BluesKajHiyas all13:29
ballhello genii-around14:55
genii-aroundHello ball14:56
* BluesKaj addresses the ball , like Norton on the Honeymooners whn he was reading about golf etiquette ,, it says "address the ball" , so Norton looks at the ball and says 'HELLO BALL" ...you had to be there , and it's hilarious when your 12 yrs old :)15:12
* BluesKaj remembers how funny that show was ...makes me smile even now :)15:16
* ball has never seen it.15:31
BluesKajball, http://www.honeymooners.net/15:34
genii-aroundPOW!!! Right in the kisser!15:35
* genii-around sips more coffee and laughs maniacally15:35
BluesKaj"straight to the moon" !15:37

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