akgranerjono while you are in a blogging mood can you help promote this - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UCADay00:02
akgraneranyone else feel free to promote it and join in the fun on Nov 20th as well.00:03
bkerensaWill do00:03
* bkerensa addeded to the to do list00:04
akgranerbkerensa, thanks!00:09
akgranerbkerensa - ashams came up with the idea and well I thought it would be cool to see how it goes - and we can tweak it as necessary...:-)  Saying "Thank You" and "You Matter" is always in fashion :-)00:10
bkerensaakgraner: Printing some thank you cards would be cool00:32
akgranerbkerensa, I did some ubuntu thank you cards  - I think at the Ohio UbuCon00:33
akgranerI think I gave one to jcastro00:33
akgranerand others00:33
akgranergreg-g, did you get one as well00:34
akgranerAlanBell, can you look at this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams and fix the formating - I've contracted Rick to ask him to double check the changes I made to the Canonical teams, pleia2 fixed Ubuntu Women I asked the art team to fix their line - but I don't know how to fix that crazy formatting01:36
pleia2not sure if it can be fixed, I think the table is just too big for the width-constrained page01:37
akgranermaybe we should remove some of the stuff listed on the page01:38
pleia2it's a mess, not only out-dated but some teams that are gone are there, and some important ones not on there at all01:39
pleia2I think we need a better way of having a maintainable list :\01:39
akgranerpleia2, which lines do you think we can get rid of01:39
akgranerme too01:39
akgranerI think the icons an go01:39
pleia2news and fridge should just be merged, lubuntu added, classroom added01:39
pleia2is the mobile team still around? not sure about gaming, presentations, love?01:40
akgranerso how's this I'll remove the Icons and add all the new derivative distro's01:40
akgranernope it's ARM now01:40
akgranerI changed that01:40
* pleia2 should refresh :)01:41
pleia2training team is kind of ubuntu learning, but ubuntu learning is inactive at the moment (hoping to pull in your doc and awaken the sleepers)01:41
pleia2and the canonical training department... not sure it exists anymore?01:41
akgranerThat's why I asked Rick to go through the Canonical ones01:42
* pleia2 nods01:42
akgranerhow's this  - I'll just print it out and we can fix it at UDS01:42
akgranerb/c looking at that table on the wiki will kill your eyes01:42
* pleia2 will bring the crayons01:42
akgranerthen we can go in and fix it all at once01:43
pleia2sounds good01:43
akgranerok plan for that page :-)01:43
akgranerplus most of the teams or someone from those teams will be there01:43
pleia2plus then we can "hey Rick, hey Rick, hey Rick" in person!01:44
akgranerI'll make all the changes I can...01:44
akgranerthen we can fix the rest there01:44
akgranerso it will be correct on the BuildingCommunity pages01:44
pleia2there is also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu01:44
pleia2you know, because we need lots of team lists on the wiki01:45
akgranerthat page is a mess to - a lot of these wiki's are just borked01:45
akgranerwe need a wiki week01:45
pleia2we need a loco directory for projects!01:46
akgranerOr can we just get rid of the wiki01:46
akgranertrello :-)01:46
akgranerI said it before jcastro could01:46
akgranerbut yeah01:46
pleia2I am part of the annoying crowd that winces at it being a closed-source, company-run tool01:46
pleia2(I have nightmares about google buying them and seeing it go all etherpad ;))01:47
akgraner:-) I just want the info to be correct01:47
akgranerso people can trust our resources01:48
akgranerso if it's a wiki then great...just tell me where it needs to go :-)01:48
akgranerpleia2, I'll just make a list of the pages I can't fix on my own and try to have that ready for when we get to UDS01:49
pleia2ok :)01:49
akgranermaybe we can even get them fixed at UDS01:50
akgranernot like there isn't enough people there01:50
pleia2yeah, the bigger problem is finding time01:50
akgraner15 minutes - either identify, triage or fix01:51
akgranerthen the next day 15 more mins01:51
akgranerwe'd get it done :-) cause we are all awesome that way!  I gots faith in the community and wiki's :-)01:51
pleia2I like sleep01:52
akgranerok lack of sleep is talking  - catch you all tomorrow :-)01:52
pleia2hehe, take care01:52
akgraneryeppers - you should have an intro email in the morning  pleia2 :-)01:52
akgranerpleia2, email sent....01:56
akgranernight y'all :-)01:56
mhall119pleia2: loco directory for projects?02:30
pleia2mhall119: I was joking :) just reflecting on how we solved the problem of maintaining ever-changing loco details in the wiki02:30
mhall119oh, ok02:31
pleia2loco teams have enough in common for it to make sense, unfortunately all ubuntu teams don't02:31
mhall119we should force standardization on all project teams02:31
jonohey folks04:15
jonocheck out http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/10/25/ubuntu-accomplishments-system-spec/04:15
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dholbachgood morning! :)07:07
jonoI am heading to bed07:37
jononight all!07:37
AlanBellakgraner: yes, that table is a bit of a mess, I reported bugs about the lack of table lines and I really don't like the 980px layout, but neither is my decision07:55
AlanBell980px is or was considered rather fashionable at the time in the web design community07:56
czajkowskidholbach: can you moderate a mail on 'ubuntu-devel from me please?09:14
dholbachczajkowski, done09:15
czajkowskidholbach: thanks09:15
dholbachde nada09:15
akgranernigelb, hey one of the guys on the NC LoCo team is wanting to contribute more and wants to do so is by using his knowledge of python to help - can I introduce him to you?10:13
nigelbakgraner: mhall119 is best :D10:16
akgranerokie dokie - mhall119 when you get a chance can you pop into the NC Channel and speak to BugeyeD about how he can contribute....You actually may have met him at SELF 2009 at Clemson we were all there10:18
akgranerpopey, were you ever able to get that device to capture screen output to work with Linux?10:21
popeyakgraner: i was10:22
popeybut its not optimal10:22
popeyi have a better solution10:22
akgraneryeah?  when you have time will you share this knowledge of the better solution10:22
popeyyeah, will blog it10:22
akgranerThank you ! :-)10:23
akgranerpopey, I got some feedback on the screencasts I did for the book, while they were positive  - I know I have some room for improvement and want to work on it..so thank you!10:26
popeyakgraner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUlyqeYMPxs gives you an idea of what it looks like10:32
popeyrecords at 1080p just fine10:32
akgraneroh cool - that looks great!10:38
popeywhat was the feedback centred around?10:38
popeytechnical stuff or prep?10:38
akgranerno people thought I had a soothing voice and enjoyed me walking me through stuff -(consumer side)  - but the publishers wanted more polish to it10:39
akgranerthem through stuff10:39
akgranerand i Have to keep everything to 10 minutes or less10:40
akgranerso I have to work on it :-) and your stuff rocks - so I thought I'd practice and get some critique from you  :-) and see how you do yours10:41
popeytoo kind10:41
akgranerno I mean it - if it sucked I wouldn't ask you :-P10:42
akgranerI also had one negative feedback -  I sounded like I was talking to 3rd graders and not adults10:43
akgranerso I have to work on that too10:43
akgranerok so my kids want IRC accounts - should I be worried?10:45
akgranerwe told them we'd help them get started but now I am a little concerned10:47
Joeb454about what, akgraner?11:00
alourieakgraner: got a sec?11:24
alourieoh, sorry, never mind11:25
snap-lGood morning / afternoon / evening / whatever. :)12:04
czajkowskiAloha <------------ covers it all12:11
mhall119akgraner: they just want to be able to talk to you ;)12:19
snap-lczajkowski: When someone says Aloha to me, suddenly it's 1950, grass huts and tiki torches are in, and people take ukelele music seriously. ;)12:24
cprofittsnap-l: people love ukelele music12:25
snap-lcprofitt: Find them, round them up, and ship them somewhere nice then. ;)12:25
cprofittThat may take some time :-)12:26
snap-lMake sure to get enough 55 gallon drums for the rafts.12:27
cprofittlike water world?12:27
snap-lum, suuuure.12:27
snap-lI guess we don't have to put them in the barrels12:28
snap-lthat might work, actually.12:28
czajkowskiI went to a ukelele concert there 2 weeks ago12:29
czajkowskigreat night12:29
* popey waves12:29
cprofitthey popey12:30
jcastroakgraner: when do you guys come down?13:14
mhall119hey, welcome back cjohnston14:11
dholbachwho likes this as well: https://www.facebook.com/UCADay? :)14:36
snap-lquick question: Who do I contact re: our team's logging being broken for our IRC channel?14:44
alouriedholbach: I do :-)14:44
snap-lhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/10/25/ <- missing #ubuntu-us-mi14:44
alourie(and I did)14:44
Picisnap-l: You should send an email to rt@ubuntu.com if the required logbot is not present in your channel.14:56
jonomorning all14:57
jonodholbach, dpm, jcastro meetingi n 3m in #ubuntu-meeting14:57
* akgraner reads the scrollback15:00
akgraneralourie, did you still need me?15:03
akgranerI'm online for about 30 mins then I'm heading out...and won't be online until late this evening sometime15:03
alourieakgraner: well15:03
alourieit's something to do with the idea jono posted15:04
alourieand something we joke about15:04
akgranerwhich idea? and which joke - this could cover a lot of ground :-)15:04
snap-lPici: I believe the logbot is in the channel15:04
alourieakgraner: Ubuntu Game15:04
snap-lPici: But I will check with them. Thanks!15:04
alourieI'll poke you if I come around to organise thoughts about it15:05
akgranersure  - send me and email or I can ping you tomorrow afternoon when I am online for sure again15:05
alourieakgraner: my schedule is not so ordered now, so I'll ping you :-) thanks15:06
akgraneralourie, thanks!15:07
akgranerdholbach, don't you just love ashams idea for the Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day!  Thanks for seeing it -we are in the promotion stage now and hopefully people will participate on the 20th :-)15:10
dholbachit's awesome15:11
alourieakgraner: was it twittered?15:11
akgraneryep I did and g+'d and fb'd and indenti.ca'd it as well15:11
alourieoh, and I think we should post it on next UNW15:11
alourieand OMG Ubuntu :-)15:11
akgraneralready emailed them15:12
akgranerand it will go in UWN :-)15:12
akgranerand Ubuntu User15:12
akgranergot those covered :-)15:12
akgranerdid that yesterday..... now we need people to your teams about it - and think about what/who you want to appreciate and let know "They Matter" on Nov 20th15:13
akgranerso help spread the word please :-)15:14
alourieI'm not sure that my LoCo is getting it though15:15
akgraneras in not getting the word about it or not understanding what it's about15:15
alourieI think both15:16
jonojcastro, meeting?15:16
alouriethey are quite smart individuals with own agendas :-)15:16
jonoyou are up15:16
akgraneryou can help with both of those  - it doesn't have to come from some "official" voice somewhere - - just tell people think of someone in the Ubuntu Community who has made a positive impact in your involvement in Ubuntu and tell them to let that person(s) know how they impacted their contributions etc15:17
akgraneralourie, I'll just blog about it with examples  - I'll do mine early - would that help15:18
alourieakgraner: sure thing15:18
alourieI'll do that15:18
akgraneralourie, Thank you!!!15:18
alourieakgraner: sure. Share it on g+, I'll read it later and also share with other people15:19
akgranerk will do - I have a 5 hour drive ahead of me today surely I can get some of it done in the car15:20
akgranerI'm not driving  - I'm riding (didn't want anyone to think I was going to drive to drive and blog at the same time)15:20
dholbachnice to see all the feedback in the team meeting15:24
jonoindeed :-)15:25
dholbachalourie, I set up very sparse https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments pages - check the individual trophies pages16:02
dholbachit'd be nice to add more ideas to it and then get a team of people together who can help make this happen :)16:02
cprofittnothing like a wee bit of pressure... just got told by my boss that instead of launching the new help desk mid-November he wants it launched by the end of the day16:27
pleia2oh fun :(16:32
* dholbach hugs cprofitt16:34
* nigelb hugs cprofitt 16:37
nigelbToday is hearing firecrackers go off all night :)16:37
dholbachnigelb, happy diwali16:50
dholbachvish too ^ :)16:50
dholbachtime to call it a day over here - see you all tomorrow16:50
czajkowskidholbach: tooldes16:51
dholbachbye :)16:51
vishdholbach: :) , have a great day.. :)16:51
nigelbvish: You're in NYC these days?16:56
vishnigelb: yea..16:56
nigelbNice :)16:56
popeynigelb: we had samosas and indian sweets at work for Diwali17:00
popeybest samosas ever17:00
popeyalso jalebi17:01
popeyI could eat my own body weight in jalebi17:01
nigelbpopey: damn, you make me want jalebis.17:01
nigelbIts aleady 10:30 pm, so less chances of that.17:01
popeyalso barfi17:01
popeywe have _loads_ of indians in our office17:02
popeyso there were a ridiculous amount of samosas17:02
czajkowskipopey: you're killling me17:03
czajkowskiam starving17:03
czajkowskiand dinner is at least anoter 2 hrs away17:03
popeyjust got home, need to get ready for uupc17:04
popeylive show tonight17:04
czajkowskihouse viewing before dinner17:07
jussianyone seen paultag recently ?17:37
czajkowskihe's online just not in here17:38
czajkowskiyou can find him in locoteams17:38
jussiczajkowski: hrm... my client says otherwise, guess its borked. is he using the nick paultag?17:38
daniloshi all, can anyone help me check if a certain person has permission to approve sessions for Linaro Connect?17:39
jussijcastro: probably knows17:40
danilosjcastro, hi Jorge, any idea? :)17:40
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james_wdanilos, hi, that's a Launchpad thing, not a summit thing18:08
james_wpeople in https://launchpad.net/~linaro-connect-organizers can approve things at https://launchpad.net/sprints/lcq4.1118:08
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danilosjames_w, well, I might be asking the wrong question, but if the session is approved, it will be scheduled automatically as well? (basically check your email)18:13
james_wdanilos, it will, if the name matches the conventions18:16
danilosjames_w, right, thanks18:16
danilosjames_w, btw, does it make sense for me to be the memeber of connect-organizers team as well?18:17
james_wdanilos, yeah, I think so, as you will want to approve sessions18:18
danilosjames_w, can you please add me while you are there? :)18:18
scott-worktwo questions:  1. is it too late to suggest a blueprint for uds-p?18:21
scott-work2. how the bloody hell do i register for a track?18:22
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danilosjames_w, thanks18:28
james_wdanilos, there's also "track lead" permission in the scheduling system that allows for changing the schedule18:30
james_wIlias probably wants that as well, but it wasn't clear to me which he was asking about18:30
james_wsummit admins can grant that in the admin interface18:31
danilosjames_w, right, thanks for the info there, that includes StephenDole, right?18:31
james_wI think so18:31
james_wI could make you a summit admin too18:32
scott-worktwo questions:18:33
scott-work1. is it too late to register a blueprint for uds-p18:34
scott-work2. how the bloody hell do i register for a track?18:34
macoscott-work: talk to the track lead to get the blueprint on the schedule. that happens even up during uds :)18:39
macoscott-work: as for #2...i didn think there was such a thing as registering for a track18:39
macothere arent really rsvps...18:39
scott-workmaco: this is from an email from daniel holbach, "Everyone is expected to attend each day and the sessions that they register for"18:40
scott-worki'll ping dholbach tomorrow morning if no one knows18:40
macoscott-work: its per-session, not per-track18:41
macoyou just subscribe to the blueprint18:41
scott-workmaco: that is what i thought, just making sure18:41
macowhen doing so, you can mark yourself as "participation essential" if you HAVE to be there and reading notes later isnt enough18:41
scott-workand ah, i see the confusion, i.e. track vs. session, bad choice of words18:41
macothen the autoscheduler will try to ensure you don't need to violate the laws of physics18:41
scott-workthank you maco :)18:42
AlanBellyou can always be sat in one session and participate by IRC in another :)18:42
macoAlanBell: true. also a bit confusing :P18:43
macoscott-work: are you yokozar or a new scott?18:45
scott-workmaco: i am scott lavender, ubuntu studio project lead :-)18:53
scott-workalso, ScottL from my home laptop18:53
macoooh that scott18:54
macoi dont know if i know you in person18:55
macojust that youre the scott whose nick makes me double take for ScottK18:55
scott-workaye, that is true and unfortunate18:59
scott-worki cannot say that i have met any person in real life that i talk with on irc :/19:00
scott-worki hope to remedy this at uds, however :)19:00
scott-workmaco: will you be at uds-p?  perhaps i shall add you to my growing list of people to meet?19:00
salgadohas anybody got any idea what makes the call to schedule.calculate() in http://paste.ubuntu.com/719120/ to generate different .meetings every time I run it? (at the top there are all the test failures I saw)19:54
salgadojames_w, do you have any idea?  I've copied that test from your branch to trunk (to make sure it was not something introduced by your changes), but it still fails with a different .meetings most of the time19:56
james_wsalgado, model_mommy randomises parameters that aren't specified, which means that it can have non-deterministic behaviour19:57
salgadojames_w, oh, right.  any idea what could be the parameter that we must not allow randomization on?  maybe the fact that sometimes .meetings is empty and sometimes not gives a clue?20:01
james_wsalgado, that may be something to do with the slot I think20:02
james_was if no slots match the criteria you will get an empty dict20:03

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