Kilosmorning superfly and others05:49
Kiloshi dLimit 05:49
Kilosyou new here?05:50
superflymorning Kilos and sakhi05:52
Kilosohi sakhi 05:52
dLimitHi Kilos, superfly 05:55
dLimitLol no 05:55
=== dLimit is now known as Esquire
superflyohi Esquire05:55
EsquireCan't remember how to set a different nick for a different server on irssi05:56
EsquireLols anyway gotta get my lazy ass to work. Cheers guys05:58
Kiloshave a good day lad05:58
sakhihi Kilos 05:58
sakhihey superfly05:59
sakhiMaaz: coffee05:59
Maazsakhi: Huh?05:59
sakhiMaaz: I never win with you.05:59
Maazsakhi: Excuse me?05:59
superflyMaaz: coffee on05:59
* Maaz puts the kettle on05:59
KilosMaaz, coffee please06:03
MaazKilos: Okay06:03
Kiloshiya Tonberry 06:03
MaazCoffee's ready for superfly and Kilos!06:03
KilosMaaz, thanks man06:04
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)06:04
Kiloshi zeref 06:26
zeref-cWhat a chilly morning06:28
Kilosyeah, nippy hey06:29
zeref-cOh no, comp went down06:29
zeref-cMayb not06:30
Kilosit seems to do it often hey06:30
Kilosor your connection sucks06:30
zeref-cWtf is ping timeout06:42
Patriot7912More More almal06:44
Kiloslo Patriot7912 07:04
Patriot7912Hello Kilos07:04
Kiloszeref-c, when there is no connection or something from your nick it times out after 245 secs07:04
Kilosif connection breaks you come back with a tail07:05
Kilosand cant be the zeref again till it timeouts07:05
Kilos type in /nick zeref07:06
Kilosand it should drop the -c07:06
zeref-cI'm on my phone atm, comp is on at home.07:07
Kilosthats the one that timed out07:08
nuvolarimornings oom Kilos 07:08
nuvolarian all the new nicks 07:08
nuvolariPatriot7912, zeref-c ^^07:08
Kiloslo nuvolari 07:09
Patriot7912More ook nuvolari07:09
Patriot7912Oom Kilos lol07:09
Patriot7912Hoe oud is die mense hier07:10
Kilosalmal is jonk behalwe ek07:10
zeref-cKilos, r u using 11.10?07:18
Kilosno zeref i am using maverick, but superfly is sending me the cds for 11.10 next week07:19
Kilosjust trying to get ian to download the repos so i dont need to use up data to download everything i use07:20
Kilosmy data budget is like 2m a day07:21
Kilos2 meg07:22
Kilosonly use xchat and pidgin and email07:22
Kiloszeref, you have bad connection at your pc. need to look into that07:28
zeref-cI fink isp is shapping connections07:31
Kilosdoesnt that only limit the speed of the connection, not keep disconnecting all the time07:31
Kilosit has rejoinred here 4 times in 13 minutes07:32
zeref-cHmmm, will look into that when i gets home07:33
zeref-cK, i'm out, class time07:34
KilosPatriot7912, have you sorted your samba out yet?07:34
Kiloscheers zeref 07:34
magespawnhowdy all07:35
Kiloshiya magespawn 07:35
magespawnwhats up on this fine sunny sa day?07:35
Kilosthe sun07:35
Patriot7912LOL nope Kils07:40
Kiloswhats happening with celeste07:40
Kilostype first three letters of nick and hit tab07:41
Kilosmakes life easier07:41
Patriot7912Kilos, Ummmmm don't know as yet07:46
Kilosmail her again man. you cant keep everything offline for so long07:47
Kilosthere must be a solution07:47
Kilosinstall ubuntu on one machine and use that to control everything07:48
Kiloshi morgs 07:48
Kilosdoes the changing host thing happen on its own?07:49
Patriot7912Kilos, will do07:49
Kilos* morgs has quit (Changing host)07:49
morgsKilos: when did you see that?07:50
morgsStrange, I only launched xchat then07:50
Kilosyou joined twice in a minute07:50
morgsStrange. Never saw that07:50
=== sdehaan_ is now known as sdehaan
Kilosit joins the quits and changes host07:51
Kiloshi sdehaan 07:51
Kilosi have seen it with quite a few guys and wondered if you guys do it manually07:51
Kiloshi kbmonkey you well?08:34
kbmonkeyhello Kilos 08:49
kbmonkeyfine man, and yourself?08:49
Kilosyou well laddy?08:49
Kilosim ok ty but dont foget you charing meeting monday night hey08:50
Kilosi will follow step for step what you say and do and try be backup chair in the future08:50
Kilosyip this coming monday08:51
Kiloswe cancelled cause of no chair and few peeps08:52
Kilosso get your usb modem working please08:52
Kiloshows the hols going08:52
kbmonkeythis place gives me 10mb a day :)08:52
Kiloswow thats good08:53
kbmonkeybut i use most of it for research08:53
kbmonkeyno it's terrible! he he08:53
Kilossave some for monday night please08:53
Kilosyeah i know08:53
kbmonkeythe net cafe not open at nite, perhaps I go to a coffee shope08:54
kbmonkeybut we make it under and hour, thats how long my battery lasts ;)08:54
Kiloswhere is your usb modem?08:54
Kilosor even use your fone as a modem08:55
kbmonkeyit's on the blink. murphey strikes again oom :D08:55
Kilosand just get a 10m data bundle08:55
Kilosuse your fone08:55
Kilosi need you08:56
kbmonkeynow that is an idea kilos. i wonder if i can use my blackberry08:56
Kilosmy boet used his with winsucks08:56
kbmonkeylast I heard blackberries were locked for that, but let's see if they changed that since then08:56
Kilosdo you have a data cable08:56
kbmonkeyyes I have a cable08:56
Kilosplug it in and ubuntu will see it in nm08:56
Kilosi think i told my boet to fone vodacom and they told him how to setup the fone as a modem08:57
kbmonkeyfor serial? awesome...08:58
Kilosthats how i first got online, with an old motorola razr at gprs08:59
Kilostook 8 hours to update 9.0409:00
Kilosbb should do hsdpa09:00
kbmonkeyit doesn't detect my phone in nm. will need to investigate09:02
kbmonkeynot now, i have an apt soon09:02
kbmonkeydid a logo design for a shop, freelancing :)09:02
Kilosah. member you might need to fone vodacom and they tell you what settings to change in the fone09:02
Kilosthats nice09:03
Kilosjust dont tell voda that its for linux or ubuntu then they say sorry they dunno09:04
Kilosyou just need to know what settings to change09:04
Kilossomewhere in the fone must be the choice to use fone as a modem09:04
kbmonkeyAFAIK for my model it was hardware/firmware locked09:05
Kilosyou a hacker, fix it09:06
* kbmonkey takes out the hammer and houtgom09:06
Kiloswonder what happened to the modem09:07
Kilosyou can replace firmware in them too09:07
Kiloshey nlsthzn 09:10
nlsthznHi uncle Kilos 09:10
* Kilos goes to make spring onion puffs09:52
magespawnkbmomkey there is a way to use the phone and still use the BIS. not sure but did read something on the net about it.09:59
Kilosaw he has quit magespawn gone to a meeting or something10:10
Kilosmagespawn, do you do any cooking?10:24
Kilosi will try find the pic again later10:25
Kilostakes about half an hour or so and you can eat10:25
Kilosvery lekker, worse than eating peanuts10:28
Kilossimilar to bought chilli bites but with onion or garlic leaves in stead of chilli10:31
magespawni think my wife has got something like this.10:40
Kilossee you's tonight12:05
sakhinew lpi website  http://www.lpi.org/13:01
magespawniPad2 or HTC Flyer?13:41
Kilossf55_, you in hiding again14:58
KilosMaaz, coffee on14:58
* Maaz flips the salt-timer14:58
inetproMaaz: coffee please14:59
Maazinetpro: Done14:59
Kiloslo gussie14:59
inetprohehe Kilos, how goes it?15:00
Kilosi dunno. snaakse goed15:00
Kilosi musta downloaded stresslinux sometime and found it on my external and made an .iso of it and when i boot from the cd it runs a while then ask for login name and password15:02
nlsthznMaaz, tea please15:02
MaazEverybody here drinks coffee or goes thirsty15:02
nlsthznMaaz, pretty please?!15:02
Maaznlsthzn: Go get it yourself!15:02
Kiloshow can you supply that info if you have never installed it anywhere before15:02
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and inetpro!15:02
inetproMaaz: ngiyabonga15:02
Kiloshey nlsthzn 15:02
Maazinetpro: Excuse me?15:02
Kiloshe will give you rusks with you tea15:02
KilosMaaz, thanks15:03
MaazKilos: Okay :-)15:03
magespawnlater all15:03
nlsthznKilos, many live CD's come with a user name and password pre-configured15:03
nlsthznshould have the info on the site you downloaded it from 15:03
Kilosi cant even remember doing it15:04
Kilosmusta been some time when i had a 2 g data bundle15:04
Kilosits only 89m or something15:05
Kilosstupid thing boots and tells me enjoy and then asks for login name15:05
Kilosmaybe thats the stress part, making one try get past the password and login15:07
nlsthznAny of the gurus here know why tab autocomplete in terminal in my 11.10 install may be working less than optimal... it autocompletes the first command in a series but nothing after that15:08
nlsthznso it will autocomplete apt-get but not update or upgrade or install15:08
inetpronlsthzn: parameters of commands are not typically autocompleteted15:18
inetproalthough I think that I have seen some of it15:19
inetpronlsthzn: are you lazy?15:22
inetpronlsthzn: or is it perhaps something that used to work and no longer does?15:24
inetpronlsthzn: have a look at the freshmeat project: bash programmable completion http://freshmeat.net/projects/bashcompletion15:25
nlsthzninetpro, it used to work in earlier releases... natty... etc.15:26
nlsthznlike when you want to install a package, all I needed to do was start typing the first bit of a package and I would get a whole list of available ones... now nothing...15:26
nlsthzninetpro, I will have a look... but just odd it did work and now doesn't15:27
inetpronlsthzn: interesting, it seems autocomplete for apt-get was available in bash since before 2006030115:31
inetproor at least before Sat, 09 Feb 200815:32
nlsthznBut even if I start any chain of commands with sudo then the only thing that autocompletes is sudo :/ lol15:33
inetproso what we need to find is what changed in bash between the two versions15:33
nlsthznI can remember that every second install of natty I did would work and every other used to not work... was never able to figure it out15:34
inetpronlsthzn: see http://embraceubuntu.com/2006/01/28/turn-on-bash-smart-completion/15:38
inetprothat's kind of old but perhaps might still help15:39
inetprothere's also a package called bash-completion and I would make sure it's installed15:40
nlsthzninetpro, the lines where +- the same that I uncommented and worked like a CHARM!! Thanks so much...15:43
inetprothere seem to be a number of bugs on launchpad when I search for bash-completion, perhaps a bit of digging might reveal why it's not working by default15:45
nlsthzninetpro, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11371636&postcount=4 just to say thanks :)15:47
inetpronlsthzn: heh, np :-)15:49
inetprogreat that others can also see a solution 15:50
nlsthznIt helps yes :015:50
inetproI just hope that the maintainers of the package will pick it up and fix it for the next release15:53
nlsthzninetpro, I will keep my ears open... if it seems to be more than an isolated incident maybe a bug-fix will help?15:53
nlsthzn... dinner and a movie for me... bbl15:54
inetpronlsthzn: enjoy15:56
Wolfeyesheya all16:14
Kilosyo Wolfeyes 16:16
Kilosinetpro, how to you find a forgotten password at irc please16:32
Kiloshe remembered it16:49
Wolfeyesty 16:51
KilosWolfeyes, we should swop email addy's16:54
* Wolfeyes looks in the well.17:00
* Kilos wonders who is the domdonner17:00
Wolfeyesok gotta go have a greyoneat evening ever17:01
Wolfeyeshave a great evening everyone.17:01
Wolfeyesthe touchpad on the lappy moves the cursor17:01
* Wolfeyes waves17:01
Kiloschow now boy17:02
Symmetriaheh anyone know anyone in capetown who is looking to buy a server? :P17:08
SymmetriaI have one for sale, and lol, I'll even throw in a free ancient sun server with it (the main server is a pretty decent machine, its just bloody loud)17:08
Kerberome me pick me17:19
Symmetriayou in capetown? :P17:19
KerberoSymmetria: i would still like that red wine you promised me17:19
Symmetriaheh, seriously, the server itself = 3 grand 17:19
Kerberoand maybe have a few of those hdd's17:20
Symmetriaits sitting right here17:20
Symmetriathats with the 10 disks 17:20
Kerberohow big/how loud/how much power17:20
Kerberoie, electricity will i need17:20
Kerberoand will it fit in my car?17:20
Symmetriaheh, its not that power hungry, its a 2U server, the problem is the loudness :) its loud :P 17:20
Kerberoand yes i'm in stellenbosch17:20
Symmetriait has 3 banks of fans in it17:21
Symmetriaand yes it will fit in your car :P17:21
Kerberoloudness i can silence17:21
Kerberolet me just check my bank account17:21
SymmetriaI'm also selling my sound system but heh, thats for someone who has a fair whack of cash :P17:21
Symmetriaand for someone who has even more cash, my car is for sale :P17:21
Kerberonah, don't need sound anyway17:21
Symmetria*HRM* and I have a photo printer that someone can have since I have nothing to do with it either 17:22
Symmetriaand LOL enough networking books to fill your car that I need to get rid of as well, those are going free :P17:23
Kerberowhen will yo ube home?17:23
Symmetriaheh, I'm here all night :P and can make a plan most other times 17:23
Kerberoi'm trying to get my friends to sponsor me a lift17:24
Symmetriaplace is a mess at the moment because of me pulling shit outta cupboards to work out what I can throw away lol17:24
Symmetriaoh, I also have 2 old UPS's which someone can have as well :P need to get rid of em as well 17:24
Kerberook i do have a bankbalance that is greta enough17:25
Symmetriahehe well, stuff is here, COD to come and get it whenever you like :) 17:26
KerberoEFT ok?17:27
Symmetriawhich bank ya with?17:27
Symmetriaugh :) EFT will take forever to go through lol, unless they have a fast transfer option 17:27
Kerberoonly absa have that17:28
Symmetriaand FNB now :)17:28
Kerberoi don't think i can ATM that much at once17:28
Kerberolet me see17:28
Symmetriahehehe wanna come round tomorrow if need be?17:28
Kerberoone friend says he will go 23h17:29
Kerberoother saturday17:29
Kerberoby saturday i'll have the cash17:29
Symmetriatell ya what, you can bring me what cash you can and EFT the balance :P17:29
Kerberocan work17:29
Symmetriahow that does that sound :) then ya cna come tonight, I need to get rid of this shit :P17:29
Symmetriahehehe, how much cash ya can ATM? a grand? 2?17:30
Kerberoi'll try to get a k at each bank i'm at17:30
Kerberook 23h tonight17:31
Symmetriaworks for me17:31
Kerberoi'll phone you closer to that time17:31
Symmetriacool ya got my number17:31
Kerberofor coordinates etc17:31
Kerberowell as long as your number did not change in the past few months17:31
KerberoSymmetria: just to make sure, do you think it will fit in a city golf?17:32
Symmetriaand nah number didnt change17:33
Symmetriaheh, its also got an LSI raid controller in it17:34
* Symmetria turns it off again since its making a hell of a noise :P17:34
* inetpro wish I could get those books from Symmetria19:03
inetproMaaz: good evening19:18
MaazHello inetpro19:18
inetproMaaz: coffee on19:18
* Maaz starts grinding coffee19:18
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro!19:22
inetproMaaz: thanks19:26
Maazinetpro: Sure19:26

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