scott-workholstein:  i mentioned that i had received access to the website but i didn't think it worked13:57
scott-worki tried again last night and it still didn't work, so i email chris jones back about it13:57
scott-worki was resigned to having to get skaet and agraner involved and wait four months before i got another reply13:58
scott-work_this morning_ i get a new email from chris :)13:58
scott-workwhen i get home i will run it through pgp and see what it says ;)13:58
scott-workhopefully this means that i can update the website tonight then13:59
scott-worki will check to see if i can grant others access to the website, if not then i will file another ticket to get this privilege13:59
scott-workknome:  i added my recommendation to your wiki page :)  good luck, sir!14:32
holsteinscott-work: thats great news :)15:32
holsteineven if it still doesnt work yet, we have eyes on it, and thats good15:32
holsteini think now is the time to get that going on15:33
holsteinnot that the devs are ever really idle, but right now in the cycle is probably the best time to catch folks somewhat idle15:33
scott-worki think you are correct :)15:33
holsteinhopefully, all of this site stuff can be knocked out before the 12.04 craze starts15:34
scott-workholstein: so what do you consider as the absolute minimum to include in the new website?15:36
holsteinscott-work: i think as long as its wordpress-like, and we can edit it easily, i say, just filling in what is there on that template is great15:38
holsteinlinking to the wikis15:38
holsteinand the forums15:38
holsteinand adding news as-needed15:38
holsteinsomething that is simple and clean and can stand the test of time15:38
scott-workmy thoughts were:15:39
scott-work1. news and release announcements15:39
scott-work2. link to images15:39
scott-work3. link to help.u.c15:39
scott-work4. link to "contribute to studio" on wiki.u.c15:39
scott-worki think that's the bare minimum for this15:40
holsteinworks for me15:40
scott-worki think when the website is staged we should create or populate these, if we have not done already15:40
holsteini really think its nearly done15:40
scott-workalthough we will need to differentiate with knome when we can create pages and/or populate them15:41
holsteini think we just need to 'pull the trigger' on something15:41
holsteini *really* like what knome has15:41
scott-worki agree on both accounts15:41
knomescott-work, thanks!17:16
scott-workknome: you are welcome :)17:18
knomelet me create you accounts for the wordpress installation i have now17:18
knomeplease remember the post style is not finished yet17:18
knomemeaning, stuff you add to posts might not look good, and images are not aligned even if you set them to right-aligned in admin17:19
knomescott-work, scottalavender @ google's mail ?17:19
scott-workknome: that is correct17:20
knomenow if i could only remember my own password17:23
knomeyou got email17:28
knomeholstein, you too17:28
scott-workknome, outstanding!  thank you so much :)17:33
knomeif you need something (something looks particularly ugly, or you want to test how something would look in production), just ping me17:33
knomei'll add the alignment stuff in in a few minutes17:33
knomeif you need/want to add plugins, feel free to (just send me an email after if you left something enabled)17:35
scott-workcool :)  i will defintely look at this evening after work, thank you again17:38
knomei'll try to get some work done on the site later today or tomorrow too, so we're a bit closer to being ready for publishing too17:38
scott-workholstein:  make sure you check your spam folder if you don't see the email ;)17:41
scott-workknome:  how much should we do in this current website before the staging on canonical severs?19:46
scott-workare we just playing with it to get the feel of it to make sure things format well?19:47
scott-workor will we be able to transfer the site and the sql database to the staging area and finally to the final site?19:47
knomescott-work, transfering what you build to this site is not too hard, so you can do pretty polished things there :)19:57
scott-workdoh!  i see charlie-tca is also going for xubuntu project lead, i feel kinda bad now that i added a recommendation to knome's wiki page but didn't do anything for charlie20:37
knomescott-work, nobody said you can't cheer for both :)20:38
knomescott-work, also, the information on the nominees was released today20:38
knomeso, kind of, you couldn't know20:38
scott-workyeah, i'm going with that ;)20:38
scott-workbut charlie did a LOT of testing for us when we were down and out so i might say something nice for him as well, i hope you don't mind20:39
knomeheh, feel free to20:39
knomei think charlie is doing wonderful job on testing and QA, too20:39
knomei'm no completely sure where charlie want's the support to20:40
knomehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CharlieKravetz/XubuntuProjectLeadNomination is last edited about a year ago...20:41
knomeScottL, holstein: check your inbox for email from rt@ubuntu.com ;))22:20
knomeoff for today, so i'll have some energy left for tomorrow too22:42
knomesee you!22:42
ScottLknome, hmmm, i don't see anything special or from rt@ubuntu.com :(23:31
ScottLknome, good news however, i did manage to log into the website23:31
ScottL 23:31
ScottLin other news, the email chris jones sent is encrypted with someone else's key :|   this is like a bad dream23:32
ScottLi don't think i'll ever get into the existing website to update the release notes/links23:32
ScottLholstein, ^^^23:32

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