tomswartz07hey all03:06
godbykhey, tomswartz07.03:25
tomswartz07who's the editor for the using instant messaging section?03:27
tomswartz07he emailed me today, and was having trouble with the bzr upload.03:27
tomswartz07i was wondering if he figured it out or not03:28
godbykI'm not sure. Let me check the spreadsheet.03:40
godbykThe editor is listed as Decaffienated46.  I'm not sure who that is.03:40
tomswartz07right- thats his name. ok- its no big deal, i was just curious if he popped in to get help.03:55
tomswartz07i sent him some instructions on how to get up and running on bzr, but i havent heard back, and i didnt get a chance to pull the newer branches from lp yet03:56
godbykHey, CrustyBarnacle. Did you get your bzr problems resolved?05:18
c7phello :D21:53
godbykhey, c7p.22:21
c7pho ho, what's up godbyk22:21
tomswartz07Karry's doing the Troubleshooting section, correct?23:36
nisshhtomswartz07, yep23:40

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