pleia2ok, all the winner emails are out :)00:22
akgranerpleia2, thank you!00:23
akgraneralready added the announcement link to UWN googledoc00:23
akgranerso cross that off the list00:23
pleia2thanks :)00:23
akgranerpleia2, if you have a second can you update the Ubuntu Women portion of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams please - (if not I'll do it once I've contacted all the teams on the list)01:22
akgranerThat page is so borked01:23
pleia2akgraner: done01:26
akgranerthank you - I'm emailing Rick now about the Canonical teams - those are sooooo wrong01:27
valorieUbuntu Friendly isn't on that list03:01
valorieand it might become mighty useful Real Soon Now03:01
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