ghuruhi all03:03
ghuruanyone with good java skillz?03:03
ghurunote the z03:03
soccermitchyWhere is the LoCo team based?21:57
mhall119soccermitchy: we're all over the state22:01
mhall119pensacola to miami22:03
mhall119tampa to melbourne22:03
raubvogelSwarm and Destroy22:04
raubvogelMotto of the moped army BTW22:05
mhall119moped army?22:05
govatenti look forward to sunday. will be nice leaving my town for the day 22:06
mhall119govatent: where are you going?22:07
govatentRelease party. its this sunday right? :)22:07
mhall119in melbourne?22:08
mhall119i think so22:08
govatentI was planing on going up 22:13
zusnice raubvogel  i want a vespa. a 1969 job mod style would be brilliant22:58
raubvogelzus: they are out there23:10
zusluv em23:19

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