jkfangTWI have trouble on setting up phonon with gstreamer on Maverick (10.10), cause only streamer support TI's hardware codec.01:30
jkfangTWDoes anyone has familiar experience on pandaboard ?01:30
jkfangTWI install phonon via synaptic, and it install its xine as its backend. But This does not support Hardware Codec.01:32
jkfangTWThen I install phonon-backend-gstreamer via synaptic, but it does go well.01:33
jkfangTWit doesn't go well.01:34
twbIsn't phonon the KDE4 thing?02:01
jkfangTWyes, but I want to write QT application on pandaboard. And most of qt library is ready, except Phonon with HW codec.02:15
twbWhy would phonon be talking to GNOME's audio libraries?02:15
jkfangTWYou can put any libs you like on ubuntu....02:16
jkfangTWrun gnome but use qtlib, which is my case.02:17
Netham45I'm trying to compile my kernel for a tegra 2 (armv7) but I keep getting an armv5 kernel, any ideas where to check? I've exported cflags as -mtype=armv7-a03:52
twbNetham45: don't pass CFLAGS, do it in .config03:53
Netham45Know where?03:54
infinitymake menuconfig and look at the CPU options?03:55
twbThere should be a tegra 2xx option IIRC03:56
twbAs for the ABI, dunno03:56
Netham45Well, that was easy. >.<03:56
twblilstevie: btw, don't forget about me :P03:57
lilstevietwb: k04:26
lilstevieNetham45: arch/arm/Makefile04:26
Netham46Woo, got my kernel recompiled w/ usb audio working05:58
Netham46Now if I can just figure out why pulseaudio shits itself w/ my usb headset05:59
twbbecause it's crap? ;-P{06:02
Netham45twb, yea, I'm not fond of pulseaudio06:11
Netham45seems to be a lot more of a resource hog than ALSA is06:12
Netham45but hey, mumble works w/ alsa too.06:12
shadeslayerlilstevie: any updates on the sbk? I see a couple of posts dating back 15 days that say that you have the keys, so the only problem is the mini boot loader thing?09:14
lilstevieshadeslayer: not at this point,09:25
shadeslayerlilstevie: ok, any ETA?09:26
shadeslayeruh .. ok, I'll just keep a ear out then09:30
lilstevieyou are not familar with the policies on ETAs are you09:30
shadeslayerheh, I am, just thought that this one might be different :P09:31
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stlsaintwhere can i get the gcc compiler to compile arm kernel?14:15
ogra_apt-get install gcc on an arm device ?14:16
ogra_well, probably better build-essential instaed fo gcc, that pulls in the toolchain too14:16
stlsaintogra_: im trying to compile just the kernel for ARM arch on my laptop14:17
ogra_ah, talk to hrm then, he has a cross compiler14:18
* ogra_ always frogets the package name ... i think its just gcc-cross though14:18
stlsaintogra_: apt-cache turns up nothing on gcc-cross14:18
stlsaintstlsaint@devcore:~$ apt-cache search gnueabi14:19
stlsainttype-handling - dpkg architecture generation script14:19
gildeani'm quite sure it's something like gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi14:20
ogra_not the package name14:20
ogra_thats rather14:21
ogra_or armhf14:21
stlsaintthanks, will read now14:23
stlsaintfor whatever reason sudo apt-get install gcc-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi says i have nothing to install14:30
stlsaintnot that its already installed, just that its not even available in general...adding linar ppa now14:30
ogra_what ubuntu release are you on ?14:32
gildeanit might be 4.6?14:32
gildeanisn't that what's on oneiric?14:32
stlsaintogra_: im on lucid14:37
stlsainti added linaro ppa and everything is being pulled and installed now14:37
stlsaintthanks fellas14:37
rbelemhey guys, is it possible to fetch packages from a ppa to live-build?14:38
ogra_rbelem, i tihimnk linaro does that for their images, ask over there14:41
rbelemthanks ogra_ :-)14:42
stlsaintok once the compiler is installed how to i compile with it?14:59
* ogra_ only compiles natively, no idea15:04
ogra_but there are definitely howtos in linaro15:05
robclarkbtw, with lightdm is there a way to boot into text mode...  'text' bootarg doesn't seem to work any longer..15:10
ogra_robclark, no, its broken, ndec filed a bug already15:15
robclarkahh, ok..15:15
stlsaintjesus christ...so i have /usr/bin/arm..etc but when i run make command i get: /bin/sh: /usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-4.5gcc: not found15:19
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ogra_robclark, bug 873334, you could click the "me too" button to raise the heat :)15:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 873334 in lightdm "the upstart job is missing support for 'text' command" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87333415:55
robclarkogra_, thx15:56
stlsainti fixed my compiler issue but not i get what looks like a regression bug in 4.5..../tmp/cciuTN9g.s: Assembler messages:15:59
stlsaint/tmp/cciuTN9g.s: Error: .size expression for __restart_pllx does not evaluate to a constant15:59
GrueMasterWoohoo.  I have a workaround for bug 857299.  banshee is now working on arm.17:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 857299 in banshee "banshee window remain white on startup on armel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85729917:53
GrueMasterWill need to tweek the patch to minimize any noise, and also need to compare the code execution on arm & x86 to determine why they are different.17:55
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rsalvetiGrueMaster: great, will check it out and let you know if it worked for me22:58
rsalvetiogra_: robclark: yeah, also noticed about the lack of text support today22:58
robclarkrsalveti, it is a bit awkward when you are debugging xorg driver :-P22:59
rsalvetirobclark: :-)23:01
GrueMasterrsalveti: I will be working on this some more shortly.  I'm getting ready to start packing now.  6am flight for Orlando tomorrow.  Will probably work on this in-flight on my AC100.23:02
rsalvetiGrueMaster: oh, you're goint to orlando earlier this time23:03
robclarkugg, 6am flight.. sounds like fun..23:03
rsalvetiyeah, no sleep at all...23:03
rsalvetirobclark: will you join us at connect?23:03
GrueMasterYes, I'm in the QA CoP training session starting Thursday.23:03
rsalvetiGrueMaster: oh, ok23:04
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