pittiGood morning04:02
TheMusoMorning pitti.04:02
pittihey TheMuso, how are you?04:03
TheMusopitti: Not too bad thanks, yourself?04:03
pittiTheMuso: pretty good, thanks!04:03
pittilooking forward to Orlando04:03
TheMusoYeah me too.04:03
TheMusoNot so much the weather, or the travelling, but everything else, yes.04:03
jbichawhat's wrong with the weather?04:08
TheMusoWell this time last year in Orlando, it was rather hot and humid.04:11
TheMusoSO I am expecting something similar.04:11
jbichahmm, 80s/high 20s, yeah that's a bit warm04:13
pittiRAOF: if you have some time for SRUs, can you please look at my apport upload? I'm catching up with the other queues05:08
RAOFpitti: Certainly.05:08
pittiagateau: please reupload appmenu-qt SRU with a bug reference05:11
pittiRAOF: all queues clear now, except for apport05:20
pittibinutils and software-properties need to wait05:20
* micahg thinks pitti is having a weird version day05:21
micahg0.6.14-1git1ubuntu1, 4.24.0-0ubuntu2b105:21
pittioh, for unity? I didn't want to use -ubuntu3, as this shouldn't (need to) go into the VCS05:21
pittiit's like a binNMU05:21
micahgpitti: shouldn't the VCS be a record of what was in the archive though?05:22
pittiit is, the source didn't change05:22
pittipowerpc was busted05:22
RAOFpitti: apport looks good; accepted.05:33
pittiRAOF: thanks05:33
micahgpitti: makes sense I guess05:37
pittijbicha: new mutter regressed on armel (FTBFS)05:55
SweetsharkMorning Desktoppers!06:14
* Sweetshark is a case of "senile Bettflucht" today (have fun with google translate on that one) ...06:14
pittihey Sweetshark06:24
pittiSweetshark: not even sure what that means exactly :)06:25
Sweetsharkpitti: wikipedia knows ;)06:34
pittiSweetshark: ah, hehe06:35
GunnarHjpitti: Good morning, Martin, and thanks for the upload of the a-s branch at bug 868346 to oneiric-proposed. Seems like the powerpc binaries won't be built until tomorrow.07:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 868346 in lightdm "Language selector broken in Ubuntu" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86834607:06
GunnarHjpitti: Robert has commented on the lightdm MP, and he asks for your second opinion. I have responded with a branch update and a comment.07:06
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chrisccoulsonw00t, i have internets today07:15
RAOFNo internets yesterday?07:16
pittihey chrisccoulson07:16
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?07:16
pittipretty well, thanks!07:16
chrisccoulsonRAOF, no, i had no connection (other than my 3G) for the whole day yesterday07:16
pittioh, and no didrocks to remind me about the meeting reminder07:16
chrisccoulsonit was still broken at 2am this morning07:17
pittiI wonder if it's worth having a meeting today in the first place, with half of the crew being on travel/at sprint, and we see each other all next week07:17
RAOFchrisccoulson: Boo, hiss.07:17
RAOFYou know what?  I shouldn't have bothered with starting a deja-dup backup to Ubuntu One.  My ADSL2+ pipe just doesn't have the bandwidth to make it fun.07:24
RAOFpitti: I think one of my replies to the techboard is sitting in moderation.  Could you please give it a prod if it is?07:27
RAOFTa muchly.07:28
pittiRAOF: done07:28
RAOFI guess the tech board agenda page is wrong, too; it's unlikely that the next meeting is on 2011/10/20 ;)07:30
pittithat was the last one indeed07:31
chrisccoulsonpitti - are you able to kill builds? (eg, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/8.0~b4+build1-0ubuntu1/+build/2865778)07:33
chrisccoulsonthat's been hung for 5 days07:33
pittichrisccoulson: no, only IS can do that07:33
pittichrisccoulson: if you could ping #is ?07:34
chrisccoulsonpitti - sure, just done that now07:34
htorque__hello everyone! if the update manager's changes window opens like this: http://i.imgur.com/SCstI.png - against which package should i report a bug (or look for an existing one)?07:52
pittihtorque__: update-manager seems right07:53
htorque__so this is no gtk issue?07:53
RAOFProbably easier to start by assuming it's an update-manager problem; if it's a gtk issue it's easy to reassign.07:54
htorque__ok, thanks guys!07:54
pittiRAOF: do you have a minute to review my pygobject oneiric-proposed upload?07:57
pittiquite a few people wait for that07:57
RAOFDidn't we already upload pygobject to proposed?07:57
pittiRAOF: yes, that one is in -updates now07:57
RAOFThere's a new and shiny one? :)07:57
pittithe oneiric version starts being a nice debian/patches/00git_*.patch collection :)07:58
pittiat least we are getting everything upstream, experimental/precise have zero patches07:58
pittiRAOF: yes, now with 50% more love!07:58
pittiyou can even put the love into variants, and those into arrays07:59
pittimy_love_array = [GLib.Variant('l', '♥')]07:59
pittihmm, that seems to be a font bug -- '♥ ' with an extra space looks even shinier08:00
* RAOF needs to fix his IRC bouncer's unicode handling08:00
pittiRAOF: oh, you don't get them properly?08:00
RAOFYeah, I think I don't have the locale set.08:01
pittihow were you ever able to read my shiny ¡ɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ ƃuıuɹoɯ pooƃ then?08:01
RAOFBecause I recently moved my IRC bouncer to the cloud :)08:02
pittimine runs on my colo server08:03
pittiRAOF: so you have an EC2 something now?08:03
RAOFI'm trying out the CanoniStack08:03
RAOFHm.  At what point did it become 7pm?08:05
RAOFCurse, you, orbital tilt!08:05
micahgRAOF: about 8 hours ago for me :)08:05
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didrocksgood morning09:59
rodrigo_am I in?10:00
ricotzrodrigo_, looks like so10:02
didrockspitti: hey, how are you?10:29
pittibonjour didrocks10:29
pittididrocks: how's Orlando?10:29
didrockspitti: foggy10:29
didrocksbut it was better yesterday afternoon10:29
didrockslet's wait for a few days and crossing fingers :)10:30
didrocksotherwise, nothing release changed10:30
didrockspitti: I had a question about your unity rebuild for powerpc, it's not possible to just have a give back on powerpc for the -proposed pocket? (just curious)10:31
pittididrocks: it's more complicated10:31
pittididrocks: I didn't see that powerpc FTBFSed, so I did the usual routine of copying to precise and oneiric-updates10:31
pitticopying to precise needs to happen first (LP quirk)10:31
pittibut then the failed powerpc build started again on precise10:31
pittiduring that you can't copy to -updates10:31
pittiand precise succeeded10:31
didrocksah, ok, make sense :)10:32
pittiso I now had a precise powerpc build for the oneiric SRU10:32
didrocksyeah, quite not trivial10:32
pittiand this was totally wrecked10:32
pittithe only real way to fix this was a new source upload, sorry10:32
pittipowerpc is busted, libgnome-desktop3 is not installable for some reason, and I don't know why10:32
didrocksoh no worry, was just interested in why it was needed :)10:32
pittithe porter chroots have no -proposed10:32
didrocksurgh, not good10:32
pittiand I didn't find a powerpc FTBFS which caused thsi10:33
pittithe very first -proposed FTBFS there is already due to the libgnome-desktop3 installability10:33
pittiso, NFC about that one :(10:33
didrockspitti: "the porter chroots have no -proposed", you mean, you can't log on adare for instance, get a chroot there and apt-get install the deps to be able to see what's wrong?10:35
pittididrocks: correct10:35
pittiin -updates everythign is fine10:35
pittiwell, at least apt-get install doesn't complain10:36
didrocksit will block a lot of updates…10:36
pittiit might very well be a binary in universe or so10:36
didrockshum, how come? you mean the binary would have been incrr10:36
didrocksincorrectly copied to universe?10:36
pittiI really don't know10:37
pittiand I don't feel like sitting down for hours trying to debug this, since frankly, I effing don't care about powerpc10:37
didrocksyeah, those install issues are quite a pain, not sure if soyuz can be better in detecting that and trying to recursively install deps so that we can have more insight just looking at logs10:37
chrisccoulsonheh, +1000 about not caring about powerpc10:37
didrocksseems we don't ship anymore /usr/share/applications/nautilus-folder-handler.desktop10:38
didrockscausing bug #87678810:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 876788 in nautilus "Many users upgrading from 11.04 or eariler will be unable to open trash; flash drives & if using Classic session places in nautilus" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87678810:39
didrocksseems we don't have any desktop file providing this anymore10:40
didrocksI guess it's because nautilus 3 dropped the "show desktop option"10:40
didrocksand so don't need a --no-desktop one10:40
didrocks(desktop file)10:41
didrocksrunning nautilus %U seems to DTRT10:53
rodrigo_can anyone replicate https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/878486 ?11:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 878486 in gnome-settings-daemon "gsd-printer crashed with SIGABRT in __kernel_vsyscall()" [Medium,In progress]11:04
chrisccoulsonhmm, i think it might be time to restart my session12:07
chrisccoulsonit's only lunchtime, and it already feels like it's been filled with glue12:07
* rodrigo_ lunch12:18
* kenvandine heads out to get a flu shot before risking ubuflu, be back in a bit12:22
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pittidpm: just saw Kenneth's mail about getting full -base oneiric langpacks this week12:40
dpmhi pitti12:41
pittidpm: I disabled the cronjob and told https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+language-packs to get me a full export12:41
pittidpm: but the next automatic one will only arrive on Friday, right?12:41
pittiand I'll be on holiday then12:41
pittidpm: would it be possible to kick off an export now?12:41
pittidpm: alternatively I can manuall fake one by taking the last full and yesterday's delta tarball12:42
pittidepending on how recent we want this to be12:42
dpmpitti, yeah, the next one will be available on Friday. Let me see if a Launchpad losa can arrange an export for us. I think that'd be less work for you.12:44
pittidpm: it's not much work to generate a merged one12:44
pittiI have a script for it12:44
pittibut it wouldn't be the latest and greatest translations12:44
dpmpitti, let me ask on #launchpad for someone to arrange the export, and if they haven't come back to us in ~1h, let's go for the merged one. What do you think?12:45
pittidpm: sounds great12:45
dpmok, asked on #launchpad12:47
pittidpm: cheers12:54
cyphermoxgood morning@13:01
dpmpitti, translations full export running. If nothing breaks in the meantime, it should be available in ~16 hours time13:04
pittidpm: yay, thanks13:04
dpmnp :)13:04
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mitya57Can somebody help me?13:55
mitya57I just received a mail from Launchpad13:56
mitya57On 2011-10-25 12:03z (1 hours 43 minutes ago), you uploaded a file with Hausa (ha) translations for nautilus in Ubuntu Oneiric package "nautilus" to Launchpad.  We were unable to import the file because of errors in its format:  Line 7165: Unsupported plural case number.13:56
mitya57Line 7165 of that file is "#~ msgstr[6] ""13:56
jbichaI merged webkit 1.6, is there a particular time of day it's better to push that into the repositories?13:58
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CarlFKmitya57: whats line 7166?   (maybe the reject line starts at 0)14:03
mitya57CarlFK: 7166: #~ "<b>Irin Zane:</b> %s (%s)\n"14:05
mitya57All lines from 7088 are commented out14:06
mitya57And I didn't change anything related to translations in this upload14:07
cyphermoxmitya57: translations get merged with LP too14:08
mitya57cyphermox: I know, of course, but I'm just wondering what's the case of this error14:10
cyphermoxheh, check line 7165? :)14:10
=== zyga is now known as zyga-afk
cyphermoxnevermind, I see it up14:10
mitya57Anybody can find it @ http://launchpadlibrarian.net/83650335/ha.po14:12
cyphermoxmitya57: afaict it should have failed parsing before that14:17
cyphermoxnplurals=2 in headers, you should only have up to two entries for msgstr[x]... that said, it also shouldn't crash because that's all commented out :)14:18
dobeywhat cyphermox said. 6 > 2, and so there's a problem :)14:19
mitya57Should I acknowledge "ha"-translationteam?14:19
mitya57BTW, 5 also > 2, why it doesn't like *that* line?14:20
cyphermoxmitya57: clearly there's a bug there in what parses the po file14:25
cyphermoxmitya57: I wouldn't worry *too* much about the error message, but still file a bug against launchpad for the error, possibly with that ha.po file attached14:28
* mitya57 is reporting a bug14:28
mitya57cyphermox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/319243 explains the situation14:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 319243 in launchpad "KeyError for excessive plural forms" [Medium,Fix released]14:35
mitya57Launchpad doesn't support >= 6 plural forms (starting with 0)14:35
mitya57And it tries to load them even if they're commented (to show them in "Suggestions")14:36
cyphermoxah, interesting14:38
cyphermoxwell, now we know14:38
cyphermoxas for the rest, it remains "wrong" to keep 27 different plural forms, but that's just something to bring up upstream for them to clean up their po files14:39
dobeywell, it's not wrong, if the language has 27 different plural forms14:42
dobeybut i'm pretty sure Hausa doesn't, given the header stating it only has 2 :)14:42
cyphermoxd'oh, he's gone14:56
cyphermoxhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/319243 would have benefited a re-open I guess14:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 319243 in launchpad "KeyError for excessive plural forms" [Medium,Fix released]14:56
cyphermoxactually nevermind, I just fail at parsing the bug description14:57
* jbicha looks for a sponsor for webkit 1.6...15:14
cyphermoxseb128: what would be the best way to deal with an extra patch I'd like to add to e-d-s 3.2.1-0ubuntu1 (to fix POP delete-after-days); just upload 3.2.1-0ubuntu2 to -proposed?15:31
seb128cyphermox, yes15:31
seb128cyphermox, is the bug a regression from the current sru?15:31
cyphermoxthat's just going to superseded it15:32
cyphermoxno, it's something else on top of it15:32
cyphermoxit was broken in 3.2.0 too15:32
seb128how long is the sru in?15:32
cyphermoxthat's why people lost email on pop accounts, it defaulted to delete after 7 days, I discussed it with mbarnes and the default is changed to 015:32
seb128either you wait for the new one to move to updates15:32
cyphermox6 days now15:32
seb128or reactivate the counter with a new one15:32
pittihey seb12815:33
seb128hey pitti, how are you?15:34
pittiseb128: pretty well, thanks! how is the sprint going?15:34
seb128pitti, quite good so far15:34
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seb128doing a lightdm SRU hacking session with robert_ancell and agateau at the moment15:34
seb128pitti, good SRU work today btw15:36
seb128nice to see those pygobject and nautilus bugs fixedf15:36
pittithanks; got these nautilus patches reviewed, and some pygobject fixes15:36
seb128saw that ;-)15:37
seb128do we have sometime who feels like working on bug #87333415:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 873334 in lightdm "the upstart job is missing support for 'text' command" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87333415:38
ricotzpitti, hi :), the mutter update has the same issue last time, it includes a debian-changes patch which reverts the former one15:38
ricotz*as last time15:39
seb128bug #864174 as well15:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 864174 in lightdm "boot hangs waiting for lightdm after purging gdm (wrong default-display-manager)" [High,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86417415:39
pittiricotz: argh15:39
seb128(it seems prerm in gdm screw the default)15:39
ricotzpitti, would you be so kind and bump these ppa builds? https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+builds15:40
pittiricotz: done15:41
ricotzpitti, thank you15:42
pittiseb128: can do 873334, feel free to assign to me15:42
* pitti bbl15:42
seb128pitti, danke15:43
desrtseb128: you're missing an awesome meeting!!15:46
seb128desrt, oh, what a shame!!!15:47
jbichaseb128: are any of 3.3 updates safe or should we wait to discuss next week?15:49
seb128jbicha, wait for next week15:49
seb128we don't know if they will depends on i.e new glib or new GTK in a month time and if that would conflict with decision we will take15:50
jbichaok, no problem15:50
jbichaso mutter ftbfs on arm but I don't have a clue how to handle arm build failures15:56
ogra_not differently to any other build failures i would propose15:58
ogra_read the logs, identify the issue, google for a patch, if you dont find one, file a bug and notify ubuntu-arm and linaro15:58
ricotzjbicha, hi, it includes a debian-changes patch which is probably the reason15:58
jbicharicotz: thanks15:59
jbichaogra_: well I don't have any Ubuntu-capable ARM hardware to verify whether something works15:59
ogra_jbicha, but you can read logs :)16:00
ricotzjbicha, if you are looking for an update gconf 3.2.1 would be nice (when it gets released)16:00
ogra_eventually it might end up in #ubuntu-arm, but its always helpful for us if the dev does at least some research in advance16:00
ricotzyou can set up a builder using qemu too16:01
ogra_jbicha, and i'm fighting hard with the management to get at least one arm device into every team16:01
jbichamy primary laptop has stupid Intel no-hardware-virtualization16:01
ogra_so someone in -desktop should eventually be able to help doing a test build16:01
ogra_up to then you have us (ubuntu-arm)16:02
jbicharicotz: yes, I'm waiting for gconf 3.2.1 too16:02
ogra_we're also trying to get public arm PPAs ready since a while, sadly now armhf came up which steals the buildds dedicated for this16:04
ogra_once thats bootstrapped there should be public arm PPAs though, so you can do testbuilds yourself16:05
ricotzogra_, nice, this sounds great16:05
ogra_ricotz, yeah, sounded great over a year ago already ... sadly life in arm land is slow ...16:06
ogra_(we should move to "leg" that should be able to _run_ faster :P )16:07
Laneyeveryone wants that gconf16:07
Laneybanshee chewing the cpu is trés annoying16:07
ogra_Laney, well, i wish it would chew cpu here16:07
ogra_it sadly doesnt get that far on arm16:07
Laneyi heard :(16:07
Laneyis it mono or banshee that broke?16:08
ogra_tomboy and f-spot work in tests16:08
ogra_so i would say either banshee itself or some special function the others dont use16:08
Laneydid you try banshee 2.2.0 w/mono 2.6 (natty)?16:09
ogra_i think NCommander and GrueMaster tried a lot of combos16:09
Laneytry the muinshee interface16:10
Laneythat should have a lot less gtk (to see if it's the custom widgetry)16:10
ogra_Bug 857299 btw16:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 857299 in banshee "banshee window remain white on startup on armel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85729916:11
bjsniderricotz, i think gconf 3.2.1 is being released today16:29
bjsniderand it fixes at least 2 bugs16:29
ricotzbjsnider, yeah, but there isnt a tarball yet16:32
pittigood night everyone!16:41
dobeynight pitti16:43
dobeymterry: can you get my two oneiric-proposed proposals into oneiric-proposed (at least uploaded and waiting for archive admin to approve)?16:44
achianghas anyone heard of a bug where moving your mouse to the left edge of the desktop causes the screen to go blank?16:44
achiangrunning unity in oneiric16:44
achiangdidn't see anything in a quick search in LP16:44
dobeythat sounds extremely weird16:46
achiangdoes the fact that synergy is running, and that the 2nd panel is on the left edge have anything to do with it?16:47
mterrydobey, ok.  The two "slow music store link" ones?16:48
dobeymterry: yep. libu1 and banshee; the banshee one also fixes a more severe issue where banshee ends up going nuts, if there is no network16:51
achiangseb128: ^^16:53
seb128no I didn't16:54
achiangseb128: any clues on how to start debugging?16:55
seb128no idea, maybe #ubuntu-x guys have an issue or the xorg logs16:56
seb128seems like it could be a video driver bug16:56
achiangseb128: ah, ok. should have started there, thanks16:56
zygahi, where does LANGUAGE get set?17:28
zygasomehow my language is set to chinese and I cannot change it in the language selector applet17:28
zyga(it is grayed out)17:28
dobeyzyga: usually you pick it when logging in17:31
dupondjehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/868032 => could somebody check this one ?17:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 868032 in nautilus "nautilus progress window marked skipped, not managed by gnome-shell" [Low,Confirmed]17:31
zygadobey, in lightdm?17:31
zygadobey, where?17:31
dupondjeseems like its caused by a patch in ubuntu only17:31
dobeyzyga: there is a gear icon next to your name i think, you click on that and choose language, iirc17:32
zygadobey, I just did, I could select my session, not language though17:32
* zyga logs out to check again17:32
cyphermoxzyga: no need17:32
cyphermoxit's not there17:33
dobeyoh i guess it's not there :(17:41
dobeyand is supposed to be an indicator thing at the top of lightdm i suppose, but also not there17:41
cyphermoxzyga: what's greyed out in language-selector, the language list at the top?17:42
zygacyphermox, yes17:42
zygait's highly unintuitive17:42
zygaI managed to drag english to the top17:42
cyphermoxquite unusual17:42
cyphermoxthat should be enough17:43
zygachinese was at the top and I did not know how to move it down17:43
zygaanyway, I could _not_ change language in lightdm17:45
dobeyzyga: yeah, that is apparently a rather horrible regression in oneiric :(17:46
zygadobey, I don't mind it being missing that much, I just did mind chinese :)17:48
zygaLANGUAGE is confusing to be honest17:48
zygait seems to be crashing xchat-gnome here17:48
mterrydobey, heyo.  a couple things about your u1ms patches17:56
dobeymterry: hey17:57
mterrydobey, (1) the libubuntuone patch doesn't apply cleanly to oneiric.  Easy to fix, but looks like it was originally made on a different version of the source17:57
dobeyit applies here17:57
dobeyi'll look, and yes it's easy to fix if it doesn't17:58
mterrydobey, had to apply this patch to the tree: dobey, (2) after both patches, starting Banshee with a long do17:59
mterrydobey, this patch: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/719040/17:59
mterrydobey, (2) after both patches, starting Banshe with a u1ms URL does not switch to the music store after startup17:59
mterrywill make those comments on the merges too, for posterity18:01
dobeybanshee is not fun18:01
dobeyi was having that issue as well in testing, as there seems to be a race within banshee itself18:02
dobeyi could repeat it easily even. while i was testing, i added a logging call to another part of the banshee code, to help debug. when i did that, it started working right. then i removed that added call and it continued to work correctly :(18:03
dobeyso i really have no idea why it's not switching, exactly. stupid heisenbug race inside banshee :(18:04
mterrydobey, does it do that before your patches?18:05
dobeymterry: currently in oneiric, loading a u1ms:// url will take at least 10 seconds after banshee is started, to happen. so it simply isn't there because it's way after it would occur18:06
mterrydobey, I see, "working through obscurity"  :)18:07
dobeymterry: but current banshee is weird, because if you click and link, and banshee opens, and you hit play or something, it will just seemingly randomly switch to the u1ms view18:07
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mterry@pilot out18:49
mterrytremolux, today, all the for-purchase apps lost their icons in software-center.  :-/19:27
tremoluxmterry: hrm, yes, I see that  :/19:28
tremoluxmterry: I'll look into this, thank you for the head's up!19:30
dobeymterry, tremolux: what airline are you guys taking to orlando? i don't recognize "b6" :)19:31
tremoluxdobey: JetBlue, but..."b6"??19:32
tremoluxmterry: if you click into the description page for one of the apps, does the icon appear (after a short moment?)19:33
dobeytremolux: yeah, i was looking at the canonical wiki page that lists everyone to see who was arriving the same time as i, and saw your flight numbers were "b6 432" or something like that19:33
mterrytremolux, yeah19:33
mterrytremolux, but even after doing that, the main page doesn't update to show the icon19:34
mterry("main page" == "welcome/dashboard thing")19:34
tremoluxmterry: yep, but if I restart s-c, it does for me19:35
mterrytremolux, yup, you're right19:36
tremoluxmterry: (initial guess) seems like the icons were updated on the server side for some reason, and so the cache was no longer valid19:36
tremoluxmterry: and the new UI isn't good about handling an updated cache in the main screen19:36
mterrytremolux, this was around the time that I noticed we have new books for purchase (which, btw, don't appear as newer than the other packages, though I'm 99% confident they are)19:36
mterrytremolux, so I could easily believe updated server-side cache19:37
tremoluxmterry: yep, looking in my cache I can see the icon names are all new...hrm19:47
achianghi, if one is using ccm and has disabled "bring to front on click".... how do you actually bring the window to the front after that? :)19:49
mterryachiang, alt-tab?19:49
achiangmterry: i guess the old behavior was alt-click19:49
jbrettachiang is asking because I asked him in another channel. :)19:50
mterryachiang, there are a few patches against compiz adding alt-click in LP19:50
achiangmterry: ah, nice! so currently known to not work?19:50
mterryachiang, yeah19:50
achiangmterry: do you happen to have the bug # handy? then jbrett can go subscribe19:51
jbrettmterry: is that by design, or a bug?19:51
mterryachiang, jbrett: bug 881329 and bug 88067219:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 881329 in compiz "Alt+click should raise with raise-on-click disabled" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88132919:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 880672 in unity "Clicking panel should raise maximised window with raise-on-click disabled" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88067219:52
mterryjbrett, likely a bug19:52
achiangmterry: woot, thanks19:52
mterryan overlooked use case19:52
jbrettmterry: thx!19:52
jbrettwow, this whole global/galactic menu thing really sucks, especially with focus-follows-mouse turned on.20:19
jbrettby the time I navigate across my screen to get to the menu bar, I've usually inadvertently passed over some other window, so I get the wrong menu.20:20
mterryjbrett, yeah, focus-follows-mouse is rough.  I think there are existing bugs/thoughts on solving it.  But I don't know those bug numbers off hand like I did the alt-click ones20:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 674138 in unity ""Global" appmenu breaks sloppy focus" [Low,Won't fix]20:37
mterrythere ya go20:37
jbrettlooks like the only way to make it usable for now is "apt-get purge appmenu\*" :(20:38
jbrettI'm trying really hard not to just disable stuff I dislike at first (like the GM), as I assume there was some thought and effort put into it, and once I get over the "this isn't the same as what I'm used to" stage, I might actually like it :)20:39
jbrettbut I'm not finding another way around this one, if it's marked "won't fix"..20:39
desrtronoc: yo20:54
ronocdesrt, hey20:54
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desrt'debian it not work good on my PC'20:55
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m4n1shI keep getting "totem-playlist.h:65:2: error: unknown type name 'GtkVBox'" everytime I try to build totem22:20
m4n1shanyone else getting it22:20
m4n1shis this something to do with dependency not being correct?22:20
RAOFm4n1sh: Is that in a build chroot?  It sounds like a missing #include, missing dependency, or (least likely) GtkVBox being removed after deprecation.22:24
m4n1shRAOF: not doing on a chroot22:25
m4n1shdoing it in a clean vm22:25
m4n1shdid a build-dep totem22:26
m4n1shand then installed valac and libzeitgeist-dev to enable a plugin which is a soft-dep22:26
m4n1shRAOF: I got this version from ubuntu's version22:26
m4n1shI guess there is a downstream patch22:27
RAOFPossibly, but that seems strange.22:27
m4n1shnope. not available22:28
m4n1shinitially it failed to build on oneiric22:28
m4n1shso i tried on a clean chroot using pbuilder22:28
m4n1shand then now trying in a vm22:28
m4n1shapt-get build-dep should install all the dependencies22:29
jbichaare you using any PPAs? it's totem you're trying to build, right?22:29
m4n1shjbicha: yes22:31
m4n1shnot using any PPA on a fresh vm22:31
jbichawhich version of totem?22:32
m4n1shthe one present in oneiric22:32
m4n1shgot it using apt-get source22:32
m4n1shoutput where it fails22:32
m4n1shjbicha: if I remember, you take care of totem22:33
jbicham4n1sh: not exactly, but I did do the last upload a week ago; I'm not sure what's wrong with your setup22:35
jbichado you know how to use sbuild or pbuilder?22:36
m4n1shI did that too22:36
m4n1shthat is what troubling me22:36
m4n1shdoing it in a clean chrooted environment should be fine22:36
RAOFIt's just built successfully for me.22:39
jbicham4n1sh: ask your computer's manufacturer for a refund! ;)22:41
m4n1shjbicha: :)22:42
m4n1shthere is a package named libtotem-plparser-dev22:42
m4n1shjbicha: is this the cause of the problem?22:42
m4n1shgrr. it is already installed22:43
jbicham4n1sh: you can compare with the build logs at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/3.0.1-0ubuntu7.122:43
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dobeym4n1sh: do you have the build flag enabled which disables the usage of deprecated APIs in GTK?23:31
m4n1shdobey: nope23:31
m4n1shnow I checked. it works fine in chrooted environment23:31
m4n1shbut not on my dev machine23:31
dobeym4n1sh: are you *sure* about that? it sounds like your problem is exactly that23:32
m4n1shI have gnome2 enabled too23:32
m4n1shdobey: but I also had it running on a fresh oneiric install23:32
m4n1shinside a vm23:32
dobeym4n1sh: no CFLAGS env var set or anything?23:32
m4n1shgot a fresh oneiric vm23:32
m4n1shapt-get build-dep totem23:32
m4n1shand got 2 more -dev packages23:33
m4n1shand tried building23:33
RAOFdobey: Is GtkVBox deprecated?23:36
m4n1shit does show in Gtk323:36
brycehbugs #876711 850749 872932 873191  are all broken brightness functionality, mostly starting around a couple weeks ago.  anyone recognize that offhand?  known gnome-power-manager issue?23:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 876711 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Screen brightness resets to minimized when screen turns off" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87671123:36
RAOFAh, I clearly need to revise my Gtk :)23:37
m4n1shRAOF: dobey: install the package libgtk-3-dev and check  /usr/include/gtk-3.0/gtk/gtkvbox.h23:37
m4n1shI hope this is the correct dev package23:38
dobeym4n1sh: check it for what? it's there, but it's deprecated23:38
m4n1shdobey: then what is the -dev package for gtk?23:38
dobeym4n1sh: what do you mean?23:38
m4n1shmeans totem is dependent on gtk23:39
dobeyVBox is deprecated23:39
m4n1shso to compile totem23:39
m4n1shgtk's development headers need to be there23:39
dobeyyes, and apparently is using deprecated API23:39
dobeyyes, and you had the totem-dev package installed without the gtk-dev package?23:39
m4n1shdidnt understand23:41
dobeyyou had the totem development stuff installed, but it didn't pull in the ones that totem depends on (ie gtk+)?23:42
m4n1shi installed totem build-deps23:43
RAOFMmmmm.  Non-deterministic kernel panics on boot.  This laptop really has had a bad week. :(23:53

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