jedijfChinnoDog: where's our bot?00:17
TheEvilPhoenixhow much you want to bet he ate it :P00:18
rmg51ChinnoDog: is now in charge of andrew?00:18
rmg51I guess that explains way andrew is never here ;-)00:20
ChinnoDogjedijf: haven't finished setting up server yet. Will bot after setup.00:43
jedijfChinnoDog: another great deal, btw00:44
ChinnoDogclub ChinnoDog has deals galore00:46
ChinnoDoghi sadin01:20
InHisNameChinnoDog: are you naming him, willbot ?01:34
InHisName(08:43:32 PM) ChinnoDog: jedijf: haven't finished setting up server yet. Will bot after setup.01:39
ChinnoDogidk what he will be called. I guess it will be up to me.01:40
InHisNamebetter'n willbot01:41
InHisNameHey better01:41
InHisNameI like ChinnoBot best so far although BaconBot is close 2nd.02:34
sadinhey chinnodog sorry bout that working on school work02:52
beta0x64nuh uh05:58
rmg51morning JonathanD09:37
JonathanDhey rmg5109:37
JonathanDHow goes?09:37
rmg51ok, so far09:37
rmg51just another slow morning in the neighborhood09:38
InHisNamemorning all11:39
ChinnoDogbts3685|vps: Where are you?13:46
InHisNameChinnoBot where are u ?14:30
ChinnoDogI can not actually call it ChinnoBot14:35
ChinnoDogOtherwise noobs will think I am a bot too.14:35
ChinnoDogAnd autocomplete will suck and no one will talk to me14:35
andurilyou are all bots14:35
ChinnoDogIn that case I should call it Human14:36
jedijfor name it what the irc java applet from website names people14:39
InHisNameguest3592 ?14:39
jedijfalthough, i seem to prefer Human14:40
InHisNameOhhhooo a bot that bothers14:41
andurilhttp://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ltlrlcon5U1qdlh1io1_400.gif ROFL14:45
ChinnoDogI could call it e-human since everything in the early days of the internet started with "e".14:47
InHisNameiHuman ?14:49
InHisNameiBot ?14:49
ChinnoDogOnly things made by apple start with i14:50
InHisName1There was the iFruit in a comic strip, not from apple14:51
JonathanDInHisName1 starts with I.14:51
JonathanDIs he an apple product?14:51
InHisName1a apple a day keeps the doctor away14:52
ChinnoDogOh. ibot has another meaning.17:17
ChinnoDogBut in that case it can not be singular, so that does not make sense.17:57
MobileTurkeyi need a job19:41
rhpot1991MobileTurkey: location?19:57
rmg51I need to go home :-D19:57
jedijfi need caffeine19:59
teddy-dbearI need chocolate 8-)20:00
* rhpot1991 drinks his tea20:01
rhpot1991also home sounds good20:01
MobileTurkeyrhpot1991: killer grove20:03
* MobileTurkey is so busy watching past house seasons he cant even keep up irc20:03
rhpot1991google maps doesn't know any killer grove20:04
rhpot1991ah towards philly, can't help you much there20:04
rhpot1991I know things in harrisburg and scanton20:05
MobileTurkeyjedijf: pretty good with numbers eh?20:05
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!20:05
* SamuraiAlba misses bacons20:05
MobileTurkeybacon to you siar!20:05
jedijfMobileTurkey: idiot savant20:05
MobileTurkeyor is that sire?20:05
SamuraiAlbaHow is it going?20:05
SamuraiAlbaSire :)20:05
MobileTurkeywell I am laying in bed watching house and eating licorice and drinking tea20:05
MobileTurkeythat is been my day since i work up at 12:3020:05
MobileTurkeyalmost done season 7y20:06
rhpot1991not sure how I feel about house anymore20:07
rhpot1991its ok, but there are much better shows on tv20:07
MobileTurkeyi dont get cable.20:07
rhpot1991breaking bad, justified, the walking dead to name a few20:07
MobileTurkeyheard walking dead was good20:07
rhpot1991MobileTurkey: netflix should be your friend20:07
MobileTurkeyno job20:07
rhpot1991maybe you should get on that instead of watching house :)20:08
MobileTurkeyvery good point20:08
SamuraiAlbaCal, need a job?20:08
MobileTurkeyI am also half way through my lego starwars campeign20:08
MobileTurkeySamuraiAlba: ya doode20:08
rhpot1991MobileTurkey: did you graduate recently?20:09
SamuraiAlbadownload it :)20:09
SamuraiAlbause it to make a bootable usb :)20:09
MobileTurkeyrhpot1991: nope20:09
SamuraiAlbaUse it to fix compootars20:09
rhpot1991hmmm for some reason I thought you were in school20:09
rhpot1991prob making stuff up20:09
SamuraiAlbaIm double majoring >.<20:09
SamuraiAlbaYay!  Pell grant!20:09
MobileTurkeynice nice nice20:10
MobileTurkeymy buddy got the pell grant.20:10
* SamuraiAlba hates the college book store, however.20:10
MobileTurkeySamuraiAlba: stop buying books20:10
SamuraiAlbaWants 149.90 for a 500GB USB 2 drive...20:10
MobileTurkeyI didnt buy any books this semester...20:10
* SamuraiAlba cuddles his $70 Toshiba USB 3.0 500gb20:10
MobileTurkeyrhpot1991: yeah still in school20:10
rhpot1991ah ok20:10
* MobileTurkey cuddles his thinkpad :)20:10
rhpot1991just find whatever you can get then20:10
SamuraiAlbaWhat model think?20:10
SamuraiAlbanice toy :)20:11
MobileTurkeynot a toy!20:11
SamuraiAlbaI still want an ole t61 just to mod it with a high res LCD :)20:11
SamuraiAlbaI have an HP Pavilion DV6-6170US20:11
MobileTurkeyI wish i got the upgraded screen on this thing20:11
MobileTurkeyviewing angles are terrible20:11
SamuraiAlbaCore i7 2.0Ghz @ 2.620:11
MobileTurkeySamuraiAlba: I don't get it20:11
SamuraiAlba6GB DDR3, 750gb HD, Radeon 6770 :)20:11
MobileTurkeylike macbook air has the i720:11
MobileTurkeyclocked at 1.5ghz...20:11
SamuraiAlbaI use throttlestop to jack it into turbo :)20:11
MobileTurkeyit doesn't make sense to get a i720:12
MobileTurkeyespecially not on a laptop20:12
rhpot1991MobileTurkey: you don't happen to know java do you?20:12
MobileTurkeyESPECIALLY since the stats arn't all the better20:12
SamuraiAlbaI got it for rockin Pyrit-OpenCL20:12
MobileTurkeyrhpot1991: no :[ I dont have any legitimate business skills relating to computers20:12
SamuraiAlbaMy linux+ and security + classes :)20:12
MobileTurkeycan't do websites, cant make java, cant do python or scripting, don't know about database managment20:12
rhpot1991MobileTurkey: my fault for assuming so with you being in here20:13
MobileTurkeyI know plenty of other things20:13
MobileTurkeyoragami, kite building..20:13
MobileTurkeycrochet yes.20:13
SamuraiAlbaRead up on Sardu :)20:13
SamuraiAlbaLearn it :)20:13
SamuraiAlbaUse it to clean PCs :)20:13
SamuraiAlba$40 a pop :)20:13
rhpot1991you need to concentrate on things that there is a market for :)20:13
MobileTurkeyI dabble in paint by number20:13
MobileTurkeyrhpot1991: I am still an idealistic teenager.20:14
MobileTurkeymy pet rock collection is massive...20:14
rhpot1991MobileTurkey: retail job until you graduate20:14
jedijfinsert broke, where appropriate20:14
rhpot1991MobileTurkey: what are you going to school for?20:14
SamuraiAlbaU can do it on an 8gb USB key :)20:14
MobileTurkeyrhpot1991: yeah seriously, i was working at 711 before20:14
rhpot1991I worked circuit city in college20:14
MobileTurkeyrhpot1991: Secondary Education History20:14
rhpot1991as well as a few other places20:14
MobileTurkeydid circuit city close entirely? or just the ones near here20:15
rhpot1991all gone as of a few years ago I think20:15
rhpot1991then systemax bought it up and turned it into a website20:15
MobileTurkeystill exists....20:15
rhpot1991its owned by the same company that owns compusa, tiger direct, etc20:16
MobileTurkeyall terrible...20:16
MobileTurkeyI don't trust any vendors, even online ones20:16
MobileTurkeyI do like Sweetwater though, they are very good20:16
rhpot1991amazon I do trust20:16
MobileTurkeybut amazon is evil20:16
MobileTurkeythats what rms said ._.20:16
SamuraiAlbaI hate windows...20:17
SamuraiAlbadang MBR20:17
SamuraiAlbaSon deleted Fedora partition on his laptop20:17
SamuraiAlbaNO windows DVD around...20:17
SamuraiAlbajust a grub prompt20:18
rhpot1991I do with they would stop using drm, but from a customer service standpoint I've always been happy20:18
MobileTurkeyii hear they treat their workers poorly20:19
MobileTurkeydid anyone see that iama a while back?20:19
SamuraiAlbawhich IAMA?20:22
MobileTurkeyabout a warehouse worker for amazon20:25
MobileTurkeysomewhat interesting20:32

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