TLEdpm: hey11:13
TLEdpm: I send you an email in stead12:21
dpmhi TLE, sorry, wrapping up everything to fly out to Orlando tomorrow, I'll reply at the e-mail12:22
TLEdpm, no worries12:28
TLEshort summary, I finished the schedule and proposed a few things for discussion on the UDS12:29
dpmthanks TLE. Actually, do you want to add the discussion points to the roundtable's whiteboard there? -> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-p-translations-roundtable12:32
TLEdpm: yes, if that is where you think it fits best. Just let me know when you have had time to look it over, and remember that if I should put it in the blueprint you should give me access to edit the blueprint as I don't have that per default12:36
dpmTLE, you can put any discussion points on the whiteboard (everyone can write on the whiteboard). Regarding the language packs spec, it might deserve a separate session. Let me think about it in the next couple of days12:38
TLEdpm: ahh yes, noted. Just let me know.12:39
Jessica_Lilydpm Hey.. got any news on na'vi? :) (sorry i haven't been able to catch you recently)13:52
dpmhi Jessica_Lily, no, I haven't been able to have a chat with pitti, the maintainer of the locales package. I'll try to do it next week when we're both at the same place at the Ubuntu Developer Summit13:59
Jessica_Lilyahh okay :)14:00
Jessica_Lilycool beans ^.^ thanks xx14:00
dpmJessica_Lily, no worries :). Again, to set expectations: the answer might well be "no, we cannot support na'vi unless upstream supports it too" (I prefer saying it beforehand than saying "yes, we'll do it" and then find out we can't)14:02
Jessica_Lilydpm yeh i understand… if that happens I'm just going to write a script to yank all the translation phrases and a little site and a script na'vi folk can run on ubuntu installs to pull it in :P14:03
Jessica_Lilyits a hack ish but meh o well14:03
sagacium is this the na'vi you're talking about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Na'vi_language14:07
sagaciso essentially it'd be another language to translate14:18
kelemengabordpm: hi, do you have a minute to talk about this langpack update?14:47
kelemengaborI'm afraid this won't go on the intended way14:47
dpmkelemengabor, I do now. Actually, I need to update you guys on this14:47
dpmoh, why is that?14:47
kelemengabormdke wrote that he will upload a new package to -proposed14:47
kelemengaborso that the export can pick up the new xml files14:48
kelemengaborbut, isn't the export scheduled to start on mondays?14:48
dpmoh, bummer, yes, but:14:48
dpm- Next week it's UDS, so people won't be that available as usual14:49
dpm- Pitti is on holiday this Friday14:49
dpm- He wanted to have the langpack wrapped up before he goes14:49
dpm- So I requested a full export so that it's ready tomorrow and he can package the full langpack14:50
sagacinew base pack, goodo14:51
kelemengaborI see14:51
kelemengaborthen no need to hurry with ubuntu-docs14:51
kelemengaborbtw, wasn't our main goal to coordinate better with the docs team, so that the few full langpacks can contain translation updates? :P15:01
Jessica_Lilysagaci correct… sorry for the late reply, I as afk15:11
sagaciis it a language that real people use15:11
sagacisorry, I haven't seen Avatar15:11
Jessica_Lilyurrm well real people use it :P15:18
Jessica_Lilyblog in it, chat in it, etc..15:18
Jessica_Lilysagaci i can provide some examples of it being used if you like15:18
sagacibut I mean could you translate an operating system with it15:20
Jessica_Lilysagaci: Na'vi only forum http://forum.learnnavi.org/ninavi-niaw/?PHPSESSID=eihbl0b9iv1b9ngcddv12isbe6 .. blog http://masempul.org/blog/ … etc..15:21
Jessica_Lilyand yes you could15:21
Jessica_Lilyi mean there aren't words for everything but you could construct them by describing them or na'vifying the english word or whatever15:21
dpmkelemengabor, yes, but my understanding was that any critical bugs with ubuntu-docs (such as langpack-o-matic not supporting mallard) had been addressed, and we needed to wrap up the update before pitti's holidays15:24
Jessica_Lilyso okay like for example "hard drive" could be säomum zerok 'u (information remember thing)15:25
Jessica_LilyI'm sure there would be better constructions for hard drive thats just an example15:25
Jessica_Lilythey have things like "computer" which is eltu lefngap15:26
Jessica_Lilysagaci clear things up? :P15:26
sagaciyeah, that's fine, just hadn't heard of it before15:27
Jessica_Lilyits fine :) i just thought i'd give you some examples ^.^15:27
Jessica_Lilysagaci any other questions about the language or translating it let me know :)15:28
kelemengabordpm: sure, I remember seeing that bug, just tought we could do a proper update too15:37
kelemengaborTLE: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/10/25/%23ubuntu-translators.html#t14:4715:39
dpmwe'll pick it up on the next scheduled update. No reason why it can't be a full one if we can coordinate an upload with the docs team15:39
kelemengaborsure, I'd love to see that :)15:39
kelemengaborI'm almost done with my translation :D15:40
sagaciis there an available schedule of when full base packs are created15:40
kelemengaborTLE: so, it looks like we need to change the schedule15:40
kelemengaborsagaci: we have this: https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule on when the individual exports happen during a week, and this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/OneiricLanguagePackReleaseSchedule on when during the cycle the updates happen15:41
kelemengaborincluding the dates of full updates15:42
sagaciso is there also a census date when translation will focus on the precise packages, - i know it's later in the cycle but is there a rough idea15:43
dpmTLE, kelemengabor, we'll need to change the schedule on https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule to accomodate the precise language packs after UDS, so while the Oneiric langpack update schedule looks fine, the actual days of the week might need to be tweaked to cater for that15:45
TLEkelemengabor, dpm: I'm not quite sure I understand what the problem is15:51
kelemengaborTLE: the langpacks scheduled for this week15:52
kelemengaborare already exported15:52
kelemengaborso the ubuntu-docs update, even if uploaded today, won't make it into15:52
kelemengabortherefore, we need to make the next scheduled update another full update, so that this time it can contain the docs update15:53
TLEok, well then why don't schedule another full export for next week, if the only thing someone has to do is to copy the lang packs to proposed, that _should_ be possible, even during UDS15:54
dpmlet me talk with pitti15:57
dpmkelemengabor, as a reminder, what does the -proposed ubuntu-docs upload solve?15:58
dpmTLE, it should be possible, but remember, it's not about how little time it takes to do the task, it's about how many other tasks you've got going on in parallel :)15:59
TLEdpm: I know16:00
kelemengabordpm: translation updates, and maybe artnays Ubuntu Desktop Guide problem16:01
kelemengaborso nothing extra urgent, I'd say16:02
mdkekelemengabor: seems to have been some great communication breakdown here20:28
mdkekelemengabor: so despite all the emails, they have gone ahead with the language pack export early?20:28
kelemengabormdke: yes :(20:28
mdkeok, I will send a whinge by email20:28
mdkein any case please let me know when the next ubuntu-docs translation export should be20:29
kelemengaborbecause it takes quite a few days for the whole process to take place20:29
mdkeif we have more time, I will hold off exporting the translations, so that translators can carry on their work20:29
kelemengaborwell, that would be great :)20:29
kelemengaborwe have however not decided what to do now20:29
kelemengaborTLE wanted to make it happen next week, so that you would do your part now, and the export and build would happen early next week,20:30
kelemengaborbut dpm said this is unrealistic because of UDS busyness20:31
kelemengaborand we should wait for the next scheduled date, which is 4 weeks from now20:31
mdkeok, let me know what is decided20:32
mdkeI will in any event not do anything before the weekend now20:32
mdkebecause it seems either way we can wait until then20:32
kelemengaborbut, this export had to happen, because the toolchain didn't supported mallard properly20:33
kelemengaborsure, I will20:33
kelemengaborI'd place my bet on the next scheduled date, which means you would have to do your upload 3 weeks from now - but I'll make sure you get notified by e-mail in time20:34
kelemengaborand sorry for all the headaches :)20:34
mdkenot your fault!20:34
mdkethat's a bit of a pain because I wanted to do an ubuntu-docs upload anyway for other reasons, but it can probably wait20:35

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