wxlfunny. new kernel's out with an unexpected surprise.. wii remote support00:14
phil42i screwed up my .conifig/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml file. where can i get a fresh copy?00:20
wxlphil42: why not load the live cd and just copy from there?00:22
phil42good idea00:23
phil42i will do that,  thankyou00:23
Unit193Or just rename the current one and reboot00:24
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scribus12is there ubuntu software center in lubuntu?05:53
scribus12is there ubuntu software center in lubuntu?05:54
bioterroryes and no05:55
bioterrorfor this release Lubuntu Software Centre wasnt ready, but it's going to be included in 12.0405:55
bioterrorand you can install Ubuntu Software Centre if youw ant05:55
bioterror*you want05:55
bioterroryou can install Lubuntu Software Centre from a PPA05:56
bioterrorhttp://news.softpedia.com/news/Introducing-Lubuntu-Software-Center-221531.shtml for example05:57
scribus12oh. I see.05:58
scribus12bioterror: I personally don't use it but this is for my parents laptop.05:58
l33_omagical when i enter a chan07:08
john32hi i installed a fresh copy of lubuntu how can i get my tango term theme from gnome08:31
john32on another system ages ago lubuntu-desktop was installed after gnome08:32
john32and it inherited my color schemes from tango08:32
john32perhaps it's some package i need to install08:33
john32the most ive been able to find is this post http://blogs.n1zyy.com/andrew/2009/02/02/tango-color-scheme-for-xfce-terminal/08:35
Unit193john32: I would assume that's a normal GTK theme and could be placed in ~/.themes08:46
john32mm perhaps where might i find it08:46
john32currently dont have access to an ubuntu system08:47
john32but i know in the past when i did install lxde on top of ubuntu08:47
john32lxterminal inherited the tango theme08:47
Unit193!info industrialtango-theme08:49
Unit193WOuld that be it?08:49
ubot5industrialtango-theme (source: industrialtango-theme): Industrial Tango GTK theme. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 7 kB, installed size 104 kB08:49
john32ah perhaps08:49
john32Industrial Tango GTK theme08:51
john32The Industrial Tango GTK theme. At the moment the package contains:08:51
john32* the GTK configuration and08:51
john32* Metacity configuration for the theme.08:51
john32that i don't think is it though08:51
Unit193Awww.... Just when I thought human-theme might be it :/09:00
john32nope still no tango theme in lxterminal hmmm how did i do it that last time09:02
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Unit193Ah, I asked if human-theme was it, and you'd need to change it in lxappearance09:09
john32ive installed guake that has it :P09:10
john32but i really would like to be able to copy the schema or whatever to lxterm09:10
john32Unit193: lxapperance doesn't let you chance lxterminal colors though09:11
LubuntuPoweredso i ran the update for 11.10 and it froze during the update, warned me that it will cause the OS to act silly if i canceled, but i had no choice09:14
LubuntuPowerednow i'm getting all sorts of errors, and the desktop/ graphical interface is looking weird now09:15
LubuntuPoweredchris@chris-Millennia-GS:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade09:16
LubuntuPoweredReading package lists... Done09:16
LubuntuPoweredBuilding dependency tree09:16
LubuntuPoweredReading state information... Done09:16
LubuntuPoweredYou might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these.09:16
LubuntuPoweredThe following packages have unmet dependencies:09:17
LubuntuPowered gtk2-engines-pixbuf : Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.24.6-0ubuntu5) but 2.24.4-0ubuntu2 is installed09:17
john32hehe update from 11.04 11.10 was not smooth09:17
john32pretty much the reason im using lubuntu right now is because the GNOME3 shell and Unity is unusable09:17
LubuntuPowered libgail18 : Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.24.6-0ubuntu5) but 2.24.4-0ubuntu2 is installed09:17
LubuntuPowered libpam-modules : PreDepends: libpam-modules-bin (= 1.1.2-2ubuntu8.3) but 1.1.3-2ubuntu2.1 is installed09:17
LubuntuPoweredE: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.09:17
john32it's like using KDE 4.009:18
john32it's pretty bad when kubuntu looks more stable than ubuntu.. but i do like where unity is going it just needs to work a bit smoother :)09:18
john32another issue i had when updating was the network configuration thing09:18
john32LubuntuPowered: maybe aptitude can help resolve your broken dependencies09:19
bioterroruse the F!09:22
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Nyashkahi all!10:49
NyashkaEnybode here?10:50
bioterrorno ones here10:50
Nyashka:( bad10:50
Nyashkaonly bots here yes?10:50
Nyashkawho can help?10:51
Nyashkai have qustion10:51
bioterror!ask | Nyashka10:52
ubot5Nyashka: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:52
NyashkaHow do I change lxdm on lightdm?10:53
bioterroris there a real reason for this?10:53
Nyashkaold computer...10:54
emce_PLbut lxdm is also lightweight login manager10:54
Nyashkafor Netbook is also important10:54
bioterrornot good enough10:54
bioterrorand I dont want to instruct you to "fix lightdm" or "rollback to lxdm" ;)10:55
Nyashka<emce_PL>  no very light and he just bad10:55
bioterrorthere's a reason why Lubuntu did not use lightdm for this cycle10:55
Myrttiit's only a login manager10:55
bioterroryou should our dev's vision ;)10:56
Nyashkalightdm is nice, lxdm not nice10:57
bioterrorwhy lxdm is not nice?10:57
Nyashkalightdm better in all10:57
bioterrorNyashka, some facts10:57
Nyashka<bioterror>  google pictures10:58
bioterroryou just type your username and password10:58
bioterrorthat's all for what you use it :D10:58
bioterrorand hi to myrtti ;)10:59
Nyashka<bioterror> not only10:59
Myrttibioterror: ohai10:59
bioterrorsudo apt-get install lightdm11:00
Myrttino reason to get abusive with caps11:00
Myrttiplease push your CAPS LOCK key off11:01
Nyashkasudo apt-get install lightdm - first step, and second - ?11:01
Nyashkahow add in config?11:02
bioterrorNyashka, really, I'm not going to wipe too11:02
Nyashkai need add it in config11:02
MyrttiNyashka: installing software is easy, if you had done teeniest bit of research you would have found out how stuff is installed11:02
MyrttiNyashka: please don't expect people to spoonfeed you, have some initiative and responsibility yourself - since you want to take some by installing non-default dm11:03
Nyashkain the new lxde will not lxdm11:04
Nyashkain future11:05
bioterrorFuture is not present11:05
Nyashkai have now please11:06
bioterrorgo with the flow and enjoy the moment you're living right now. and let the dev's handle migration from LXDM to LightDM in Lubuntu11:06
Nyashkahave > want11:06
Nyashkaok and how add in config?11:07
Nyashkaok maybe me answer on ubuntu channel11:08
Nyashkabb all here!11:08
emce_PLhey guys - I searched for solution, but nobody could help me - maybe now11:34
emce_PLI use normal root account (su root) with changed root password, and after first login on root account after trying to reboot or halt system there is a prompt about password, which dissapear after few second11:34
emce_PLI use root account only in console11:34
GoliatHello. I'm thinking about changing to Lubuntu but i was wondering how it well it works with software like dropbox?12:21
GoliatI also have an ATI graphics card. I know about the issues with ATI drivers in Gnome, How is it with drivers in Lubuntu?12:23
bioterrorkernels and drivers are all the same12:24
bioterrorlubuntu is just LXDE Components on top of the Openbox windowmanager12:24
emce_PLDropbox works perfect in Lubuntu12:24
KM0201Goliat: i use dropbox with Lubuntu, works fine12:24
bioterroras Gnome is metacity or something + gnome stuff ;)12:24
bioterrorwith dropbox you just need to make it autostart12:25
bioterrorand that's all?12:25
KM0201bioterror: pretty much.12:25
Goliatbioterror: So installing the fglrx will work fine?12:26
KM0201if the drivers work in Ubuntu, they will work fine in Lubuntu12:26
KM0201i use Dual Screens on my Nvidia card, just like I use Dual screens in Ubuntu.... Activate Nvidia driver, setup twinview.12:27
GoliatKM0201: Nice, Did you use the ubuntu install for dropbox?12:27
KM0201Goliat: of course12:27
KM0201Goliat: what other package would i use?12:28
KM0201Goliat: LXDE and Unity, are just window dressing, under the hood, it's the same OS.12:28
emce_PLYou can use Ubuntu One instead of dropbox or with dropbox12:28
stlsaintGoliat: packaging is exactly the same as with ubuntu for .bin .deb etc12:29
KM0201emce_PL: not really sure what that has to do w/ anything, but.. ok12:29
GoliatKM0201: I don't know, But when i installed dropbox on fedora with xfce it was a bit awkward to get it working, Was worried it could be the same in Lubuntu12:29
emce_PLUbuntu One is storage service dedicated for Ubuntu12:30
KM0201Goliat: dunno about the fedora packaging (although it should have been just fine).. all i can tell you, is i installed it the exact same way on Lubuntu, as I did on Ubuntu... Download .deb, install deb.12:30
KM0201emce_PL: so?12:30
KM0201still has nothing to do w/ dropbox, which is the question at hand.12:30
emce_PLif You use DropBox, you can use UbuntuOne also12:30
KM0201Goliat: only difference is as bioterror pointed out, once its installed, you'll have to set it to autostart.12:30
KM0201emce_PL: i understand that... but. i don't understand why you're bringing up UbuntuOne.. it doesn't integrate any better/worse than Dropbox.12:31
KM0201he asked about dropbox, not ubuntu one12:31
GoliatKM0201: Ok, Do most of the software for Ubuntu work on Lubuntu because they are so close?12:31
KM0201Goliat: they all do12:31
KM0201again, LXDE(Lubuntu) is simply window dressing.. if you install the app, and any dependant libraries.... if it works on Ubuntu/Unity, or Kubuntu, or whatever, it will work on Lubuntu12:32
stlsaintGoliat: im not sure your understanding what everyone is saying....ubunut and (L)ubuntu are the same base OS (wiht a few tweaks) minus the Desktop environment.12:33
JohnDoe_71Rusthere i can find running program with icons in tray. 10.04 system12:33
KM0201JohnDoe_71Rus: if the program has a system try icon, just make sure system tray is in your panel, and you'll see the icons12:34
JohnDoe_71Rusi have space between icons. i want find what this12:35
KM0201what happens if you click the space?12:36
Goliatstlsaint: Yeah im not the best with linux distributions. I was unsure if its ok to say they are the same Os. But ive had the idea that the different desktop environments make's it well hard to run a program such as dropbox,12:38
KM0201Goliat: *sometimes*.. but 99% of the time, apps integrate into any desktop environment pretty well... as for dropbox, trust me on that one, it'll work just fine12:39
JohnDoe_71Rusnm-applet, volti, space, caffeine...12:39
GoliatKM0201: Okay. It sounds much better than fedora then :P12:40
KM0201Goliat: Fedora is a fine release.. but Fedora is typically gonna be a bit better for an experienced linux user. also, apples to oranges, Fedora is RH based, Ubuntu is Debian based12:41
KM0201JohnDoe_71Rus: i dunno, that does look weird..  http://imagebin.org/18068312:42
JohnDoe_71Rusdunno == does not?12:43
GoliatKM0201: Yeah that's definitely true, Xfce with fedora is a challange. Do you mean .rpm when you say RH?12:43
KM0201JohnDoe_71Rus: yes12:43
KM0201Goliat: yes12:44
JohnDoe_71Rusit start after caffeine install. but in ubuntu with caffeine icons fine12:44
KM0201Goliat: just install Lubuntu, and come back here w/ any questions you have, i'll be around quite a while... other than the ATI driver (i never use ATI) I can probably help you w/ most stuff if you need it.12:45
GoliatKM0201: Thank you for the help. It will probably go smooth since i used ubuntu some time ago. I'm sure it will go well with Lubuntu when i install it. :)12:47
KM0201good luck12:47
GoliatThanks for all the help guys. Bye!12:49
fivefivesixhmm this is odd im not getting any sound through firefox or what not i am from my other machine though via line in12:54
fivefivesixand it was working before12:54
fivefivesixand ive checked alsamixer12:55
KM0201fivefivesix: i have a lot of problems w/ alsa... i usually install pulseaudio and pavucontrol -- make adjustments as necessary, and everythign works fine12:56
fivefivesixpulseaudio is installed by default12:56
KM0201no its not12:56
fivefivesixi know it was working like an hour ago12:56
KM0201sudo apt-get install pulseaudio12:56
KM0201then install pavucontrol12:57
fivefivesixyeah i just needed pavucontrol ill see what that can do12:57
fivefivesixi can see the bar moving in output devices in pavucontrol12:58
fivefivesixahh so annoying12:59
fivefivesixi bet it fucked up when i installed amarok13:00
fivefivesixokay this has really stumped me13:01
fivefivesixeverything seems to be alright13:01
fivefivesixits like the sound is being directed to the wrong device13:01
fivefivesixor something13:01
fivefivesixokay that's very weird i went into Configuration13:02
fivefivesixand changed the profile13:02
fivefivesixfrom Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output13:03
fivefivesixto something else13:03
fivefivesixand then back again13:03
BenPAhi all ... I am trying to remove this entry from my $PATH ... /usr/bin/sbin/ ... issue is that this entry has an extra slash after sbin .. any ideas?13:47
BenPAhi all ... I am trying to remove this entry from my $PATH in Lubuntu 11.10 ... /usr/bin/sbin/ ... issue is that this entry has an extra slash after sbin .. any ideas?14:05
BenPAhi all ... I am trying to remove this entry from my $PATH in Lubuntu 11.10 ... /usr/bin/sbin/ ... issue is that this entry has an extra slash after sbin .. any ideas?14:20
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BenPAhi all ... I am trying to remove this entry from my $PATH in Lubuntu 11.10 ... /usr/bin/sbin/ ... issue is that this entry has an extra slash after sbin .. any ideas?14:49
leszekwhere is the op to kickban BenPA ?14:52
Myrttiwhy would he be kicked?14:55
BenPAnot sure what you mean leszek14:57
leszekbecause he spams the channel ?14:58
BenPAsorry I am not spamming14:58
leszekin half an hour you asked the same question over and over again14:59
BenPAor if I am I am sorry14:59
Myrttiyou both need to be patient :-)14:59
BenPAok I will14:59
leszekin other channels you would be kicked by now :P15:00
Myrttidepends on what you mean by other channels ;-)15:00
Myrttino, not really15:00
Myrttianyway that meta discussion belongs elsewhere15:01
BenPAjust trying to solve a problem to make things better for others ... meant no harm15:01
Tm_TBenPA: no problem15:01
Tm_Tleszek: for future, just ask nicely people to be patient, no point asking kick if there hasn't been any guidance beforehand15:02
bioterrorTm_T, sometimes people just thinks that IRC works like Ikea's "ask from our employer" chat ;)15:13
Tm_Tnever tried that15:14
BenPAbioterror ... I don't think that way15:14
bioterrorBenPA, that path should be /etc/profile15:14
bioterrorunless you have a .bashrc or something of your own which add a path15:14
BenPAbioterror ... there is a bashrc but what harm would there be to add /etc/profile .. I am willing to try anything at this point ... I've been trying to solve this issue for about 2 weeks now15:16
bioterrorcheck your /etc/profile15:17
bioterrorI have there:15:17
bioterrorif [ "`id -u`" -eq 0 ]; then15:17
bioterror  PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin"15:17
bioterror  PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/games"15:17
bioterror(sorry for not pastebin ;)15:17
Myrttishame on you ;-)15:17
bioterrorDr. Sbaitso! ;)15:17
BenPAbioterror ... I do not see any reference to PATH in that file15:19
bioterroris that so?15:19
bioterrorI really dont have lubuntu machine near me, but I can boot from stick15:20
bioterrorif only I know where I put my stick15:20
BenPAbioterror ... ultimately, I am trying to create a custome stick but remastersys disappeared on me15:21
bioterrorBenPA, got it! /etc/login.defs15:26
bioterrorthat's where those path's are defined15:26
BenPAbioterror ... ok hold a sec15:30
BenPAbioterror ... ok, here is my issue ... I searched launchpad for any previous issue on the subject of Lubuntu not doing a shutdown/reboot/logout from the menu buttons ... where might those be defined in there ... I can do init 0 or shutdown -h or -r now from the consold but menu buttons don't work ... it was suggested to reinstall because I was using 11.04 but I upgraded to 11.10 and the problem still remains15:34
bioterrorI think those are done with consolekit15:35
bioterrorI really cant understand why they wont work15:37
BenPAI installed kde desktop on top of lubuntu and I had an issue of the kde plasma option not starting until I changed from lxde to kdm ... everything else works great and the speed is great but it just won't shutdown/reboot/logout15:37
BenPAwell . that is two of us15:38
bioterrordid it work before KDM?15:40
BenPAon 11.04 no15:45
bioterrorI've never encountered that kind of problem15:46
BenPAwell, I am not the only one ... it has been going on for a while per the launchpad info I found15:51
xxbhas anyone else found the icons for Desktop and the home Dir do not show in PCManFM16:18
xxbfor me they're showing up as just normal folders16:18
xxbin the side menu not as like their special icon that they appear in go16:18
xxbthey did in natty16:18
usertwohow do i change the wallpaper to black solid colour on the desktop?16:21
ubot5Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/16:24
Neosanousertwo, wallpaper mode: Fill with background color only16:26
Neosanousertwo, that's in desktop preferences (right click on the desktop)16:27
xxbusertwo: right click on the desktop16:28
usertwoNeosano: when i right click on desktop i dont get desktop prefernces. only terminal emulator and web browser16:28
usertwoi cant add a  new folder to the desktop. something is wrong in the configuration.16:30
bioterrorcd ~/Desktop16:30
bioterrormkdir test16:30
bioterrorand does it appear?16:30
usertwoit looks like the old style unix dialog box. i had the menu you are referring to for about 5 minutes and then it 'switched' to this one. i must have changed something on the settings16:32
usertwoi did remove all extra desktops. i am only using 1 for now16:33
xxbah interesting my icon issue went away :)16:33
xxbxdg-user-dirs-update must have fixed it16:33
Neosanohe checked the box16:34
xxbwhich box?16:34
Neosanoin desktop preferences, second tab16:34
Neosanoshow menus provided by window managers16:34
Neosanonow I checked it too, can't get it back :D16:34
xxbwell i wont check it lol16:34
xxbotherwise i wont be able to get it back16:34
xxbactually you can probably open it from the commandline16:34
xxbto get it back16:34
Neosanohow? :D16:37
Neosanothis is the menu we see16:37
Neosanoin previous versions of lubuntu ( if I remember correctly ) after checking this box I was able to see both menus16:38
usertwoNeosano: thats what i thought i was when i checked it16:38
Neosanoso.. any ideas how to get the goddamn menu back?16:39
usertwoNeosano: i thought if there was an option to check the box...there would be an option to uncheck the box!16:41
Neosanoyeah, but to uncheck the box I need the menu :<16:41
Neosanooh lemme reboot..16:42
usertwoNeosano: that wont help16:42
NeosanoI know.. but I clicked "exit" option16:42
usertwoNeosano: any luck getting the desktop menu back?17:33
usertwoNeosano: oopss..sorry if i made you break your desktop...you were only trying to help17:34
Neosanoha-ha :D no problem17:34
Neosanobioterror, any way to solve our problem?17:34
usertwoNeosano: as with ubuntu..there is always a cl solution..i just need to find it!17:45
Neosanothere's must be a config file somewhere -o-17:47
l33_starting compiz often brings the desktop back here :)17:49
wxll33_: funny, initially i think that compiz is incompatible with the goals of lubuntu but upon further reflection it seems that on some systems lubuntu may be the key to making compiz possible!17:55
l33_hi wxl ;)17:59
l33_compiz running fine here17:59
l33_without any notable cpu load17:59
wxlunfortunately my issue is i don't think i could get the 3d working well with my stupid nvidia/powerpc setup18:00
KM0201wxl: no powerpc nvidia driver?18:01
wxlwell the nv driver ain't all that18:02
wxlnouveau works better18:02
wxlstill not ideal18:02
wxlin other gripes i wish that the lubuntu mailing list had a home outside of launchpad because that public archive is darn slow to update18:03
wxli sent two posts and didn't get replies and i'm thinking the issue may be how i sent them (via another address but with the identity i'm subscribed under) although i got no bounces or anything18:03
KM0201wxl: weird, i use the Nvidia drier flawlessly18:05
wxlppc tho KM0201 ?18:06
KM0201no... sorry, i keep forgetting that.18:06
wxli resized my partition last night and loaded debian on there18:06
wxli'm going to see if an "officially supported" install doesn't work better18:07
wxli am remiss to deviate from lubutnu because i appreciate it's ease of use but at least i still got lxde18:07
wxland perhaps having the comparison will help work out some lubuntu ppc bugs18:08
wxli'm convinced, for example, there are issues with processor usage18:12
wxli had to get out icepacks just to keep the thing from shutting down when making a patched network-manager18:13
wxlruns way too hot18:13
panfisthi, i have a current ubuntu 10.10 installed on lvm, and i'd like to install lubuntu 11.10 side-by-side with that,18:26
panfisthowever i'm in the lubuntu installer and it doesn't seem to recognize the lvm stuff, i just shows a large unknown partition18:26
panfistis it possible to install lubuntu into an existing lvm volume group?18:28
wxlwell that's poopy18:30
* wxl has little experience with lvm18:31
wxlyou're using the graphical installer?18:31
wxlyou MIGHT try the alternate installter18:33
panfistwell, i kept reading about how lvm makes everything more awesome but it has caused me nothing by problems18:33
wxli hear unity's supposed to be awesome too18:33
wxlOH SNAP18:33
panfistoh my god unity18:33
panfistthat's why i was still on ubuntu 10.1018:34
panfisti'm currently resizing the ext4 partition that's within my lvm volume group, that's almost done. when it finishes i will reboot and try the alternate installer18:35
wxlyeah i can't make promises but you might get lucky18:35
* wxl now realizes what LVM is18:37
* wxl is still skeptical of software RAID18:38
panfisthmm it seems like after i manually activated the lvm group on command line, and refreshed that screen in the graphical installer it does see something, but i'll have to wait until the parition resize is complete before i'll know if i can do anything18:38
panfistsoftware raid and lvm don't have very much to do with each other, but i have to say that the mdadm software raid package is most excellent18:38
wxlseems somewhat similar but i guess i'm clueless :D18:38
panfistyou can use mdadm and do all kinds of software raid without touching lvm, and i have for the last several years18:39
panfistthe performance is great, it's very stable, the maintainer is active on the mailing lists18:40
panfisthands down better than motherboard raid, but if real hardware raid is available then that's usually much better than mdadm18:41
wxli need to get over my skepticism18:41
panfisti was in the process of simultaneously adding disks to a raid array and changing levels from 5 to 6, had a power outage, and when i rebooted it just happily resumed...nothing was lost18:42
wxli was in the process of backing up a bunch of data when my drives failed on me18:44
wxlsadly dd offered no help :'(18:44
panfisti hate to be that guy that has to top your story, but later on i had some problems with that same raid array...18:45
panfisti shut down the server to upgrade the nic, and when i booted it back up, four out of six drives were missing.18:45
panfistit turns out that they just completely died18:45
panfistfour simultaneous hard drive failures...probably the most unlikely thing that's ever happened in my life18:46
panfistthey were from three different batches too...the first thing everyone thinks is that i bought them all at once18:46
wxli've learned to hate certain manufacturers..18:47
panfistobviously it had to be some problem with the system, but i never found what it was, everything seemed fine but i never reused any of that hardware anyway18:47
panfistthey werent seagate drives if that's who you're thinking18:47
panfistwestern digitals18:47
wxlEXACTLY :)18:47
panfisti got burned on the seagate 1tb drives when those first came out18:47
usertwoanyone know how to modify config file for pcmanfm18:52
leszekusertwo: it depends what you want to configure ?18:52
wxlnot much to modify.. what do you want to do usertwo ?18:52
usertwoi inadvertently checked the option 'let window manager control options'...and now when i right click on desktop i get terminal emulator, web browser....notthe usual 'create new folder'. i want to get the original menu back18:54
usertwoi have tried modifying the config file but it keeps 'resetting' to the same options18:54
leszekusertwo: under [desktop] set show_wm_menu=018:55
usertwoleszek: i tried that..saved it..but no change..do i need to reboot or just logout/login18:56
usertwoleszek: i have also just completely reinstalled pcmanfm but the menu=1 persists18:57
leszekrelogin should work18:57
usertwolet me try again18:57
usertwoi just deleted the whole line show_wm_menu=1 from pcmanfm.config, saved and rebooted, and its back!19:02
usertwothere must be a bug..a check box should be able to be unchecked19:02
panfisti'm using the graphical installer and chose to download updates while installing...the mirror it picked is horribly slow. i'm downloading at 30KB/s, 10 of 57 packages done so far and i don't even know how large the remaining packages are19:07
panfisti'm assuming at this point there is nothing i can do about it...?19:07
wxlwell that's weird19:09
wxlbut unless you want to start over, uh, no19:09
wxlbut it should (if i remember correctly) be using closest mirror19:09
wxlyou in the us?19:09
panfistyes, east coast, nj to be exact19:09
panfisthmm i don't know if it switched mirrors or the speed kicked up, because it's much faster now19:10
panfistactually it's done now19:10
wxlwell nevermind19:10
wxlmight have switched mirrors19:10
wxli don't remember if it's the case with ubuntu but i know with debian it defaults to a sort of cluster of mirrors in the us, all based out of one address19:10
wxlso the idea of switching between mirrors in that cluster is not odd19:10
wxlbest bet looks like argonne natl lab right now19:12
wxlmy old stand by (osu open source lab-- as i'm less than an hour away from it) is running at 1/5th the speed and is one day behind19:12
morrihi anybiody here?19:38
morrigood. opened synaptic and this came uo :19:38
morriE: Encountered a section with no Package: header19:39
morriE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/gb.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_universe_binary-i386_Packages19:39
morriE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.19:39
morriE: _cache->open() failed, please report.19:39
wxlhold, phone19:39
morrithink it maybe problem since the klast update but recently it still worked19:39
wxlwow that's fun19:41
morrihave totell i am on my wubi which still has 11.04 btw19:42
bioterrormorri, what if you open terminal and: sudo apt-get update19:42
morriReading package lists... Error!19:43
morriE: Encountered a section with no Package: header19:43
morriE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/gb.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_universe_binary-i386_Packages19:43
morriE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.19:43
morrino idea where it comes from all of a sardine19:44
bioterrorsudo rm -vf /var/lib/apt/lists/*19:44
bioterrorsudo apt-get update19:44
wxlyeah that's kind of what i was thinking19:44
morrithats removing something isnt it?19:44
panfisti was doing an inline upgrade with a previous 10.10 version of ubuntu, and the graphical installer said that some previously selected packages failed to restore to the new install19:45
bioterroryou have something corrupted there19:45
panfistit didn't say which ones...is there a log of that anywhere?19:45
morrii havent upgraded this one yet..19:45
wxlpanfist: yeah hold on i gotta remember where19:45
morribecause being this wubi it is always a bit more jittery about stuff19:46
morrihow do i call up logs again?19:46
bioterrormorri, isnt it time to move to a real installation? :)19:46
morrii have got a real one on my pc19:46
wxlpanfist: try /var/log/dpkg.log19:46
morrithisd ois my laptop and its cd drive istn working anymore19:46
KM0201morri: can it boot USB?19:47
morrinot sure but if it can i havent got a big usb  :p19:47
wxlnet install!19:47
wxlyou can make the pc the server :D19:47
morrinet install is pretty complicated isnt it?19:48
panfistwxl everything there looked successful. extremely long file, though. scanning for keywords like "fail" or "error" didn't turn up anything useful19:48
wxlit's pretty complicated, yes19:48
panfistoh well, it's not that important, i'll figure it out as i go along. thanks for the help19:48
wxlbut so is trying to put lipstick on a pig :D19:48
morri not a farmer either :p19:48
wxlpanfist: you could also try /var/log/apt/history.log19:48
panfisthmm it looks like it only failed on irssi because i installed irssi in the live environment19:49
panfistwell, presumably because i installed irssi in the live environment19:49
wxlthere you go19:50
wxlyou can always fix it if need be19:50
panfistactually, i interpreted that wrong because the timestamps on these log files are from before i started the installation,19:50
panfistso i had some minor error installing irssi in the live environment, and there's nothing in here about the actions done by the installer19:51
panfistoh well, like i said i'll figure it out while i'm using it. at the first chance i get i'm re-installing from scratch and ditching LVM anyway19:51
panfistonce again, thanks for all the help19:51
wxli thought lvm was all that and a bag of chips :D19:51
panfisti think mdadm is really great, lvm not so much19:52
morriwhat exactly am i removing by the listrs?19:52
morriokay whatever was corrupted it works now again19:59
Satta_Im new to Lubuntu and I need some help20:04
wxlwith what?20:04
KM0201duh, with lubuntu20:04
* wxl slaps KM0201 20:05
Satta_i wanto to browse into a windows filesystem20:05
bioterrorthat funny sparrow in the left bottom corner is a "start" menu ;)20:05
KM0201bioterror: :)20:05
wxlSatta_: open file manager and use URI like smb://server/share20:05
Satta_I do this in xubuntu with Gigolo20:05
bioterroropen file manager and type: smb://ip.add.re.ss/ after pressing ctrl+l ;)20:05
Satta_ok then i must install samba20:05
bioterrorwxl was fastah20:05
wxlSatta_: no20:05
* wxl ftw20:06
bioterroryou need samba only for sharing20:06
bioterrorand sharing is caring!20:06
KM0201Satta_: are you wanting to access a windows filesystem that is on the same machien (ie, a dual boot system ) or  is it another machine on the network?20:06
KM0201that seemed to be the logical second question... :)20:07
Satta_In the same network20:07
Satta_yes I doit now20:07
KM0201Satta_: ok, smb://ipaddress20:07
Satta_thank's guys you rock!!!20:07
bioterrorif you have configure your network properly, smb://hostname/share/ ;)20:07
KM0201wxl or bioterror have you guys messed w/ OpenVaultMedia yet? (don't know if you guys have home NAS's.. but it's slick)20:08
Satta_yes I'm testing lubuntu in virtualbox20:08
wxlKM0201: no still need to build my NAS20:08
Satta_but I always use tools for browse folder20:08
bioterrorKM0201, my desktop computer is my NAS20:08
KM0201wxl: i don't know if you jsut plan on using a server OS, like ubuntu server, or maybe if you were gonna use Freenas... if you were considering FreeNAs, take a look at openmediavault (#openmediavault) it's based on Debian20:09
Satta_thank's again wxl20:09
wxlthanks for the advice KM020120:09
wxlnp Satta_20:09
KM0201bioterror: well thats a good way to do things iguess, i just like stuff stored elsewhere, plus, w/ several PC's/laptops in the family, its nice having a NAS20:10
bioterrorFreeNAS could be a nice solution20:10
bioterrorif you have a atom board or something for spare20:10
KM0201bioterror: freenas WAS a nice solution, until ixsystems took it over.20:10
KM0201now, it' s like a rolling beta20:10
wxlunix should not be a beta20:11
KM0201OVM was started by one of  the original developer of FreeNas...20:11
bioterrorchromium said freenas.org is possible phishing site20:11
wxl..but that's for offtopic.. :D20:11
KM0201bioterror: yeah, its been doing that, they're up in arms at #freenas about it, trying to get it resolved20:11
wxli like unix but i think i'm kind of over it20:11
KM0201its safe though20:11
* wxl DOES have a lot of respect for NetBSD tho (of course it runs NetBSD!)20:13
KM0201wxl: well, for me, part o the appeal of OVM, is that it's based on debian, which i'm much more familiar w/, as opposed to Freenas/BSD20:14
wxli spent a long time messing with unix so it is not unfamiliar to me but there's a lot more support, i feel, with linux, and frankly i think there's a lot of infastructure that's just more intuitive20:15
wxlalso unix tends to be extremely secure and stable but at the cost of limiting newer features/options/drivers/advances/etc.20:15
wxlin the end, i don't see that as a boon. thought i did once, but nope.20:16
KM0201off the subject.. but.. how do you reconfigure your source list from command line?20:16
KM0201like choose a different server for it to check for the index of files20:17
wxlecho deb | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list20:17
wxlwhere deb is what you want to add20:17
KM0201thats not what i want20:17
wxlacting too quick here :D20:17
wxlwhen you say choose, are you saying you want to be presented with a list?20:17
KM0201no, like for example20:18
wxlor are you saying you know the server you want to use?20:18
wxle.g. change ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu to somewhereelse.localserver.com/ubuntu ?20:18
KM0201lets say in my repository listing.. i'm using "lug.mtu.edu".. and i want to change to "ftp.usf.edu"  how would i change that for my entire source list from command line20:18
wxloh that's where sed is your friend20:19
wxlof course for you easiest way is nano20:19
KM0201no, cuz then you' have to retype all that stuff20:19
wxlwell with nano it's like this:20:19
wxl1. sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list20:19
wxl2. Ctrl-\20:20
wxl3. type lug.mtu.edu20:20
wxl4. type ftp.usf.edu20:20
wxl5. A20:20
wxl(for all)20:20
KM0201i see20:20
wxlwell save and exit and all20:20
wxlyou could use a one liner with sed tho20:20
KM0201i just thought maybe there was like a "dpkg-reconfigure sources.list20:20
wxloh mayhap20:21
wxlbut it's possible you have different mirrors set up for different things20:21
wxle.g. security, backports could come from different places20:21
wxli know i have more than one server at use in my sources.list20:22
wxlso if such a command existed, it would be doing a find/replace anyways20:22
wxlat which point i might as well just use an editor of some kind20:22
KM0201hmm, i guess20:23
wxlhere's a sed solution: sudo sed -i "s/archive.ubuntu.com/some.other.host.com/g" /etc/apt/sources.list20:24
wxlone line does it all20:24
wxli'd backup sources.list just in case but that should work20:24
wxldespite loving the command line i still struggle with regex which sed uses20:25
wxlit works20:26
harryc3Can anyone answer a question?20:28
wxli just did in fact20:28
harryc3ha ha thank you.20:28
wxlyou're welcome20:28
wxlhave a nice day :D20:28
wxljust kidding harryc320:30
wxlyou can speak freely20:30
harryc3I just bought an hp pavilion amd 64bit computer and cannot get lubuntu, either 64bit or 32 bit to install. At the end of the wubi work, a message appears: "An error occured: Permission denied and then refers me to a log entry for more info, which I cannot find. Any ideas?20:31
morriby the way is there a thing that newer computer don't like lubuntu?20:33
harryc3This HP doesn't like lubuntu.20:34
wxlwubi right20:35
wxlwhat is the log entry?20:35
wxllike what is the reference?20:35
wxlmorri you know you're a silly gander, right?20:35
wxlok, nevermind, you're right, newer computers are installed with a special anti-lubuntu chip.20:36
morriI oncwe tried to boot a lubuntu cd on both a new laptop and another newer laptop and it never booted .20:36
wxlperhaps bad cd?20:36
wxli've had no such issues on this end20:37
morriused the same on my old pc20:37
morrii think it may be a graphical issue because that where it fails it fails to go onto the spalsh scvreen20:37
wxlcould be but saying it just doesn't work because it's new is not causation but correlation and likely unrelated20:38
wxlthere ARE sometimes bugs, too20:39
wxlwhich only affect certain systems20:39
morrii am afraid I don't want to try it on a even newer one because it might not work..20:39
wxlbut if you poll a bunch of newer computers, you might not see the problem again20:39
wxland in just the same sense a bunch of older computers might have problems where the two you have don't20:39
morrijust because i dlike to see how fast i t would be ^^20:39
wxlin conclusion, you're a silly gander :D20:40
wxlmeanwhile you still with us harryc3 ?20:40
morriby the way everytime oi start my pc, it goes into a switch off screen mode(or out of range before the spash screen with the login come on20:40
wxlso what was the log reference?20:40
harryc3about to ask if there is another way to boot?20:41
wxldo you have the exact wording?20:41
morrii am just curious :p20:41
wxlmorri: i put money down on that being a driver issue20:42
morriyeah must be one exlcusive to lubuntu because there wasnt a problem loading up all the other buntus on the cd20:42
wxlmight be. have you already looked for appropriate drivers? lspci | grep VGA20:44
wxlwtf wubi uses torrent? does synaptic too????20:45
harryc3chat crashed20:45
wxlso'k harryc320:45
harryc3bad day20:46
wxlit's all good20:46
wxli just found out wubi uses torrent20:46
wxlthat may be part of the problem20:46
wxlyour firewall(s) may be blocking20:46
wxland that log file is likely there but it's hidden so you won't see it in explorer20:46
wxlnavigate it through command prompt and you'll find it20:46
harryc3hang on20:47
wxlif you find it, throw it up on pastebin and we'll check it out20:47
wxlin any case i betcha you won't have these problems if you just run the installer from the live cd (ubiquity) rather than within windows (wubi)20:47
harryc3what is the windows equivalent of the ls command?20:51
harryc3thanks. brings back memories.20:52
wxlhahaha no crap20:52
harryc3I can see the file. How do I get it to print it?20:54
wxlyou could also look at folder options or whatever in explorer20:54
wxlturn off hiding20:54
harryc3where do I turn off hiding20:55
wxlexplorer > tools > folder options > view tab > files and folders > hidden files and folders > show hidden files and folders20:56
wxlyou could also notepad file20:57
* wxl is full of options20:57
wxlthen once you're in notepad, select all, copy, open pastebin.com, paste, click submit and give me the url20:58
wxlfor linux thereis a nice little program called pastebinit20:58
wxle.g. cat file | pastebinit20:58
wxlyou need some retarded gui piece of shit for winblows :D20:59
bioterrorwxl, or just press h -letter in pcmanfm ;)21:01
wxlwtf you talking about bioterror ?21:07
bioterroroh that was windows hidden files :D21:07
bioterrorand btw. !language ;)21:07
wxloh bahg21:07
harryc3back again. mIRC keeps losing you.21:07
wxlwtf = what the flipperdoodle21:08
wxlmIRC = barf21:08
harryc3what were you saying abot the alternative to wubi?21:08
bioterrorGentoo is a good alternative to Wubi21:08
wxlwell if you use the live cd and boot to it (don't let it boot to windows), then there's a graphical installer called ubiquity21:08
wxlas wubi uses torrent that may be causing you problems21:09
bioterrorwubi is like BeOS 5 or what was it21:10
harryc3right now the system is not offering a disk boot option. How do I defeat the hidden bios?21:10
wxlawww that depends on your system/bios21:11
wxlit should show you something at the beginning21:11
wxlstart banging f-keys :D21:11
bioterrorusually F221:11
bioterroror when using HP, F1021:11
bioterrorsometimes might be del -key21:11
harryc3lemme try that. thanks so much to you guys. f10 is my starting point since this is an hp. I'll be back.21:12
wxlsee you soon :D21:12
bioterrorF9 is boot menu on HP's ;)21:13
bioterroroh well21:13
bioterror(I have to deal with hp's at work every day)21:13

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