choelHi, I just moved to NZ about 7 months ago from Europe, I having problems finding a good ISP without a data cap and high costs. Can anybody recommend any ISP. I'm also locking for a good ISP for mobile broadband, any suggestions?01:58
choelI'm not used to data caps :/01:58
Gchoel: pretty much all the NZ ISPs have datacaps01:59
Gchoel: it can also depend on what Suburb you give in too01:59
choelG, I seen that, just wonder why? Been reading about it but can't understand why.02:00
Gchoel: why we have datacaps?02:00
choelG, well I live on waiheke outside auckland.02:00
choelG, yes, why datacaps, as I said I haven't seen it in europe. And I started using the internet when it came to sweden in 94 and I've never seen datacaps.02:01
Gchoel: basically because at the moment, there is only one provider of International transit to Australia and US02:01
GIt's expensive to lay, and they need to make a profit, and keep the fibre etc maintained as well02:02
choelG, A I see, was thinking about that. So NZ are connected to Australia via sea cable?02:02
G(and there is, a finite capacity over the cable as well)02:03
Gchoel: yep, have a look at the Wikipedia entry for "Southern Cross Cable"02:03
choelG, will do02:03
choelG, any suggestion for mobile broadband?02:04
choelG, had telecom but the just messed with my deal with them and change the cost. so not to happy with them right now.02:04
Gchoel: the other reason, and I'm not sure how correct my understanding on the subject is, but Chorus do dimensioning on the handover links to the ISPs from the DSLAMs/Exchanges, and that also raises contention issues, so Datacaps are also a way to reduce contention02:04
Gchoel: do 2degrees have any powers on Waiheke?  If not, it's either a choice between Telecom and Vodafone02:05
choelG, sounds about right according to what I read. Also the lack of competition between the ISP:s. Is not that many of them.02:06
Gchoel: yeah, all comes down to numbers really, finite number of customers, finite capacity of backhauls, peering points, international capacity etc02:07
ajmitch& large distance from the rest of the world02:08
Gchoel: that said, the likes of Telecom etc are getting cheaper, and bigger caps etc02:08
Gajmitch: I think that comes under finite internation capacity too :)02:08
choelG, so what’s the general thought about it, going to change any time soon?02:08
Gchoel: well there is the Pacific Fibre consortium international link that is 2-3 years away02:08
ajmitchG: finite capacity, but it means that it's horribly expensive to get more02:08
ajmitchno matter what, distance is a big problem that won't be solved anytime soon02:09
Gcoupled with UFB & RBI initiatives, I think it can only get better02:09
Gajmitch: yep, exactly 110%02:09
choelI read that there where some ISPs trying without datacap and the where overwhelmed by the response of customers.02:10
Gchoel: don't take this the wrong way either, but you may be at an even bigger disadvantage living in Waiheke, I know there are a couple of sea-cable links from Waiheke to mainland, but no idea how big they are, that said, I'd love to live on Waiheke Is :)02:10
ajmitchright, it's made worse by all the high-usage customers flocking to that one ISP, and their speeds dropping02:10
* ajmitch read that you can get DSL on waiheke02:11
Gajmitch: yep02:11
Giirc they are getting ADSL2+ soon (or already have it)02:11
Gstill 3 years away for ADSL2+ for me :(02:11
choelG, hehe, I know waiheke is in a bad spot. But mostly looking in general for auckland area.02:12
* ajmitch likes syncing at just under 22Mbps now02:12
choelajmitch, hehe. that's about it.02:12
Gand I only found that out, when I realised Chorus had secretly released the RBI-ADSL2 spreadsheet, and converted all the local exchanges Map Grid references to Long/Lat and found my cabinet :)02:13
choelG, where about are you?02:13
Gchoel: West Auckland02:13
Gajmitch: twist the dagger a bit more eh? ;)02:13
ajmitchG: sure :)02:13
choelG, k. but still on the mainland. doh.02:13
ajmitchno, mainland is down south :)02:13
choeldo cold down there02:14
GI'm actually in the comical situation, where my phone/T-Stick can download faster than my ADSL connection :P02:14
* ajmitch is in dunedin02:14
ajmitchhardly cold here02:14
choelG, that's not the situation you want :)02:14
GMy phone managed to clock in at 3.74Mbps, where as the max my ADSL has clocked in at, is about 2.2Mbps02:15
* ajmitch won't paste his modem sync stats then02:15
ajmitchbecause that's just poor, if you're on a cabinet02:15
Gajmitch: I'd imagine w/ a Sync of 22Mbps, you'd be able to get VDSL if you wanted?02:16
ajmitchG: most likely, the exchange is right across the road from where I live02:16
* choel thinks ajmitch shouldn't paste any sync at all!02:16
Gajmitch: yeah, I'm on a cabinet, but it's a rural cabinet which is pretty much a glorified patch panel iirc02:16
ajmitchah right02:16
choelSo, any suggestion of mobile broadband provider?02:17
Gchoel: assuming that 2Degrees aren't on Waiheke Is, it's pretty much, pick your poison between Telecom & Vodafone02:17
Gand 99.9% of the time, I'd personally pick Telecom02:17
choelG, 2Degrees almost cover waiheke, but it's shadowed from all the forest and stuff here.02:18
* ibeardslee avoids Telecom02:19
choelG, telecom tricked me. Bought a card of them with the deal that I pay 30 dollars for 4 gigs of data. But after three months they change the deal so I have to pay 90 dollars for 4 gigs and then the next 4 gigs 40 dollars and then 90 again.02:20
choelnot working for me.02:20
GThe only problem with Telecom, is they seem to have a habit of stuffing up a lot, HOWEVER I've always found them pretty quick at correcting their mistakes and what not02:20
Gchoel: was it written in the contract that it would happen?02:21
choelthey offered me 10 dollars as a help to the 90.02:21
choelproblem with buying a prep paid card is that you don't sign a contract. so they can change the plan. My problem with them is they didn't notify me about the change so I lost 40 dollars recharging my card.02:22
GThe worse stuff up that Telecom did w/ me, is I brought a Datacard inthe CDMA days, and asked for it to be attached to my personal account, and they ended up attaching it to the family account that I didn't have any authority over02:22
choelThe best plan I been on so far I telestra clear02:25
choelbut still only landline.02:25
choelSo I guess we'l just wait and hope there roof will fall down.02:30
Gchoel: yep02:41
choelG, thanks for your info.02:48
Gchoel: no problem02:48
mwhudsonso telstraclear are having routing problems with international traffic05:11
mwhudson"Customers may be experiencing intermittent issues with slow loading for some overseas websites. This is an issue with the websites concerned and their traffic routing preferences. It occurs outside both our network and we have no control over the routing. The issue is intermittent and appears to also impact customers of other New Zealand internet service providers.05:11
mwhudsonAlthough the cause of the problem is outside our network, on behalf of our customers we’ve asked our international traffic providers to raise this with the website companies concerned. As long as this issue exists, we will continue to point out to those websites the impact on our customers and the less-than-satisfactory experience they will be having when visiting the websites. "05:11
mwhudsondoes anyone know what they actually mean by this?05:12
mwhudsonseems to be one of their peers advertising routes they really shouldn't be05:44
chiltsyeah, I'd say it's not the websites as such, but maybe _their_ providers07:18
chiltswho knows07:18
stuartyeatesI see McCarthy is dead :(  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/10/24/father_lisp_ai_john_mccarthy_dies/07:20
chiltsnot a good few months for the technical world :(07:31
chiltsbut at least we have their legacies07:31
hadsAnybody want to load this (audio streaming) web page for me? Trying to test the stream with a few people connected; http://aluminium.nice.net.nz/test/22:21
ibeardsleevery quiet22:22
hadsThanks, just playing with bandwidth at the moment. I can increase the energy coming from the conference later.22:24
hadsI thought blaring music at people testing wouldn't be too nice :)22:24
ibeardsleeahh ok .. just hard to tell if it is breaking up etc22:24
hadsAh right. It's standard FreeSWITCH hold music so is pretty quiet anyway.22:27
hadsThanks, you can stop listening if you still are :)22:33
ibeardsleeyou mean I can't keep sucking your bandwidth?22:33
hadsSure you can, it's from the US so there's hundreds of GB spare.22:34
hadsA bit of a change form here.22:35

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