xieyiThe software center and the upgrade notification of kubuntu 11.04 is convenient. Why does the 11.11 change it to muon?00:30
Linkmasterxieyi: its used muon since 11.04. 11.10 is just an enhancement of it00:36
SIR_Tacoxieyi: I beleive the idea is that Muon gives you the "basic" and "expert" options00:37
glennwhipplei installed kubuntu-desktop -- how do i uninstall ubuntu and its gnome apps so it has kde only apps installed?00:41
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »00:42
glennwhipplei installed kubuntu-desktop on 11.10 -- how do i uninstall ubuntu and its gnome apps so it has kde only apps installed?00:50
macoglennwhipple: read what ubottu said00:50
glennwhippleremoving the ubuntu-desktop metapackage does nothing00:50
glennwhipplethat link refers to 9.04 and earlier00:50
Don_jrI have recently installed the newest Kubuntu for download.  I have nvidia drivers installed but cannot find where to add more resolutions or color depth. the xorg.conf file doesn't have much in it anymore.00:51
macoglennwhipple: read the manual one. i dont know who put the automatic bit in, but im going to remove it00:51
macooh ugh00:51
SIR_Tacowhat maco and ubottu are suggesting will work00:51
macono they wont00:51
macobecause SOMEONE copied the psychocats stuff into a wiki then didnt keep it up to date with psychocats!00:51
macoubottu: no !purekde is <reply> If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »00:52
glennwhipplemaco: thanks!00:52
Don_jrCould someone direct me where to manually add screen resolutions and depth please?  xorg.conf appears to be much more limited than I remember it.00:56
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:56
macoDon_jr: see that wiki page for how to use xrandr00:56
Linkmasterspeaking of X...when will kubuntu start supporting wayland?01:08
Don_jrgetting an error attempting to run the commands suggested on that wiki site.  reading through the thread and still can't find an answer to my error.01:08
SentynelDon_jr: if you're using the nvidia binary drivers, open nvidia x server settings01:11
Don_jrI have looked in teh settings, it doesn't list the resolution that I'm trying to get to, which I know my monitor supports, nor will it allow me to go past 16mill color depth.01:13
Sentynelwhat colour depth are you hoping for exactly?01:14
macothere's something past 16mil?01:16
macoLinkmaster: when ubuntu does? i dont think wayland is intended before the next lts at least01:16
macooh theres nothing else before the next lts is there? ok well not 12.04!01:16
LinkmasterI'm including backports and the like. Even hack installs. I just want to know whether it'll start working(supposedly, 11.10 can work using openGL ES, but I'm not sure about it)01:19
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Don_jrI have installed kubuntu 11.10 fresh yesterday, I have an nvidia graphics card and the drivers appear to be working somewhat properly.  But some resolution and color depth are missing in the nvidia config settings.  I've tried xrandr to manually add resolutions with no success.  How else might I go about doing this?01:41
SIR_TacoDon_jr: what resolutions and colour depths aren't working?01:42
Don_jr1280x1025 resolution doesnt' appear in the config drop down menu and 16mil colors is the max it will allow me to select01:42
Don_jrin the past I've had to manually add things to xorg.conf to make this work.  But xorg.conf no longer appears to be tehre for me to do that with.01:43
SIR_TacoDon_jr: are you sure you're using the "Nvidia" drivers?01:43
Don_jrit shows as 'active' in the 'additional drivers' list and teh nvidia config tool works for changing resolutions, it just doesn't give me the resolutions or color depth that I know this card/monitor can use.01:45
Don_jrI have attempted to cvt 1280x1025 and add the mode and then set it to default with no positive results01:45
Don_jrI get Configuring crt1 failed01:46
SIR_TacoDon_jr: any idea what your driver version is?01:46
Don_jreven when I change the resolution within the nvidia settings after a restart it reverts back, due to the fact that I can't save it to an x configuration file01:47
Don_jrlet me check01:47
SentynelDon_jr: no xorg.conf is used by default but you can create one and it'll be used01:47
Sentynelagain, what colour depth are you expecting to get?01:47
Don_jrthere's only one more above the 16mil colors isn't there?01:48
Don_jrdon't remember if it's 28 or 3201:48
Don_jrI can't find the driver version01:48
Sentynelas I understand it 32 bit is misleading; it simply refers to 24 bit colours plus an 8-bit alpha channel01:48
Sentynel24 bit is the maximum depth for the actual colours01:49
Don_jrdont' remember how to look, but the nvidia config shows the proper card and the additional drivers says the drivers are current and up to date01:49
SIR_TacoSentynel: you are right01:49
SIR_TacoDon_jr: open Konsole and type : "nvidia-settings --version"01:49
Don_jrDidn't know that, but good to learn.  I jsut know it will go above 16mil, on my winblows side of the partition I get all of these01:50
Don_jrversion 280.1301:50
SIR_TacoDon_jr: ok well that's good01:51
Don_jrfrom past experiences it's the monitor that causes teh issue.  it's an older samsung SyncMaster 731b, I've always had to manually add the resolutions and depth to the xorg.conf before01:52
Don_jrcreating a proper xorg.conf from scratch is not something I believe I could do without much help lol01:53
SIR_TacoDon_jr: is it a DVI or VGA port?01:53
Don_jrconnected via vga at teh moment as I don't have a dvi cord01:54
SIR_TacoDon_jr: ok, only asking becuase I have a DVI/VGA monitor that forgets it can accept DVI01:55
Don_jrNo problem, yes teh monitor and card both have dvi ports, I just don't have a cord to do so, and from what I've read there isn't much of a performance issue between the two so I never bothered to get one.01:56
Don_jreither way it sounds as if I'm going to have to attempt to create a xorg.conf file from scratch01:57
Don_jrwill xconfigure do this for me?01:57
Don_jrxonfig or whichever it is, been a while01:58
SIR_TacoDon_jr: you can have nvidia create your Xorg config for you.... beats the old days02:03
Don_jrtried that, didn't work, had like 2 lines in it.  BUT Xorg :1 -configure did create a file for me, I'm fiddling with it now02:04
Don_jrwill need to restart X in a few mins, though I don't remember how to do that directly02:04
SIR_TacoDon_jr: "sudo nvidia-xconfig" will do it02:06
Don_jrI'll try that if this doesn't work, do I have to reboot completely to restart X or is there another way?02:07
SIR_TacoDon_jr: you need to log-out at least... might have to restarte X (when you log out I think it's "ALT-E"... but there's a menu option there too somewhere)02:09
Don_jralright, back in a few02:09
Don_jrtrying the nvidia way now, that xorg.conf did not work properly, had to start in failsafe mode02:11
Don_jrokay, that xorg.conf looks much nicer, restarting X again, back in a few02:15
SIR_TacoDon_jr: So?02:16
Don_jralright, well now it's on and I have to setup the default resolutions, this appears to be working thus far02:16
Don_jrother than extremely limited(2 very low) resolutions lol02:16
SIR_TacoDon_jr: but does it show your monitor/video card resolution/colour depth?02:17
Don_jrthe conf file does not show everything correct just yet, well not to display properly02:17
Don_jrnot sure what your asking or looking for.02:17
Don_jrthe nvidia server settings give me the option of 2 resolutions02:18
Don_jrthat's it02:18
SIR_Tacoyou should only have two options... 16 and 2402:18
Don_jrI have 8, 15, 16 and 2402:19
SIR_Tacobut your resolution isn't right?02:19
Don_jr640x480 is the highest resolution shown02:19
SIR_Tacoare you sure that you're using the nvidia drivers?02:20
Don_jrhopefully just adding the 'modes' line to the display will fix that?02:20
SIR_Tacoopen konsole and type: "lsmod | grep nvidia"02:20
Don_jrnvidia              10390874  30     is the output02:24
Don_jrI have added teh 'modes' line to the xorg.conf was about to restart to test it.  should I wait or give it a shot?02:24
SIR_Tacogive it a shot I guess02:27
nafgHi, I keep losing audio in Oneiric. Mixer volumes are all up and unmuted.02:29
nafgNo sound!02:31
nafgaplay seems to go forever02:31
nafgAnyone around? No sound, aplay hangs02:44
mase_worknafg: be patient someone may be able to help02:46
Don_jradding the 'modes' line did not help a thing...02:46
mase_worknafg: perhaps try supplying more information. like if other applications have the same issue. if you google ubuntu sound debug you should find some resources to help you work out where the issue is02:51
nafgmase_work: The problem is it's not so clear what's for what version of Ubuntu.02:51
nafgThere's no sound in any application.02:51
nafgAre you familiar with the 'amixer' command?02:51
mase_workthe last one gives version information02:52
DaskreechHmm nice LTS is 5 years02:55
nafgmase_work: Thanks! Will see what happens 330MBs later...02:57
Don_jrSIR_Taco you still there?  The alterations I made to the xorg.conf did not help.02:57
nafgIncidentally, what are all the version numbers in e.g. libpam-runtime_1.1.3-2ubuntu2.1_amd6403:00
SIR_TacoDon_jr: did you do an upgrade or a new install of 11.10?03:02
Don_jrcompletely new install yesterday03:09
Don_jrthe last time I had kubuntu on here was back with gusty and I got a new HD so I downloaded the newest one and installed all yesterday03:09
mase_worknafg: good luck03:10
nafgStill installing a bunch of unrelated things...03:11
Starwatcherhi all, since the last update of kde, has any one had problems with Kstars not starting and giving a fault(11)?03:15
DaskreechStarwatcher: nice nick btw03:19
nafgsudo apt-get  --reinstall install libasound203:21
StarwatcherThanks LOL03:21
nafgE: Internal Error, No file name for libasound203:21
nafgAny idea?03:21
LinuxephusGreetings one and all present.03:47
Steve132My volume knob doesn't seem to have any obvious impact on the volume03:55
Don_jrSIR_Taco I have the problem fixed! :D  Thanks for your patience and help04:00
Steve132Sorry, I d/c...is anyone else having a problem where the volume indicator doesn't seem to have an effect on the actual volume?04:13
mase_workSteve132: what do you mean by volume indicator?04:15
Steve132I mean I have volume up/down/mute buttons on my keyboard, and when I use them knotify shows me a progress bar that increases and decreases correctly as I press them04:15
Steve132but the volume of the sound is unaffected04:15
* TheEvilPhoenix has never had that issue04:16
mase_workah i don't have that but it might be that it's altering the wrong channel04:16
Steve132how would I check/fix that?04:16
mase_workrmb select primary channel maybe04:17
mase_workyou could open kmix04:17
mase_workand change the volume and see which bar is reduce04:17
Steve132So, I just did that04:21
Steve132and it does seem to be incorrect04:21
Steve132I apparently have two sound devices in this machine04:21
Steve132one is hdmi04:21
Steve132and the other is my speakers04:21
Steve132that would be great except setting everything to prefer to not use the hdmi seems to have no effect04:21
mase_workthere are a few places you have to make the settings, unfortunately it's still a bit fiddley04:22
mase_workone day i'll submit a bug report about it04:22
Steve132think you could help me to figure it out?04:23
Steve132Where are the places I need to make the settings?04:29
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Steve132I think I fixed it.  Thank you04:54
vehemothI'm using plasma-windowed to display notifications, is it possible to set a region so that I can have them right aligned. Currently I have to have them on the left side because they expand rightwards if they are larger04:56
vehemothand Ideas on how to define a region where plasma can display plasmoids05:10
vehemothCan I define a region for plasmoids?05:24
DaemonFCI'd like to know what is going on with the indicator plasmoid lately05:31
DaemonFCKonversation and KMail no longer use it05:31
DaemonFCand Kopete doesn't work right with it at all (it alerts you to the first incoming message then that's it, no more green lights for new messages) then eventually it's impossible to restore Kopete from it05:32
DaemonFCI had to give up and remove the indicator and tell Kopete to use the tray05:32
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xdunlapxDoes anybody know why Print Preview is broken in the text editor Leafpad?06:53
kamilnadeemhow select an application(firefox) for opening http in thunderbird on Kubuntu 11.1007:14
well_laid_lawnxdunlapx: looks like it uses xpdf here to show the preview07:16
kamilnadeemhow to select an application for opening links in thunderbird on Kubuntu 11.10.when I click on any links in thunderbird it asks me to choose an application?07:39
xardas008Hello, I installed kubuntu-desktop out of Ubuntu 11.10 but i have no possibility to shut down my computer via the Main menu like it is possible if i'd install Kubuntu directly, what did i forget?08:43
xardas008the only option i have is to logout and shutdown computer via lightdm08:46
xardas008or directly on the terminal08:46
number16my kubuntu 11.10 install says i only have 2.4g of ram when i have 6gigs08:50
number16i have reinstalled but to no avail08:50
number16i installed ubuntu 11.10 on here and didn't have that problem08:51
number16i'm curious as to why this happened, i've googled it and came up with nothing08:51
tdnI am currently on a corporate network which requires me to use a proxy autoconfiguration file (.PAC) to set up proxy settings, before I can access outside HTTP/HTTPS. How do I configure apt-get/aptitude to use these proxy settings? Please note that I cannot just use the http_proxy env variable as  I have to use the PAC file. I have opened the PAC file, but it is non-trivial. It is not just "use this proxy". It is more like: "use this proxy for these ne09:47
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lelamalhi all, how do i install kubuntu alongside ubuntu10:11
sirfilipjust install kubuntu desktop10:15
sirfilipthen you can choose on login which session would you like to use10:15
sirfilipgdm or kdm10:15
lelamalsirfilip, thank you!10:20
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kamilnadeemhow to select an application for opening links in thunderbird on Kubuntu 11.10.when I click on any links in thunderbird it asks me to choose an application?10:28
kamilnadeemand when I click select application it doesn't opens the application selection dialog but the chose a file dialog10:29
kamilnadeemFixed the first one ActionParsnip , I moved to usr/bin/firefox in selection dialog and It works10:38
capagirahey there10:42
capagiracan anybody point me to the replacement for qanta in oneiric ?10:43
rolandhi. there's a strange issue with the wifi card after upgrading to 11.10, all wlan's show up in network manager but not the one, I was connected to before upgrading,... laptop is HP62510:43
capagiranone ? ok thanks10:48
Sentynelsoftware sources seems to have enabled proposed updates on 11.10 of its own accord, and won't let me disable it - if I uncheck the box, it rechecks itself. before I edit sources.list myself, is this deliberate?11:15
Don_jrGood morning, I installed compiz-fusion last night, but I can't get compiz to start, when I try it gives me a segmentation fault and goofs things up and I have to reboot teh machine.  Any ideas?11:30
szaldon't use it; KWin already has all the bling-bling11:31
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JikanQuanta+ doesn't exist anymore ?12:02
phiscribeanyone know how to makersyslogd write into a database instead of or in addition to text files12:11
chemtailI just spent 6 hours doing a read-write badblock check on a drive with mkfs.ext4 yesterday, now I'm installing with the alternate CD in non-X/ncurses mode.12:15
chemtailHow can I be sure that the installer doesn't try and do a normal format on the partition?12:15
chemtailEven formatting with a read-only badblock check would defeat the purpose, so I'm basically trying not to let yesterday's hard work go to waste.12:16
chemtailAnd until I know, I'm afraid to go further with the disk partitioning/choosing section out of concerns it will start formatting and bork everything.12:17
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alexdevillxI like you13:14
* alexdevillx Hello13:14
alexdevillxOk, how did he make this?13:14
alexdevillxwait is13:17
alexdevillxhey guys13:19
alexdevillxsudo welcome2l > /etc/motd cant13:19
alexdevillxno permission13:20
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BluesKajHiyas all13:29
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Guest48231hey BluesKaj13:30
BluesKajhi Guest4823113:30
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BluesKajerr Linkmaster13:30
alexdevillxHi all13:31
LinkmasterThere we go, my connection must've reset(and I didn't notice, so I couldn't identify)13:31
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lelamalhi all, when I look for software to install from muon software center, I can't find it. What am I doning wrong, please?14:20
claydohlelamal: try using the Muon Package manager, it will show a bigger selection. What are you looking for?14:25
lelamalI'll try that now14:25
lelamalclaydoh: thanks that worked, except for skype14:26
lelamalI can't find it14:26
claydohlelamal: you my have to enable the Partners repository in the Software Sources for that14:28
lelamalI see them checked, I must have enabled it earlier14:29
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga14:31
yofellelamal: there's a known bug in muon about not finding skype in oneiric14:31
yofellelamal: please use 'sudo apt-get install skype' in Konsole for that14:32
lelamalyofel: many thanks for the links, I'll give them a read now14:32
lelamalthanks BluesKaj14:33
jedixis the ubuntu store in kubuntu 11.10?15:16
jedixif so, what is it called?15:16
jedixhow do I get to it?15:16
BluesKajjedix, http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=91715:18
rapalinois anybody around here?15:26
SailorTomjedix: I don't believe it is in kubuntu15:27
genii-aroundrapalino: After you ask a specific support question someone might try to answer :)15:27
violetakubuntu !15:28
violetaholas  , soy  nueva usando  ubuntu  ,y  tengo  have the problem15:29
DarthFrog!es | violeta15:29
ubottuvioleta: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:29
BluesKaj SailorTom , check my post above15:29
rapalinogenii-around: ok thanks... i'll tell you a few problems that i've been having aroung here...15:30
violetaubottu:  gracias15:31
rapalinoin kubuntu 11.10, idk how, but in desktop... the tab in the right corner at the top must say "Desktop", in my case, it says "unnamed"... does anybody knows how to fix it? thanks...15:32
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skramer_Hi. I had trouble upgrading to Oneiric. The upgrade stopped at some point & now I seem to be unable to complete it.16:02
GirlyGirlskramer_: Try "sudo apt-get install -f"16:03
skramer_GirlyGirl: Already tried, but it says there's no packages to upgrade...16:04
DarthFrogskramer_: Please define "unable to complete it".16:05
skramer_I tried "dpkg --configure -a", but all that did was some configuration of flashplugin16:06
DarthFrogSo how do you know the upgrade is incomplete?16:06
jedixSailorTom: it's also not in apt..16:07
skramer_"uname -r" replies 2.6.38-11-generic16:08
skramer_which means it still uses the Natty kernel16:08
SailorTomjedix: I'm a purely kde user so I can't say I've ever used it16:08
GirlyGirlskramer_: You need to reboot to use new kernel ... try lsb_release -a16:09
DarthFrogskramer: How did you upgrade to 11.10?16:10
skramer_"lsb_release -a" says that it should be Oneiric16:10
DarthFrogDid you reboot?16:10
skramer_but still I have the problem it uses the old kernel, even after reboot16:10
DarthFrogskramer_: Do you have more than one hard drive?  Is Oneiric GRUB installed on your boot drive?16:11
jedixSailorTom: me either16:12
jedixSailorTom: just saw an ebook/mag sales will be there too.. I'd like to try that16:12
SailorTomjedix: Is the package software-center not it?16:15
systemclientDid anything major change since 11.04? I know Unity changed, but what happened on the KDE side of life?17:06
DarthFrogKDE 4.717:07
systemclientokay, I can read up on that then. Anything major in the distro that causes trouble with battery life (like Natty sucked out a lot of life …)?17:08
DarthFrogNo idea.17:08
szalsystemclient: still no bug fix for battery draining17:11
systemclientszal: okay, but it is not worse than before?17:12
systemclientuhu, Digicam 2.0 :D17:15
systemclientthat sounds fun17:15
systemclientdid anyone with an nVidia 9500 GT or similar have any problems with the proprietary driver?17:17
westmigot one, no problems17:18
systemclientI got a big pain with XOrg 1.11 on Debian Testing …17:18
westmiuhh..but I'm runnung 10.0417:18
systemclientoh, I mean with 11.10, since I got a little conservative with updates …17:19
Sentynelsystemclient: I'm running a 9600GT on 11.10 with no issues17:19
systemclientSentynel: okay, that is great :)17:19
g3org3___hey guys i cant enable desktop effects with opengl D:17:19
g3org3___im stuck with Xrender17:19
systemclientg3org3___: what grafics card, did you install a driver from the vendor?17:19
g3org3___i installed Kubuntu-full17:20
g3org3___and stuff from nvidia got installed17:20
systemclientg3org3___: okay, did you install anything with "additional drivers"?17:20
g3org3___i dont think so...17:21
g3org3___it worked before installing kubuntu-full17:21
systemclientg3org3___: well, the open source drivers are not as powerful as the nvidia drivers17:21
g3org3___i dont use nvidia graphics17:21
systemclientg3org3___: what did you do "before"?17:21
systemclientg3org3___: what graphics do you use?17:21
g3org3___intel integrated17:22
g3org3___on an HP Mini 21017:22
systemclientg3org3___: oh, those should work quite good out of the box17:22
systemclientg3org3___: I have an Asus Eee with an Intel Card and that works with KWin …17:22
rapalinois anybody available to answer me a few questions?17:23
systemclientrapalino: just ask your questiong :)17:23
g3org3___go on17:23
systemclientg3org3___: could you post your config (I'll search for the file)?17:23
yofelmore like the X log would be nice17:24
yofel /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:24
yofelg3org3___: ^17:24
systemclientg3org3___: ^17:24
g3org3___hold on....17:24
rapalinook i've been having some little problems... for example... the "tab" in the right corner at the top called "Desktop", in my case, it's called "unnamed"...17:25
rapalinohow can I fix this?17:25
systemclientrapalino: I assume you created an activity called "unnamed"17:25
yofelrapalino: click on it -> activities17:25
yofelclick on the wrench of the activity that's called 'unnamed'17:26
yofelchange name to something else, apply17:26
rapalinoI mean, in the desktop screen at kubuntu, when you add widgets... the button normally reads "desktop"...17:27
g3org3___systemclient: first im gonna uninstall anything relating to nvidia and ATI to fix this17:27
rapalinomine reads "unnamed"...17:27
yofelg3org3___: if your /etc/X11/xorg.conf has something with nvidia in it remove that too (or just the whole file)17:27
yofelnote that nvidia-common doesn't need to be removed17:28
rapalinodoes anybody speak spanish around here?17:30
shane2perurapalino: si, pero voy a comer, y regreso17:32
rapalinoshane2peru: ok :(17:32
rapalinohow can I change the background image on GRUB? anybody knows how?17:35
killownThere is some kind of problem with kde auth?17:35
killownEverything that needs auth to the superuser doesn't work17:36
killown"this operation can not continue because it was not given a proper authorization"17:37
yofelkillown: did you install kubuntu from ubuntu?17:38
systemclientkillown: are you in the sudo group?`17:44
OerHeksand how do you give auth ?17:45
killownyofel yes17:48
killownsystemclient, I do17:48
yofelkillown: install polkit-kde-1 from apt, then logout. After that it'll work17:48
killownyofel, thanks a lot17:49
GeorgeHey i installed fglrx because a dependency in kubuntu-full installed it and X aint workin :(17:57
GeorgeIt says /etc/modprobe/modprobe.d/fglrx.conf not found17:57
systemclientGeorge left the channel without waiting for an answer …18:04
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Wizardgood evening18:05
rapalinois it possible to change the background to GRUB?18:08
Wizardprobably yes18:08
Lithos84rapalino: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StartUpManager18:09
rapalinooh thanks!... this is a helpfull tutorial...18:11
Lithos84rapalino: You're welcome!18:12
genii-aroundrapalino: Basically, put your background in /boot/grub , add line: GRUB_BACKGROUND=/boot/grub/your-background-pic-name-here     then sudo update-grub18:12
hexacodehow do i fire up the cron daemon...i tried "crond" but it didnt work?18:14
yofelhexacode: cron should be running by default18:15
yofelwhat are you trying to do?18:15
Wizardhexacode: use service command18:16
systemclienthexacode: I think sudo service cron start18:17
rapalinoEverytime when I start up, the volume is in "mute", then I have to increase the volume and everything goes allright... but even if I have it on high, when i restart, again is in mute... ?18:19
romeyrohi everyone18:21
hexacodeah thanks18:21
killownrapalino alsactl store && alsactl restore18:21
systemclientrapalino: in kmix, there is a "restore volume on start" option18:21
hexacodehey i think im cron is broken18:22
hexacodeits already running18:22
hexacodeand was running earlier, but it seems like its not triggering my script18:23
hexacodeanyone ever have cron act wierd like that?18:23
systemclienthexacode: then the log files should give you some insights18:23
hexacodeim going to bin. hold up18:23
hexacodesystemclient:  wheres the default location for cron logs18:23
hexacodei tried /var/log18:23
rapalinosystemclient: that option must be marked or unmarked?... mine is marked...18:23
systemclientrapalino: hmm, I marked it and it was fide18:24
systemclientrapalino: on another install, I just deleted all pulse cookies, but that was Gnome …18:24
systemclientIs installing something like osssec on a personal netbook overkill or does it do any good?18:24
romeyroi just install kubuntu, the interface menu is inglish but my google is in catalan, i tried to set it in english but it still stay in catalan18:25
romeyroon rekonq18:25
systemclientromeyro: that is a known thing, I try to find something about it18:25
rapalinosystemclient: ok I unmarked it, i'll try to reboot system and i'll tell you...18:25
systemclientrapalino: good luck!18:25
systemclientromeyro: okay, I found something about Firefox and Cherokee … https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58083318:26
ubottuMozilla bug 580833 in Preferences "Cherokee language code transmitted to google" [Minor,Unconfirmed: ]18:26
romeyrosystemclient: its kinda my first time on KDE i use to stay on gnome18:26
romeyrosystemclient: thank you i ll let you know about this18:26
systemclientromeyro: what is your native language?18:27
romeyrosystemclient: its french but i use more english18:27
systemclientromeyro: okay, there is no reason for it display catalan then18:28
genii-aroundhexacode: /var/log/syslog has the cron activities in it18:28
yofelhexacode: how did you tell cron to run the script?18:30
hexacodeok im not finding the error..i did see some but all seems to be fine with cron...im going to bin everything im doing, maybe someone can help me find my problem...the unusual thing is that it was running fine at 10:28 this morning then it seems to have continued to run, but the only difference is that the script it triggered wasnt writing to a file anymore...so i triggered the script manualy and it wrote to the file just fine..18:30
hexacodeyofel ill bin18:31
hexacodehold on18:31
hexacodesorry .. hold on a bit longer. this is gonna take a bit18:33
=== paolo_ is now known as faLUCE
rapalinohey what's difference between Apper and Moon? aren't both the same thing?18:35
yofelrapalino: apper is the old kpackagekit and uses packagekit as backend. Muon uses libqapt. So they both do the same thing, just differently18:38
hexacodeok i got my crontab data into pastebin...just a recap though..i cant figure out why my cron isnt working...when i fire up the bash file manually, it works fine and outputs to a file called tester but when cron tries to run the file, nothing is output to tester...at first it was working, then it stopped working at 10:28      heres the pastebin http://pastebin.com/F9ZzwbtM18:38
hexacodein the tester.sh file line 28, thats when i started firing off the bash script manually and it seemd to write just fine to tester18:39
* yofel tries on his system18:42
hexacodeso anyone know wat it could be?18:42
hexacodethanks yofel18:42
WizardI've just watched windows7 ad on Discovery Channel18:43
Wizardis that such crap it requires tv ads?18:43
yofelWizard: -> #kubuntu-offtopic18:43
hexacodelol windows 7 ad18:44
hexacodeyofel it works fired manually right?18:44
hexacodethe bash script18:44
hexacodemy cron fired it earlier too but then it stopped at 102818:45
yofelhm, created one of my own - so far cron ran it fine 3 times in 3 minutes18:45
hexacodeso wat could it be on my end?18:45
hexacodei restarted my system too18:45
hexacodeand still no go18:45
hexacodecheck out this line Oct 25 11:33:01 xbox-360 CRON[2332]: (ibmx37) MAIL (mailed 63 bytes of output but got status 0x0001#012)18:46
hexacodeOct 25 11:33:27 xbox-360 crontab[1895]: (ibmx37) END EDIT (ibmx37)18:46
hexacodedoes that mean cron had an error?18:46
hexacodeand emaled it to me?18:47
hexacodehell i dont even know what my email is set to...how can i check..and wat does that return status mean18:47
yofelhm, I didn't get a mail with my entry: "  * *   *   *   *    /bin/sh /tmp/bla.sh" - but you entry looks pretty much the same18:50
romeyrosystemclient: do  you know if blue Ray can be played on linux or still not ^18:50
yofelhexacode: can you try to log into a file with an absolute path?18:51
hexacodei thought  /home/ibmx37/terminal.sh was an absolute path18:52
hexacodewat do u mean?18:52
yofelhm, nvm, seems to use $HOME by default18:52
systemclientromeyro: hmm, I have never tried. I guess it is a license issue18:52
hexacodethis is strange18:52
hexacodebroken cron18:52
systemclienthexacode: did the log say anything?18:53
systemclienthexacode: you could reinstall it18:53
systemclienthexacode: maybe the crontab is broken?18:53
hexacodeis there a way to uninstall cron and replace it with an alternative ?18:53
systemclienthexacode: apt-get purge cron18:53
systemclientthat will also purge the config files18:53
genii-aroundromeyro: Still not.18:54
systemclientgenii-around: but we got support for some 2^14 CPU cores (xkcd ;-))18:55
romeyrosystemclient: oh ok because i have a blue ray on my laptop, but i m still not able to read BD disk. i switched to win7 5month ago because of that and i came back to linux18:55
systemclientromeyro: Windows pays whoever money to be allowed to give you BR support18:55
alexdevillxHi all18:56
genii-aroundromeyro: The doom9 people were working on libbluray but it seems stalled for a long time now.18:56
romeyrosystemclient: yeah... :S i read a couple of articles on ubuntu forum about that but that was when i had ubuntu installed18:57
romeyrosystemclient: its my first time on kubuntu, i think its better18:58
systemclientromeyro: Ubuntu gets better every release. Back in 2005, it was pretty bumpy. But now I would say that the average joe could use it for most things18:58
Wizardand average Wizard too18:59
romeyrosystemclient: totally agree with you18:59
systemclienttoday, I think Windows has some hurdles that average people cannot easily overcome … like anti-virus, program update18:59
systemclientwith Ubuntu Software Center, Canonical did a good job towards Bug #119:00
WizardWizards prefer apt-get ;)19:00
BluesKajWizard, don't give us kubuntu users a bad rep :)19:03
xdunlapxi prefer apt-get, too. but sometimes just browsing the software center i find apps/games i want to install. so i do use the software center.19:04
WizardI don't even know where to find software center19:05
rorkI prefer apt-get also, but I'm happy there's a couple of other clients available for people with different wishes :)19:05
WizardMuon? it's this?19:05
BluesKajnothing wrong with using a package manager as a reference for certain packages and related ones that apt-cache can't list19:05
genii-aroundWizard: Yeah, Muon is the new one.19:06
BluesKajWizard, being a purist is fine bur we don't need to know that , we're here to help not show our cli purity badges :)19:06
Wizardnah, I installed kubuntu 2 days ago, so.. I just didn't know about muon19:07
BluesKajyeah, gentoo guy19:07
xdunlapxhow long has muon been a part of kubuntu?19:08
xdunlapxi'm new to kubuntu19:08
xdunlapxthough ive used linux for many years19:08
yofelxdunlapx: since the latest release, it's new19:08
BluesKajanyway , gotta go rake some more leaves ... bbl19:08
xdunlapxok thansk yofel :)19:08
WizardBluesKaj: that hostmask is like tatoo :)19:08
yofelxdunlapx: the software center at least, the package manager has been around for 2 releases already19:09
xdunlapxah. ok.19:09
Wizardxdunlapx: haven't you joined kde forums lastly?19:10
xdunlapxkde forums is that on kde.org?19:10
xdunlapxI believe i did join but i haven't read around it much.19:11
hexacodehey you guys...back with my cron issue...ive narrowed down the problem...my cron file has a simple command "/bin/bash /home/user/terminal.sh"   i get a permission denied whenever trying to run the same command manually from my var directory...wats going on?19:11
hexacodebasically i think i need my crons to run as root..how do i do that?19:12
xdunlapxyou need permissions to run anything in the /var directory since it's a system directory19:12
Wizardhmm, it depends what does this command do19:13
yofelhexacode: if you want logfile to be in /var - yes then the script needs to run as root19:13
yofelhexacode: you can edit the system crontab if you need that19:13
genii-aroundWizard: It just echos date plus name like wildebeast into a file19:13
yofelhexacode: but the way you did it, it should've written into $HOME/logfile - which should work19:14
alexdevillxany motd generators?19:14
yofel(and works for me)19:14
alexdevillxSSH welcome screen19:15
Wizardfortunes are quite nice for that ;)19:15
Wizardyou can use some asciiart generator19:15
alexdevillxlol Pocket Stalin19:17
alexdevillxLike this http://www.192labs.com/joomla/images/stories/motd.jpg19:18
yofelnice one19:19
Wizardalexdevillx: nice motd19:19
alexdevillxhow to make such?19:20
Wizardgoogle a img to ascii converter19:20
Wizardand test19:20
Wizardbtw, your blue theme sucks19:20
hexacodefixed my cron but can someone tell me what on earth is happening with this Oct 25 12:20:01 xbox-360 CRON[3367]: (root) MAIL (mailed 25 bytes of output but got status 0x0001#012)19:21
alexdevillxits not mine19:21
hexacodewheres the mail going to? i want to try read it19:21
hexacodei checked /var/mail19:21
hexacodethat folder is empty19:21
Wizardhexacode: /var/spool/mail19:22
Wizardyou can use mail command to read mail19:22
hexacodethank Wiz19:22
hexacodethank Wizard19:22
hexacodeibmx37@xbox-360:/var/spool$ ls19:23
hexacodeanacron  cron  cups  mail  openoffice  plymouth19:23
FloodBotK1hexacode: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:23
FloodBotK2hexacode: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:23
hexacodeumm i got a symbolic link there going to /var/mail19:24
hexacodewhich is emtpy19:24
hexacodeso wheres the mail then?19:24
alexdevillxheh http://s53.radikal.ru/i141/1110/23/083053d6c94a.jpg19:24
alexdevillxIt's my screenshot19:24
alexdevillxwhat is th motd that doesnt suck19:25
well_laid_lawntry   http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/tech-tip-periodically-update-your-motd-update-motd19:27
Wizardalexdevillx: at least date works ;)19:29
alexdevillxis it good19:29
Wizardso you like that wuestion marks?19:30
alexdevillxshould i change it?19:30
well_laid_lawnit's your choice :)19:31
WizardI don't know, it's your motd :)19:31
killowndolphin is not showing the windows networks available on local network, Do I need configure something?19:31
killownBut nautilus is detecting all networks, so I am sure it's an issue with kde19:31
alexdevillxwhy cant i make like this http://www.google.ru/imgres?q=welcome2l&um=1&hl=ru&newwindow=1&sa=N&biw=1920&bih=942&tbm=isch&tbnid=uB-z9XwoTgM4wM:&imgrefurl=http://www.littleigloo.org/software_003.php3&docid=-88m4wCVkpFOKM&imgurl=http://www.littleigloo.org/images/welcome2l_screen1.gif&w=640&h=400&ei=bg6nTujON-qJ4gT8iPHuDw&zoom=119:33
alexdevillxand how can i make like before login19:34
well_laid_lawnthat's a google search in russian19:34
alexdevillxits motd?19:35
Wizardты не учил русский язык?19:36
alexdevillxучил, но меня на русском канале забанилиъ19:37
DarthFrog!ru | Wizard19:37
ubottuWizard: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:37
WizardI asked well_laid_lawn19:37
alexdevillxWizard: give me your icq19:37
WizardI don't use isq19:37
alexdevillxok, why cant i get http://www.google.ru/imgres?q=welcome2l&um=1&hl=ru&newwindow=1&sa=N&biw=1920&bih=942&tbm=isch&tbnid=uB-z9XwoTgM4wM:&imgrefurl=http://www.littleigloo.org/software_003.php3&docid=-88m4wCVkpFOKM&imgurl=http://www.littleigloo.org/images/welcome2l_screen1.gif&w=640&h=400&ei=bg6nTujON-qJ4gT8iPHuDw&zoom=119:38
alexdevillxi get bad19:38
DarthFrogalexdevillx:  Would you mind please posting the direct link to the image, instead of a Russian Google search URL?19:39
BluesKajkillown, dolphin will show networks that have configured access  if you choose to do so. You can access your windows shares with samba19:39
killownBluesKaj How does the nautilus show all networks available in some way that dolphin doesn't?19:40
BluesKajkillown, you can also use the "access network folder wizard," for windows choose MS windows drive , and for linux ssh or ftp19:42
BluesKajkillown, yeah , but do you have access with nautilus ..in kde it shows them if access is cob figured19:43
killownBluesKaj ok, thank you19:44
noaXesshey all19:50
noaXessi have an issue, that i get soudn from speaker and headphone if headphone is checked.. see details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11374332#post1137433219:51
noaXesshey BluesKaj.. have still same problem.. no solution :(19:51
alexdevillxwhy dont i get it20:17
alexdevillxor this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_LmaWCXo1QFE/SxWEcvCcxFI/AAAAAAAAJLM/Q7uNTVRObOQ/s1600/welcome2l.png20:17
hexacodehey you guys wheres my php interpreter located...and yes ive looked almost everywhere...im on newest ubuntu20:17
alexdevillxi get this20:18
dalstonalexdevillx: use this to find out what files were installed by a package... "dpkg -L <packagename>"20:19
alexdevillxnope http://s53.radikal.ru/i141/1110/23/083053d6c94a.jpg Welcome2l doesnt work for me20:21
BluesKajnoaXess,  run   cat /proc/asound/modules20:25
BluesKajnoaXess, what's the output20:25
alexdevillxlol http://www.howtogeek.com/77788/online-safety-why-you-should-give-up-windows-xp-for-good-220:26
noaXessBluesKaj: 0 snd_hda_intel | 1 snd_hda_intel20:28
BluesKajnoaXess, do you have pulseaudio installed , just type pulseaudio in the terminal if you're  not sure20:29
noaXessBluesKaj: E: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running. | E: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.20:30
BluesKajnoaXess, what pavucontrol , did you install it?20:31
noaXessBluesKaj: jep..20:31
BluesKajnoaXess, then have you tried setting up your headphone and speaker settings in pavucontrol20:32
noaXessBluesKaj: yes already and also in alsamixer.. no change20:33
alexdevillxhow to fix http://s53.radikal.ru/i141/1110/23/083053d6c94a.jpg20:34
BluesKajalexdevillx, fix what ..we don't know what is wrong , instead of posting urls , just tell us ./20:35
alexdevillxthe motd20:35
well_laid_lawnalexdevillx: the unauthorised access bit looks fine20:35
alexdevillxOk, my looks like http://s53.radikal.ru/i141/1110/23/083053d6c94a.jpg and original http://www.littleigloo.org/images/welcome2l_screen1.gif20:36
BluesKajmotd - message of the day .. ???20:36
BluesKajwell_laid_lawn,  , he's all yours , i have no clue whay he's about20:36
well_laid_lawnalexdevillx: I think you need to fix the unauthorised access bit first20:38
alexdevillx  nope20:38
well_laid_lawnok luck :)20:38
alexdevillxhow to fix tux?20:39
alexdevillxneed to change font20:42
BluesKajnoaXess, open the run command (alt+f2) , kdesudo kate /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf , under the line : # Prevent abnormal drivers from grabbing index 0, add this .' options snd_hda_intel index=0 ' without the quotes20:42
alexdevillxhttp://www.littleigloo.org/images/welcome2l_screen1.gif how to fix my font to look like that �20:44
noaXessBluesKaj: like this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/719159/20:44
alexdevillxhow to make motd before you login?20:46
alexdevillxWho is Cobie Smugglers?20:47
BluesKajnoaXess, yes , that 's correct20:48
noaXessBluesKaj: ok.. time for reboot :)20:48
BluesKajnoaXess, , dunno if it will help tho ...your problem is reather odd .20:48
BluesKajnoaXess, no reboot required20:48
noaXessBluesKaj: ah.. ok.. so.. just alsa restart?20:49
BluesKajjust sudo alsa force-reload20:49
BluesKajnoaXess, the index=0 tells your pc that your hda kernel module is located at Card 0 which is the default sound card20:51
noaXessBluesKaj: no change :( i will remove that line.20:53
noaXessit seems that alsa or the sndcard don't recognize that i plugin a headphone..20:54
noaXessanyway.. need some sleep.. hopw someone can answer in the posted forum thread..20:54
Sentynelhi guys, trying to report a bug in the kernel and I get the error "not a genuine ubuntu package" when I run ubuntu-bug linux; what's going on?20:59
genii-aroundSentynel: "linux" is the package in this case you are trying to report a bug against.21:00
genii-aroundSentynel: Use instead the packagename of your currently running kernel21:01
Sentynelgenii-around: ah, okay, thanks. this is misleading then: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage#Kernel21:02
The_JagHi all is there a way to have OPEN AS ROOT option in dolphin?21:02
Sentynelgenii-around: I get the same message with ubuntu-bug linux-image-3.0.0-13-generic21:08
Sentynelgenii-around: oh, I see, I'd accidentally grabbed that version from the proposed repo when it enabled itself, don't mind me =)21:09
yofelSentynel: apport will fail on that kernel currently unless you've got -proposed enabled21:10
Sentynelyofel: yeah, I didn't intend to, but it enabled itself.. and wouldn't let me disable it in the software sources gui (the box rechecked itself if I unchecked it)21:11
yofelah yeah, the rechecking is a known bug, fixed soon21:11
SentynelI just deleted it from sources.list myself21:11
werner__join #kate21:18
werner__whoops sorry21:18
bafmanhello any idea how to contact maintainer of digikam? Launchpad seems to be ignored and it does not have bug supervisor21:28
bafmanlaunchpad marks as maintainer "Kubuntu developers"21:29
rekcuFniarBbafman: maybe official site? http://digikam.org21:30
darthanubisk3b crashing on anyone here who tries to burn an audio cd?21:30
darthanubisk3b will not convert the mp3 files?21:31
bafmanrekcuFniarB: nope, i think it is packaging problem21:31
rekcuFniarBdarthanubis: is libk3b6-extracodecs package installed?21:33
darthanubisit should be but checking21:34
darthanubisTagLib: ID3v2.4 no longer supports the frame type TDAT.  It will be discarded from the tag.21:38
rekcuFniarBdamaltor: works for me. I've added some mp3 files to the project and created an AudioCD iso image.21:40
canis_Has anyone been having issues with 11.10 where they have to reboot from time to time on a Dell laptop?21:47
canis_i mean dragon player doesn't want to wrok right, ARK doesn't want to work right...sometimes it'll just log me off for no apparant reason.21:48
darthanubisKGlobal::locale::Warning your global KLocale is being recreated with a valid main component instead of a fake component, this usually means you tried to call i18n related functions before your main component was created. You should not do that since it most likely will not work21:49
jmichaelxcanis_: i personally get along much better with file-roller22:01
jmichaelxcanis_: also, i would recommend using smplayer over dragon player22:02
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ToastI'm trying to rule out user error, but I somehow managed to format my home partition whilst installing Kubuntu 11.10, even though I explicitly didn't tick format. Any ideas how it could have happened?22:36
TheEvilPhoenixuser error :P22:37
TheEvilPhoenixlol user error would be the greatest probability of being the reason22:37
VKHi, I have an small and stupid question: How do I run my compiled Hello World Program?22:38
VKI wrote a small hello world Programm and even managed to compile it but I can't run it, it always say "Command not found"22:38
moetunesVK:  use the full path to it22:38
VKwell I will try22:39
ToastIf I had accidently changed the file system format without ticking the format box, would it format anyway?22:39
VKHey it worked thanks22:41
VKIs there maybe a faster way than writing the whole path everytime?22:41
moetunesuse the tab key22:42
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.22:42
moetunesor cd to the dir the file is in22:42
moetunesor move the executable into PATH22:42
VKok thanks if I will have more questions I will just ask you again :)22:43
VKHi, another Question: Where can I change the Resolution?23:02
xdunlapxVK, in system settings, display & monitor23:04
xdunlapxthat's where your all of your system settings are stored23:04
xdunlapxyou're welcome23:05
phiscribekiosk x server tagged gallery23:08
phiscribefrudge dont know where i am typting sorry'23:09
phiscribei have a problem that i though went away, (kubuntu 11.04) , if i leave a thumdrive or a cd/dvd in one of the drives, it is accesses and spun (in the case of dvd/cd)) at a high freqency23:10
phiscribeanyone else seeing this23:10
phiscribeit is overly accessed i meant23:11
VKwell and another question: how do I find out if my kubuntu is 64bit or 32bit?23:12
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kirohola, soy nuevo alguien podria ayudarme?23:36
kirohi, im new on this, somebody can help me?23:38
KeiyentaiWhats your question Kiro23:40
kiroi just installed kubuntu 11.0423:41
kiroi dont know how does this work, how do i install programs23:41
Linkmasterkiro: you can use the muon software system, found in the kmenu-> applications -> system -> muon software center23:42
KeiyentaiAre you like completely new to Linux in general or just Kubuntu/Ubuntu?23:43
kironew in linux23:44
kirowhat is better kubuntu or ubuntu, or what is the difference?23:45
mase_workkiro: they have different styles of user interfaces23:46
mase_workkubuntu uses KDE as it's desktop environment and Ubuntu uses Unity23:47
mase_workwhich one is better comes down to how you would like to use your computer.23:47
KeiyentaiIf you are new to Linux/Kubuntu I would highly suggest the forums23:48
KeiyentaiTons of helpful info and good advise23:48
kirocan u explain in other words?23:48
KeiyentaiKDE/Gnome/Unity comes down to how you like Linux to look and function. KDE is more of a Windows like look. Gnome [older] is kind of like Classic Mac and Unity is similar to Netbook layouts.23:49
KeiyentaiI personally perfer KDE. It has a lot of cool widgets you can add. Its fast, easy to use imho23:49
KeiyentaiI am not a big fan of Unity hence why I switched back to Kubuntu23:50
mase_workgenerally people who prefer KDE will use Kubuntu23:50
mase_workthose that prefer unity will use Ubuntu23:50
mase_workbut they are essentially the same under the hood23:50
kirook, im trying to install mozilla, i've installed, and i can run it, but how do i make an acces or something like that in the menu23:51
mase_workhow did you install it ?23:52
kiroit says something about extract23:52
mase_workinstalling software under linux is much easier / simpler than under osx / windows. You don't have to trawl around the internet looking for software23:52
mase_workyou can get all the software from the software center23:52
kirowhere is it?23:52
Keiyentaior apt-get if terminal dosn't scare you23:53
mase_work<Linkmaster> kiro: you can use the muon software system, found in the kmenu-> applications -> system -> muon software center23:53
LinkmasterKeiyentai: technically, windows looks like KDE =P and Mac looks like Gnome(cause the great KDE/Gnome came before mac and windows started looking anywhere decent)23:53
kiroit isnt there23:53
Linkmasterkiro: I suggest you install firefox through the firefox installer, or use rekonq, the default webbrowser(rekonq is doing very nicely now, it works very well)23:54
LinkmasterBut if you use a bunch of addons, the firefox installer can be found in the kmenu -> applications(which can be found on the bottom of the menu) -> internet(one of the options to pick from) -> firefox web browser installer23:55
LinkmasterThe kmenu is the menu in the lower-left corner that has the big "K" with the gear around it23:55
kirothere isnt mozilla in internet23:56
kiroi can access but using the folder with the star, and then in documents, there is installed mozilla23:57
kirohow do i change it to kmenu?23:57
xdunlapxkiro, it might say Web Browser and underneath that title it shows Firefox23:57
LinkmasterThat is possible23:57
LinkmasterBut kiro, the panel along the the bottom of the screen? has the clock, and the little do-dads and such? on the far left of that panel, there is a big K. That is the kmenu23:58

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