BugeyeDinternalkernel1: you really thought i didn't know what fsck was? heh.00:14
internalkernel1hey... fsck you00:15
internalkernel1I thought it was strange you were asking...00:15
Nivexyo dawg, I heard you like to check your filesystems...00:15
internalkernel1Im in San Fran... jet lagged and working 15 hour days...00:15
internalkernel1I fsck my filesystems all up and down...00:15
* BugeyeD was in seattle last week00:17
BugeyeDnever been before, loved it.00:17
BugeyeDaccidentally ended up micro$oft campus first night, though. gave me a real scare.00:17
internalkernel1I went to seattle in june, first time for me too...00:17
internalkernel1I dug it00:18
BugeyeDand diarrhea00:18
internalkernel1whoa... tmi00:18
internalkernel1you hit the fish market didn't you?00:18
BugeyeDnot really, just a sudden urge to exit the car and take leave a gift somewhere on campus00:18
BugeyeDpike market, yes. cool stuff.00:18
internalkernel1awesome... your welcome Bill Gates00:19
akgranerI <3 geek humor!00:19
akgranerand now that I am learning python I really feel all geekish00:20
akgranerI just wanna write scripts and not have to ask other people to do it for me00:20
akgraneris that to much for a girl to want00:20
internalkernel1but its easier when other people do it...00:20
internalkernel1you just can't complain...00:20
akgranerdiamonds, pearls, gold and the knowledge to write my own scripts00:21
internalkernel1whoa... huny...00:21
akgranerinternalkernel1, um you are talking to me - I can't not complain you know that00:21
internalkernel1for a lady you're kinda stepping out of your comfort zone...00:21
akgranerhahahaha lady and me in the same sentence - I <3 you!00:22
internalkernel1sorry, like I said jet lagged and 15 hour days...00:22
internalkernel1a bit slap happy... I had to restrain myself since we are in a logged channel...00:22
* BugeyeD loves python00:24
BugeyeDakgraner: why are you learning?00:24
akgranerb/c I want to write scripts and I want to understand things like summit and stuff00:26
akgranerI keep running into areas I need help with but I wouldn't if I knew python00:26
akgranerand I am learning drupal too00:26
akgranermy friend emma jane 's new book is called Drupal User's Guide and it's awesome00:27
akgranershe also wrote Front End Drupal...00:27
akgranerand after this I want to learn django00:27
BugeyeDewwww, php00:31
* BugeyeD doesn't trust php. almost as many security bugs as windows00:31
BugeyeD*gasp* - did i really just say that?00:31
internalkernel1well, yeah you did say that...00:35
internalkernel1I've found that a lot of the bugs are due to poorly written php and escalated privs on the server... not necessarily php itself.00:36
internalkernel1but who wants to audit everyone's code... mine as well write it yourself.00:37
BugeyeDmight as well write in python instead00:44
BugeyeDwant to learn a new framework? might as well be twisted, if you want to be able to do some truly cool network-related stuff00:45
BugeyeDakgraner: summit? the event or some kind of software?02:34
BugeyeDand into what areas are you running, that python knowledge would help?02:35
BugeyeDi asked awhile back how i could possibly contribute with a little bit of python knowledge, but never really got much of a straight answer02:35
mhall119good morning NC12:15
mhall119BugeyeD: akgraner tells me you're looking for ways to contribute to loco-directory?12:18
bacmorning mhall11912:42
BugeyeDmhall119: i was just fishing for ways i might be able to contribute with my weak python-fu12:45
BugeyeDnot that i have any spare time, but you never know12:45
mhall119BugeyeD: well we're always looking for help on loco.ubuntu.com, it's a python/django webapp12:51
BugeyeDmhall119: i don't know jack about django. i use python for sysadmin work and standalone non-web apps (eg backups, automated file transfer systems, etc.) ...12:57
BugeyeDso i may not be much help up front12:57
mhall119BugeyeD: django is easy, you'll be able to start contributing in no time13:01
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Nivexwell frap. browser check identifies Java version insecure, but partner repo hasn't released a fix yet14:12

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