almoxarifelooking for a cloak?08:56
k1lif you are already an ubuntu member please post your launchpad profile08:59
Tm_Tk1l: already left (:09:02
k1lyep, thats caused my hmm09:02
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nik_Can I invite ubottu to my Channel?12:49
Picinik_: What channel?12:50
topylinik_: is it an ubuntu channel? ubottu is for core ubuntu channels only, but there are others that might apply12:50
nik_It isn't an Ubuntu Channel12:51
topyliin that case, no :(12:52
topyliyou can get the ubottu source and create your own clone12:52
nik_Where can I find it?12:53
ubottuubottu uses supybot, which is available in the main !repositories, with additional plugins that are available at http://ubottu.com/clone.html - to help out with ubottu development please join #ubuntu-bots-devel :)12:53
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)12:54
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* genii-around makes more coffee and contemplates signing up for Factoid Maintenance and Review, or possibly Documentation Review15:58
PiciI shall reign again in my factoid fortress.16:23
h00kI have 14 of those 17 emails to catch up on :(16:30
PiciMe too.16:30
genii-aroundh00k: The -irc mailing-list?16:37
h00kgenii-around: -community-council16:38
h00k-irc, apparently16:40
h00kgenii-around: ^16:40
genii-aroundh00k: I'm not signed up for the community-council one but I do read all of the others. ( -irc , -ca , -announce, oneiric-changes, precise-changes )16:42
h00koh boy.16:48
h00k-irc, yeah, I think that's where this thread lies16:48
h00kI want to help, or give input, but I'm not sure how or what would help.16:51
topylih00k: it would help if someone brought the thread back on topic :)17:56
topyliwe can have another thread for 'ircc sucks' or 'topyli sucks'. this is about the delegation17:56
pleia2I tried :)17:57
* Fuchs hands topyli candy17:59
topylipleia2: i saw. thanks, hope it works18:02
* topyli heads to sauna18:05
pangolinftr I agree with topyli .... topyli does suck :P18:12
MyrttiI hate all of you18:13
Myrttiapart from elky and pleia218:13
* h00k sighs18:19
Tm_TMyrtti: I love you too19:21
topylieverybody loves Myrtti, she just loves you back a bit differently20:49
Unit193With the little /abr ;)20:50
Myrttino, I prefer irssi aliases, ie. /csrb :-P20:50

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