airurandogood evening ubuntu-ie19:05
czajkowskihows you airurando19:28
airurandohi czajkowski19:34
airurandogood now.19:34
airurandocongrats again19:34
airurandodelighted for you.19:34
slashtommyaye, congrats czajkowski20:17
czajkowskithanks working for the h-online.com20:18
airurandoevening tdr11220:24
czajkowskiheading to uds at the weekend20:25
tdr112where is it on20:27
tdr112i hope to do noting this long weekend , my last weekend was too busy20:27
tdr112airurando: i hope the sickness is all over in your house20:27
tdr112czajkowski: very nice20:28
airurandotdr112: Oisin is coming out the other end but Jackie is likely starting up.20:28
airurandocould be around for some time :(20:29
slashtommyoh noes20:29
slashtommytdr112: good job it's a long weekend!20:29
airurandowith 12:04 being a loooonnnnnnnnggggggggg release I reckon special consideration should be given to the CDs we will get for that iteration.20:37
czajkowskiand it being a 5 year lts now20:38
airurandoI've always believed that the LTSs are for the masses and the rest for the more geeky amongst us20:40
airurandoextending Desktop LTS to five years support is great for those that have never installed an OS which is by far the majority20:41
airurandoczajkowski: I reckon #RWCrants should morph into #rugby-rants for all things rugby between RWCs.21:12
czajkowskii do have #rugbyrants set up21:12
czajkowskiit worked out lots of fun meeting people from all over the world21:12
airurandoczajkowski thats good. sorry about being behind the cure on that one.21:23

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