NedClooking for some opinions. Tried to install a server distribution of Linux on an old windows box I had. can't isntall/use any packages (including gksudo). think the system is referencing the wrong partition?01:54
NedC(I can ping web sites)01:54
hux_How do I top up a vodafone mobile donge (K3770) as they don't support Linux yet01:55
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Accomplishments System Spec - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/10/25/ubuntu-accomplishments-system-spec/05:27
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Community Team Meeting Tomorrow - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/10/25/ubuntu-community-team-meeting-tomorrow/05:27
Andres-kaingot 11.10! seems to work fine, i even have my desktop!05:59
MooDoomorning all07:52
DJonesMorning MooDoo07:53
bigcalmGood porridge peeps :)08:04
bigcalmThis is hot enough to rival a mcd's apple pie08:06
JamesTaitMorning all! :)08:11
oimoni just discovered that windows servers cannot recover from a power outage because it requires a user interaction to click a box to tell it why the power went off!08:30
DJonesoimon: We have the same thing at work08:30
oimoni'm staggered08:30
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:30
DJonesDoesn't complete the boot process until you click the button for "Cleaner unplugged server, to plug in the hoover"08:31
oimonchecked my list of VMs and all were showing alive, so wondered why my vmware backups didn't work08:31
daubersoimon: I love that box! Not one of the options for a reason is "Windows crashed", MS probably use it for their "uptime" statistics08:31
oimonluckily only 2 of my servers are running windows, otherwise, would be a very tedious life08:31
MooDoojust 1 windows server for me08:33
* daubers has none \o/08:33
daubersthough there is a creaky old xserve that falls over occasionally in the building still :(08:33
oimonironically the win servers are for managing vmware linux boxes :-\08:34
MooDoohello czajkowski08:35
MooDooi use mine for backups and downloading :D08:35
czajkowskiMooDoo: hows you ?08:35
* daubers offers czajkowski a pistachio 08:36
MooDooczajkowski: very well thanks, tired as is expected, but ok08:36
MooDooczajkowski: you ok?08:36
czajkowskiyes bit sleepy woke at 2:30am08:36
czajkowskiso kinda need a nap around now08:36
MooDooczajkowski: want to come look after Rosie, she's awake at that time too :)08:37
oimoni woke up in the middle of the night yesterday, suddenly remembering that i'd turned the freezer off at 9pm so remove some ice build-up08:39
MooDoooimon: ooops :)  much defrosted?08:40
oimonfortuantely was all fine, since the freezer was so full of food08:40
oimon8hrs off and no issues08:40
oimonbut ur never more awake than when you wake up suddenly thinking about something like that08:41
shaunonon-maskable interupt ftw08:42
oimoncaveman and sabre tooth tiger entering his cave, and oimon and his defrosting food..08:42
* oimon has a day full of meetings :(08:46
hoovergood morning all09:54
MonsterwizardIs there anyone here with life experience?10:04
MonsterwizardWho's been through it all, kind of thing?10:05
davmor2morning all10:05
davmor2MooDoo: you photographic hippy you10:06
MooDooMonsterwizard: i'm 40 married with 2 kids, does that count?10:06
dogmatic69sup davmor210:06
davmor2czajkowski: PROD!10:06
MooDoodavmor2: wut?10:06
* czajkowski kicks davmor2 10:06
davmor2MooDoo: wellll10:06
Monsterwizardmy problem is, I'm afraid of failure10:06
* davmor2 prods czajkowski ankle from the floor10:07
MooDooMonsterwizard: then you're not going to get very far, we all fail from time to time10:07
Monsterwizardwhich has lead me to do nothing because I'm so scared to do it wrong10:07
MonsterwizardI agree :(10:07
MooDooas long as you learn from your mistakes then you'll be fine.10:07
MonsterwizardFor example, I'm doing a degree at the moment. Each time I open the text book I start shaking because I am scared I won't understand this10:09
MooDoosounds like you need to relax and enjoy it a little more.10:09
MonsterwizardI wish I could10:10
MooDoothere are hundreds of things i don't understand, but i just tend to buckle down, concentrate and learn them, and if i can't then i ask for help......don't be scared to do that, there are always people around to help10:10
MooDooremember even the most experienced people had to start somewhere10:11
directhexthat sounds fairly extreme10:11
MooDoowhat does?10:11
directhex<Monsterwizard> For example, I'm doing a degree at the moment. Each time I open the text book I start shaking because I am scared I won't understand this10:11
MooDooah yeah10:11
MooDooto quote from the film the matrix "sounds like you need to just unplug man"10:11
directhexi personally feel uneasy about situations i can't steer. i dislike losing control to external forces10:12
MonsterwizardI know it's melodramatic but it seriously got to me now10:12
MooDoodirecthex: but i bet you know how to work around them10:12
bigcalmdirecthex: try driving on a skid-pan10:12
directhexthe key step is in realising that if you can't affect it, there is absolutely zero difference in outcome between you worrying about it, and not worrying about it10:12
MooDooMonsterwizard: you've been at uni a couple of months [if i remember rightly] go talk to a uni councellor? if they have them10:12
directhexi.e. i could worry about rising interest rates, or not worry. i can't affect them, so "don't worry" is clearly the winner10:13
MonsterwizardYeah I think you're right10:13
MooDoohang on this is UNI, i though uni was a non stop party ;)10:13
directhexthere's an old saying "don't sweat the small stuff". i think this is completely wrong. it's the *big* stuff you shouldn't sweat. the small stuff is what you can control. the big stuff happens off in some ivory tower someplace10:14
MonsterwizardI just want to learn to relax and not care10:16
directhexnot caring isn't quite the goal. the goal is to go from worrying about things to dealing with things10:17
bigcalmAnti-depressants can help10:17
dogmatic69sometimes not worrying is worse, as things just pile up10:17
directhexsome things in life just happen. you need to impassively work through life's randomness, or it can get to you10:17
dogmatic69a million small issues can really get you down10:18
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: failure is *always* an option10:18
bigcalmThey help to control stress and allow me to prioritise things correctly10:18
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: most of the time it doesn't even matter10:18
directhexyeah, that's good advice10:18
directhexi'd steer clear of psychotropics personally. failing is a much better option10:18
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: you've usually got more than one shot at a thing10:18
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: unless you're landing a passenger jet with damaged hydraulics, then you pretty much have to nail it first time10:19
MonsterwizardI've made myself believe that this degree is the only option for me to become a programmer and if I fail I cannot be one10:19
bigcalmMonsterwizard: how old are you?10:19
dogmatic69Monsterwizard: i dont have a degree and im a senior developer10:20
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: you don't need a degree to become a programmer10:20
bigcalmYou have a lot of time ahead of you10:20
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: what's your degree in?10:20
bigcalmMonsterwizard: I'm a senior web dev and never made it to uni10:20
MonsterwizardCOmputer Science10:20
MooDooI don't have a degree at all10:21
directhexin most jobs, experience is more valuable than credentials. thankfully, these days, you can develop an impressive portfolio of experience without even having a job, thanks to FOSS10:21
dogmatic69Monsterwizard: you doing it at uni, or something like open uni/10:21
MonsterwizardThis makes me feel better, but isn't it the case that then 'newer' generation needs a degree to be a programmer?10:21
directhexdeploying django on your own website isn't any different to deploying it to some corp website10:21
MonsterwizardYeah I'm doing CS at uni10:21
bigcalmMonsterKiller: every generation has been told the same thing10:22
dogmatic69MonsterKiller: you programmed before?10:22
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: no, not in the least10:22
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: get involved with an open-source project or two10:22
bigcalmMonsterKiller: the key really is experience. Live and breath computers from the age of 6 and you'll be just fine :)10:22
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: find something cool that you like playing with10:22
directhexMonsterwizard, what we want at our company is people who love code. credentials are secondary.10:22
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: do *not* do a Comp Sci degree, we already have enough "programmers" who spent four years using Haskell to develop a toy domain-specific language for solving Towers of Hanoi10:23
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: study design instead10:23
MonsterwizardBut I won't be limited to what I did at Uni10:23
gordonjcpmost open-source software sucks, because designers are expensive10:24
directhexstudy haberdashery, then get a job at valve making tf2 hats10:24
gordonjcpUI and UX design is crucial10:24
gordonjcpit costs a *fortune* to get a UX designer10:24
bigcalmdirecthex: haha, need a new hat eh?10:24
MonsterwizardSo suppose I fail this degree or get a low grade10:24
gordonjcpeven Canonical doesn't get it right10:24
dogmatic69MonsterKiller: rewrites of exams are cheap :P10:25
Monsterwizardbut I kept contributing to open source, would I be able to get a job as a programmer?10:25
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: I do have a degree, but I'd earn more if I had a PSV licence10:25
gordonjcpit's never too late to drive buses10:25
dogmatic69Monsterwizard: i got a job due to my github profile, not even shown a CV10:25
directhexMonsterwizard, with a decent portfolio of FOSS work, you wouldn't even need the degree at all10:26
* dogmatic69 does not have a CV per say10:26
gordonjcpdogmatic69: nice, what's your username on github?10:26
dogmatic69gordonjcp: take a guess10:26
directhexMonsterwizard, a degree says nothing about your skills as a programmer - but if people can inspect your work, they can go "whoa, this guy is good" or "man this guy sucks!" for themselves10:26
MonsterwizardHow about big IT companies such as IBM and HP10:26
MonsterwizardI suppose they think it's essential10:26
MooDoopmsl i remember doing a YTS at IBM :)10:26
bigcalmYouth Training Scheme10:27
MooDoodogmatic69: i'm old.....youth training scheme10:27
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: if I was hiring a programmer I'd want to see their work, and if they have some interesting projects on github then I'd definitely be more interested10:27
davmor2Lorry driving pays more10:27
dogmatic69all the people i interview have something on github, i would not call them in without it10:27
gordonjcpdogmatic69: you're into cakephp then?10:28
bigcalmWhen I applied for the job I'm in, I submitted sites I'd built along with my CV. My CV's work experience was all in manual labour...10:28
dogmatic69gordonjcp: yep10:28
gordonjcpoh, and arduino10:28
bigcalmI've found that CakePHP was the best framework to knock out a mostly working application in an afternoon10:29
dogmatic69gordonjcp: my hobby... programming arduino :P10:29
directhexMonsterwizard, the firewall for most companies is the recruiter. recruiters know nothing of any of the things being asked for, and cannot make any assessment of candidate quality. recruiters will ask for 5 years' experience on graduate jobs. recruiters will ask for 10 years' experience for a language which was created 4 years ago. recruiters will mail the guy who created RoR and ask if he has ruby experience.10:29
gordonjcpdogmatic69: why did you use a bunch of if...else instead of a switch statement for the autoranging?10:30
directhexMonsterwizard, any company with recruiters is a problem, no matter your qualifications and experience10:30
dogmatic69bigcalm: if you know the conventions you can build a working app with one cmd in terminal10:30
bigcalmI agree with directhex. You should be interviewed by somebody who will be doing the same work as you really10:31
dogmatic69gordonjcp: just bashed that together, spent maybe 10 hours on C code. coming from php its a bit of a shock to the system :/10:31
gordonjcpdogmatic69: also, why pin 13 for the backlight, and not say pin 9?10:31
gordonjcpsorry, not 9, 610:31
directhexyou want to be in an interview, and answer the "where do you want to be in 5 years" question by pointing to the senior developer and saying "i'll have his job"10:32
gordonjcpdirecthex: heh10:32
dogmatic69gordonjcp: there is a few updates ive not pushed yet. one of them was an abstracted 16x2 lcd lib i wrote10:32
* gordonjcp finishes interviewing dogmatic69 10:32
bigcalmdirecthex: in my case that was my boss. Which is actually where I am now really :S10:33
* daubers has no degree and is more or less managing a programming team these days10:33
davmor2bigcalm: ditto-ish, I'd been driving Lorries for a living for 15 years and then had to stop, started testing stuff and it was that that got me the job10:33
daubersOnly failed uni 2 and a bit year ago10:33
gordonjcpdirecthex: I had an interview once where one of the questions was "what kind of car would you have, and what kind of car would you like to have?"10:33
gordonjcpdirecthex: (at the time) well, I've got a Nissan Micra, and I'd like a slightly newer one with a five-speed gearbox10:33
bigcalmMonsterKiller: have we made you feel any better?10:33
dogmatic69nissan micra, ew10:33
gordonjcp"you wouldn't want a jag or a BMW like that?" (interviewer gestures at a car in the carpark)10:34
daubersgordonjcp: "only if you pay the fuel/tax costs"10:34
gordonjcpnot really, I like my Micra. It's reliable and bits for it are cheap, and it gets about 45mpg10:34
MonsterwizardI do feel a bit better ,yes thank you10:34
directhexgordonjcp, "why would i need a car, when i've made enough to buy a luxury airship?"10:34
gordonjcpdirecthex: that too10:34
daubersI so wanted to buy Ark Royale when we where looking at new offices :(10:35
gordonjcp"what car would you get if you had £1 million?" was another one10:35
daubersWould have been immense parked in the canal10:35
gordonjcpI wouldn't10:35
gordonjcpI'd put new tyres and suspension spheres on the Citroen, and buy a plane10:35
oimon*error* hangcheck timer elapsed...GPU hung :(10:37
gordonjcpoimon: intel gpu?10:37
NET||abuseHi guys, just installing a new desktop for work, fglrx doesn't seem to be wanting to install, lspci shows ATI RV620 LE [Radeon HD 3450]10:37
oimongordonjcp: yeah10:37
gordonjcpoimon: that seems to happen a lot10:38
NET||abuseerror in /var/log/jockey.log     WARNING: /sys/module/fglrx_updates/drivers does not exist10:38
NET||abusethis is a fresh 11.10 install, was trying to just use the normal restricted drivers tool10:38
oimonintel driver isue it seems10:38
oimon^ gordonjcp10:39
oimonwondering about using a newer driver, alhtough doesn't happen that often for me10:40
oimonwhen it does, it's bad..i lost a lot of work10:40
gordonjcpoimon: I see it in the logs on Arch10:42
gordonjcpoimon: I haven't been able to identify what causes it, and it seems to survive all the same10:42
gordonjcppossibly the WDT kicks the GPU back to life10:42
oimongordonjcp: what version of intel driver you on?10:42
davmor2MooDoo: If you choose to sit on a chair of nails it will be a painful day dude,  go nick a comfy chair sans nails when no one is looking10:45
MooDoodavmor2: i like nails.10:46
NET||abusehmm, seems i was choosing the fglrx (post release updates)    entry in the restricted driver manager10:58
NET||abusegot fglrx installed it seems,, but multihead display isn't working :(10:58
NET||abuseam i better off sticking with open Radeon driver?10:58
NET||abusehaven't dealt with an ATI card in quite a while10:58
davmor2NET||abuse: you might need to use the ATI catalyst software to configure multihead11:02
NET||abusehahah, ok i've completely broken it, i purged away fglrx, now i can't get lightdm to restart11:45
NET||abuseok, so i restart the machine, i log in and now all i get is a blank desktop with file/edit/view/go/bookmarks/help menu, i think it's the nautilus menu,11:53
NET||abusebut not icons on the desktop, no menu on the left, super key does nothing..11:54
NET||abusei can open nautilus and see folders.11:54
NET||abusehehe, this is not fun11:54
NET||abusejust tried Unity 2d, same view, simple file edit etc.. menu bar11:59
NET||abuseubuntu tries to continue working, get a notification popup.11:59
NET||abusejust i killed the rest of my setup, how do i reset the drivers?12:00
gordmorning all12:45
MooDoobit late there gord lol12:46
gordits morning here :P12:46
MooDoowhere are you?12:47
MooDoomorning eh.....so US?12:48
gordyeah, preuds sprint thing12:48
davmor2gord: I get there tomorrow12:49
davmor2gord: did you go direct from Manchester by any chance?12:49
gorddavmor2, yeah12:49
gordvirgin atlantic12:49
gordthe plane has usb ports in the seat so you can recharge stuff :)12:50
davmor2gord: that'll be the one :) Nice12:50
MooDoogord: ah pre uds not preuds :)  no wonder i couldn't google it12:50
NET||abusedamnit,, had to re-install, unity was too messed up12:51
davmor2MooDoo: no it's a new electric car by toyota ;)12:51
Laneywon't charge my laptop though :(12:51
MooDoodavmor2: ah that explains it12:52
davmor2gord: so did it have standar plugs too?12:52
gorddavmor2, nah, just usb, get a lenovo X220, it has like 8 hours battery life ;)12:53
davmor2gord: yeah but the flight is like 1012:53
MooDooare they ever going to do a uds that's not in the states again?13:02
czajkowskigord: I'll bring tea bags pg tips ?13:05
MooDooyou off over there as well czajkowski13:06
LaneyMooDoo: every other one is not in the states13:07
czajkowskiMooDoo: aye13:07
czajkowskigord: and if you're really good I'll bring you some jammy dodgers13:07
* MooDoo really must go to at least one UDS13:08
MooDoodavmor2: when you see czajkowski at uds, give her a *prod* for me13:12
livingdaylightusing libreoffice to make a pdf. So, question is indirectly related to libreoffice and even less directly ubuntu related - I hope that is forgiveable -  I would like to have an interactive feature, so that three are pictures in pdf that one can click on to get 'full' or bigger view. Can someone tell me if its possible using LibreOffice and if so how, or othrewise how?13:30
sagaci!seen Lord_Readman13:36
lubotu3`I have no seen command13:36
davmor2MooDoo: how about I make you insanely jealous by hugging czajkowski instead :P13:37
MooDoodavmor2: that wouldn't make me jealous at all.....13:37
MooDoodavmor2: she's not that nice lol13:38
davmor2MooDoo: better still I'll sit behind her in the keynote and tie her hair to her chair :D13:38
MooDoodavmor2: that's more like it....13:38
gordonjcpokay, I'm stuck13:59
gordonjcphow do you resize windows in Unity?13:59
popeygrab an edge and drag14:00
gordonjcpright, but if the bottom is off the screen?14:01
gordonjcpso far I've managed to work around it by moving it around the workspaces, clicking the workspace selector14:02
gordonjcprandomly clicking around until it eventually gets the general idea about switching workspaces, resize window, struggle with the workspace selector some more then move the resized window back into place14:03
gordonjcpbut that seems a bit of a faff14:03
daubersgordonjcp: You can move the window up by holding alt + clicking anywhere in the window and dragging it up14:03
gordonjcpdaubers: and alt-right-drag ought to resize it, but it pops up a context menu instead14:03
davmor2gordonjcp: so grab the title bar and move it up and then reduce it's size,  or alt+click and move the window and then alter the size, or just make it fullscreen14:03
daubersgordonjcp: I meant you can drag it up, and then grab the bottom14:04
davmor2gordonjcp: not alt+right alt+leftclick14:04
gordonjcpdaubers: yeah, still more of a faff than it needs to be14:06
hoovercheers all14:13
MooDooi see loco council nominations are coming up14:25
popeyindeed they are14:25
MooDoorestanding popey ?14:26
popeyno, i stepped down14:26
bigcalmDidn't we just have this?14:26
popeythat was the Community Council14:26
popey(which I also stepped down from)14:26
MooDoobigcalm: i though that, but it's different,14:26
popeyand the EMEA RMB14:26
MooDoopopey: had enough, or just thought time for new blood?14:26
popeywell, kinda the latter14:27
MooDooah ok14:27
popeyi dont believe you should outstay your welcome on a board :D14:27
popeyI also need to focus on other things14:27
bigcalmHow long have you been on it?14:27
popey2 years14:27
MooDooif people keep voting for you, you're obviously doing something right14:29
MooDoono idea what mind ;)14:30
daubersMooDoo: He obviously pays the voters well :p14:35
MooDoodaubers: lol14:35
davmor2daubers: no he's just the only one anyone has heard of ;)14:36
daubersOr the majority of voters are elvis fans14:36
MooDoodavmor2: when you going for it?14:36
davmor2shank you fery much instantrimshot.com14:37
davmor2MooDoo: I'm too busy as it is I don't think I got time for that too :)14:37
MooDoodavmor2: aw go one, i want to make it obvious that i won't vote for you :p14:37
gordonjcphow do you get the grub menu up14:38
MooDoohold down shift?14:38
davmor2MooDoo: When you standing so I can return the favour ;)14:38
MooDoodavmor2: i'm not an ubuntu member14:38
gordonjcpthat doesn't seem to work14:38
daubersIt's right shift I think14:38
gordonjcpI've held down shift all throughout the boot process, still doesn't show grub14:39
popeyit doesnt matter which shift14:39
popeygrub 2 or grub legacy?14:39
gordonjcpno idea14:39
popeyis it a standard install of ubuntu?14:39
gordonjcpwhatever hideous misfeature it installs by default14:39
gordonjcpnope, neither left nor right shift make a difference14:40
MooDoodavmor2: i don't think i'll ever be able to stand as i'll never be an ubuntu member14:40
* daubers pondered becoming an ubuntu member.... but then did other things14:43
lubotu3`another contentless ping... sigh...14:43
* bigcalm kicks Spotify14:43
popeyMooDoo: correct! if you will never be a member, that removes you from being in certain positions14:43
MooDoopopey: yup, just can't ever see myself being in a position to get membership lol14:44
davmor2bigcalm: DAB radio and absolute 80's  ;)14:45
bigcalmdavmor2: and I thought you were going to rick roll me14:46
davmor2lubotu3`: really needs to be call Marvin14:46
lubotu3`davmor2: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:46
davmor2bigcalm: no that's too easy muhahahahahaha14:46
bigcalmdavmor2: I'm listening to 8bit dub ska14:46
gordonjcpso, can't stop it blanking the screen, can't make it suspend or resume, can't edit grub14:50
gordonjcpand it uses grub2 so the boot loader is effecively a "sealed unit" that can't be changed14:51
BigRedSgordonjcp: install grub1?14:55
gordonjcpBigRedS: I booted back into Arch and stuck syslinux back in14:55
BigRedSI've overwritten grub '2' with 'grub-legacy' ina  few places14:55
BigRedSoh, or that14:55
gordonjcpnow I've got to the stage that nomodeset allows it to suspend, but it cannot resume14:56
davmor2gordonjcp: try waiting for the bios screen to stop and then repeatedly press the shift button14:56
gordonjcpdavmor2: tried that14:56
gordonjcpdespite suspend/hibernate/resume being a solved problem on every other distro, Ubuntu still manages to make an arse of it14:56
gordonjcphow is it even possible to get this wrong?14:56
BigRedSI'm sure hibernate's not a solved problem on anything14:57
BigRedSit seems to be something that exists as an unnatainable goal to keep people busy14:57
gordonjcpit's fine on every other distro I've tried, on all the Intel chipset laptops and desktops I've tried14:58
BigRedSOh. Debian on my X201 doesn't hibernate ver well14:58
BigRedSit comes out of it, but it takes about a week and a half14:58
ali1234lol syslinux15:05
ali1234later on i might install arch and then go troll in their irc channel15:07
gordonjcpali1234: go to it and good luck, there are plenty Ubuntu trolls already so you'll need to bring something special15:09
gordonjcpah, cool, hibernate has solved the problem15:10
gordonjcpthat's quite clever, by overwriting / it's kind of forced me to reinstall something else15:10
daubersSTOP! Coffee time15:15
Flashtek_heya paul15:32
zleapirc is easier then trying to read the facebook chat thing15:33
Flashtek_indeed it is..15:34
zleapwhat does fp mean ?15:34
* Flashtek_ sighs15:34
zleapFlashtek_, u there ?15:38
Flashtek_you ?15:40
zleapi am15:41
zleapok will try and remember to mention you15:41
zleapu got any business cards ?15:42
oimonseen the USb typewriter? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu3g4ZBt3o015:45
Flashtek_zleap, I have business cards, yes..15:45
zleapcan i grab some next time i see you so i can help promote fp please ?15:46
oimonarduino project15:46
Flashtek_zleap, i will try to get some from Kevin..15:46
zleapok cool15:47
zleapu going to the next lug meet in November15:47
zleapi think i am gonna bedown the rugby club so i will be around in Paignton not at the meet15:47
Flashtek_I will do my best to get there.. i've been damned busy recently though15:47
zleapok np15:48
zleapwell i can;t make it either i just hope people stay around15:48
zleapi think rob and roly went elsewhere last time then some else turned up later15:48
Flashtek_that's the risk you take if you move from the agreed locations..15:51
zleapwe didn't15:52
zleapi just can't make it15:52
zleapthey turned up and then no one else did,  (till later) so they went off to build computers or something15:52
zleaprather than sticking around for people to turn up15:52
zleapanyway back later15:54
KrisDouglasHello, OT question, what was the free webapp for event attendance management Ubuntu used not long ago?15:55
AlanBellfree for free events15:57
KrisDouglasSpot on, thanks Laney15:58
KrisDouglas& AlanBell15:58
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MartijnVdSjacobw: cool, thanks.16:40
davmor2jacobw: it's a fantastic place if you have been I recommend it thoroughly16:41
davmor2^ rest of the channel too16:41
jacobwi haven't yet been due to proximity16:43
jacobwhowever, i'm soon relocating to SE so i'll have no excuse not to visit :)16:43
daubersjacobw: We should do a group visit16:46
MartijnVdSUbuntu-UK group visit?16:46
MartijnVdSIf announced in well advance... :)16:46
MartijnVdSwell in*16:46
indy_hi folks!16:47
MartijnVdSdaubers: "456 km, 6 hours 46 mins" (includes one ferry)16:48
indy_can someone help me out with Citrix client?16:48
* daubers vanishes to play squash16:48
indy_i need to know how to setup the SSL certificates16:49
indy_the command I used before no longer works for Firefox 716:49
jacobwgroup visit sounds great16:49
jacobwi seem to have a problem with pidgin starting without any windows17:01
jacobwthere's no problem after its killed and started again17:03
jacobwo/ Monsterwizard17:03
jacobwthis is odd17:16
MartijnVdSAnother reason to use two-factor authentication17:16
MartijnVdSmy isp/employer is adding support17:18
MartijnVdS(compatible with the Google authenticator app, which I was already using at home)17:18
VenkoAnyone know of a tool/Greasemonkey script that can mass-delete Facebook wall entries? I've been using FB Purity but it only does recent activities (not old activities and not posts)17:22
MartijnVdSVenko: there's the "Delete account" button..17:23
MartijnVdSbut that might be going too far ;)17:24
VenkoMartijnVdS: Unfortunately it does seem so. I want to maintain it as a contact option for people.17:25
VenkoI just want to purge all of this god damn stuff that's racked up over years17:25
VenkoIt looks like the only easy way is to delete my existing account and create a new one with a new e-mail address.17:29
VenkoWhat a vile company17:30
jacobwthe deletation process takes some time17:30
VenkoThere's a Firefox addon called iMacros and someone's written a script for it that will apparently automate clicking delete on each item for me17:33
VenkoI'll let you guys know if it works :)17:34
VenkoI couldn't get their script to work but the addon is excellent and allowed me to record a script to do it myself.17:49
stevepdpevening ubuntu-uk18:04
jacobwevening stevepdp18:04
popeyevening all18:39
stevepdphello popey18:40
nymwarhello world18:40
nymwarDoes anyone know if anything about libpng has changed in 11.10?18:41
MartijnVdSnymwar: check /usr/share/doc/libpng12-0/changelog.Debian.gz18:43
MartijnVdSeverything after "natty" is new for 11.1018:44
AlanBellevening all19:20
brobostigonevening AlanBell19:21
christelheya AlanBell, brobostigon, BigRedS :)19:29
* brobostigon has two layer auth working, with google auth app, on his debian machine, :)19:29
brobostigonevening christel :)19:29
AlanBello/ christel & brobostigon19:34
brobostigono/ AlanBell19:34
czajkowskihawaii 5 0 time :D19:44
AlanBellwonder if time will win the rematch20:01
brobostigonbbc2, docu about bletchley.20:05
* bigcalm tickles christel hello :)20:21
christelHEY BigRedS *snuggle*20:21
christeler, oops, bigcalm*20:21
bigcalmAwww, 3 in a snuggle?20:21
bigcalmHow's it going hon?20:22
christelwell.. if you don't mind..20:22
christelgoing well! :)20:22
christelyourself m'dear?20:23
bigcalmWorking myself silly as always :)20:24
bigcalmWhy do I do this?20:24
* popey squeezed a Laney mention in20:32
jacobwthis documentary is fascinating20:35
MartijnVdSthis Bletchley Park thing makes me want to re-read Cryptonomicon :)20:35
MartijnVdSlots of good music too ;)20:47
brobostigonMartijnVdS: i managed to get the google auth pam module working here in debian unstable, as you talked about earlier.20:48
* AlanBell has recorded if the sky+ thing did what I told it to do20:48
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: google auth? or OATH?20:49
brobostigonMartijnVdS: google authenticator, which uses oauth, doesnt it?20:49
MartijnVdSwell oath, not oauth :)20:50
brobostigonMartijnVdS: next thing, is to get it working, or something similer, on my vps. to add security.20:55
* MartijnVdS liked that documentary21:00
brobostigonme too, yes.21:01
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Laneypopey: in what? (i love it when you squeeze me ;))21:09
jacobwevening zleap21:15
jacobwhave you ipp:// working?21:15
zleaphi jacobw21:38
zleapsorry was distracted21:39
zleapipp not sure,21:39
* zleap is off to play c&c generals21:40
zleapback later21:40
=== Guest50370 is now known as webpigeon_laptop
popeyLaney: just blurted your name out at the end :D22:01
kristian-aalborgis there a "chat" variant of this chan? I have a non-computer related question to the Brits :)22:36
AzelphurOT is allowed hree22:37
Azelphuras long as it isn't crazy OT / inappropriate22:37
kristian-aalborgI'd say it's not... I'd just like to know if the current weather in London calls for a warm/rainproof jacket?22:38
Azelphurlol surely weather.com can answer that >.<22:38
kristian-aalborgAzelphur, yes... but stuff like that can be misleading22:40
kristian-aalborgdamp, windy weather feels much colder22:40
Azelphur"Feels like xxC" :P22:40
AzelphurI'm quite a while away from London myself22:40

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