, dunno, have faith in google :)21:03
* RoyK is off to bed21:03
_jfbFlatline_: thanks...21:04
_jfbRoyK: early night!21:04
maniac__Need a little help with samba4 & vsftpd logins. Anyone have any experience?21:04
Flatline__jfb, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS, last part21:04
Flatline__jfb, apperantly it works on sshfs too21:05
_jfbFlatline_: perfect, thanks. That's the one I set before, I think I wiped it... this time I'll put in in ~/.ssh/config21:05
RoyK_jfb: working on autoconfiguring ~/.ssh/config etc with puppet :)21:06
_jfbRoyK: cool. I'm sure life is going to be (even more) smooth once you get back!!21:06
Flatline_anyone have experience working on amazon EC221:07
RoyK_jfb: I guess starting with nordre etc will be good21:07
RoyKall packages, sudoers and whatnot controlled centrally21:07
RoyK ea k21:08
patdk-lapheh, I normally do that server side :)21:09
maniac__Flatline - I've had a very short play with EC221:09
RoyKif those scientistst could learn scipy, it'll make our life a bit easier :P21:09
patdk-laproyk, my openindiana backed mythtv has been working great :)21:10
RoyK_jfb: what is it IDL or matlab can do that scipy cannot?21:10
_jfbRoyK: good question.21:10
_jfbRoyK: For what we do, nothing really.21:11
RoyKthe licensing regime with matlab is a PITA21:11
RoyKso is IDL21:12
RoyKand AFAIK neither of those do parallel processing very well21:12
maniac__Can anyone help with samba4 & vsftpd logins? Struggling with "user_sub_token=$USER" and "local_root=/home/$USER"21:13
RoyKis samba4 in ubuntu?21:13
znowrcsheets: there?21:14
maniac__Built from git21:14
RoyKthen it really isn't an ubuntu thing :P21:14
maniac__Yea, thought I'd ask though!21:15
rcsheetsznow: what's going on now?21:16
znowrcsheets: well just trying alot of things to fix this 403 error :p21:16
rcsheetsznow: did you try reading the error log?21:17
znowrcsheets: [Thu Oct 20 20:27:13 2011] [error] [client] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /var/www/apps/advicecapital/current/public/21:20
rcsheetsznow: then you need either an index.html (or whatever is appropriate given your DirectoryIndex value) or Options Indexes21:20
znowrcsheets: well, an rails application does not need an index.html file.. :/ hmm sec21:20
rcsheetsznow: well, you're getting that error because there's no index.html and you have indexes disabled.21:24
rcsheetsznow: if mod_passenger or something should be handling the request, then that's not happening either21:24
znowrcsheets: hmm, well, still an index.html is not needed in a Ruby on Rails app, where do I have indexes disabled?21:24
rcsheetsznow: i think you should probably get basic, static html hosting working before you try to tackle rails21:25
znowrcsheets: erhh okay21:25
rcsheetsznow: they are disabled by default. the relevant Options directive does not include "Indexes"21:25
rcsheetsif you add "Indexes" to the Options for the relevant directory, then you should at least be able to get a file listing.21:26
air_RoyK: FYI - I installed netatalk 2.2.1 from source, no more issues.21:26
znowrcsheets: so far so good, just created the index.html file in public folder, wrote something, and that displays properly when I access the domain21:28
DuCkNeThi all got little issue with my server ubuntu when installing for some reason i see my nic cards when installing but after system install i dont see them anymore i've got broadcom 5721 ethernet card :S can someone help me ?21:29
znowrcsheets: yup...21:30
znowrcsheets: now more debugging on why the bugger wont redirect to the actual hmm21:30
rcsheetsznow: i'm afraid i have to do work now, so i can't help anymore, but at least it's better :)21:31
znowrcsheets: it is, and thanks for your time21:31
=== Richard is now known as Guest91159
Guest91159I am a newbie to linux21:33
Guest91159I'm trying to install a network printer21:33
lunitikGuest91159: That is a desktop question, are you in #ubuntu?21:34
Guest91159I'm needing to know where the driver files are put to get them to installinstall21:34
Guest91159I downloaded them to the desktop21:35
lunitikGuest91159: search the dash for system-config-printers ... it has a wizard there, the drivers are already on your system probably21:35
DuCkNeTanyone can help me with my network problem with ubuntu server?21:36
lunitikGuest91159: even before you downloaded them21:36
lunitikGuest91159: hit "add" and choose from the Networked Printers list... find should locate it automatically if the printer is turned on and on the same LAN21:37
Guest91159ok, I have a printer folder21:37
rcsheetsznow: no problem. good luck with the rails bit.21:38
Guest91159I've done all that and no printer is listed21:38
lunitikGuest91159: Ubuntu comes with essentially every printer on earth supported out of the box, you don't have to find drivers yourself... you are thinking like a Windows user21:38
Guest91159my home network is on a windows 7 machine21:39
lunitikGuest91159: Again irrelevant since the printer is network capable... what brand and model?21:39
Guest91159Brother 204021:39
lunitikGuest91159: Do you know the IP of the printer?21:41
scalability-junkmh strange I'm getting a 9999% cpu in top for fuser21:41
scalability-junkand the cpu ist higly used... any idea?21:41
patdk-lapdon't use fuse :)21:42
Guest91159where can I find21:43
scalability-junkI'm not using it on purpose21:43
scalability-junkis it part of top?21:43
scalability-junkseems unlikly21:43
patdk-lapit's for using filesystems that are not supported directly via linux21:43
lunitikGuest91159: Your printer should tell you, the router may also in its web interface21:44
scalability-junkpatdk-lap: how would I check all available file systems?21:44
stgraberhallyn: is that something that should be SRUed or is it fine being in Precise only?21:44
hallynstgraber, well, it's low priority;  but if ppl hit that it'll cause hours of pain and years of hatred21:45
hallynstgraber, so i was hoping to sru it.  your thoughts?21:46
scalability-junk/dev/sda1 on / type ext4 (rw)21:46
scalability-junkproc on /proc type proc (rw)21:46
scalability-junksysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)21:46
scalability-junkfusectl on /sys/fs/fuse/connections type fusectl (rw)21:46
scalability-junknone on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw)21:46
scalability-junknone on /sys/kernel/security type securityfs (rw)21:46
scalability-junkudev on /dev type devtmpfs (rw,mode=0755)21:46
scalability-junkdevpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,noexec,nosuid,gid=5,mode=0620)21:46
scalability-junktmpfs on /run type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,size=10%,mode=0755)21:46
scalability-junknone on /run/lock type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,size=5242880)21:46
scalability-junknone on /run/shm type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev)21:46
scalability-junksorry pasted bin link failed...21:47
hallynthat shuts me up :)21:47
stgraberhallyn: I'm fine pushing it to -proposed too, fix is small enough that it should go through fine21:47
hallynis that template even in natty?21:47
stgrabernot sure for natty21:48
Guest91159I don't know where to look21:48
scalability-junkpatdk-lap: any idea what I did wrong?21:49
patdk-lapposted crap to the channel21:51
patdk-lapnot used a pastebin21:51
stgraberhallyn: uploaded to both precise and oneiric21:51
hallynstgraber, thanks21:52
hallynguess i better fill out an sru justification then21:52
scalability-junkpatdk-lap: this is the output of mount: http://pastebin.com/GfgxQjzL21:52
patdk-lapthat doesn't show anything using fuse21:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #879134 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: package samba is not ready for configuration  cannot configure (current status `half-installed')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87913422:37

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