nhainesDarkwing: pong00:08
Darkwingnhaines: When are you going to start getting the talks for UbuCon.00:10
nhainesI'm working on some plans still, but hope to start promoting by Halloween weekend at the latest.00:10
nhainesI need to find out what the schedule is going to look like from the SCaLE staff, though.00:11
Darkwingnhaines: I'll get that for you. I'm having another SCALE meeting with Ilan in a couple hours.00:11
nhainesDarkwing: if it comes up, let him know that by November 1st I hope to start promoting for Ubucon.00:12
Darkwingnhaines: Aye, I'll let them know.00:12
bkerensaBoinc seems to not work on 11.1000:42
pleia2woo sf ubuntu hour \o/01:18
pleia2oneiric on oneiric tablet ;)01:18
broderis that a Plastic Pangolin sitting next to the tablet? :-P01:19
nhainespleia2: you should have answered "precisely!"01:23
pleia2haha, next time01:25
broderi gotta say, in spite of using it for the better part of a month, i still can't tell whether or not i think unity's new alt-tab switcher is too smart for its own good01:34
MarkDudeHella big usb mouse02:10
akkI think I'd need sunglasses with something like that on my desk.02:11
akkNot to mention using 2 hands to move it.02:11
* MarkDude wants to use it for Linux display02:12
MarkDudeAnd say some crap about how MS will require people to use a mouse like this for Win 802:12
MarkDudePart of the Metro interface02:13
akkWhere is battery info these days? used to be /proc/acpi/battery or /sys/class/power_supply/battery but it seems to have moved (those don't exist any more).02:31
akkCan't figure out how to google for it because all the google hits show those two old locations.02:33
broderi don't know where to find the info specifically, but upower is responsible for aggregating power-related information these dyas02:33
broderyou can use upower --dump02:33
akkI usually just type acpi02:34
akkbut d wanted to know where to get the info without running that program (or if it wasn't installed).02:34
brodermy laptop has a /sys/class/power_supply/BAT002:36
akkInteresting ... his Dell didn't. (but my Vaio does, turns out ... if I plug the battery in, which it wasn't :)02:37
broderhmm...don't have a dell running oneiric to check. but upower should be installed on any ubuntu desktop machine02:38
broderupower --dump will print out the full path to the /sys device02:38
broderif you go to that directory and ls -ld subsystem, you can get the short path02:39
akkthanks, I'll pass that along (he just moved to another room with the dell)02:39
nhainesakk: I'm pretty sure my laptop still has /proc/acpi/battery02:55
broderhmm, mine does too, but all the interesting stuff is in /proc/acpi/battery/BAT002:57
nhainesRight, but akk was saying that didn't even exist.02:58
akkRight, it didn't exist on the Dell, even though it was running off battery02:59
akkand the battery kernel module was loaded02:59
broderdell probably decided they were too cool for acpi or something02:59
akkThey're a bit weird on batteries anyway ... the battery has some kind of chip in it to say whether it's a genuine Dell battery, or something.03:03
akkSome aftermarket batteries come with windows programs to trick windows into thinking it's a Dell battery (which of course doesn't work on linux).03:04
MarkDudegrep "effing battery" EXISTS   <<< try that :D03:06
MarkDudeShhh, /me was reading some technical stuff - dont tell anyone03:13
* MarkDude does not want to ruin his image03:14
* grantbow can keep your secret MarkDude03:14
MarkDudeGood deal03:15
bkerensaOH NO04:40
bkerensaI missed akk04:41
pleia2fun release dinner :) had 10 people come out04:48
zocloi have problems to install my printer in ubuntu 11.1005:45
bkerensaGnight all06:52
locodir-user_is ne1 der09:00
bkerensaDance Party! Ubuntu is 7 Years Old Today!17:14
* bkerensa just blogged about it ( Happy Birthday Ubuntu! http://j.mp/qqXomT )17:18
DarkwingI need to start blogging better.17:19
DarkwingAlthough, I'm opening up an old chapter to my programming.17:19
nhainesDarkwing: python?17:21
bkerensapleia2: Will Regional Membership meeting be in #ubuntu-meeting ?17:24
Darkwingnhaines: Web apps and web programming17:24
pleia2bkerensa: yes17:25
Darkwingbkerensa: Didn't know if you wanted to share that with your guys up north.17:32
nhainesThe guys on the other side of the cube wall are arguing about Star Wars.17:33
bkerensaDarkwing: I have passed it along17:35
Darkwing:D Figured a free trip to LA and SCaLE would be worth it.17:35
DarkwingPlus, it's less work I have to do. :D17:36
nhainesDarkwing: did you find out anything about scheduling?17:56
Darkwingnhaines: I'm waiting for the email. As soon as I get it I'll forward it to you.17:57
nhainesDarkwing: thanks.18:01
Darkwingnhaines, Gareth. Gareth, nhaines18:15
GarethDarkwing: we've met :)18:15
* Darkwing ducks18:15
Garethnhaines: Hey Nathan :) understand you have some questions?18:16
pleia2geez, we let just anyone in here now don't we?18:16
Garethapparently :)18:16
* Gareth slinks into the shadows18:19
nhainesGareth: yup, just wondering how many speakers I should con into speaking at Ubucon next year.  :)18:20
Garethnhaines: schedule should be the same as last year.18:20
nhainesGareth: okay, that should be easy enough.18:21
GarethYou might end up in the same room as last year too.18:22
nhainesGareth: that'd be cool.  It was a nice setup.18:22
bkerensaGareth: You coming up to Portland next year?18:23
Garethbkerensa: not sure yet.18:24
GarethI'd like to....Portland is awesome.18:25
jyojtatum: So no street closures in Mt. View today, right? :P21:24
jtatumhopefully not :)21:24
jtatumit's too cold to go out on the street21:25
pleia2hm, it was just very bouncy in here21:42
pleia2earthquake :)21:42
pleia2that was stronger than the first one I felt, there was some serious bouncy21:44
broderhuh, didn't make it down to the peninsula - i didn't notice anything21:45
pleia2ah, it was in berkeley, 4.221:49
jtatumseeing various irc channels light up with earthquake in sf reports :)21:49
broderi think there was an xkcd comic about that :-P21:51
broderlooks like i should have felt it21:53
bkerensapleia2: Are you a wine fan?21:55
pleia2I enjoy wine21:56
bkerensapleia2: I just got this http://www.flickr.com/photos/bkerensa/6264373715/in/photostream21:56
* bkerensa is wondering if someday Jono's band Severed Fifth will have their own wine21:56
bkerensaYeah... Fiancee likes wine some but I'm not a big fan of drinking :P21:57
akkI didn't feel the quake at all in San Jose.22:00
bkerensaakk: I have been looking for you :D22:00
* bkerensa needs to ask a favor22:00
* akk listens22:03
bkerensaakk: So we  (Ubuntu Oregon) have a sponsor for a banner and none of us are Gimp Masters and valorie says you are the Gimp Sensei :D we know what we want the layout to look like and we have the png's and one svg but the final product is looking a tad bit scrunched22:05
akkScrunched? Do you have it online where I could look?22:08
akk(sorry for delays, I'm in the middle of a hot convo with Dell support trying to get this laptop to work ... in Windows, ick, then I get to try to figure out if it's possible in linux later on)22:09
bkerensaakk: It is on my other laptop right now I can grab it later when it comes to my office22:09
akk(yeesh, I hope it turns out to be easier to calibrate a touchscreen from linux than from windows ... this is crazy)22:19
akkI don't suppose anyone here knows anything about touchscreens? My worry is whether it's possible to calibrate sensitivity for the touchscreen and the touchpad separately.22:22
akkAnybody know how to generate an xorg.conf in oneiric? The old way of Xorg -configure doesn't work (gives errors).23:27
akkI'm trying to get a list of input devices X sees.23:28
* MarkDude feels this way >> http://www.explainxkcd.com/2011/10/12/x11/23:34
MarkDudeEvery damn time I have learned how to mess with it23:34
MarkDudethe way is changed23:34
MarkDudeLike I am a bad user, and should not try it :)23:34
akkhaha, yeah, I'd forgotten about that xkcd. So true.23:36
akkBut I have this bum laptop that dell doesn't seem to know how to fix :(23:36
MarkDudeI dont need to be asked on PM23:38
MarkDudePart of my being a public figure/d-bag23:38
MarkDudeStill a good idea to ask23:38
MarkDudeOthers at east23:38
aadityaMarkDude: You're a busy guy!23:48
* MarkDude has been23:48
MarkDudeHow was your visit with your SoCal friend?23:48
aadityaIt was amazing.23:49
aadityaNo longer a SoCal friend though.23:49
MarkDudeGood to hear23:50
MarkDudeShe moved closer?23:50
MarkDudeSo when is the BBQ at your place23:50
aadityaA month from now, tentative.23:50
MarkDudeLaura is hella down with vegetarian food23:50
aadityaawesome. We should do another in the meantime!23:50
aadityaI'm bringing her to the Ubuntu hour tonight btw.23:50
raevolDarkwing: any news on libertopia?23:51
aadityaShe asked me if she could talk about how much she hates the UI. :P23:54
Darkwingraevol: I'm out of town and can't afford to foot the bill for the table. Our next event will be SCaLE up in LA in January.23:55
raevolDarkwing: makes sense, no worries23:58
raevoli'm excited for SCaLE!23:59
MarkDudeHell yes for scale23:59

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