bjsniderhyperair, let me help with that banshee bug02:53
bjsnideri do use gnome-shell02:53
hyperairbjsnider: ooh nice. thanks.02:53
bjsniderand i have seen the plugin display as notify-sharp02:53
bjsnideris that what it should do?02:54
hyperairit's not.02:54
hyperairi'd like to see if i can just blank out the app_name field02:54
bjsnideri just turned it on and it calls itself banshee02:54
bjsniderare you sure this is still an active bug? that was submitted against alpha 302:56
hyperairit calls itself banshee now?02:59
hyperaircould it be that gnome shell doesn't use the app_name but uses the actual sending application's process name now?03:00
bjsniderwhat's the keyboard shortcut to advance to the next song?03:02
hyperairum XF86AudioNext?03:02
hyperairor something03:03
hyperairdo you have a next track key?03:03
hyperairotherwise you can configure it in keyboard shortcuts03:03
hyperairor you can run in a terminal banshee --next03:03
bjsniderhold on a minute03:04
bjsnideroh, yeah it's still there03:04
bjsnideri tried the steps in comment 2 and it still changes to notify-sharp03:05
bjsniderif i click on that, a new icon appears called banshee03:05
bjsniderboth icons have banshee's logo03:06
hyperairi see03:06
bjsnideralso, there's a problem with the notification that appears when a new song is played. the markup tags, which look like html, are shown03:06
hyperairthat's a separate bug that's already fixed in the daily packages03:07
bjsniderin short, it's a disaster03:07
bjsniderok, not really03:07
bjsniderif i click on the new banshee icon, it tells my what song is playing, and then below that it says the song by the artist is ready03:08
hyperairnew banshee icon?03:08
hyperairwhat new banshee icon?03:08
bjsniderthe one i mentioned above03:08
bjsniderthat appeared when i clicked on the notify-sharp icon03:09
* hyperair has no idea what gnome shell is doing03:10
hyperairor what it's supposed to be diong03:10
bjsniderif i right-click on the notify-sharp icon, it gives me a bunch of banshee controls. if i right-click ont he banshee icon it gives me a gnome-shell type open/remove03:10
* hyperair is confused03:10
hyperairscreenshots might be helpful03:11
bjsniderok, i will upload them to that bug03:11
bjsniderhyperair, that's not working. i can't take screenshots of the notification icons. nothing is displayed in the shots03:22
hyperairbjsnider: hmm, really? maybe you could try using scrot instead03:22
hyperairwith a timeout03:22
hyperairor something03:22
hyperairworst case scenario -- get a camera. =p03:23
bjsniderhyperair, they're posted03:33
hyperairhmm okay thanks03:35
bjsnidernow, on the second icon, if i select "remove" gnome-shell crashes and restarts03:37
bjsnideri obviously have this plugin disabled most of the time03:38
hyperairplugin? you mean the notification thing is a plugin?03:40
hyperairi see03:42
bjsniderwell, it's an "extension"03:45
hyperairaha. i think i've fixed it.04:05
hyperairbjsnider: can you install that, restart banshee and see if it fixes the issue?04:07
bjsniderhyperair, i will do so and get back to you tomorrow. it is time i get some sleep04:09
hyperairalright, good night. thanks for your help =)04:11
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ricotztseliot, hello09:43
tseliothi ricotz09:43
ricotztseliot, do you have time to upload a newer nvidia version to precise?09:44
ricotzlike 290.0309:44
tseliotricotz: maybe 285.05.09? 290.03 is a beta release09:45
ricotzi  guess 290.03 would be better09:46
ricotzsince precise is pre-alpha09:46
ricotztseliot, you can take this one https://edge.launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/2035792/+listing-archive-extra09:48
tseliotricotz: I'm a bit uncomfortable about uploading closed experimental drivers. Especially since they can potentially fry your card09:48
ricotzthey are not closed09:49
tseliotricotz: closed as in proprietary09:49
ricotzbut if you arent comfortable 285.05.09 would be nice too09:49
ricotztseliot, ok, i thought you meant "not public released"09:50
tseliotricotz: 285.05.09 is something I can upload to Precise and Oneiric (only nvidia-current-updates)09:50
ricotztseliot, that would be great09:51
tseliotricotz: I need to fglrx first though (LP: #855943)09:51
ricotztseliot, no problem, thanks!09:51
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bjsniderhyperair, yes, that fixed the problem13:20
hyperairbjsnider: awesome =)13:32
bjsniderhyperair, what was the problem?13:34
hyperairbjsnider: chained constructors in C#.13:34
bjsniderthat's what i get for asking13:35
hyperairnotify-sharp attempted to get the app name by using something like GetCallingAssembly().GetName().Name13:35
hyperairor something like that13:35
hyperairbut because the constructor was chained... that call ended up yielding the notify-sharp.dll assembly rather than the application assembly13:35
hyperairchanging this to GetEntryAssembly (i.e. the assembly the program started from) fixed the issue13:35
bdmurrayare there any issues with RS880 [Radeon HD 4290]?15:08
achianghas anyone heard of a bug where moving your mouse to the left edge of the desktop causes the screen to go blank? this is unity in oneiric, with the nvidia driver16:58
achiangalso, for an extra twist, synergy is running, and the 2nd machine is on the left16:58
bjsniderwhat's synergy?17:04
achiangit's like a virtual kvm17:06
ricotzbjsnider, if you were desperately waiting for these gconf fixes i have uploaded it now to my ppa17:07
achiangso you use one keyboard/mouse to control 2 separate machines17:07
achiangi don't actually know how it works though. does it run its own X server, jbrett?17:07
bjsniderricotz, i applied the 4 patches and built an update locally a week ago17:08
ricotzbjsnider, ok ;)17:08
bjsniderachiang, can you test your system without synergy, just controlling one machine?17:08
achiangbjsnider: i'll ask the bug reporter to do that (i'm just a proxy)17:09
jbrettsorry, was having IRL conversation :)17:27
jbrettachiang, bjsnider: synergy is a daemon that grabs the keyboard/mouse events, and sends them over the network to a remote machine.  Kind-of like a KVM.17:28
jbrettI use it on my laptop/workstation so I can use the same keyboard/mouse for both laptop and workstation.  When my mouse hits the left side of the wkstation screen, synergy moves it and the keyboard focus to my laptop, then visa-versa when I leave the right side of the laptop screen.17:30
jbrettIf I remove the laptop from synergy (so my mouse never "leaves" the screen), the problem goes away.17:31
jbrettthe problem is when the mouse comes back to the wkstation screen (which is running oneric/unity), then the screen goes black for ~2-3sec.17:32
achiangcan you turn off synergy?17:32
achiangand see if it still happens?17:32
jbrettyes, and I imagine the problem will go away.17:32
jbrettsince my mouse will never disappear :)17:33
jbrettI'll do it, just a sec..17:33
jbrettso yes, kill synergy, and problem goes away as expected..17:34
jbrettwith synergy running, but not connected to another synergy machine, problem also goes away (as expected)17:35
Sarvattjbrett: try xset -dpms ?17:35
jbrettSarvatt: ok, that made the problem go away, but I confess I have no clue why :)17:36
Sarvattme neither, its a synergy bug and I dont use it :)17:37
Sarvattputting your monitor in power savings mode when you go to the other pc17:37
jbretthmm, ok.17:37
Sarvatti just found the workaround via google http://synergy-foss.org/tracker/issues/277817:37
* jbrett bows to awesome google-fu of Sarvatt :)17:38
Sarvattsounds like an old bug with synergy though thats been around for years :(17:39
jbrettanyway, thanks.  I know there are a lot of changes around this area between maverick & oneric..  I'll try to track down a real fix.17:39
Sarvattoh it worked properly in maverick?17:40
jbrettI finally got off my curmudgeon-horse and decided I should give unity a fair try, so I upgraded my workstation.17:41
Sarvattyou dont get a lock screen or anything when you come back to the 11.10 screen do you?17:44
jbrettdo, it just blanks for a couple seconds.17:44
jbretter, s/do/no/17:44
jbretttotally looks like a synergy bug though, as it apparently happens on windoze machines too, from that bug report..17:47
Sarvattmaybe try downgrading synergy?17:50
jbrettyeah, it may come to that.  Looks like it's a bug in newer versions of synergy (since the one that was in maverick).17:57
jbrettSarvatt: thanks for your help and google-fu in any case :)17:57
Sarvattyeah i'm seeing some screensaver dpms hacks in the diff between the packages17:59
jbrettlooks like there's a fix, but not targetted until 1.4.6: http://synergy-foss.org/tracker/issues/69618:04
Sarvatt- synergy-1.3.3-X11-DPMS.patch18:07
Sarvattcall DPMSOn() when entering screen to make sure powersaving mode is18:07
Sarvattcanceled on X11 client systems when the fake mouse / keyb become active18:07
Sarvattah hah18:07
Sarvattnevermind, thats what actually caused the problem18:08
Sarvattand was added in 1.3.318:08
bjsniderjbrett, are they too far apart or can you use a real kvm switch?18:21
Sarvattbjsnider: kvm wouldn't be seamless as you move between monitors18:22
bjsniderno, it would require a couple seconds18:23
jbrettbjsnider: yeah, a kvm doesn't do the same thing.  Using synergy is kinda like extending your desktop onto the other machine (except that you can't drag windows back & forth).18:58
jbrettbut you can copy/paste, etc...  It's really nice.18:58
jbrettturning off dpms works as a workaround for now.  It looks like there's a fix upstream, although no release with the fix yet.18:59
Sarvattjbrett: might want to do yourself a favor and try out xubuntu if you really want ffm, it's pretty much abandoned in gnome 3 and unity20:21
jbrettwow, I hope not.20:21
tjaaltonjust disable the top-bar menu20:21
jbrettoh, you're responding to what I typed in #u-desktop?20:22
Sarvattwhat it's usable now just getting rid of the global menu?20:22
Sarvattok I change that statement to just gnome3 :)20:22
jbrettyeah, I don't see any way to use ffm and the global menu.20:22
tjaaltonthough I've switched to fullscreen windows for the most part, but ffm works within the terminator window for instance20:22
tjaaltonactually, you can hit ctrl or was it alt to "lock" the menu, and then navigate to it20:23
tjaaltonor something like that20:23
tjaaltoncan't remember, it's mentioned on the bug20:23
SarvattI dont use it, just remember all the complaining about it being unusable in 11.04, guess they were just bugs that were fixed20:23
tjaaltonbug 67413820:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 674138 in unity (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) ""Global" appmenu breaks sloppy focus (affects: 79) (dups: 5) (heat: 418)" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67413820:23
SarvattI like that bug :) "Maybe convincing MacOs developers to change their behavior/add a configuration option will do the trick? ;-)"20:27
jbrettI'm trying really hard not to just disable stuff I dislike at first (like the GM), as I assume there was some thought and effort put into it, and once I get over the "this isn't the same as what I'm used to" stage, I might actually like it :)20:29
mdeslauranybody got an issue in oneiric where all of a sudden the left mouse button stops working, but the right one still works? a couple of window switches, and it starts working again?21:12

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