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magn3tsHow can I get nginx to start on boot in Oeniric?03:23
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FernandoMiguelgood afternoon folks12:48
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FernandoMiguelhow is WUBI latelly ?15:59
FernandoMiguelhaven't used it since it got "stable"15:59
FernandoMiguelwubi tried to download a 64bits image on a 32 atom16:03
FernandoMiguelRT @eloisavaldes gnome-terminal? xD17:33
FernandoMiguelWhere's the garden?17:33
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FernandoMiguelwhat's the installer package name? want to file a bug19:30
jtaylorcan someone do me a favor and give me the ssl certificate fingerprint of yahoo.com?19:32
yofelFernandoMiguel: which one? Either ubiquity or debian-installer19:32
jtaylorpreferable someone not in germany19:32
FernandoMigueljtaylor: checking19:32
FernandoMiguelwth... mine is defaulting to mobile ui19:33
jtaylormine appears to do that too19:33
jtaylorand login is unencrypted19:33
jtaylorunless one manually changes to ssl19:33
FernandoMigueljtaylor: 0F:58:49:41:52:C3:35:4B:6D:EB:E7:20:9E:72:6E:6719:34
FernandoMiguelfrom digicert19:34
jtaylorthats the serial number19:35
jtaylorbut it appears to be fine, I was just confused by the unencrypted different login, don't use yahoo that often so I don't ahve their cert saved :/19:37
jtaylorbetter save than sorry19:37
FernandoMiguelis ubuntu keyserver working for you guys???19:40
FernandoMigueltimeout here19:40
jtaylorworks here19:41
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FernandoMigueljtaylor: about to install keepass from your ppa22:11
FernandoMiguelyou better be a "good" guy22:11
FernandoMigueljtaylor: you need to update that pocket.... to 11.10 and 12.04 :)22:15
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