yaron-hebHey Guys!07:19
yaron-hebI need some help with Software Center07:19
yaron-hebI can't determine the usage of the string: Top Rated %s07:19
yaron-hebAnyone familiar?07:19
head_victimI'm not certain but it sounds like the highest rated software?07:29
yaron-hebI think we are talking about a category07:29
head_victimWhere %s is either a number of software (eg top 10 or top 20) or it could be category, eg top rated games or top rated internet programs07:30
yaron-hebI was thinking about the category option... In Hebrew it matters07:30
head_victimAh sorry, I'd suggest confirming it on the mailing list if no one else is able to tell you for certain07:31
yaron-hebAlready did, two weeks ago ☺07:31
head_victimCan you link me to the string? I'll try to compare it to my language (we're english based)07:32
yaron-hebOf course, just a sec07:34
geirhaWhen you choose the Games category, there'll be a section titled "Top Rated Games". Probably that one.07:35
head_victimgeirha: that's what I was thinking but wasn't 100%07:35
geirhaLooking at the code, it does appear to be it.07:37
yaron-hebGreat, thank you!07:47
dpmyaron-heb, I think I filed a bug about it, just a sec...09:02
dpmyaron-heb, bug 86897109:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 868971 in software-center (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) ""Top Rated %s" string needs a translator comment (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86897109:04
dpmthe %s means 'category'09:04
yaron-hebdpm: Thanks! This is exactly how I translated it...09:04
dpmexcellent :)09:04
Jessica_LilyHey dpm you heard anything else about na'vi?10:55
dpmhead_victim, around?15:59
andrejzhello dpm! just wanted to let you know I am very busy (working abroad) so I am not much on IRC but I am reachable and responsive via email16:20
dpmhi andrejz, thanks for letting me know. How's life? Did you get a job abroad?16:23
andrejzit's temporary (visitor reasearcher) - about 6 months16:24
dpmnice, and where are you based now?16:25
andrejznear Helsinki16:25
dpmoh cool16:31
dpmand cold :)16:31
andrejzI prefer cold to hot (as long as it's not below -25°C)16:32

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