philipballewakgraner, with all your blogging about scale, are you gonna be coming to it?01:46
akgraneryep - looks like I will be :-)01:46
akgranerI'm submitting 3 talks01:46
akgranerso hopefully one of them will get picked up01:46
akgranerSCaLE is one of my favorite events to attend - I spoke there last year01:47
pleia2I submitted a talk this year, first time, scary :)01:47
philipballewI was at your talk and really enjoyed it akgraner.01:48
akgranerpleia2, you'll be great - you are a wonderful speaker01:48
philipballewpleia2, whats it on?01:48
akgranerphilipballew, thanks!01:48
pleia2philipballew: ubuntu in schools and community centers (focusing on the work of partimus and the work the pennsylvania team did in adult learning centers)01:49
pleia2we'll see if it gets accepted :)01:49
philipballewIm trying to do that here. I should listen in on it.01:49
philipballewas if i wouldnt anyway01:49
philipballewkevin from down here is submitting talks as well01:50
philipballewperhaps we will see a strong ubuntu loco presence there if we are lucky01:51
pleia2nhaines is also hosting ubucon again, so I'll submit for that too01:51
philipballewI need to find a place to talk more01:52
philipballewI sent one's to my lug here, but nothing came back01:52
akgranerI am submitting my OSCON talk that Gareth had to give for me b/c of my broke knee and wrist...:-( along with two more I just need to work out the titles now ....01:57
philipballewwhat are they about?01:59
akgranerpleia2, I think the news letter is held in moderation - I used to have access to that mailing list as a moderator but now I'm not so sure can you check on that for me so UWN doesn't keep getting held up - I had someone tell me they hadn't seen it come across-news yet15:02
pleia2akgraner: yeah, it was held up for being too big, I let it through15:59
pleia2akgraner: you go to: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-news click on "ubuntu-news administrative interface" at the bottom16:00
pleia2log in, and go to "Tend to pending moderator requests"16:00
pleia2that will list everything that is held16:00

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