scott__hi mythbuntu IRC channel- anybody home06:27
scott__okay throwing out a quick question if anyone could help Id be greatful- Ive got a frontend/backend mythbuntu server setup attached to a projecter for movie viewing in my house. I want to be able to remotely control it via laptop06:34
scott__in order to have it play music. However I want the sound to come out of the mythubuntu server itself- not from the remotly connecting laptop.. so myth frontend in that remote laptop isnt an option.06:35
scott__Is there any way to do something like this other than doing a remote desktop session? I was kind of hoping mymote etc would allow you to browse your music etc collection and have them play but you need to have a screen up (the projecter in this case) in order to navigate the pages06:36
scott__I want to navigate and play stuff on the server, from the servers speaker output etc, with a remote interface or laptop.06:36
scott__But I dont want to have to turn on the projector every time I want to play an audio file... I hope Im making sense this is kind of a convoluted question06:38
scott__anyway if anyone has any advice Id appreciate it and thanks for your help in advance06:38
dekarlscott__: i've seen that the 0.25/master series has a frontend webinterface that can be enabled which allows you to control that. I'm not sure how much of that is in 0.24/fixes.08:10
dekarlit's a good question for the main #mythtv-users channel as it's not ubuntu specific08:11
scott__Hi Dekarl ok Ill try throwing it out there to mythtv-users channel. Thanks for your help :-)08:16
dekarloh and, your best bet is when the americans are up, as that is where the devs are08:29
mrandscott__: the  answer should be that the telnet interface is what you want.   See http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Telnet  The reason I say "should" though, is because its ability to control and interact with mythmusic is pretty limited.11:29
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Frontend control socket - MythTV Official Wiki11:29
mrandLooks like a a change in 0.25 should improve that limitation.11:32
TandyUKok now i have a new problem after following the steps in the forum post for upgrade issues11:46
TandyUKi get a login screen up, but login fails - no error i just get bounced back to the login screen11:46
TandyUKafter digging turns out this is logged to /var/log/auth.log11:46
TandyUKlightdm: pam_succeed_if(lightdm:auth): requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user "mythtvuser"11:48
TandyUKhas anyone tested vnc with 11.1011:52
TandyUKcause that doesnt work atm either11:53
TandyUKit was configured with mcc before the upgrade, and if i manually start X and run mcc i can see it is still selected11:53
TandyUKi seem to have a /var/lib/lightdm/.Xauthority file11:56
mrandTandyUK, did you search on that auth.log message?  There are a number of forum hits that I don't have time to read right now, as well as this one:  http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1117897  and probably others.12:21
Zinn[arstechnica.com] Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Headaches - Ars Technica OpenForum12:21
TandyUK-rw-------  1 root    root       15048 2011-10-14 01:22 .ICEauthority12:42
TandyUKtheres the fking problem12:42
TandyUKneed to remove that file as well as .Xauthority12:42
tgm4883TandyUK, did you run any graphical programs using sudo?15:04
TandyUKtgm4883: not to my knowledge but hey ho16:28
TandyUKhaving lirc problems now... my remote wasnt working so through mcc i set it to no additional remote, and it removed the config and lirc16:29
TandyUKnow when i select lirc, it pops up as if it is going to install oething, then disappers16:29
TandyUKdoing a manual install says well it used to lol16:30
TandyUKit was saying no package lirc but a couple of apt-get updates has fixed that16:31
dekarlhow can I add "-v jobqueue" to the mythbackend without hacking the upstart script?17:29
mranddekarl: for sure you could rename mythbackend to something else (mythbackend.real) and then put a "script" (which could be just a single line) which calls mythbackend with the argument added (along with any arguments passed on the command line, using $* or $@17:37
mrandBTW, thanks for helping to answer other questions here and elsewhere!17:38
superm1dekarl, hacking the upstart script shouldn't be too big a deal though, it's a really trivial script and if it changes on upgrade merging the change shouldn't be too much work (compared to old init scripts)17:39
dekarlmrand: ok, I was looking for some MBE_FLAGS= configuration option17:39
superm1we haven't changed it in a LONG time anyhow17:40
superm1so i don't see it being something that you need to do on every apt-get upgrade or so17:40
dekarlI was just wondering as the "-v this,that" is not so uncommon ;)17:40
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dscoularmythbuntu 11.10: can't play sound with aplay while mythfrontend is playing. Any thoughts ?23:33
superm1dscoular, sounds like expected behavior; no pulseaudio or anything being used?23:53
superm1especially if you are using digital audio, expected behavior23:53
dscoularHmm, yes, there's no pulseaudio... I had thought that alsa supported mixing via dmix... I can have 2 aplay samples play at the same time23:56
superm1alsa does support dmix, but i'm not sure all hardware supports that23:56
dscoularIf I have aplay playing simultaneously in two windows... why doesn't mythfrontend allow simultaneous play through dmix et al ?23:57
superm1not so sure then, that does sound a bit odd23:57
dscoularI'm sure it used to work fine... as I have X10 motion detectors play a sample when someone is at the door and I'm it used to work while watching mythtv23:58
dscoulars/ I'm it/I'm sure it/23:58
superm1well if you don't find a solution, an alternative could be to have it send an OSD message23:58
dscoularI'll pester the mythtv users list I guess23:59
dscoularthanks for your help23:59

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