thafreakMorning ohio14:29
thafreakSo did canonical extend LTS support to 5 years on the desktop too?15:18
paultaghttp://about.me/paultag <- new page :)15:18
thafreakbut this is just for stuff in main right?15:18
paultagthafreak: I'd assume so15:18
thafreakinteresting none the less15:19
thafreakwhat's new taggy shoes15:19
paultagthafreak: dude, living the dream15:20
thafreakso what was the cali trip about...15:21
thafreaki'm just dreaming the live15:21
thafreakman, now that I'm running unity at work, I really use the keyboard and shortcuts alot more15:22
paultagthafreak: I was out there for the google summer of code summit15:24
thafreakah, you participating this summer? or was it for a previous summer?15:24
paultagthafreak: org admin for last summer15:24
paultagwe talk about it15:24
paultagand drink alcohol15:24
paultagand hack15:24
thafreaknice...so you're an administrator now eh? upper middle management15:25
paultag<- fluxbox15:26
paultagwe had two GSoC students15:26
thafreakso you went from being a student in the gsoc to mentoring students...?15:26
paultagI was never a student in the GSoC :)15:27
paultagdid research the one summer I had free15:27
thafreakoh, must have been another nerd in here...15:27
paultagthafreak: nhandler15:28
paultagat one point15:28
dzhopaultag: what is that, a VT100 terminal?15:32
paultagdzho: yep :) -- hooked up to my server via an Ubuntu laptop15:33
paultagI was bug sqashing at MIT with that15:33
dzhosomeone at #interlock has this off-brand terminal they picked up15:33
dzhoI think he even managed to get it working, I think.15:33
paultagthey work really really well15:34
paultagno color, but it's ok15:34
dzhoI saw it this weekend in the course of our move.15:34
dzhoyou're typing to a man rocking a full-screen gnome-terminal at the moment.15:34
dzhoso, yeah, it does have a little color, but not that I'd miss15:34
paultagit's very fun15:35

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