Daskreechvalorie: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia-pacific/285-indian-girls-replace-names-meaning-unwanted-to-rise-above-gender-discrimination/2011/10/22/gIQAb9vI6L_story.html Thought you would like that02:07
valoriethanks Daskreech02:37
valoriethat's great that they are changing02:39
valoriebut how horribly sad that they were ever named that, or were unwanted02:39
valorieIndia will not become the great nation she can be until all humans are valued equally02:40
Daskreechvalorie: I know it's such a mixed emotion article02:50
valorieprogress is good, celebration is good02:50
Daskreechyes. I like that the school peers are choosing to use the new names02:51
valorieI knew my parents wanted a boy, but I didn't feel unwanted02:51
valoriehere in the US, when parents CAN choose, they are more often choosing girls02:51
valorieI would like all children to be wanted, loved, nurtured02:53
valoriewe'll get there eventually02:53
ScottKJontheEchidna: No.  I think it's the opposite.  ppa-purge removes the packages from your system.  I think klearppa removes the packages from the PPA.02:54
JontheEchidnaaah,makes sense02:54
DaskreechTHey choose girls?02:55
Daskreechhmm wonder why?02:55
macoDaskreech: perception that boys are pains in the rear to raise?02:55
macothat whole "*sigh* boys will be boys....*tut tut*"02:55
Daskreechmaco: They are02:56
DaskreechNot saying that it's a breath of fresh air raising girls02:57
ScottKNo, but it's definitely different.02:57
* Daskreech smiles02:59
JontheEchidnaScottK: btw, how hard would it be to get muon/libqapt 1.2.2 SRU'd if they follow KDE point release policy?03:00
DaskreechDoes the new LTS rule apply for Kubuntu ?03:00
ScottKJontheEchidna: I think it'd be an email to the TB.  Not a big deal.03:00
ScottKDaskreech: What rule?03:00
DaskreechLTS is 5 yr support03:00
ScottKIt'd be weird for it not to since it's exactly no more work to do so.03:01
ScottKI suppose that'll get worked out at UDS.03:01
* Daskreech wants to start pimping Kubuntu locally03:02
DaskreechBut it seems that they are making LTS to LTS upgrades much more centered around when the new LTS comes out03:06
valoriewhat do you folks think about testing http://www.jupiterapplet.org/ to use in Kub?03:08
valorieI keep hearing that battery use in *buntu is half as good as Windows03:09
Daskreechvalorie: I dont' know about 1/2 but it's certainly poorer03:12
Daskreechsabdfl got elected to the Community Council. Nice 03:14
ScottKvalorie: It'd need to be really tested to see if it's better.  At a glance, some of the things they are doing (changing CPU mode) are obsolete with modern kernels.03:26
valorieI haven't heard about anyone else working on solutions for the problem03:31
valorieseems like more folks would be interested03:32
yofel_JontheEchidna: ppa-purge removes packages from your system, klearppa removes sources from a PPA04:37
yofel_good morning btw. :)04:37
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JontheEchidnahaha, I'm about to go to bed04:45
JontheEchidnayay timezones :P04:45
shadeslayerQuintasan: yeah, but I can't do anything till they crack the sbk v2 key and fix the mini boot loader thingy08:36
shadeslayerand stupid xbox .. doesn't come with a variable voltage adapter08:37
Riddellbonjour bambee 09:30
bambeesalut Riddell  :)09:31
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Riddellapachelogger: did you register blueprints for UDS or did I imagine that?10:47
apacheloggerRiddell: you must have imagined, or launchpad ate them :)10:51
Riddellnom nom10:55
RiddellJontheEchidna: do we need/want a session for muon?10:56
RiddellQuintasan: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Specs/UDS-P has a maybe by your name, do you know if you're coming?10:58
Riddellmaco: are you expecting to be in kubuntu sessions?  can I put you on that page?11:01
JontheEchidnaRiddell: yeah, I think I'd like a session and maybe see what the Kubuntu dev community can come up with as a wishlist.11:17
JontheEchidnais there anybody who speaks french that could help me with bug 283728? If I could get him to provide a backtrace I think it would help.11:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283728 in hplip (Debian) "HP usb network print adapter SDCAB-07-06" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28372811:22
JontheEchidnakde bug 28372811:22
ubottuKDE bug 283728 in installer "MSC crashes when review fetch completes during cache reload" [Crash,New] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28372811:22
JontheEchidnakde bug 28489611:22
ubottuKDE bug 284896 in installer "muon crash" [Crash,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28489611:22
Riddellc'est un boog!11:22
Riddellun moment11:23
RiddellJontheEchidna: translation added, it's not very enlightening11:25
JontheEchidnaHmm :(11:25
JontheEchidnagotta go, bbl11:26
Riddellbambee: quel est la difference entre "bonsoir" et "bonne soiree"?11:54
bambeeRiddell: "bonsoir" est équivalent à "good evening", tu salues une personne et c'est le soir. "bonne soirée" est équivalent à "have a nice evening", tu l'utilises lorsque tu souhaites dire au revoir et souhaiter une bonne soirée à une personne.12:03
bambeeRiddell: that's probably better to continue this discussion on #kde-fr, nop ?12:04
txwikingerAny idea why muon during upgrade always freezes?12:46
txwikingerapt-get upgrade works fine12:47
ScottKQuintasan: I confirmed the Kickoff thing is a regression from 4.7.1.  Also switch to classic kickoff is missing.12:55
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macoRiddell: yeah13:28
yofelrekonq needs testing btw: bug 88092213:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 880922 in rekonq (Ubuntu Oneiric) "SRU tracking bug for rekonq 0.8" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88092213:31
Quintasan_ScottK: I see, the bug was reported by someone else I guess?13:35
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* Quintasan would like to backport the patch13:35
QuintasanRiddell: I'll be coming for sure, forgot to edit13:36
CIA-130[lp:kubuntu-dev-tools] Philip Muškovac * 132 * bin/klearppa clean up the options, add an option to use a different source package status than Published and workaround lplib weirdness14:17
CIA-130[lp:kubuntu-dev-tools] Philip Muškovac * 133 * bin/klearppa typo14:20
_Groo_hi/2 14:22
yofelo/ _Groo_14:22
_Groo_yo yofel :D14:23
_Groo_im doing git calligra packages for oneiric as we speak14:23
jtechidnatxwikinger: hicolor-icon-theme's update trigger script is hanging when gtk-update-icon-cache errors out: https://launchpad.net/bugs/85579314:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 855793 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu 11.10 beta 1: Error upgrading using muon" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:27
txwikingerjtechidna: Well. but apt-get does not hang 14:28
jtechidnadpkg is doing the hanging. muon just seems to expose the bug14:29
txwikingerhmm.. I hear you, I am still confused why I never get the problem with apt-get14:29
yofeltoo many errors to stderr maybe?14:29
yofelas I remember the flood of messages when you update that14:30
txwikingeror maybe you need a timeout14:30
jtechidnaapt-get is usually run in a full-blown terminal emulator usually. That might be the difference14:30
jtechidnaeh, too much usually in that sentence ;-)14:30
txwikingerthe problem is that inexperienced users use muon and it freezes, they reboot and dpkg is locked14:30
* yofel usually just uses aptitude :P14:30
jtechidnait also seems to be a regression, since the same version of qapt/muon don't exhibit this error in 11.0414:31
txwikingeryes.. I always havee those GdkPixbuf errors on commandline14:32
txwikingerWhy do we need to run gtk-update-icon-cache in KDE?14:33
txwikingerubuntu is so messed up :(14:34
jtechidnaGtk uses an icon cache for its core icon system, and it needs to be updated when the icons change. So if hicolor-icon-theme and a gtk package are both installed the update occurs14:35
jtechidnaso as long as gtk is installed, the icon cache update is needed for icons to work properly with gtk apps14:36
txwikingerStill no reason to have all those errors for several releases now14:43
QuintasanKubuntu fails to discover my intergrated ethernet card15:02
QuintasanI mean, how the hell it's even possible15:06
QuintasanAH !#%@#$@# THIS15:06
rbelemQuintasan, i just generated an arm cross compiler tarball pkg to use with icecc16:28
apachelogger<3 xcompiling16:28
* rbelem hugs apachelogger16:28
rbelemapachelogger, i will build the active packages with that16:29
apacheloggerrbelem: I thought we have a PPA?16:30
rbelemapachelogger, they are really busy16:30
apacheloggerhow about we install an open build serivce on the arm farm at ScottK's16:30
rbelemapachelogger, that would be awesum16:31
* rbelem goes for lunch16:37
yofeluhm. Why does kubuntu-full recommend nvidia-current and fglrx?17:34
yofeldepending on something like bcmwl-kernel-source at least doesn't break anything17:35
yofelinstalling the nvidia or ati drivers will at least disable MESA. So if you're using intel you're left without opengl17:36
apacheloggeryofel: cause it is full of brekage? *shrug*19:48
yofelwhy are we shipping breakage? ...19:48
apacheloggerwhy do the prop drivers screw with MESA anyway?19:48
apacheloggerseems rather brain dead to me19:48
yofelwell, nvidia ships it's own libGL, so you somehow need to manage that19:48
apacheloggeryofel: listen to the oneiric defaults sessoin from last uds19:49
apacheloggerthere is reasons, they are not good IMHO, but they are there19:49
apacheloggeryofel: ah, right19:49
apacheloggeryofel: well, that is a pain in the neck right there19:50
apacheloggerit would totally make sense to have full provide all the rubbish one might or might not need19:50
apacheloggerhowever if stuff is mutually exclusive that sort of compromises the use of it all19:51
yofelwell, it's not mutually exclusive.... but you would've to run a few update-alternative switches after installing it for it to work...19:51
apacheloggerright, so they are effectively mutually exclusive or something :P19:52
* yofel files a bug and leaves the discussion for UDS19:52
apacheloggerwhich reminds me19:53
apacheloggerrbelem: I submitted the harmattan app to nokia store, see what they have to say about it19:53
rbelemapachelogger, nice :-)19:53
apacheloggerif it is good I'll try to squeeze symbian in too19:54
apacheloggeralso Quintasan still needs to make the android ui19:54
apacheloggeror maybe shadeslayer19:54
rbelemapachelogger, could it be the same ui?19:55
apacheloggerstructure wise, yes, for android2 anyway19:56
apacheloggerandroid2 also has a page like navigation system inside apps19:56
apacheloggerBUT we'd need new components for android19:56
apacheloggerwe can't simply copy the harmattan or symbian components unfortunately19:56
apacheloggerthough doing android components (from a non-UI) pov is not too complicated19:57
apacheloggercopy the page stack impl from harmattan components and you are half way done19:57
apacheloggerIIRC qtandroid even has screen size and rotation hinting implemented19:58
* Quintasan wonders how many dollarz should he take19:58
apachelogger200 should be more than enough19:59
apacheloggerunless you wanna go buy disney swag :P19:59
QuintasanNah, I'll take 300 in case I see some hardware I want19:59
Quintasanor some other stuff19:59
jjesseyou going to buy a phone or something while in US?19:59
apacheloggerQuintasan: unlikely you have time to go shopping :P20:00
rbelemapachelogger, i saw an app that was published in android market and nokia store20:00
apacheloggeranyhow... they have ATMs in the US ;)20:00
rbelembuilt in qt20:00
rbelemapachelogger, do you know about this app?20:00
apacheloggerI read about it, but I forgot what it was20:01
apacheloggerbut IIRC it did not have a 'platform' ui but a highly themed artwork based one20:01
rbelemmaybe its source would be helpful20:01
apacheloggerif it is floss ;)20:01
rbelemit is20:01
rbelemlet me check the name20:01
Quintasanrbelem: You are coming to UDS?20:02
rbelemQuintasan, yup20:02
Quintasanrbelem: Great20:03
apacheloggerQuintasan: yeah, and he will whip your booty hard if you don't get started on the android ui20:03
QuintasanI told you I ain't doing it20:03
QuintasanLet us have sheytan design something20:04
apacheloggerhow does that help coding?20:04
apacheloggerplus rbelem has someone already on it20:04
apacheloggeror so he claimed, I have yet to see results :P20:04
QuintasanProblem solved20:04
rbelemi will poke the designers again here20:05
Quintasanapachelogger: Would it be possible to port my QTrollface to androidz?20:05
* apachelogger would poke his designers, but they don't seem to be approachable much ^^20:06
QuintasanWITH the memleak feature of coursse20:06
QuintasanOh well, going to bed20:07
yofelnini Quintasan20:08
rbelemapachelogger, here is the post http://tamss60.tamoggemon.com/2011/10/11/first-android-meego-symbian-qt-app-released-to-stores/20:27
afiestasQuintasan: you're still under 21, right?20:29
rbelemafiestas, apachelogger, an app that i've been working http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/313313_10150354902107017_529232016_8435036_234663579_n.jpg20:31
rbelemit was presented today night20:31
rbelemin the party of qt dev days20:32
rbelemQuintasan, hahaha you cannot drink :-D20:32
afiestasrbelem: ready for our week of hacking in "All sharing stuff" ?20:39
afiestasyou better be :p20:39
rbelemafiestas, i'm ready ya ;-)20:44
afiestasrbelem: :p20:44
rbelemafiestas, bring it on20:45
rbelemstreet fighters talks20:46
apacheloggerrbelem: is jukebox open? :P21:00
rbelemapachelogger, yup21:04
rbelemapachelogger, the source will be released soon :-D21:04
* apachelogger hugs rbelem21:04
rbelemapachelogger, like chicken wranglers21:05
* apachelogger totally failed when trying to get hold of the n9 browser code :P21:05
* rbelem hugs back apachelogger 21:05
* apachelogger has a total code fetish21:05
rbelemapachelogger, do you know if they released the code?21:06
apacheloggerthey haven't21:06
apacheloggerI wasn't even able to find out who would be responsible for that at this point *shrug*21:07
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