* Unit193 just pretents to read up00:34
binarymutantthat's what I do too :D00:41
binarymutantnot as good as hiding it though :P00:42
Unit193I normally read this channel up :P00:42
binarymutantoh... I just pretend :D00:43
binarymutantI do read the first page though :D00:44
binarymutantOH: Algorithms are for people who don't know how to buy RAM.00:45
binarymutantwrong term sorry :/00:51
vychunezhows eveybody00:57
binarymutantgreat as usual :D01:07
binarymutanthow bout you?01:07
vychunesmh i closed this window, i'm just sitting wondering where it went lol01:21
Unit193Well, binarymutant answered after you killed it :P01:22
Unit193Then he did his little jigadedo01:23
vychuneUnit193: what are you up to?01:26
Unit193Talking with a team that I seem to be a leader in01:26
vychunewhat eam?01:27
binarymutantwhat's that acronym?01:28
vychuneubuntu business team?01:28
Unit193Ubuntu Beginners Team01:28
vychune\o/ i was close01:29
binarymutanterr that must be a headache...01:29
Unit193I'd say take a look at the wiki, but it's right in the middle of a restructure01:29
vychunebinarymutant: ikr\01:29
Unit193Not really, some great people in there01:29
binarymutantI'll take your word for it01:30
binarymutantmostly support right?01:30
Unit193Na, it's not just leading beginners into fire either01:31
binarymutanthm, well that sounds better than what I was thinking01:32
binarymutantthe wiki page looks good01:34
binarymutantfor ubt01:34
vychunei was just about to say that01:34
Unit193Didn't I say not to look? :P01:35
binarymutanthabits are hard to break01:37
vychunethey die hard01:37
vychuneharder than bruce willis lol01:37
Unit193Easier, it's possible01:38
vychuneNOOOOOOOOW i remember what happened01:44
vychunefirefox crashed01:44
binarymutantfirefox crashed?01:44
binarymutanttoo much js?01:45
binarymutanttoo much js?01:45
vychunewinblows 7 on bad hardware01:45
binarymutantI bet it was too much js :P01:46
Unit193I think you are looking for "Windows"01:46
vychuneno i wasnt01:46
vychuneMicroshit Winblows 7 is what i have01:46
vychuneexcuse my french01:47
binarymutantgetting bogged down in sites that have to much client side javascript is the only thing that kills my firefox01:47
binarymutantnot even flash can kill it01:47
binarymutantyou should run it in verbose and see :D01:48
vychunei have no script01:48
binarymutant(I think...)01:48
binarymutantdoes Win7 still have the dos emulator?01:49
vychuneand i mean NoScript the firefox extension01:51
binarymutantidk what that means :/01:52
vychunejs blocker01:54
vychuneerr filter01:54
binarymutantya I just looked it up01:54
binarymutant:shrug: no clue, I say run it in the terminal and see what's up01:55
binarymutantbc gecko works better than webkit :D01:55
vychunemaybe the two downloads i had running were a problem lol01:55
vychunebinarymutant: most of the time yeah01:57
vychunei just like the extensoins in chrome01:58
binarymutantnever used chrome01:58
vychunebut u use webkit right?02:02
vychunei think u told me that02:02
vychunenot sure02:02
binarymutantyeah I've used webkit, Surf and LuaKit02:04
binarymutantboth didnt display webpages the way I thought they should have :/02:04
binarymutantand both didn't like flash :/02:04
binarymutantvery light though :D  I just am waiting for it to mature a littler more02:05
vychunetry chromium or SRIron02:06
vychuneiron is very light02:06
binarymutantya I've been thinking about it. But Chrome should display webpages like all other webkit browsers02:07
binarymutantIf they compile it differently I'd be stunned02:07
Unit193SRIron, na...02:09
Unit193K-meleon for windows02:09
binarymutantnever heard of sriron02:09
binarymutantor kmeleon02:09
binarymutantkmeleon is gecko though02:10
vychuneSRWare Iron i mean02:12
vychunehow light is K-meleon?02:15
vychunei got left lol02:23
vychuneUnit193: i looked at k-meleon i may try it02:26
vychunebut for right now im logging off02:26
Unit193I think it's rather nice...02:27
binarymutantwhat is?02:32
Unit193Yep, lightweight02:35
binarymutantif I only had Windows :P02:37
Unit193Flashdrive + computers that aren't yours :P02:48
binarymutantyou want me walk into an office and copy windows onto a flash drive??04:02
binarymutantI'll stick with Linux :P04:02
Unit193No, when using a computer that isn't yours, it's handy to have your flashdrive with PuTTy and other programs so you don't have to use IE and not ssh into home04:03
binarymutanteven though the prospect of dressing as a ninja is tempting... getting shot by night guards isn't :/04:03
binarymutantYa I did that when I worked at MS OEM. Running a virtual linux04:04
binarymutantoff a flashdrive, it was cool04:04
Unit193Na, I've gotten my flashdrive from a locked office when I forgot it once04:04
binarymutantNinja-like? Sweeet04:04
Unit193Well, not sure about ninja, but I did have to pass a camera and make it over a door04:05
binarymutantball of smoke?04:05
Unit193Heh, nope04:05
binarymutantI've always wanted to say "Ninja vanish" in the correct context04:06
binarymutantit's a dream04:06
binarymutantmaybe it should be my part message lol04:07
Unit193I thought that was "Read error: Connection reset by peer"!!!04:07
binarymutantif your part message is multiline spam what would happen? You can't be kicked bc your leaving...04:08
Unit193Depends on the channel, if it's too long, hello ban!04:09
binarymutantthings that make me go hmmm04:09
binarymutantyou think they'd ban me?04:09
Unit193Not in here04:10
binarymutantwho's op in here now?04:10
binarymutantwait do I still have ops??04:10
Unit193cyber, ple, freenode staff, john, you, wr|st, ori|as, and Svper|gnova0904:11
Unit193/msg chanserv op #ubuntu-us-tn binarymutant04:11
binarymutantI was sure someone would take me off04:12
Unit193Well, I didn't get kicked...04:13
binarymutantfor what...?04:14
Unit193For you being opped :P04:14
Unit193I guess it's a game when updating the topic, /kick Unit19304:14
binarymutantI had ops to op ubotuTN but I can't remember why now...04:14
Unit193To be fair, hasn't been here yet04:15
binarymutantdoes pace really do that?04:15
Unit193See aboce04:15
binarymutant? how far up..04:17
binarymutantthose pastebins from electric* have some strange commands in them... vgs lvs?04:18
binarymutanta lot of mount points too sheesh04:19
Unit193The part where I said it hadn't happened here :P04:20
binarymutantah :D04:21
Unit193I know what you should do! Read the Ubuntu logs of this channel for the years you were gone :D04:21
Unit193And howdy to the person reading them now! (Well, not now my time, but yours)04:21
binarymutanterm um maybe if I have a few days to kill04:22
binarymutantbut I'm still enjoying the internet :D04:22
binarymutant<-- Actually did read some backlog :(04:29
binarymutantstuff about prostitutes and Charli Sheen lol04:31
cyberangerbinarymutant: charlie sheen, oh boy08:01
cyberangernot end well08:01
Unit193Shhh... We are all sleeping08:07
cyberangerUnit193: shh, be rary rary wiet, we're hunting wabbits08:08
Unit193I've seen more stuff related to that this week....08:10
cyberangerUnit193: looney tunes08:10
Unit193Yep, the rabbit mostly (just about like that)08:13
Unit193This is for anyone still up http://pics.kuvaton.com/bshit/dragonvomit.jpg11:37
wrstUnit193: how about for those of us that just got up?11:45
Unit193Well, I would assume it's more funny at night, but sure!11:46
Unit193And good morning wrst!11:46
wrstha ha Unit193 good morning11:47
wrstand Unit193 that's funny in the morning also :P11:50
Unit193Well that's good11:51
wrstha ha11:52
wrstUnit193: you not slept yet?11:52
xpistosMorning all from my New Job!12:21
cosmicpizzamorning all12:21
wrstmorning xpistos, how is it going?12:21
wrstand morning cosmicpizza!12:21
xpistoswrst: boring so far but I am sure it will pick up12:22
wrstha ha yes you willl long for boring soon enough12:22
xpistosthat is soo ture12:29
xpistosor true12:29
* xpistos has to make his way through a 350 page manual by the end of the day. Luckily, he is on page 236!13:07
wrstabotu time13:42
wrstabout even!13:42
xpistosOh, and FYI - Dove Hot Chocolate is good. Especially when it is free.14:12
xpistosBack ... again16:04
wrstabout time xpistos :P16:09
xpistosno fooling16:17
xpistosask  me the best part about my new nob16:17
xpistosmy new job16:17
cyberangerxpistos: spell check isn't required for your new nob?18:20
cyberangerI'll bite, what's the best part18:20
xpistosI can show up at 7 take a15 min break at 11:45 take another 15 break at 12 and go home at 3pm18:21
wrstxpistos: i want your new job :P18:21
xpistosI hate taking an hour lunch cause it makes me lag all day18:22
xpistosinstead I can work through and go home an hour early!18:22
xpistosand miss all of the nashville traffic on the way18:22
wrstthat's very nice xpistos18:22
xpistosdid I meantion I am in paid training for 3 months!18:23
wrstok xpistos you are just braggin now, thats enough :P18:24
xpistosnot sure what happened there18:27
wrstget it in gear xpistos you gotta know these things18:27
xpistosthedown si9de is I had to read a technical manual of 350+ pages in two days18:27
wrstwell just 175 pages a day :P18:27
cosmicpizzais Ti 89 titanium working on linux ?18:30
chris4585good news, the motherboard works18:39
chris4585so I'm on my old desktop right now18:39
wrstcool chris4585!18:40
chris4585yeah but it seems I may have some audio problems18:41
chris4585is 11.10 oneric?18:42
chris4585I think it is18:42
chris4585I haven't kept up with the code names in a while18:42
chris4585well bbl gotta do a fresh install18:46
=== Xpistos1 is now known as Xpistos
Unit193Well, someone is having fun ;)19:13
Unit193xpistos_/Xpistos1/Xpistos has been cycleing19:19
xpistos_not sure what that is?19:29
=== xpistos_ is now known as xpistos
xpistosThat is better now19:30
Unit193Well, it was supposed to be "cycling", but I had a ton of email to read (17 since 7:50 alone)19:32
xpistosWell, Time to go home19:58
wrstthis is cool: http://www.system76.com/desktops/model/meerkat21:24
wrstI like how they are marketing ubuntu one21:24
Unit193Did you know UbuntuOne works better in Windows than Xubuntu or Lubuntu?21:25
Unit193(Ingegration thati si)21:26
wrstthat stinks Unit193 :\21:29
cyberangeryeah, not a suprise exactly, but still a disappointment21:30

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