Patrickdkremove the network/broadcast/gateway/dns*00:00
twbPatrickdk: nooooo00:00
twbPatrickdk: :1 bullshit is the old stinky way00:00
Patrickdkusing up, isn't new/better00:01
twbPatrickdk: ifconfig doesn't understand that interfaces can have zero, or many, addresses, so that :1 stuff is a dirty hack00:01
Patrickdkas it does the exact same thing00:01
Patrickdketh0:1 doesn't even use ifconfig00:01
Patrickdkso why does it matter?00:01
twbEr, ifupdown uses ifconfig internally as at 0.600:01
Patrickdktwb, but ubuntu doesn't use 0.6 anymore00:02
Patrickdktwb where have you been living? :)00:02
Patrickdkhe said 11.10 :)00:02
twbOK I missed that00:02
twbBut I still think :1 is a stupid stinky way to simply have multiple addresses00:02
Patrickdkit is00:02
Patrickdkbut as long as the interfaces file supports it00:02
Patrickdkwhy use a nother hack to get around a hack00:02
Patrickdkatleast the supported hack is suppost to be supported :)00:03
Patrickdkiface eth0:1 static, is the same as ip addr xxxx, now00:03
Patrickdkand that is what has caused the issue with ifupdown00:04
Patrickdkthat we are getting fixed on debian/ubuntu00:04
Patrickdkifup works fine00:04
Patrickdkissue is ifdown00:04
Patrickdkbut that won't really affect him00:04
twbmeh, I don't see inet manual as that big a hack00:04
Patrickdkinet manual?00:04
twbsee pastebin00:05
Nicolasnow i did the following: auto eth0:1 iface eth0:1 inet static address netmask but still not working00:05
Patrickdkoh, that is very dirty hack to me00:05
Patrickdkhow can I take down/up one ip at a time00:05
Patrickdkexpecially for failover00:05
Patrickdknot with that code00:05
twbUse ip, I guess00:05
twbI haven't ever needed to do that00:05
PatrickdkI only do in my ipvs configs00:06
Patrickdknicolas, what is classified as not working?00:07
twbI guess what it boiils down to is that ifupdown has pissed me off enough over the years with being baroque and flaky, that I use inet manual because I can see what's happening and it tells ifupdown not to be clever00:07
Patrickdkwhat was the *test*?00:07
twbAnd obviously setting netmask and/or brd by hand blows00:07
Nicolastrying to ssh or entered into the browser: no respone00:07
Patrickdkoutput of 'ip a'00:08
PatrickdkIN A PASTEBIN00:08
NicolasI am trying to find how to use the pastebin :$00:09
Patrickdkcopy/paste, click submit :)00:09
Nicolasthanks! :)00:09
Patrickdkheh? eth1 is still active00:10
Patrickdkifdown eth100:10
Patrickdkifup eth0:100:10
Patrickdkthen pastebin again00:10
Patrickdktwb, I used to do a /etc/init.d/networking restart :) back in 7.04 :)00:12
Patrickdkglad I have stopped that00:12
Patrickdknot even sure why I did that anyways, probably just being lazy00:12
twbPatrickdk: because if you do it remotely without screen, bad juju can happen00:13
Patrickdkalways did it remotely without screen :)00:13
Patrickdknicolas, oh, you removed eth1 already so you can't ifdown eth1 :(00:14
Patrickdkadd auto eth0:100:14
Patrickdkso it looks like eth000:14
Patrickdkor it won't come up after reboot00:14
Patrickdkand type in, ip set link dev eth1 down00:14
Patrickdkip link set eth1 down00:14
Patrickdkthen pastebin once more00:14
Nicolasok thanks!!00:16
Patrickdklooks good00:18
Nicolasyes but still cannot connect with the ip via ssh or when i enter into the browser it is timeout :S00:19
Patrickdkis this server at a colo?00:21
twbNicolas: should that be a /32 ?00:21
Patrickdkmost likely the mac is cached on the swithc/router00:21
Patrickdkand can take 8hours to timeout00:21
twbSeems to me you want both to be /24's and the .164 to be primary00:21
Patrickdktwb, I always use /32 for aliases00:21
twbPatrickdk: huh, I'm surprised it works00:21
Patrickdkcause it doesn't matter as long as one ip is within the netmask of the gateway00:21
Patrickdktwb, why?00:22
twbIt just looks like it shouldn't00:22
PatrickdkI have had mixed results of it not working when I don't use /3200:22
Patrickdkwhere /32 always works00:22
twbMine looks more like this, and FWIW it works fine: http://paste.debian.net/139599/00:22
Nicolasanyway, 245 would be the "master ip" and the 164 is for only one domain but I can change the domain's dns records once it works well :)00:23
twbNicolas: primary vs. secondary only matters here for outbound traffic to that net, and since you have a /32 it doesn't matter at all00:23
twbNicolas: outbound traffic will always pick the outbound /24 as the source ip00:24
PatrickdkNicolas, what is the network it's plugged into?00:24
Patrickdkis it under your control or not? a colocation/vps place?00:24
twbIncidentally when testing recommend trying ICMP echo-request and -reply before SSH; ICMP is connectionless so if you fuck up and have e.g. triangle routing, you can still see the response packets.  Might want to tcpdump, too00:24
* Patrickdk still bets it's a cisco router doing 8hour arp mac caching00:25
Nicolasthe server is at a hosting company00:25
Patrickdkthat way customers are less likely to spoof other customers00:25
Patrickdkwell, arp poison00:26
twbShould just use IPv6, no ARP there :P00:26
Patrickdksure it is, just renamed to nd :)00:26
Takyoji[laptop]I did something stupid and `rm /etc/ldap/slapd.d/*` and tried to uninstall slapd, although it backup up files in the directory I removed, therefore it freaks out and stops uninstalling, and I want to get slapd reinstalled fresh; any ideas?00:26
Patrickdksame thing, same issue, same solution :)00:26
twbHum, I thought it was IPsec'ized ICMPv600:26
Patrickdkbut atleast it lives in the ip layer then00:26
twbStupid tutle book lied to me!00:27
Patrickdkarp in ipv6 is called ND, works the same as arp basically00:27
Patrickdkbut ND lives in ICMPv600:27
twbWell, that's lame00:27
Patrickdkinstead of directly on layer200:27
twbI assumed it was protected by ipsec00:27
Patrickdkno, it means you can do ND over layer 3 :)00:27
Patrickdkit makes it really nice for like tunnels and stuff00:27
Nicolasi so I have to wait 8 hours?00:27
Patrickdkso you don't always hve to use tap00:27
PatrickdkNicolas, normally, or ask your colocation people to reset it00:28
twbNow I will have to go back to plan B, which is to turn off arp/nd and hard-code ip neighbours tables in /etc/ntab or so00:28
Nicolasok, thanks!00:28
Patrickdktwb, no one said you can't run icmpv6 on ipsec :)00:28
Patrickdkbut it doesn't by default00:28
twbPatrickdk: hum, OK00:28
PatrickdkI mean, it's ipsec, how would it do that by default :)00:29
twbPatrickdk: I thought it was required for the "change-y" bits00:29
twbLike echo reply wasn't secized but stuff like "hey your new route should be over here" was00:29
Patrickdktwb, nope00:29
PatrickdkRA, ND, ... are not protected at all00:29
Patrickdksame issues as ipv400:30
Patrickdkthere might be a future additon map planned to do so, but not in use00:30
PatrickdkI haven't read all rfc's00:30
Patrickdkbut I have read most, and haven't run across that00:30
NicolasI have changed the 88.245 to 88.165 and here it is the result:
Nicolasso i have to set the config file to 245 and wait for the switch... The guy tried to reset it but cannot do it00:33
patdk-lapya, if another ip works just fine00:34
patdk-lapit's just arp/mac caching00:34
patdk-lapif they dunno how to reset it, just let it timeout00:34
patdk-lapnormally the highest they can set it to is like 8hours00:34
Nicolasok, thanks!!00:35
Nicolasthanks for your help!00:35
Takyoji[laptop]So yes, is there a way to completely rid of the history of a package?00:38
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twbOK, who knows how to configure nut?  I have the master running on lucid, but I have a couple of old, fucked-up hosts that can't easily run upsmon.  So I need the master to use ssh forced-commands to shut them down at the right time -- I think I do this with NOTIFYCMD, but I'm not too sure what a worked example would look like.00:39
twbActually, a better way I think would be to replace SHUTDOWNCMD with a wrapper that SSH's the dumb hosts, then does the existing "shutdown -h now"00:41
lucascastrooh... I'm trying to implement a traffic control on lucid.01:12
lucascastroI've created a qdisc with htb and class with rate 512kbit and subclass with rate 128kbit and ceil 128kbit. But when I'm gonna do some download, get up of that.01:14
qman__I've only had success limiting upload, downloads don't seem to work no matter what I do01:16
twbingress queuing is nontrivial01:19
lucascastroI've not tried the upload, but you get me on a ideia. Try over the local interface, the problem is the local traffic will be limited.01:19
twbIt isn't helped by the kernel people pushing IFB when the rest of the world is sticking with IMQ01:19
lucascastroI'll do some testes about it.01:19
qman__you can mark traffic by its originating point01:19
qman__with the iptables rule01:19
twbAnd OBVIOUSLY you can't directly reduce the number of packets sent to you01:20
twbs/number of/rate at which/01:20
twbYou can fiddle-fart around with e.g. TCP congestion stuff01:20
qman__as in, rather than just mark all traffic destined to the LAN, only mark traffic that came from the internet01:21
lucascastroqman__: I01:22
lucascastroqman__: I'm doin' in that way.01:22
twbWhat's the actual goal here?01:22
lucascastrotwb: traffic control coming from the internet.01:23
twbtc as in rate limiting, prioritization, or both, or something else?01:23
qman__well, that's the means01:23
qman__what's the situation requiring it?01:24
twbI haven't done much myself but AIUI you want to go read about IMQ and/or IFB01:24
twbqman__: good point01:24
lucascastrobut... I'm using it and had define the rate and ceil, but the download always get up of that.01:25
lucascastrousing TC I meant.01:25
qman__I use it on my torrent box to limit global uploads and be nice to everything else on the network01:25
twblucascastro: so you tried something, and it didn't work?01:25
qman__I don't actually have any shaping or QoS on my router01:25
qman__works better without it01:25
twbqman__: you probably have pfifo_fast01:25
lucascastrotwb: no pfifo_fast on the interface that htb it is.01:26
lucascastroI checked it.01:27
lucascastroI'll read abou IMQ and IFB01:27
twbI meant on his router01:28
twbThat allegedly does no qos01:28
lucascastrotwb: Oh, yeah, sure.01:29
qman__well, by that I meant it's just defaults01:29
qman__no special configuration01:30
qman__ubuntu server with ip_forward=101:30
twbpfifo_fast is the default on linux01:59
twbIt fifo buckets by ToS01:59
smoserSpamapS, kirkland what apt mirror software do you use use?02:07
smosermy full rsync mirror is running out of space thanks to precise. so i need a approx or squid-deb-proxy02:08
twbsmoser: debmirror02:12
kirklandsmoser: just plan squid now02:17
smoserdo you do anything to seed the development release ?02:18
smoserie, to keep it fresh while you sleep02:18
smoserand can you share config ?02:18
smoserkirkland, ^02:19
kirklandsmoser: nope, i suffer through the first one02:19
smosertwb, thanks for your input.  for some reason i tihnk i'm leaning towards the caching proxy.02:19
kirklandsmoser: and gravy after that02:19
twbsmoser: cos yer dumb :P02:20
smoserwell, yes.02:20
smoserbut i think in the end it gives me better use of what i need here.02:20
smoserkirkland, configs ? you just run squid on one box and point the others at that?02:22
twbsmoser: FWIW everyone I've met that runs either debmirror or apt-mirror has been happy with it and hasn't had any problems02:23
twbsmoser: and you can tell not to download e.g. priority: extra or section: games02:24
smosertwb, well i was happy with the rsync mirror until i ran out of space.02:24
twbplain rsync will pull in *everything* for all arches02:24
twbOh, and debmirror can use rsync as a backend :-)02:24
twb10:33 <twb> http://paste.debian.net/139591/ is what I do, it uses 78GiB today, and it pulls from an unmetered ISP mirror so I don't care.02:24
twbBut I'll stop the advocacy now :-)02:25
smosertwb, you make a convincing argument02:32
BuenGeniowe upgraded the mailserver to a new hardware yesterday, but during the upgrades we plugged and unplugged the old server several times, which means some new emails from yesteday stayed on the old box02:32
BuenGeniowe have the old server mounted over NFS on the new one - how do I reliably copy only the missing files from the old Maildirs to make sure people get their emails?02:32
BuenGeniorsync, cp -ru ?02:33
twbBuenGenio: IIRC maildir more or less just deals with that02:33
twbcp -rnv I imagine02:33
twbFuck, I don't know02:33
twbBest is just to let the users deal with it themselves by leaving dovecot running on the old system for a week02:33
twbThat's what I did02:34
BuenGenioproblem is we switched to the new server02:34
twb"Dear users, the new mail server is <here> the old one is still <there>; in a week the latter will vanish, if you want that mail kept, move it from <there> to <here> before then."02:34
BuenGenioso I unpacked the backup of the mail from the previous day02:34
qman__I run into this problem on a regular basis with windows servers02:34
BuenGeniowhich means there's a day's worth and a bit missing02:34
twbOr just say "tough shit, you lost some mail."02:35
qman__basically, if they're picky, I go in their outlook and do it for them, otherwise they're just cool with it02:35
twb"Be thankful you get anything"02:35
twbTell them to treat it like an unexpected outage02:35
qman__most customers understand that when you replace their server, sometimes shit happens02:36
qman__for the rest, you just have to spend the time picking through their mail, or risk losing them02:37
BuenGenioi'd rather they didn't02:37
BuenGenioit's a rather large company, and I'm working here02:37
smosertwb, so stupid question02:38
smoserwhat happens when i i use debmirror and the cache misses ?02:38
twbHow do you mean?02:38
twbdebmirror creates a conventional first-class (i.e. internally consistent) apt repo02:39
twbIt's not a cache in the sense that it's partially missing02:39
smoserright. so when it misses, what happens?02:39
smosersay you had told it to not include '--section multiverse'02:40
smoserand then 'apt-get install some-multiverse-pkg'02:40
twbYou get "no such package, WTF are you talking about"02:40
twbWhat I typically do, mainly to guard against the debmirror cron job breaking, is to add a second entry for mirrors://... or so, so that if I ask for something not mirrored, it'll fall back on upstream (probably via squid)02:41
smoserok. that swhat i was asking.02:41
twbRight, sorry, I misunderstood the question at first02:43
twbAnother example would be that I don't mirror sources at all, so deb-src just points straight to upstream02:43
TheEvilPhoenixanyone know why nginx does not work with php5-gd?02:52
TheEvilPhoenixnginx is configured to work with php, but it won't recognize php5-gd02:52
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smosertwb, mirror started. thanks.03:03
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twbOK, let me lay this on you03:09
twbI have a host with- no, that can't be the issue03:09
twbOK, so I have a KVM VM running lucid server, it's a client for LDAP/SSL and NFSv3.03:10
twbThree times now I've caught it completely failing to run users' cron jobs03:10
twbThis time, cron is running and the problem occurred after the VM was rebooted.  IIRC the previous two times, cron wasn't running at all.03:10
twbI was about to say "it's because it can't read /home when cron starts", but the crontabs live in /var/spool03:11
twbOne of the cron jobs is a script that automatically siphons money into my bank account, so I'm not anxious for it to silently stop working :-/03:11
Takyoji[laptop]What would be a reason for an NFS share not mounting until a user authenticates?03:25
twbTakyoji[laptop]: krb?03:26
twbTakyoji[laptop]: what's fstab say03:26
Takyoji[laptop]The params are: rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,intr03:27
twbPastebin the entire fstab and the entire /proc/mounts03:27
Takyoji[laptop]I'll have to login on the other system then, one moment03:27
twbMight as well paste exports and thingo from the server, too03:28
qman__no auto?03:32
qman__or is that not needed anymore?03:32
Takyoji[desktop]Server http://paste.ubuntu.com/718480/03:32
Takyoji[desktop]ahh, perhaps it might be needed03:32
twbqman__: for NFS?03:32
Takyoji[desktop]I'll test the on one system03:32
Takyoji[desktop]I'll test that on one system*03:32
twbNFS at boot time is pretty much broken by upstart, at least in lucid03:33
twbmountall(8) is a great steam pile of kludge03:33
qman__I'm behind the times with NFS anyway03:33
Takyoji[desktop]So I'd probably have to resort to writing an upstart script? xP03:34
Takyoji[desktop]Hay, auto helped03:34
twbTakyoji[desktop]: har har03:34
Takyoji[desktop]You sir, win one free internet and a stuffed penguin!03:34
twbTakyoji[desktop]: more like throw away upstart and use a deterministic boot process03:35
magn3tsHow can I get nginx to start on boot in Oeniric?03:39
qman__I set this thing up on 7.10 and haven't touched the configuration since, continued to work through all five release upgrades03:39
qman__figured it was worth mentioning it03:40
twbmagn3ts: install it?03:52
magn3tstwb, yeah, that's not cutting it. :/03:53
magn3tstwb, I thought that's all I did in 11.04, but it didn't do such in 11.10 :[03:53
RoAkSoAxwin 304:33
twbmagn3ts: does it provide an /etc/init or only an /etc/init.d?04:34
cjs226I've run "/etc/init.d# update-rc.d myprocess_stop stop 1 0 1 6 ." which adds the appropriate links to /etc/rc0.d rc1.d and rc6.d.  however the scripts are called until AFTER a reboot.  any ideas?04:43
twbcjs226: it happens after a reboot because you're in single-user mode (runlevel 1)04:44
cjs226no, I'm in runlevel 204:44
alainghi i've got a usb wireless adaptor which is using RALink RT2870 chipset.I had it working on my ubuntu server edtion 11.04 until recently when I upgraded to 11.10. Can someone help me with it please07:36
josePhoenixHello all07:44
josePhoenixMy PostgreSQL db is saying "could not fork new process for connection: Resource temporarily unavailable"07:44
josePhoenixWhere should I look first? The system doesn't seem to be under heavy load (well the three load numbers in top look > 1, but actual cpu usage seems low)07:45
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alainghi i've got a usb wireless adaptor which is using RALink RT2870 chipset.I had it working on my ubuntu server edtion 11.04 until recently when I upgraded to 11.10. Can someone help me with it please08:17
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uvirtbotNew bug: #881304 in keystone (universe) "issues with ec2 middleware" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88130408:46
lynxmanmorning o/08:58
Veovis_MuaddibI'm looking through the man page and other sources for rsync, and I'd just like to make sure it's the best option before I start using it.  I would like to syncronize files on my Windows 7 desktop and netbook (Large files like videos or large amounts of smaller files like music) and keep the most up to date version on my server at home.  Is there a faster way to do this than learning rsync, or should I just go for it?09:03
Veovis_MuaddibTo clarify, I want to take files from my desktop and have them sync up to the server and then back down to my netbook, and vice versa09:04
BrixSathello i have a problem connecting wpa_supplicant to a hidden wpa network :/ it does not connect10:12
koolhead17hi all11:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #881361 in puppet (main) "puppetmaster-passenger fails to install with puppet 2.6.4-2ubuntu2.5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88136111:12
Davieylynxman: How is mcollective looking?11:24
lynxmanDaviey: almost done!11:36
Davieylynxman: crikey, if it is this complicated - we are doing something wrong11:41
Davieymdeslaur: around?12:02
mdeslaurDaviey: yeah, looking at busted puppet12:02
Davieymdeslaur: Are comfortable triaging it?12:03
mdeslaurDaviey: huh? I'm working on it, it's busted because of the security update (se much for the test suite...)12:04
Davieymdeslaur: Oh yes, just wanted to clarify that you are driving the issue?12:04
mdeslaurDaviey: yes, I am, you can assign me to whatever bug comes in12:05
Davieyrocking!  Thanks mdeslaur12:05
* koolhead17 pokes Daviey 12:06
* Daviey frowns at koolhead17 12:07
koolhead17Daviey: how should i handle that php error issue during compilation then?12:18
koolhead17hey lynxman12:18
Davieykoolhead17: sorry, can you pastebin the error again?12:23
Daviey(FWIW, Debian switched to git packaging and somewhat tried to switch to native packaging, badly.)12:24
koolhead17Daviey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/718047/12:24
Davieykoolhead17: the lintian W's are all warnings, which are on the Debian package aswell.12:25
DavieyIt's not something you have introduced.12:25
DavieyThe gpg error is because you don't have a gpg key, but you don't need that to get sponsored.12:26
DavieySo it's all ok12:26
koolhead17Daviey: whats next step now :)12:26
Davieykoolhead17: have you built the package?12:28
Davieypbuilder-dist precise i386 build *ubuntu2.dsc12:28
Davieythen install it from ~/pbuilder/pubilder_i386-result/*.deb (iirc)12:28
Davieythen run "php5" and see if you get the warning12:29
Daviey(best confirm this before installing)12:29
Davieym_3: Are you around sir?12:30
koolhead17Daviey: i should run chroot once am inside builder directory ?12:32
Davieykoolhead17: erm, no12:33
koolhead17Daviey: i am on oneiric machine and currently inside the pbuilder/precise_i386_result directory. i can see many .deb pkgs there.12:40
Davieykoolhead17: kool12:42
Davieyerm, so run "~:$ php5"12:43
Davieyyou shoudl see the error, correct?12:43
koolhead17:~/pbuilder/precise-i386_result$ php5 The program 'php5' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install php5-cli12:43
Davieykoolhead17: so, sudo dpkg -i *sqlite*.deb12:44
Davieyerr, wait12:44
DavieyThat is not the error, i was talking about12:44
rbasakDaviey: looks to me like bug 858878 is an architectural issue with cobbler-web and any patch will not be trivial12:44
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 858878 in cobbler "lack of csrf protection in cobbler-web" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85887812:44
rbasakDaviey: cobbler-web is using things like GET requests with side effects12:45
Davieyrbasak: Have you managed to create a minimal testcase which proves it's an issue?12:45
Davieykoolhead17: you need to install php5 and php5-sqlite312:46
DavieyCheck you hit the bug.12:46
Davieythen install your *sqlite*.deb, and see if the error goes away12:46
rbasakDaviey: not right now, because it started to download gigs of images (presumably that's what it is) I killed the instance to avoid running up a bill12:46
koolhead17Daviey: cool. the two packages from the packages i built. using dpkg -l comamnd12:47
koolhead17dpkg -i ok doing it12:48
Davieyrbasak: you should be able to install cobbler on it's own without that, no?12:48
Davieykoolhead17: wait12:48
rbasakyeah I tried cobbler on its own but the default configuration doesn't seem to work12:48
Davieykoolhead17: I want you to proove the bug first, with packages from the archive12:48
rbasakSo I tried orchestra and that set it up sensibly12:48
DavieyThen dpkg -i, to proove you have fixed t12:49
koolhead17Daviey: got it12:49
koolhead17Daviey: the package name is php5-sqlite :)12:52
Davieygood stuff12:52
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koolhead17Daviey: apache error log shows same warning as mentioned in bug. i will remove both package which i got from repo without deleting its deps and install the one i generated via pbuiled. i hope that is what is needed. :)13:08
lynxmanzul: morning o/13:09
lynxmankoolhead17: hey :)13:09
koolhead17lynxman: this 4square is killer apps man!! tells everything :)13:09
koolhead17hello zul13:09
lynxmankoolhead17: lol :)13:10
zullynxman: werent you merging rabbitmq-server?13:10
lynxmanzul: it was done a couple weeks ago...13:10
lynxmanzul: I pumped straight up to 2.6.113:10
zullynxman: really?13:10
lynxmanzul: really13:10
lynxmanzul: https://launchpad.net/~lynxman/+archive/ppa13:10
lynxmanzul: with all the standard plugins (13:10
lynxmanzul: with all the standard plugins (+3 more for the landscape guys)13:11
zulokie dokie13:11
lynxmanzul: and this supports HA replication, which is cool13:11
zullynxman: because precise has 2.5.0 and testing has 2.6.113:13
lynxmanzul: my 2.6.1 was before debian's, so might it help to just merge straight from debian (+ our very small delta) and then rebuild the plugins for precise?13:14
lynxmanzul: I need to push the plugins back to debian at some point as well13:14
zullynxman: thats what i was thinking13:14
lynxmanzul: will do that then, our delta is just a soft link13:14
zullynxman: if you are busy i can do it13:15
lynxmanzul: won't say no, I'm finishing this whitepaper... :)13:15
zullynxman: k13:15
zulill get to it next13:15
lynxmanzul: then rebuilding the plugins is just resending them to the enablement machines, they all work fine13:15
lynxmanzul: let me know if I can give any support13:15
Davieykoolhead17: just dpkg -i *sqlite*.deb  , then run php5, should be enough13:17
Davieyyou don't need to look at logs13:17
koolhead17i am getting some lovely deps issue while installing the the source pkg php5-sqlite /0\13:21
koolhead17Daviey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/718788/13:21
Davieyzul: did you see verification-failed for bug 871278 ?13:22
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 871278 in nova "Cannot attach volumes to instances if tgt is used" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87127813:22
zulDaviey: yeah i just havent gotten to it yet13:22
Davieyzul: I think it's going to be superseeded by another upload.13:23
zulDaviey: yeah i know the fix and will add it13:23
zulDaviey: what another upload?13:23
lynxmanjamespage: ping13:25
Davieyzul: yes, one will probably go out today.13:25
Daviey(not including this fix)13:26
zulDaviey: umm...ok...whats in it? :)13:27
koolhead17Daviey: the deps error means i should install the rest to from source :P13:32
Davieykoolhead17: fresh system, sudo apt-get install php5 php5-sqlite3 ; php5 ; (see the error) ; ctrl+c ; sudo dpkg -i *sqlite*.deb ; php5 ; (is the error still there?)13:33
koolhead17ooh ok13:34
jamespagelynxman: pong13:36
lynxmanjamespage: pming you13:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #881423 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: package samba is not ready for configuration  cannot configure (current status `half-installed')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88142313:42
Davieyit's sad that i have a command just for marking that bug as a dupe.13:51
koolhead17Daviey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/718813/13:52
koolhead17seems am still doing sumthing wrong13:53
Davieykoolhead17: yes, the thing you are doing wrong is looking at the log :)13:53
DavieyJust invoke php5 from the command line with:13:54
Davieydave@voodoo:~$ php513:54
DavieyDo you see an error?13:54
koolhead17Daviey: indeed :(13:54
Davieykoolhead17: before the upgrade?13:54
Davieypastebin, dave@voodoo:~$ apt-cache policy php5-sqlite13:55
koolhead17Daviey: even after the commands i excuted to install froms ource13:55
Davieykoolhead17: why, why, why, are you installing from source?13:55
koolhead17ooh :(13:56
koolhead17[19:03] <Daviey> koolhead17: fresh system, sudo apt-get install php5 php5-sqlite3 ; php5 ; (see the error) ; ctrl+c ; sudo dpkg -i *sqlite*.deb ; php5 ; (is the error still there?) [19:04] <koolhead17> ooh ok13:56
Davieyso which part is install from source?13:57
koolhead17Daviey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/718817/  i meant my generated .deb ,sorry>13:57
DavieyThat implies something else is creating the module13:58
Davieykoolhead17: try fiddling with debian/modulelist (see the sqlite entry)13:59
Davieyi'm not sure if that should be removed, or changed to sqlite313:59
koolhead17Daviey: cool. let me re-run everything then :D14:00
koolhead17from scratch14:00
koolhead17Daviey: i told you. ownCloud is one such application which is being affected on oneiric because of it14:01
Davieykoolhead17: sure, but use the minimal test case to fix it :)14:03
koolhead17Daviey: yes sir!! :)14:03
koolhead17i had removed    line about sqllite  form  "debian/modulelist" and compliled everything after that i hope i was not doing anything wrong there :p14:04
Davieysudo apt-get install php5-sqlite14:05
Daviey$ php514:05
DavieyPHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/20090626/sqlite.so' - /usr/lib/php5/20090626/sqlite.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 014:05
DavieyIs the test case. :)14:05
Ursinhahello server people14:08
koolhead17Daviey: got it. let me handle it now. :)14:09
DavieyUrsinha: hey!14:10
DavieyUrsinha: How did you get on looking for bitesize bugs?14:10
Davieyand targets for precise?14:10
UrsinhaDaviey, not yet targeted, I'm crafting a list and will show you soon14:11
DavieyUrsinha: anything you can show today? :)14:15
koolhead17Daviey: is there such list on aluncpad14:20
BrixSatwhen i make zuxo insmod viawget.ko i get how come? "insmod: error inserting 'viawget.ko': -1 Operation not permitted"14:20
BrixSatzuxo = sudo14:20
Davieykoolhead17: there will be :)14:21
* koolhead17 googled to find meaning of bit size bugs. 14:21
smoserhallyn, around ?14:22
* koolhead17 finds his karma going down frequently :(14:22
hallynsmoser: yup14:22
smosercan you attach a block device to a lxc container ?14:22
smoseri'm guessing you can do it by just adding entries in /dev/ for it. right?14:24
hallynsure,the only thing is it doesn't do qemu-nbd style parsing of partitions.14:24
hallynyou shouldn't even ahve to add the dev entries if you can specify the device in /var/lib/lxc/container/fstab14:24
hallynThe host will then be mounting it for you14:24
smoseri dont really want it mounted14:25
smoserthis question is targetted at 2 similar things14:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #881446 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: package samba is not ready for configuration  cannot configure (current status `half-installed')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88144614:26
smoser a.) adding "config drive" to openstack lxc14:26
smoser b.) adding ebs disk attachment to openstack lxc14:26
hallynsmoser: so you're talking about libvirt-lxc14:26
smosermy interest in using this would imply that.14:27
hallynsmoser: you might have to do smoething with the devices whitelist14:27
hallynsmoser: pls dont' call libvirt-lxc lxc, you may get the wrong answer.14:28
hallynsmoser: I *think* libvirt will create devices whitelist entries for all sepecified block devices at startup14:28
hallynbut if you want to add it after the fact, you may need to manually add hte whitelist entry.  (not hard)14:28
hallynlibvirt doesn't (last I knew) offer a way to do it through virsh14:29
smoserok. but it is something that could be done.14:29
cjs226Ubuntu 11.04: I've run "/etc/init.d# update-rc.d myprocess_stop stop 1 0 1 6 ." which adds the appropriate links to /etc/rc0.d rc1.d and rc6.d.  however the scripts are called only until AFTER the first reboot.  any ideas?14:31
Meliorhey, where do i set time in ubuntu server. my time is 1 day ahead of my normal time.14:56
davidgiluk_does anyone happen to know anything about membase?   I've built it on ARM (Oneiric) and it passes the one 2 line example at the bottom or the membase build page - is there any simple test I can do to check it's sane?15:00
sroeckerMelior: maybe you use ntp to synchronize your time15:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #881464 in keystone (universe) "[MIR] keystone" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88146415:01
Meliorsroecker: sure, how?15:02
MeliorI tried ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com15:03
Melior25 Oct 17:03:09 ntpdate[5814]: the NTP socket is in use, exiting15:03
sroeckerMelior: ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com15:03
Melioroh, my laptop is showing the wrong date :O dooh15:09
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zullynxman: where is the puppet branch you merged again?15:45
lynxmanzul:  lp:~lynxman/ubuntu/precise/puppet/update27515:46
lynxmanzul: np :)15:47
zullynxman: ftbfs15:52
lynxmanzul: *facepalm*15:53
lynxmanzul: builds in my ppa :/15:53
lynxmanzul: https://launchpad.net/~lynxman/+archive/ppa <-- it's right there15:54
zulnm....ill just get it from there15:55
lynxmanzul: ty :)15:56
DavieyMeeting starting in 1 min, in #ubuntu-meeting15:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #881483 in vsftpd (main) "vsftpd needs dbus to get status informations as user" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88148316:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #881504 in tomcat6 (main) "java.util.MissingResourceException thrown in default setup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88150416:28
mdeslaurzul: fyi don't merge puppet 2.7.5, we need 2.7.6 to fix this: http://puppetlabs.com/security/cve/cve-2011-3872/16:31
uvirtbotmdeslaur: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-3872)16:31
zulmdeslaur: oh...ok...i wont then :)16:32
jdstrandseriously, dbus support for vsftpd?16:32
jdstrandcan that just be "Won't Fix"16:32
zuljdstrand: no we must *do* that :)16:35
jdstrandone could disable dbus support in vsftpd16:35
jdstrandbut whatever16:35
jdstrandI was just surprised by it16:35
cjs226Ubuntu 11.04: I've run "/etc/init.d# update-rc.d myprocess_stop stop 1 0 1 6 ." which adds the appropriate links to /etc/rc0.d rc1.d and rc6.d.  however the scripts are called only until AFTER the first reboot.  any ideas?17:16
RoyKjdstrand: wtf is dbus?17:56
jdstrandRoyK: a message bus that allows applications to communicate with each other. typically used in desktop environments. underneath the hood it almost always uses IPC17:57
RoyKwhy would you want something like that for an FTP server?17:58
koolhead17RoyK: hahaha18:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #881579 in samba (main) "syntax error in /etc/network/if-up.d/samba" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88157918:22
koolhead17(11:26:36  IST) RoyK: jdstrand: wtf is dbus?18:22
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jdstrandRoyK: exactly! now you know the source of my shock and horror ;)18:29
koolhead17Daviey: around?18:33
koolhead17do i need to work on php5-sqlite now instead php518:35
koolhead17as suggested18:35
Davieykoolhead17: oi18:35
Davieykoolhead17: no, php5-sqlite isn't in later versions of ubuntu18:36
Daviey(source package)18:36
koolhead17Daviey: i have downloaded the php5-sql pkg and extracting the deb package18:36
koolhead17to get sqlite.so18:36
koolhead17now i wanted to know where should i move this :)18:37
DavieyYou shouldn't!18:37
Davieykoolhead17: Keep doing what i suggested..18:37
Davieythe 'helpful' suggestion on the bug report is wrong.18:37
koolhead17oops. ok.18:38
koolhead17checking extraplugin contents18:39
fuhoHi, how would I go about anonymizing all my connections I have 2 VPS servers to my disposal. Is VPN enough?18:50
sorenfuho: Depends on who you're trying to hide from and why.18:58
fuhonoone in particular, just don't think i want to keep a slime trail behind me whereever I go.18:59
sorenWithout further information, yes, VPN is probably fine.19:00
fuhosoren: Say I want to download couple thousand images from certain government agancy, and don't want my IP flooding their logs19:00
sorenThen no.19:00
sorenThey'll just show up as being from your VPS.19:00
fuhosoren: Thats why I though I could link two VPSes, but then I would have to first gain access to someone elses server I guess, otherwise its always my device at the end.19:01
sorenYeah, so you'd be doing something illegal to mask something legal.19:02
JanCyou can go to a commercial VPN provider...19:03
fuhosoren: I don't think the fact that something is legal explicitly means you wont be punished for it.19:03
fuhoJanC: But then they would have my details. I just want my old anonymity back.19:04
Randolphhi all19:04
JanCwhat old anonymity?19:04
sorenfuho: Well, doing something illegal in the process sure makes it easier to justify going after you in the first place.19:04
Randolphneed help about ufw19:05
fuhosoren: You are probably right, I think I am just being paranoid.19:05
Randolphcould anyone help me ?19:05
RandolphI enable ufw on ubuntu server 10.0419:06
sorenfuho: Nothing wrong with that. Just need to direct your paranoia.19:06
Randolphthat acts as a gateway19:06
fuhosoren: government and corporations19:06
Randolphincoming traffic is allowed19:06
RandolphI made a mistake19:07
Randolphincoming traffic is denied19:07
Randolphoutgoing traffic is allowed19:07
Randolphbut when I try to ping a machine on the wan from the lan , it is impossible19:08
Randolphnobody knows about ufw setup on a gateway ?19:09
pmatulisRandolph: do you allow in established sessions?  did you ensure the remote end has a route back to you?19:11
Randolphthere is no problem from wan to lan19:11
Randolph<pmatulis>there is no problem from wan to lan19:12
pmatulisRandolph: turn off the f/w and test that19:13
RandolphI also tried this19:13
Randolph<pmatulis>and all is OK when disabling ufw19:14
Randolph<pmatulis>ping OK, telnet on port 80 to a machine on the WAN is OK19:15
pmatulisRandolph: so you should pastebin your filter rules19:15
Randolph<pmatulis>It seems my packets are blocked from eth1 to eth019:15
pmatulisRandolph: so you should pastebin your filter rules19:16
pmatulisRandolph: and logging all blocked traffic will help too19:16
Randolph<pmatulis>ufw status verbose19:17
RandolphStatus: active19:17
RandolphLogging: on (low)19:17
RandolphDefault: deny (incoming), allow (outgoing)19:17
RandolphNew profiles: skip19:17
RandolphTo                         Action      From19:17
Randolph--                         ------      ----19:17
Randolph22/tcp                     ALLOW IN    Anywhere19:17
Randolph53/udp                     ALLOW IN    Anywhere19:17
Randolph80                         ALLOW IN    Anywhere19:17
Randolph443/tcp                    ALLOW IN    Anywhere19:17
Randolph25/tcp                     ALLOW IN    Anywhere19:17
pmatulisgah, i said 'pastebin'19:17
ersiRandolph: Do you even have forwarding enabled19:18
Randolph<pmatulis>yes I enabled it on systctl.conf19:20
ersiAlright. That's good.19:21
Randolphpmatulis: it seems my packets are blocked from eth1 to eth019:29
pmatulisRandolph: so you should pastebin your filter rules (output to 'sudo iptables -L -n' should do it)19:31
Randolphpmatulis, I tried iptables -L and your command is more human readable19:32
pmatulisRandolph: my command is more human readable? huh?19:33
Randolphpmatulis, yes19:33
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* koolhead17 never knew pbuilder-dist command will take some much time on his laptop :(19:44
=== Jasonn|NotHere is now known as Jasonn
TheEvilPhoenixanyone in here able to help me reduce the amount of memory mysqld uses, and also limit the number of threads it spawns/starts?20:05
RoyKlet's see... new 24 bay supermicro machine, a couple of 250GB drives for the root, some 18 2TB drives for a nice pool with striped mirrors, some SSDs, what can go wrong?20:06
RoyKTheEvilPhoenix: how much does it use?20:06
TheEvilPhoenixRoyK:  sec20:07
TheEvilPhoenix31MB per thread, times 8 threads20:07
RoyKno, that's all shared20:07
TheEvilPhoenixits currently using up the most memory (in terms of percentage per process)20:07
TheEvilPhoenixwell then this is problematic20:07
TheEvilPhoenixbecause the VPS everything's on is running out of memory20:08
RoyKhow much memory does the VPS have?20:08
TheEvilPhoenix640MB, most if it used (562MB/240MB used)20:08
RoyKthat's not a lot ...20:09
TheEvilPhoenix'tis why i'm using nginx-minimal instead of apache or some shit20:10
TheEvilPhoenixoops that slipped20:10
RoyKTheEvilPhoenix: for a busy DBMS, you might want a bit more memory20:11
TheEvilPhoenixits only a Joomla DB20:11
TheEvilPhoenixand i think i found another memory hog20:11
* TheEvilPhoenix points at bind920:12
TheEvilPhoenixoh and teamspeak 3 voice servers20:13
TheEvilPhoenixthat explains the memory usage20:13
* TheEvilPhoenix now has freed up >=110MB20:13
RoyKteamspeak is evil20:15
RoyKbetter us Mumble20:15
RoyKworks better and is OSS20:16
monaDeveloperHi I'm trying to update my php.ini file default values max file size uploads21:10
monaDeveloperand I save that and restart my apache but always phpinfo() is the same21:11
kyconquersI am trying to configure a mail server and currently have postfix with a ldap-table lookup. i tried adding dovecot as a MDA, so that postfix relays the email to dovecot but have run into alot of trouble. is there an advantige to using dove cot as a MDA, or is there a good alternative?21:16
AndreKR_unregHas anyone successfully run an Ubuntu EC2 instance in the EU West availability zone (don't even know if that makes a difference)? I tried several AMIs with several instance types now and couldn't connect to a single one of them.22:59
kirklandAndreKR_unreg: I'm sure that utlemming and smoser have23:01
AndreKR_unregI read the name smoser while googling for a solution. ;)23:02
smwAndreKR_unreg, I have successfully run it in US-East23:07
smwAndreKR_unreg, chmod 600 yourkey.pem; ssh -i yourkey.pem ubuntu@host23:07
AndreKR_unregsmw: I can't really imagine that makes a difference, but I will try now... can't believe that none of the official AMIs is working.23:07
arrrghhhhey all.  i was told about a plugin for WHS, and was hoping there was something similar for Ubuntu/Linux.  it's called "Lights Out" and it basically suspends/hibernates/powers off the server depending on usage, schedule, etc.23:08
smwAndreKR_unreg, have you gotten any EC2 image working?23:08
adam_gAndreKR_unreg: which ubuntu release AMIs are are you using?23:08
AndreKR_unregsmw: It doesn't even respond to ping. Last line of log: cloud-init boot finished at Tue, 25 Oct 2011 22:40:06 +0000. Up 18.41 seconds23:08
arrrghhhthe key is it has the ability to wake the server if there's any network traffic, etc...23:08
arrrghhhi found powernap, but i'm not sure if i'll be able to wake the server back up23:08
smwAndreKR_unreg, amazon blocks pings by default23:08
AndreKR_unregsmw: Yes, the Amazon Linux images are working.23:09
AndreKR_unregsmw: Ah ok, but I get connection timed out on SSH also.23:09
smwAndreKR_unreg, launch this AMI; https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/home?region=us-west-1#launchAmi=ami-79772b3c23:10
smwAndreKR_unreg, make sure that you put it in a security group that allows TCP on port 22 (ssh)23:11
AndreKR_unregadam_g: I tried ami-cc0e3cb8 (Lucid), ami-0e0f3d7a (Maverick) and ami-61b28015 (Oneiric).23:11
smoserAndreKR_unreg, i suspect that you have not set up security groups.23:12
smwsmoser, he claims amzn linux worked :-\23:13
AndreKR_unregsmoser: I have set up the default decurity group with ICMP Port ALL, TCP 0-65535 und UDP 0-65535 allowed.23:13
smoserwell, we need console output (although i doubt that will work) and then how he is trying to ssh in.23:13
smoserssh -i mykey.pem ubuntu@ec2-host23:13
uvirtbotNew bug: #881721 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess new post-removal script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88172123:13
smoserAndreKR_unreg, but, fwiw, thouse amis *do* work, we use that very one (ami-cc0e3cb8) multiple times a day during publish of other builds.23:14
AndreKR_unregsmoser: On what instance type do you run it?23:15
AndreKR_unregsmw: I launched ami-79772b3c on a t1.micro instance, let's see what happens there. No log yet.23:19
AndreKR_unregsmoser: And I launched ami-cc0e3cb8 on an m1.large...23:19
smwAndreKR_unreg, can I have the ip?23:26
AndreKR_unregsmw: smoser: Here's the log of the EU one: http://pastebin.com/6L23nXpf23:27
smoserit really seems like you dont have security groups set up correctly.23:28
smoserthe instance is up andwaiting for you.23:28
* smw concurs 23:28
smwAndreKR_unreg, are you sure it is using the correct security group?23:28
smwAndreKR_unreg, are you sure that that security group is setup correctly?23:29
smosernmap says you're firewalled off.23:29
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smoserAndreKR_unreg, euca (or ec2-) euca-describe-instances $IID23:29
smoserthen, get the security group that is listed there and do: euca-describe-group <that-group>23:30
AndreKR_unregsmw smoser: Oh wait, I see.23:30
AndreKR_unregYes, security group was wrong... source was only the other security group, not
AndreKR_unregubuntu@ip-10-227-98-63:~$ :) I'm a moron. Thanks. :)23:32
smoserglad its working, AndreKR_unreg23:38

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