jo-erlendhow do I use the Launcher API from a PyGTK app? Unity seems to use gi.repository.GObject, which conflicts when I try to import it in my app.00:32
mhr3jo-erlend, something like https://github.com/emesene/emesene/blob/master/emesene/gui/common/UnityLauncher.py00:35
jo-erlendthere is no API for PyGTK users, in other word?00:38
mhr3afaik no00:40
jo-erlendwell. I guess that's a good incentive for me to get Quickly Widgets ported quickly.00:40
jo-erlendheh. So I'm actually going to spend several days trying to add a menuitem. Great. :)00:41
jo-erlenddamn... That won't do it. The entire Quickly needs to be ported. :|00:46
jmcantrellcan someone help me with unity+compiz?02:00
jmcantrellwith the grid plugin, when doing left/right window placement, size cycling doesn't work, whereas it does when doing corner placement02:02
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oSoMoNgood morning07:01
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om26ersmspillaz, Hi :-) the sru for compiz-plugins-main caused some serious regressions with the grid plugin, one example is bug 875557 Got a say?12:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 875557 in compiz-plugins-main (Ubuntu) "Compiz grid overlay appears after workspace switcher use" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87555712:00
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alourieI need some info on how Unity lenses work15:02
alouriehow, for example, typing "friendly" finds checkbox?15:02
davidcallealourie, the search engine uses informations stored in the .desktop file of the application15:03
davidcalleIf you look at /usr/share/applications/checkbox-gtk.desktop, there is the line :15:04
davidcalle"Comment=Test your system and submit results to the Ubuntu Friendly project"15:04
alouriedavidcalle: does it only look for "comment" field?15:05
davidcallealourie, i'm not sure. It uses Name, Comment, maybe Categories. And the translated fields.15:07
alouriedavidcalle: ah, so there are categories? Can they be used as "tags"?15:10
davidcallealourie, I think so. But I don't think it's the proper way of using it. A nicely worded Comment would be preferable because shells that are not Unity use Categories to nest your application in the right menu.15:13
alouriedavidcalle: ok, got it. Is there a way to set which match appears first? Or is it on a-b-c basis?15:14
alourieand while we're there, can it be made to parse things like "tag:me" in the search field?15:15
alourieand have this "tag" field in the .desktop file?15:15
kamstrupdavidcalle, alourie: we also check X-GNOME-Keywords15:16
alouriekamstrup: ok, and how about ^^ that feature? Is it hard to implement?15:18
kamstrupdavidcalle, alourie: we index Name, DisplayName, Comment, Exec, and X-GNOME-Keywords15:19
kamstrupalourie: the apps lens does not have a concept of tags...15:20
kamstrupand - hits aresorted by relevancy15:20
kamstrupand if there is no query, they are sorted alphabetically15:20
alouriekamstrup: ok, I get it doesn't have the concept yet. Would it be hard to implement?15:21
kamstrupalourie: no - but it would be hard to add the metadata to the apps - and frankly - what value would it add?15:21
alourieif all the data (for tags) can be used in Comment or Category or X-GNOME-Keywords15:22
alouriethen you're right15:22
kamstrupalourie: or, I am not really sure what you want to accomplish really, :-)15:23
kamstrupalourie: the apps lens already support a few prefixes that you cna use to control the queries - they are undocumented though15:25
alouriekamstrup:  there's a brainstorm item about it, so I wanted to understand how unity does it :-)15:25
kamstrupalourie: section, type, category, namepkgname, exec, keyword15:25
kamstrupalourie: try fx "exec:gc"15:26
kamstrupmatches all apps that contain "gc" in the fiename of the executable15:26
kamstrupor "keyword:print" matching apps with "print" in X-GNOME-Keywords15:27
Saviqgreyback: PM?15:33
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ali1234when i press ctrl-alt-2 to make the window fill the top half of the screen, is that part of the compiz grid plugin?15:35
mardygreyback: hi! Any news about https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/unity-2d/shutdown-problem/+merge/79168 ?15:37
Saviqmardy, greyback: re ^, I will rework the KeyMonitor to use QSocketNotifier on ConnectionNumber(display) and XPending(display), unless you want to pick that up15:39
alouriekamstrup: ah! this may be it!15:39
mardySaviq: you're welcome :-)15:40
mhr3kenvandine, where can i find the gwibber lens?16:06
kenvandinemhr3, unity-lens-gwibber is the package16:06
kenvandinethe source is in lp:gwibber16:07
mhr3kenvandine, i'm looking for bzr branch16:07
mhr3ah, k16:07
kenvandinealthough, the async changes i made over the weekend broke the build for the lens16:07
kenvandinei am fixing it right now16:07
mhr3async changes?16:07
kenvandinei made refresh_model async16:07
kenvandinein libgwibber16:07
kenvandineand now it complains about unused variables16:08
mhr3hmm, ok i see16:08
kenvandineso in lp:gwibber it is in the lens subdir16:08
kenvandinemhr3, for now to get it to build, you can just disable the maintainer flags16:19
kenvandine --enable-maintainer-flags=no16:19
mhr3kenvandine, that's fine thx, i just needed to run a quick grep ;)16:19
mhr3figuring out if small api change in dee is going to affect anyone16:20
kamstrupkenvandine: did you see the startup optimizations I did in my profiling branch?18:09
kamstrupkenvandine: in essence was to only pass the filters over the model one time18:09
kamstrupkenvandine: cut off 500ms of 100% cpu churn on my i5 sandybridge18:10
kamstrupso probably a lot more on netbooks and the likes18:10
kenvandinei didn't...18:10
kenvandinedid you push it?  i am skimming over the commit messages and it isn't jumping out to bite me18:10
kenvandineoh, NM18:11
kenvandine<- idiot18:11
kenvandineit was at the top :)18:11
kamstrupkenvandine: lp:~kamstrup/gwibber/stream-profiling ... I probably broke some things :-) but basic functionality was still working :-)18:11
kenvandinei look at it18:11
kenvandinethe slowness on the dbus call was lacking and index on the table in the DB18:12
kenvandinebrought the sql query from 1.25s to 0.003s18:12
kamstrupkenvandine: ah... going to an async dbus call should also help a lot18:12
kenvandineyeah, for precise i want to make that dbus call async18:13
kenvandinebut did make refresh_model in libgwibber async18:13
kenvandinewhich helped a ton too18:13
kenvandinekamstrup, i'll work on updating that to apply to trunk18:16
kenvandinelooks good to me18:16
Trevinhohey kamstrup: what do you think about this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/869888 (comment #2)18:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 869888 in Ayatana Design "when selecting an application, dash should match words in the middle of name" [Low,Triaged]18:37
kamstrupTrevinho: the problem is that this would make matching between the apps from software center and installed once different18:53
kamstrupTrevinho: as substring matching can not be implemented efficiently18:53
kamstrupTrevinho: adding to that that I also want the matching between the files and apps lenses to be identical, so we'd need this on files as well, which is a non-starter18:54
Trevinhokamstrup: ok, maybe substringing could be avoided, however... tools like gnome do or synapse are really efficent on that matching...19:04
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haibanealright, let me tell you what makes unity unusable and see if you can work with me here. First, you know how I have to Right clicke to get to a category of apps, then I have to left click on that category to get a list of icons of my apps. Thats god awful. Can you make an icon that I Left click to get a menu of my apps like gnome 2?20:58
haibaneand lastly, I need different sessions of the same applications all the time. It works best when I have all those things in tabs on my taskbar like gnome 2, windows, and every sane interface since the invention of the gui. Is there anyway to add that functionality to unity20:59
haibanethats it really. the glowing icon thing is unusable and confusing. I can deal with the whole "disappearing" universal menu thing that only works half the time and I can deal with the fact that your disappearing taskbar that only works half the time. If I had those two things, even if they were hidden in settings or whatnot. I could deal21:02
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davidcalleHaibane, hi. You should try Unity in 11.10, your first complaint is fixed there.21:24
haibanehow so?21:26
haibanedavidcalle: I have used unity in 11:10. Its not fixed, you have media apps and internet apps (woohoo, two whole categories, still giant icons) and find files which doesn't actually find any files.21:31
haibaneif when clicking the ubuntu icon, it send me to find apps. It would probably be a bit better but ugh.. alright. I can live with that I guess.21:33
haibaneerm, find files. which is find applications not files21:34
haibaneand why the heck would you try to use so many 3d effects when 2d open source drivers work great and the 3d drivers work only a quarter of the time and sometimes the fallback crashes the whole os?21:36
haibanewell, on a good note. Its better then gnome 3. Which has alienated everyone ever. I had one guy i installed ubuntu for complain about unity. I showed him gnome 3, eyes like dinner plates21:39
haibaneany chance that the taskbar can be fixed so it doesn't try to copy windows 7/osx?21:44
haibanewell, i hope for the next version these things are included. have to do some more work22:03
Pablo___could you tell me how to move side bar where lauchers are placed?23:32
Pablo___I want to put it on low edge23:33

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