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jcastroSpamapS: I need your flight info pls.12:55
jcastroanyone else coming in today?12:55
kaaloohazmat: Hi, working on elb charm.  --policy=local  doesn't work with deploy for me and couldn't find the option anywhere on trunk.14:09
hazmathmmm. i might have gotten the option wrong14:15
* hazmat double checks14:15
hazmatjcastro, i'm coming in today14:15
hazmatjcastro, airport arrival 3:26pm14:15
hazmatkaaloo, oh.. right. we removed the placement policy cli option14:16
* hazmat sighs14:17
hazmatkaaloo, its only available as environments.yaml option now14:17
kaaloohazmat, ok I'll see what effect that has in a bit, debugging on ec2 now.  Will that still work with the ec2 provider ?  Everything on machine 0 ?14:22
hazmatkaaloo, it will still work with ec2 its just not truly a deploy time decision anymore, its an environment config property14:23
hazmatwe changed this out at the last minute b4 release because we had some uncertainty about the correct interface, and the placement work wasn't fully fleshed out to cover additional use cases14:24
kaaloohazmat, no problem, I'll check that out.  Thanks for you help14:26
* hazmat switches out to packing and racing the airport14:37
drt24so the documentation appears to indicate that juju only works with ec2 but https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Orchestra/Juju indicates it might also work with orchestra. Does that mean that I can build a local cloud and then use juju on it?14:47
hazmatdrt24, you can use juju with a local cloud, or deploy a local cloud with juju14:49
SpamapSjcastro: I am on the plane.. its blue and white. WATCH FOR US15:18
SpamapSjcastro: that info?15:18
SpamapSjcastro: 4:10pm ua26115:19
* SpamapS defies the order to shut off electronics while frantically downloading jujju and local dev deps before takeoff15:27
* SpamapS wishes every flight had inflight wifi15:27
* SpamapS signs off15:31
hazmatjcastro, are you doing an airport pickup?15:57
rogoff for the day. see y'all tomorrow.17:51
robbiewbcsaller: around?20:03
bcsallerrobbiew: yeah20:03
robbiewgot time for g+ catchup?20:03
bcsallerof course20:03
robbiewcool deal...will send an invite20:04
bcsallerrobbiew: just sent one, but I'll look for yours20:04
* hazmat yawns21:17
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