MutantTurkeyi can help too!00:01
InHisNameHelp setup wireless router ?00:02
rmg51your to late MutantTurkey00:02
InHisNameas a switch.    I mostly got that one too.00:02
andurilI told ya how to do that! :)00:02
MutantTurkeyI can help that too00:06
MutantTurkeyI am all around trouble shooter00:06
* InHisName yawns - long pdf to read00:40
MutantTurkeyhey pvl102:01
MutantTurkeywhat's up?02:01
jthanAnyone ever read Watership Down?02:46
InHisNameI might have, but can't remember even the speck of memory.  So long ago.03:20
InHisNameAfter 19 install attempts, I FINALLY got one to take.    It kept dying during the retrieve files phase of install software section.  I thought it was due to bad iso, or bad burn or something that could not be read correctly.04:58
InHisNameSo instead of trying to keep (salvage) what ever I had on orig partition, I had them reformatted.  Viola, it worked.04:59
MutantTurkeyjedijf: shaking my head04:59
InHisNameSomehow retrieve 1 to 1056 files must be doing something with the HD.  It never got to the unpacking and configuration parts.05:01
InHisNameNow to include my original /home back into this virgin build.    I saved it and did not use during build.    Only installed software will be missing.05:03
MutantTurkeyHappy Cola's are great05:21
InHisNamethat's a brand of cola ?05:29
MutantTurkeyit's a gummy candy05:29
MutantTurkeythough I am a die hard RC Cola guy05:30
mikedep333rmg51, morning10:35
mikedep333ubuntu has a fix for a bug I experienced10:36
rmg51morning mikedep33310:36
mikedep333(in oneiric)10:36
rmg51I haven't upgraded my 2 main laptops yet10:37
mikedep333rmg51, I did an in-place upgrade on my server10:38
mikedep333and a reformat w/ beta2 on my laptop10:38
mikedep333some of the recent updates include fixes for those who do in-place upgrades10:38
mikedep333also, the US server seems to be pretty fast10:39
mikedep333although I typically use the duke.edu mirror10:39
rmg51I did a clean install on a 7 year old laptop and an upgrade on a 4 year old laptop10:40
mikedep333the columbia.edu mirror is also pretty fast10:40
rmg51I use the alt cd for upgrades now10:40
mikedep333rmg51, unless you're doing an upgrade to a point release, I'd generally recommend against that10:41
mikedep333over the 1st month or so since a new version is released, a lot of updates to fix upgrade bugs are committed10:41
rmg51I got 133 updates last night on the 4 year old10:42
mikedep333I remember when those upgrading to 9.10 experienced terrible bugs10:42
mikedep333although I think you may need to upgrade directly to the newest updates10:43
rmg51I have had some bad upgrades through update maneger10:43
mikedep333the only bad upgrade I ever had10:43
mikedep333was when a debconf prompt opened in the background10:43
mikedep333behind the open window10:43
mikedep333I didn't know it was there, and I had to kill the upgrade task10:44
mikedep333I also tend to use the CLI to upgrade now10:44
rmg51my worst was on the 4 year old10:45
rmg51grub didn't install10:45
rmg51laptop was unbootable10:45
rmg51breakfast time10:45
rmg51mikedep333: no time to chat at the moment, but keep in mind there is an option with the al cd to check the servers for updates during the upgrade process11:08
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!12:58
andurilmmm bacon12:59
andurilI'll give you bacon if you come clean my apartment?12:59
SamuraiAlbaI'm perplexed.12:59
SamuraiAlbaClient I have is diagnosed as mentally retarded.12:59
SamuraiAlbaNot the issue :)12:59
SamuraiAlbaHis PC is physically clean (Dell Inspiron Laptop), has no virus issues, is hacikintoshed BY him, also runs win 7, he has up to date backups, has all CD's and DVD's for it and his software, and has his pc so organized it's SURE signs of OCD13:00
SamuraiAlbaHow can I reward him for bringing his laptop in for JUST a checkup with NO ssues, and all updates installed before I got to it?13:01
andurilYou Win the Interwebz certificate?13:02
SamuraiAlbaI might buy him Reddit Gold, but I know that will lead to him being a raving degenerate like my college IT staff :)13:03
InHisNameHi  Bacon, anduril, teddy-dbear, rmg51, mikedep333    Its a great new morning !13:20
andurilit is a new morning great has yet to be determined13:21
InHisNameSamuraiAlba: if his Laptop is in such 'perfect' health, why do you think a checkup is warrented ?13:23
SamuraiAlbaHe brought it to me for JUST a checkup13:28
SamuraiAlbaOf his own free will and hisidea13:28
SamuraiAlba*his idea13:28
SamuraiAlbaHiya Calvin :)13:33
andurilanyone know how much burger king sells PA Ren faire tickets for16:50
jedijfanduril: iirc, the most you can get is 5 off16:51
jedijfunless you go in drag16:51
andurilI've sold myself for less than that ;)16:51
jedijfi think that's a 2 dollar kicker16:51
jedijfbuy one get one is only for certain days16:51
jedijfit's on the site16:52
andurilyea it lists their online prices and when we're going isnt BOGO so guess I'll call a local burger king to see16:54
jedijfi think the numer is 6 dollars off actually, but i don't know why16:55
jedijfi bought online the day we went16:56
andurilField of Screams friday night, Ren Faire Sat then birthday party for a friend in York Sat. night ugh gonna be a long weekend16:58
andurilstill gotta clean too since we have two couples staying here this weekend16:58
InHisNameIf I wanted to change my NIC card speed/duplex settings, where would I go to make those kind of changes ?17:14
InHisNameI tried network connections and   network folder (settings )   but neither had any of speed / duplex etc of NIC card.17:15
andurilyour card should auto-detect what the router can do and run that way17:15
InHisNameBut what IF I wanted to force a setting where to go ?17:16
andurilmessing with speed settings is ok but I'd be very careful of messing with duplex settings that can lead to weird issues17:19
InHisNameYes, true especially if left in wrong setting.17:19
JonathanDhi pvl118:00
pvl1whats up18:00
JonathanDNothing here.18:01
JonathanDsitting in a meeting.18:01
pvl1where do u work?18:03
JonathanDI work for a small finance company in conshohocken.18:05
InHisNameOk, I found the ethtool.  and now have determined that my MB does NOT support anything higher than 10/100, snif.   Oh well its the background machine anyway.18:17
andurilcouldnt you have just googled the model number of the board to find out the ethernet chipset andg one from there?18:37
InHisNameOnly after diving into the MB and hunting down the numbers to google.   Sometimes a missed letter makes more addtions etc.   So I just saw what THIS hdw will support.  now it is done.18:45
InHisNameNow doing convoluted usermods to move home path in anticipation of attaching the old home from other partition.  Unless you knew a easy fast way to do it.18:46
andurilwhat do you mean usermod?18:47
InHisNameusermod -d /path/to/new/homedir/ username   cp /home to /home2   to off load to /home2/   reboot    rm contents of home  mount /old-home  reboot usermod home back to normal /home <- the old one now.18:52
InHisName1I remounted my /oldhome back to /home and only the Desktop wallpaper disappeared.  I installed Pidgin and all the old settings were already there !!     Oopss  I spoke too soon.  I found some in /home/user/.cache/wallpaper/abc.jpg etc.21:58
InHisNameSlowly moving cables to 1gig ports on wireless router.   So far so good......22:26
InHisName1Testing cnx on 2nd machine22:27
SamuraiAlbaGod bacon to all!23:09
InHisNamefor thousands of years, God did not approve of bacon.23:35
JonathanDInHisName: will you attend the zoo thing?23:35
JonathanDSamuraiAlba: will you attend the zoo thing?23:35
JonathanDBacon: will you attend the zoo thing?23:36
JonathanD< Bacon> yes absolutely.23:36
andurilbacon attends everything and brightens the world in everything23:36
andurilbacon is...inception. there at every level23:55
JonathanDall of you come to the zoo23:58
JonathanDdecember 3rd.23:58
JonathanDZoo geeknic thing.23:59

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