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cdunlapdoes anyone know if there is a way to remove a change from a quilt patch, rather than removing the 'popping' the whole patch?06:14
Bachstelzecdunlap: if you have the original diff, apply it with patch -R and do a quilt refresh06:16
Bachstelzeor you an always modify the file manually if the change is not too big06:16
Bachstelze(and quilt refresh afterwards of course)06:18
cdunlapthanks. I have the .deb that has the original patch but I don't think I have the original diff06:19
Bachstelzeyou cant do a lot of things with a .deb06:19
Bachstelzeyou would at least need the source package it was built from06:20
cdunlapI think I will see what I can do with the .deb.  At worst I have to start over.06:20
cdunlapThanks for the help and direction Bachstelze06:21
Bachstelze(source package is .orig.tar.gz, .diff.gz (or .debian.tar.gz) and .dsc)06:21
Bachstelzedepending on where you got the .deb from, the source package should not be far06:21
dholbachgood morning! :)07:08
ajmitchmorning dholbach07:12
dholbachhi ajmitch07:13
truonganhello ./*07:36
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Laneyhowdy ho08:46
Laneydisturbingly there have been no additions to the udd table since i switched to the new method :P08:47
nigelbDid you b0rk it?08:48
lucasLaney: shouldn't your change apply to Debian as well?08:55
lucasit would be better to keep the same table struct as much as possible08:55
Laneyyeah, if you can supply that data for Debian too08:57
Laneylucas: do you know why the updates fail for ubuntu-upload-history now?08:57
Laneyupdate but no run in timestamps08:57
lucasLaney: I don't know08:58
lucasLaney: sorry, my UDD time is very limited08:58
lucasLaney: are you a DD? I could ask you to be added to the uddadm group08:58
Laneyif you like, that would be fine08:58
lucasok, let's do that08:58
lucasLaney: debian login?08:59
lucasI created the RT ticket, I'll let you know when the request is dealt with09:01
lucasLaney: done10:00
Laneylucas: err, how do I run things as udd? and login to postgres to alter the table?10:13
lucasLaney: you need a sudo passwd, and then sudo -u udd -s10:14
Laneythought that, doesn't seem to be my d.o password though10:15
tumbleweedsudo passwords are different10:15
tumbleweeddevelopers reference, IIRC10:15
lucasor db.debian.org10:16
tumbleweedyeah, that's where you set it10:16
Laneyah, that10:17
Ceno3xHi guys. I want to upload a kernel package I've built to launchpad, but seems I need to make a source package in other to do that. I built my packages using make-kpkg so I shouldn't be too far off, can someone point me in the right direction?12:00
tumbleweedCeno3x: didn't I point you at the kernel teams documentation a few days ago?12:07
Ceno3xtumbleweed: indeed you did, but I still haven't figured it out, so I thought I'd try my luck again. sorry man, I'm under a bit of pressure to have this done quickly12:10
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tumbleweedLaney: another qa script (to move to ubuntuwire when we have udd there) http://ubuntu-dev.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/neglected-packages.cgi16:45
* Laney is trying to write a "who has made uploads to orphaned packages" query16:46
elgatonHi, I'm fixing a small bug (missing dependency in debian/control) and have a few questions: 1) should I generate the patch against the debian/ directory only (as explained in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing) or a debdiff? 2) Since I need to get a sponsor for my patch and I'm working on the fix, is it right to subscribe ubuntu-sponsors and add the "patch" tag to the LP bug, but to set the bug status to "In Progress" and assign it to myself? T16:47
Laney1) debdiff is fine, 2) subscribe sponsors, status to confirmed, no assignee16:47
elgatonOK, thanks16:48
micahggilir: I'm assuming we don't want a dev version of abiword for the LTS, right?19:10
gilirmicahg, only if a stable release is planned during this cycle :)19:11
micahgok, so I'll merge the last fix from testing this weekend before the dev version migrates (not sure that a stable version will land this cycle)19:11
gilirsounds good, thanks :)19:13
micahgand Abiword 3.0 is GTK 3 only19:14
micahgor most likely will be19:14
mr_pouitmicahg: a sync request has been filed I think already19:23
mr_pouit(for abiword 2.9, I mean)19:24
micahgmr_pouit: do you think we should take it?19:24
micahgI'm happy to comment on it and request it not be brought in19:24
mr_pouitsince the official website says explicitly that it's a development release, I think it's better not to sync it19:25
micahgok, so, we're all on the same page19:25
mr_pouitBug #88138619:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 881386 in abiword (Ubuntu) "Sync abiword 2.9.1-0.1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88138619:26
mr_pouitoh, you already replied ;-)19:27
micahgyep :)19:27
micahgand \sh isn't around to discuss...19:27
micahgmr_pouit: sorry, I should've highlighted you originally as well :)19:28
mr_pouitno worry, I saw the sync request this morning and I was thinking about it as well19:30
jtaylorhm what to do when a package has no patchsystem20:08
jtaylorbut uses patch in debian rules to patch something in debian/package-name20:08
jtaylornow I need to add a patch that changes the source itself20:08
jtayloradd patch < patch, patch -R < to debian rules?20:08
tumbleweedif it's currently applying patches by hand, it wouldn't hurt to add another one20:08
tumbleweedotherwise just patch directly20:09
jtaylorthe problem with using aptch in rules is how does one recognize that it was already applied20:09
jtayloror does nto need to be reversed20:09
tumbleweedclearly that's a problem it either already has to deal with, or simply ignores20:10
jtaylorno it onlypatches debian/package-name/...20:10
jtaylorone does not need to reverse there20:10
tumbleweedoh I misunderstood20:10
tumbleweedchange the source directly20:10
jtayloryes probably simplest20:11
jtaylorits an pretty bad package, 3.9.1 standard but many pretty bad looking lintian errors ._.20:11
jtaylorbitlbee btw20:12
tumbleweedthe lovely thing about being a debian derivative is that we don't have to care about bad packages too much :) we just fix the bug we are there for and move on20:12
arandjtaylor: Seems the bitlbee packaging for debian is actually done upstream..20:25
tumbleweedis that why it's so bad? :)20:26
jtaylorwould explain why its not up to date to current packaging practices20:27
arandComment at the head of the rules file is interesting :)20:32

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