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rlgodHating ATI right now06:30
philipballewHansLanda, whats up07:32
philipballewhow can I help07:33
HansLandai made this command...and returned this...look07:33
HansLandasudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules07:33
philipballewwhy are you working with that07:34
philipballewwhats the need?07:35
HansLandai cant find my wlan007:36
HansLandait seems to be the eth107:36
HansLandabut there is eth1 and wlan0 with the same mac07:36
philipballewwhat does ifconfig say07:37
HansLandacan i paste here?07:38
philipballewtry pasebin07:39
philipballewsomeimes they yell at me07:39
Snicksieplease paste in pastebin - its easier to read ;)07:40
philipballewi would imagine eth1 might be the wifi07:41
philipballewdoes nm not show an interface>07:42
HansLandai want to change my mac adresss but i cant...thats the final problem07:43
philipballewHansLanda, what gui are you runing?07:43
Snicksieyou should be able to change your macadress with macchanger (its a commandline tool)07:43
philipballewSnicksie, do you think thats the problem07:44
Snicksienope :)07:44
HansLandaubuntu 11.04, gnome 2....07:44
HansLandayes...but the command macchanger returns error07:44
Snicksie<< gone07:44
philipballewHansLanda, have you always had this problem?07:45
ApOgEEHansLanda: try commenting line 17 from http://pastebin.com/NEz1BTsw and see if wlan0 pops up07:45
HansLandai installed ubuntu about 3 days ago07:45
HansLandai was with opensuse07:46
philipballewok. sweet07:47
HansLandaman...im very new on this...i cant tell many things...can you show me some commands than i paste07:47
philipballewlets do this07:47
philipballewdo what ApOgEE said07:47
philipballewtry lspci -vvv07:52
ApOgEEHansLanda: did you edit your /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules before?07:54
HansLandaanyone can ssh?07:56
HansLandahey philipballew http://pastebin.com/SXPEL6vH07:56
ApOgEEanyway, is eth1 working?07:56
HansLandai think so...didnt try yet07:57
ApOgEEHansLanda: if eth1 is working, it is just because the driver found it as eth1. there is others have the same issue07:57
HansLandajust connecting with eth007:57
ApOgEEyou may try to connect using eth1 for wireless07:58
HansLandaand why cant i change my mac adress?07:58
ApOgEEHansLanda: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-wireless-networking-41/wlan0-recognized-as-eth1-please-help-879499/07:58
ApOgEEHansLanda: why would you want to change your mac address?07:58
ApOgEEif you want to change your mac address, you may do it in /etc/network/interfaces07:59
ApOgEEHansLanda: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/change-your-network-card-mac-address-on-ubuntu/08:00
HansLandaand what is the command to change...without editing it in /etc.....08:00
ApOgEEuse ifconfig08:01
ApOgEEHansLanda: man ifconfig08:01
ApOgEEfor more details08:01
HansLandahans@omerta:~$ sudo macchanger --mac 00:00:00:00:00:00 eth108:02
HansLanda[sudo] password for hans:08:02
HansLandaCurrent MAC: 78:e4:00:8e:39:61 (unknown)08:02
HansLandaERROR: Can't change MAC: interface up or not permission: Too many open files in system08:02
HansLandanotebook dell Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 @2.20GHz  3gb of ram, ubuntu 11.0408:03
ApOgEEyou may try $ sudo ifconfig eth1 down; sudo ifconfig eth1 hw ether XX:XX:new:mac:XX:XX; sudo ifconfig eth1 eth1 up;08:03
ApOgEEyou may try $ sudo ifconfig eth1 down; sudo ifconfig eth1 hw ether XX:XX:new:mac:XX:XX; sudo ifconfig eth1 up;08:04
HansLandahans@omerta:~$ sudo ifconfig eth1 hw ether 00:11:22:33:44:5508:04
HansLandaSIOCSIFHWADDR: Too many open files in system08:04
ApOgEEit should work if the device driver supports this operation08:05
ApOgEEHansLanda: do you have too many open files?08:05
ApOgEEto see08:05
HansLandaman...i did the command...well...there is a lot of things...console coudnt show all08:07
ApOgEEclose some and try again.08:08
HansLandabut i dont have any programs opened here...08:08
HansLandaps ax and pastebin?08:08
ApOgEEto make it simpler, just restart your pc and see if there will be too many open files again08:10
ApOgEEi doubt it is due to your previous commands that didn't work well08:10
HansLandai will reboot...just a min08:12
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KinkyPinkieHey! Anyone know where the alias-file lies? I read that I have to create a ~/.profile but afaik "cd", "mv" etc are aliases already defined somewhere.10:17
bioterror~% which cd                                                                                .:12:46:11 on 11-10-25:.10:18
bioterrorcd: shell built-in command10:18
KinkyPinkiecd as in change directory? Maybe I'm just reading an outdated howto10:18
KinkyPinkienvm my question, I found another howto that answered :) thanks for the help tho:)10:24
geirha*sigh* why do people write crap like "put aliases in .profile". It's just plain wrong and won't work.10:31
ApOgEEowh, I'm late to the party... aliases suppose to be in ~/.bashrc10:33
NewbsterI tried to install Ubuntu on a 2 year old macbook pro, but it can't find the wifi network. Does anyone know if there are any drivers that might fix this?11:37
ubot2Factoid 'macbookpro' not found11:38
ubot2For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages11:38
Newbsterthank you. I will try tonight11:38
stlsaints-fox: HEYO o/12:22
s-foxHow are you stlsaint ?12:22
stlsainthanging in there, yourself?12:23
s-foxI'm alive12:25
stlsaintaye always good12:27
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coalwateri want to post a bug but i'm not sure if it should be under unity or under compiz12:59
coalwaterhey IAmNotThatGuy are u busy?13:08
IAmNotThatGuycoalwater, Nope13:11
IAmNotThatGuypacking things13:11
sirsean1227whats up13:21
sirsean1227you know much about this new login manager?13:21
holsteinsirsean1227: you mean lightdm?13:29
holsteinsirsean1227: if you get a minute, check out the /topic :)13:30
sirsean1227you there?13:48
sirsean1227holstein,  Yes, i do mean lightdm13:48
holsteini like it... i think it looks slick, and it seems light13:48
sirsean1227holstein,  i took a look at the .conf13:49
sirsean1227holstein,  and i dont see where i can change the resolution13:49
sirsean1227holstein,  you there?13:50
sirsean1227brb cig13:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 832720 in lightdm "screen resolution cannot be set with lightdm (dup-of: 602505)" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 602505 in lightdm "Support Init, PreSession and PostSession script hooks" [High,Fix released]13:51
sirsean1227holstein, Thanks13:53
sirsean1227holstein,  so it looks like i will wait13:53
sirsean1227holstein,   I wish the Devs would think about such simple things13:54
sirsean1227but they are to busy reinventing the wheel13:54
holsteinwell, you can run another login manager13:55
coalwaterok IAmNotThatGuy i want you try something13:55
holsteinits still early for lightDM13:55
sirsean1227Thats true13:55
sirsean1227but why release it13:55
holsteinyou gotta start somewhere13:56
sirsean1227give people the option to download it if they want13:56
holsteinthats the case right?13:56
sirsean1227yeah but not being able to adjust the resolution13:56
sirsean1227thats the first thing you should think about13:56
holsteinyeah, but its simple13:56
holsteinthats the point13:56
holsteini think13:56
holsteinmost folks dont care13:56
sirsean1227you can change the theme in it and the text DPI...13:56
holsteini wouldnt know13:57
holsteini only have lightdm running on one machine13:57
holsteinand i just installed that yesterday13:57
sirsean1227you would think while that was being added they would have thought "hmmm tex dpi.... themes... ahhh resolution too"13:57
holsteinotherwise, im using GDM on gnome2 in 10.0413:57
holsteinsirsean1227: add yourself to that bug report13:57
holsteinyou can find who is developing lightdm and offer to help as well13:58
sirsean1227i dont right code13:58
holstein+, im not sure you *cant* change the res13:58
sirsean1227i would be more of a test it guy13:58
sirsean1227i am really picky13:58
holsteinsure, or you can pay a dev for them13:58
holsteinor find one13:58
sirsean1227if they had me sitting next to them we would stomp OSX in 2 years13:59
holsteinits all open software, so its "ours"13:59
holsteinin theory13:59
sirsean1227yeah... Unity doesnt seem that way yet13:59
holsteinyeah, but thats an opinion13:59
sirsean1227i can run little scripts and stuff13:59
sirsean1227but nothing major13:59
holsteinim not an OSX fan, so its easy to stomp it for me14:00
* holstein not a unity fan either14:00
sirsean1227i mean visually14:00
holsteinstill, thats opinion14:00
holsteinyou cant please everyone14:00
sirsean1227i dont really like the windows management in OSX or Unity14:00
holsteinsure, but some folks really like it14:00
holsteini would say most dont care, notice, or care to notice14:01
sirsean1227i feel like you are trading one click for 4 or 5 clicks14:01
holsteini feel like no one is making a destkop anymore14:01
sirsean1227me too!14:01
geirhaThey should learn a bit more from Hollywood. People don't use a mouse, they type wildly on the keyboard to do stuff.14:03
sirsean1227so you are a command line guy14:05
geirhaJust my impression of computer use in Hollywood movies. But yes, I mainly just need the desktop to be able to run a browser and terminal windows.14:06
holsteinyeah, i have a server install for that, forcing me to learn the CLI14:07
sirsean1227i mainly use command to install packages or edit text files14:08
geirhaOne bad thing with Unity is that it doesn't work so well with sloppy focus14:08
geirhaTo get to the menubar of a program, you have to carefully move the mouse in a path so it doesn't touch any other windows on the way14:08
sirsean1227i hate it14:08
holsteinyeah, its just not for me14:08
holsteinits really improving quickly14:09
sirsean1227i dont know of anyone that likes it14:09
holsteinyeah? i do14:09
holsteinfolks in my LUG14:09
sirsean1227you cant even move the dock for science sake14:09
holsteinsome folks that ive installed it for that fall into that catagory i mentioned earlier that dont notice14:09
sirsean1227i like my dock on the bottom14:10
holsteinyeah, but if it were stuck there we'd be having a different conversation14:10
holsteincustomization will come14:10
sirsean1227i have a 54 inch tv to screen space is of no issue14:10
sirsean1227the ubuntu guy said they wont14:10
sirsean1227move it14:11
geirha"won't move it" and "won't allow it to be moved" is different...14:11
sirsean1227because the bloated menu needs to be in the "top left"14:11
holsteini dont know who 'they' are, or the 'ubuntu guy' either, but 'they' wont move it... it'l just be more customizable14:11
sirsean1227i think he was saying "wont allow it"14:12
holsteinand as the code gets looked at, userland tweaks'll come around14:12
sirsean1227i am talking about the Canonical dude14:13
sirsean1227the rich guy14:13
sirsean1227i forgot his name14:13
sirsean1227or their head developer14:14
sirsean1227i cant remember14:14
holsteinwell, either way, its not for me, but i would expect to see some decent customizations this cycle since its 12.04, the LTS14:14
IAmNotThatGuycoalwater, packing things man :[14:14
sirsean1227thats it14:14
sirsean1227hello coalwater14:15
sirsean1227the guy in this chatroom14:16
sirsean1227maybe i will try and get some devs together14:16
sirsean1227and start from scratch14:16
sirsean1227a sexy, usable distro14:16
sirsean1227all new stuff14:17
holsteinyou might want to get that started over in #ubuntu-beginners-team sirsean122714:17
holsteinthis is more of a support channel14:17
holsteinover there its more loose, OT friendly14:17
coalwaterhey sirsean1227 sorry wasn't looking14:25
aj__guys i wanna contribute to ubuntu15:14
aj__where can i get started?15:14
bioterrorwhat you want to do?15:15
aj__dunno but very good in c++,c and php15:15
bioterrorgood way to start contributing with coding skills is a bug squad for example15:16
aj__please give me the link15:16
philipballewIf I give my laptop a static IP will is be unable to connect to some wifi networks?16:16
bioterrorstatic ip to where?16:16
bioterrorfor what16:16
philipballewmy laptop. give that a static ip. would that make it harder to connect to a wifi network16:17
bioterrorusually wifi ap's uses dhcp16:18
holsteinits not too much hassle to change that in the netmanager16:18
holsteinin the GUI16:18
philipballewholstein, I really need to learn how to do that not in the terminal sometime16:22
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moijes12I am unable to add my name to the "Seeking guide " list.Please can somebody help ?16:46
holsteinmoijes12: sure... what are you talking about?16:52
holsteinmentorship?... here? bugsquad?16:53
holsteinmaybe its just temporarily messed up at the site too16:53
moijes12Hey thanks for replying holstein.Well, I've been reading the pages for membership at the "ubuntu beginners team" ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership ). Now,  under section "Seeking Guide" it is written "If you would like to join the team and have not yet been sponsored by a Guide please add yourself to this table. " But how do I add my name to this list ? I already have a launchpad page and have joined ubuntu16:58
moijes12beginners team there16:58
holsteinoh... edit the wiki?16:58
* holstein looking16:58
moijes12one more question,is it necessary that I should have contributed in some way already in order to seek a guide or a mentor ?17:01
holsteinmoijes12: when you are logged in, and you might need to refresh the page... you hit the 'edit' button at the top of the page17:01
holsteinmoijes12: you can add yourself right after17:02
holstein"|| 20 || [[jfussion]]   || UTC +8 || <<DateTime(2011-10-01T18:13:01+0800)>> || || ||"17:02
moijes12ok.I'll do that.17:07
moijes12I'm a little confused here.Is this team for those members who "have contributed to ubuntu and wish to help beginners" OR those who "haven't yet contributed to ubuntu but wish to do so" ?17:10
moijes12holstein : thanks,I've added my name17:23
asterismo_hi people20:05
asterismo_i have a question20:05
asterismo_how do i set the "icons" only in menus, instead of "both-horiz" that used to appear in desktop>gnome>interface in gconf-editor??20:07

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