jeffrashJono Bacon talked about you today and your new rule.02:34
jeffrashakgraner, Jono Bacon talked about you today and your new rule.  He just talked about the new leadership.02:35
akgraneryep I saw part of it  - but wasn't able to stay for the whole broadcast02:36
akgranerI was posting links for the first 20 minutes our so :-)02:36
jeffrashI missed it, but am watching it now02:37
akgranerI really like his Wednesday Q&A's :-)02:37
akgranerI need to watch the rest of it...02:37
* akgraner watches now02:37
jeffrashI haven't been watching regularly02:37
akgranersome questions are always the same :-)02:38
akgranerbut jono's pretty cool about answering them02:38
jeffrashI liked how he started with don't ask about issues with Wireless02:39
jeffrashThat's the only issue I have with Ubuntu02:39
jeffrashBashnee freezes if you are not online02:43
jeffrashThat's a new issue with 11.10 that I just discovered02:44
jeffrashits a known issue and the work around is to disable the UbuntuOneMusicStore addon02:44
akgranerCool - I don't use Banshee much...02:51
akgranerI suppose I should but I don't use my computer for music02:51
jeffrashIt the default in 11.1002:51
akgraneryep I know  - I just don't use it...02:51
akgranerdon't really have a reason to other than to test it and make sure it works etc02:52
akgranerI have to take screen shots and write about it  - and my kids and hubby use the heck out of it02:53
jeffrashHave you done anything on Pithos?  The Pandora player for Ubuntu?02:55
akgranernope :-(02:55
akgranerI need to learn more about the music players and stuff...02:56
jeffrashI like it02:56
akgranerI'll check it out02:56
jeffrashI don't think it completely integrate with Pandora.02:57
jeffrashIt gets the play lists and plays the music great02:58
jeffrashbut the like options are all integrated into last.fm, not Pandora.02:58
jeffrashOne of the big points of Pandora is that it learns what you like by using the thumbs up/down options02:59
jeffrashgot to go, chat with you later03:00
akgranerGood morning :-)10:52

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