lifelesssbuild. Through the web ui00:01
odin_ubuntu 11.10 doesn't have "sbuild" package00:06
StevenKPackage: sbuild00:07
StevenKPriority: extra00:07
StevenKSection: universe/devel00:07
odin_thanks I restarted software centre and it found it now00:07
odin_I got sbuild installed, are you saying there is a web UI with it ?  or maybe sbuild-shell ?00:19
tumbleweedthere isn't. It isn't at all user friendly00:21
odin_so it is possible to rename a branch ?00:23
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lifelessodin_: in the web ui01:16
odin_I am logged in and able to goto the group01:18
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afrankeIs it normal that as a team admin I can't change my own expiration date and I have to bug someone else to take care of that?07:03
odin_is there a trick to creating a orig.tar.gz for source package from a dailydeb ?   like can I edit debian/rules and make a target for orig.tar.gz to be "bzr export orig.tar.gz" ?07:07
tumbleweedodin_: only native packages can be built from dailydeb07:41
odin_what is a native package ?07:41
odin_we have one tree from git => bzr, mirrored07:42
tumbleweedmaybe it's time to read some packaging documentation?07:42
odin_I have another tree with 'debian/**' sub-folder07:42
odin_recipe seems to pull both in together07:42
tumbleweedyes, I know what recipes do :)07:43
odin_only issue is it just needs to make a source package from what it started with07:43
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odin_can't seem to: run bzr export orig.tar.gz .07:43
odin_from receipe07:43
tumbleweeduse the 3.0 (native) source format07:43
tumbleweedif you need quilt patches, you'll have to manually invoke quilt in rules07:44
odin_I have in the past few hours converted patches to quilt so that works07:45
odin_debian/source/format => "3.0 (quilt)"07:46
tumbleweedas I said, only native packages can be built in dailydeb07:46
odin_native to what?  ubuntu?  debian packaging ?  launchpad ?07:47
tumbleweednative source packages don't have a .orig.tar.gz, only a .tar.gz07:51
odin_ok but I want to get away from the notion I have some kind of tarball to start with, my sources are never a tarball only a bzr branch07:52
odin_now the source system needs to make a tarball on the fly for the source package07:52
tumbleweedyes, that's what dailydeb will do07:54
odin_I can't see anything significantlly different exception the debian/source/format file between the sample4_1.0.tar.gz and my package07:55
tumbleweedis that a question?07:55
odin_exception my debian/rules does things manually since it is not a "make" app07:55
odin_no those lines are statements07:56
odin_does native format use recipie's ?08:01
odin_how do I "nest" twice, one for the "upstream"08:02
odin_and one for the "debian" folder08:02
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odin_bzr dailydeb gives me "ERROR: No such tag: upstream-4.7.4"08:16
odin_but I'm not asking it to pull a tag, I want HEAD of master for both bzr trees08:17
odin_Doh! didn't push the change to source/format08:19
odin_still get error, and debian/source/format is set "3.0 (native)"08:23
jamespharaohhi, question about bzr branches and launchpad... i'm trying to create my own branches of compiz. i've created a branch of /ubuntu/oneiric/compiz at ~jamespharaoh/ubuntu/oneiric/compiz/branch-name but can't seem to create one of /ubuntu/compiz at ~jamespharaoh/ubuntu/compiz/branch-name. how am I supposed to create custom branches of the trunk like this?08:25
jtvafranke: expiration date for what, exactly?08:26
odin_my guess is, you use "bzr branch lp:/ubuntu/compiz" and make changes... the bzr add/commit... then "bzr push lp:~jamespharaoh/ubuntu/compiz/branch-name" ?08:27
jamespharaohjames@simba:~/projects/other/compiz/ubuntu$ bzr push lp:~jamespharaoh/ubuntu/compiz/focus-follows-mouse08:27
jamespharaohbzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~jamespharaoh/ubuntu/compiz/focus-follows-mouse": No such distribution series compiz.08:27
odin_and does "bzr push lp:~jamespharaoh/ubuntu__compiz__focus-follows-mouse" work ?08:28
jamespharaohwell yes but it doesn't link it properly08:28
afrankejtv, team membership?08:28
odin_and does "bzr push lp:~jamespharaoh/+ubuntu/+compiz/focus-follows-mouse" work ?08:29
afrankejtv, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-fr/+members#active08:29
jamespharaohodin_: no but i think i just worked it out... the trunk is actually the precise distro08:30
jtvafranke: I don't know, to be honest.  It's a good question.08:30
jamespharaohodin_: so there's a disparity between the main branch urls and the public ones... lp:ubuntu/compiz becomes lp:~jamespharaoh/ubuntu/precise/compiz08:30
jtvafranke: It seems arbitrary, although in my experience any choice is arbitrary since it's almost always a guess about the future.08:30
jamespharaohodin_: i've just pushed it there and it shows up in the right place on this page https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz ;-)08:30
jamespharaohodin_: thanks anyway08:31
afrankejtv, I'm confused by that situation. What happens when teams have only one admin… can they lose their admin?08:31
jtvafranke: an admin is a special position; it's not a membership in the normal sense.  So almost certainly not.08:32
odin_do I need to use this "bzt dailydeb" with --allow-fallback-to-native ?08:35
odin_I have changed the file debian/source/format surely now I am native ?08:35
wgrantafranke: Teams have an owner, separate from their members and admins.08:43
wgrantafranke: The owner doesn't have to be a member or an admin, but they have all powers that an admin has, plus more: they can create new admins, and change expiration details of existing ones.08:43
wgrantThe owner doesn't expire.08:43
odin_can anyone name a problem that is updated once a week (at some upstream/remote SCM system) and it automatically rebuild on launchpad without human intervention08:44
wgrantSo they can always recover the team if war breaks out between the admins and they demote each other, or if they all expire somehow.08:44
afrankewgrant, what if the owner becomes inactive?08:45
wgrantafranke: Then you're in trouble, and need to ask a Launchpad administrator to transfer the ownership.08:45
wgrantThe owner can also be a team, but obviously eventually you have to have a root team which is a single person.08:46
wgrantwhich is *owned* by a single person.08:46
odin_everything I look at "No recipes using this branch" are recipies bad or something ?08:46
afrankewgrant, ok, thanks for the info.08:47
afrankewgrant, so, just to check… it's by design that admins can change expiration date for other admins but not their own, right?08:48
wgrantafranke: Well, depends what you mean by "design".08:48
wgrantIt is intentional :)08:48
odin_ROFL my karma is into the many 100s and I have not done anything useful yet, maybe I get 10k before end of the week at this rate08:50
odin_does my "nest packaging lp:~me/foo debian" have to use the name "packaging" does it have a special meaning, other than an arbitrary label ?09:15
odin_what is the correct debian/rule to write to run quilt, would it be correct to have: "export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches" and then "quilt push -a"  in the Makefile debian/rules ?09:30
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jamespharaohquestion about ppas and version numbers. i want to create a ppa with some modified packages from the core distro. firstly does that make sense? secondly how do i manage the version numbers. do i just keep mine one ahead of the ubuntu ones (-ubuntu1 becomes -ubuntu2) or should i append something (-ubunut1-james1), or what?10:21
bigjoolsjamespharaoh: most people use +ppaN or ~ppaN10:22
odin_why does "uname -p" on the build system return "x86_64" but it installed the i386 packages ?10:32
odin_i.e. the default should surely be 64bit package versions for a 64bit host, and 32bit package versions for a 32bit host10:32
odin_maybe "uname -p" is more correct10:38
Davieyuname -p is not safe.10:39
Davieydave@javelin:~$ uname -p10:39
odin_agreed crappy idea10:40
Davieyodin_: i think you want, dpkg --print-architecture10:40
odin_what I really want is the GCC label10:41
odin_i686-linux-gnu or x86_64-linux-gnu10:41
odin_but first.... why does a 64bit CPU run a 64bit Kernel then install only 32bit packages, that is stupid10:41
odin_haha its x86_64 all the way10:43
odin_it this just an issue with the source package builders... they are 64bit but do not install any 64bit userspace ?10:46
wgrantWhat's the problem with 32-bit userspace on a 64-bit kernel?10:46
odin_files are in the wrong place10:47
wgrantWe need to build some 32-bit packages. A 32-bit userspace is best for that.10:47
wgrantYou shouldn't be looking at the kernel to determine architecture.10:47
odin_what should it be looking at?10:47
odin_and how does that work on dual archi systems10:47
wgrantIt's very rare that you want to do this yourself.10:48
wgrantAre you not using standard build tools that automate this/10:48
odin_which thing?  to configure my complex package ?10:48
wgrantYou could use output from dpkg-architecture, if you insist on doing this manually.10:49
odin_hint the package uses, Qt qmake, Java javac, GCC make10:49
wgrantBut it is a very rare package that needs such things.10:49
odin_its not an ./autoconfig && make affait10:50
odin_ok $DEB_BUILD_GNU_CPU looks good are these variable already set when debian/rules is run ?10:51
odin_or do I: eval $(dpkg-architecture)10:52
wgrant`dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_GNU_CPU` should do.10:53
wgrantbut seriously reconsider your build system.10:53
odin_project is 1,253,514 lines of code, feel free to send me patches to simplify that build system10:55
sorenodin_: "uname -m" is what you want.10:58
sorenodin_: It gives you the personality of the current kernel.10:58
odin_I tried, but source builder is 64bit OS but only installs 32bit DEBs, what I am after is what the userspace claims to be, so it can find libraries to auto-detect features10:59
sorenodin_: uname -m should give you a 32 bit answer on the i386 builders.10:59
odin_I think this $DEB_BUILD_GNU_CPU should do it, it if reports same as user-space10:59
sorenEven if the kernel is actually a 64 bit one.10:59
soren(thanks to linux32)11:00
odin_no that I have just seen11:00
odin_uname -m = "x86_64" but the buildlog shows only i386 DEBs11:00
sorenDo you have logs that show this?11:00
odin_yup https://code.launchpad.net/~qtjambi-community/+archive/libqtjambi-snapshots/+recipebuild/106930/+files/buildlog.txt.gz11:02
wgrantodin_: That's a source build.11:03
odin_scrolls to very end for UNAME outputs and then search back for another reference to x86_6411:03
odin_yes indeed11:03
wgrantOnly binary builds are run under linux32.11:03
wgrantBecause source builds really shouldn't be arch-dependent...11:04
odin_why does it run a "make clean" anyhow ?11:04
wgrantIt calls debian/rules clean.11:05
wgrantWhat debian/rules does is up to you.11:05
wgrantIn this case, possibly nothing at all.11:05
odin_in order to run the "clean" task of the package, it requires to know the arch11:06
wgrantYou probably need to detect that it's already clean and not call the upstream clean target.11:06
odin_yeah I think I can make it do that, is there a target called on debian/rules during a soruce build, like a "prepare" or a "init", I want to ensure it always runs "quilt push -a"11:09
odin_ah maybe "get-orig-source" would be a fair target11:11
odin_thanks for help past source package generation, should be ok now11:35
dpmhi jtv-afk (or any losa) could you arrange a full translations export for oneiric? We need to generate full language packs earlier than scheduled. The export has already been requested on the language packs page, it's just a matter of triggering the cron job. More details here: https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule12:47
gnuoydpm, I'll take a look12:47
dpmthanks a lot, gnuoy12:48
gnuoydpm, its running now12:57
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dpmgnuoy, thanks a lot!13:01
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jtvdpm, gnuoy: I'm back.  Would be interested to know how long that language pack takes.13:05
gnuoyjtv, sure, hopefully the log will tell us (if I'm not about when it finishes)13:05
dpmjtv, gnuoy, they seem to take ~16h these days. Hopefully it will be ready before the database disconnect tomorrow morning, otherwise it will get interrupted and will need to be started anew13:06
jtvgnuoy: good point.13:06
jtvJust thinking it's something we may want to start worrying about again.13:06
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johanHi, is it possible to rename a project in launchpad?13:30
bigjoolsjohan: yes we can do that if you file a Question13:34
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odin_how do I make the target "patch" get run either during source generation of before "build" ?16:54
odin_how do you cancel a sheduled build in launchpad?17:10
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christofferI can't get the OpenID link to work properly. I'm trying to login to Disqus with the OpenID link from launchpad. Is "https://launchpad.net/~your-nickname" still the correct OpenID url to use?18:26
lifelesschristoffer: that should still work, yes. Though really login.ubuntu.com is the backing service, its probably better to use it directly18:41
christofferlifeless: Ok, thank you.19:27
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odin_is there a known mechanism to maintain a single debian/** tree for multiple versions of debian based distributions?  i.e. how can I manage the "control" file better?22:38
odin_looks like "Build-Depends: foobar [!something]" might be useful but what are the valid "something" for Ubuntu/launchpad ?22:41
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