texasrussianAnyone not afk?03:40
soapee01Howdy!  New to the loco concept. Is this operating out of a standard LUG or a different entity altogether.  Also was there any interest in Corpus Christi (didn't see it on the wiki)?14:55
stlsaintsoapee01: sup15:00
stlsaintsoapee01: iirc as of right now there is no major texas LoCo...most cities have smaller groups within them due to texas being so large15:01
soapee01I gathered that, just didn't see one in Corpus (there is a LUG, not sure about activity). Didn't know if someone was planning on starting one here or not (or if it's worth the effort with CC being such a small market).15:02
stlsaintsoapee01: really is up to you, i started up a group in killeen cause there was not one15:04
soapee01thanks for the info.15:22

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