macomdeslaur: the column dragging thing: ouch! needs a higher threshold for sure02:38
macoive noticed people who didnt grow up on computers having trouble *not* dragging when they click02:39
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mdeslaurmaco: yeah, luckily it's been fixed in later versions. I had to actually create an icon on her desktop called "FIx Email" cause she was breaking it a couple times a week.03:31
macoi put a script on my friend's debian laptop that rewrites xfce's stored session with a backed up working one and gave her instructions for how to run it from a terminal if her xfce saves a crashed state03:34
macoapparently im the only debian support she's got because some guy she went on a date with put it on her computer at the end of the date then stopped respnding to phone calls and email03:35
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